Daily Archives: December 20, 2011

Follow Your Heart, David!

I went to bed early last night because I had an exhausting day, so you can imagine the feeling I’m feeling waking up to this “special announcement” news from David.

Well, what can I say?

1. I read David wrong (stealth guy that he is!).  In hindsight, I heard “the call” David was responding to when he sang “The Little Drummer Boy” back at my concert in Verona.  I said it in my concert recap, and I’ll say it here: David was testifying in his music. I wrongly thought that his spiritual focus would keep him on a public music “mission” and not a traditional mission, but who’s to say if David himself struggled with this? Who knows how long he has made this decision?

2. I can’t be mad at the guy. I just can’t! I don’t care about twitter burglers spreading rumors (that turned out to be true) or about the bellyaching that we’ve been doing on Soul David or about whether or not David gave us “false” hope (whatever that might mean). I watched that video in which he made his announcement, and I know he struggled. Deep down inside his gut, he struggled, and I’m quite convinced that, were it not for us – his fans – he would have done a regular mission two years ago, but he felt pressure to stay in the limelight (even if only under the radar) because we hungrily needed and desired The Voice in our lives. No, I just can’t be mad at David. He gave us so much of himself, and now he deserves to do what he thinks is right.

3. I waited THREE years to see David live again (and this time I met him face to face and embraced him), and I KNOW I can wait another three to hear from him again and to hopefully meet him again. I am so thankful that this wonderful human being came into my life, and I can only fully support him as the fan Iam. I’ve waited longer to hear from other artists that I’ve liked (Sade, Prince, heck, I’m still waiting for Whitney Houston to make her full comeback!). Surely, we as David fans can keep the candle light vigil until he comes back from his mission.

4. When David started crying, I started crying.  Guys, he thought long and hard about this, and I really hope we can support him as he “follows his heart.”

5. At the very least, I hope we can keep one very bright spot of knowledge in this: David will be FAR FAR AWAY from#MIC!!! 🙂

Cheer up, guys! Some fans wait longer than two years to hear again from their favorite idol.  We can ride this out.  (Now, whether that means I’ll keep Soul David going in the time being, that’s going to be my own soul-searching moment to process).

I’m supporting David no matter what! 🙂