Is David Trying to Tell Us Something?


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  1. Well, that answers a lot of questions. I really didn’t think he would go. He wasn’t kidding when he said that music wasn’t his life. Hope he has an amazing mission.

  2. Did anyone catch what he said ? Heard him say not because anyone was making him and not because he did not want to do music anymore but because ????

    May sound crazy, but I am happy I was there by ustream when the announcement was made.

  3. Well it explains the whole “I’m too busy with my career to date” thing, even though his career didn’t really seem all that overwhelming this year. He’ll probably follow the pattern of dating and marrying, once his mission is over.

  4. Can’t get into FOD — did it crash and burn?

  5. I’m with tibi–I feel really stupid to have gotten so optimistic and invested in him.

    • I’ll never feel stupid for still being an OTT, ODD fan. He has given me a lot of great music and memories in these 3 years. I don’t know what is going to happen after his mission, but if he still wants to make records, and music, I’m still gonna be right there, waiting to see what he’s got to say. In the meantime, I’ll keep living life – like I’ve been doing for 40+ years… life does go on, whether we want it to or not…

  6. i am gonna miss everybody here!!!. i guess some david archuleta fans site will be takewn down soon?? idk why but this is so weird is going on right now?

  7. do you think david’s decsion to go on a mission was a last minute thing????

  8. I think just alot of traffic. I’m in. They didn’t close the site. David still has 2 more concerts and hasn’t left yet.

  9. tibiibi, do you think i could be right about plilppines and charice?!?!

  10. GG_doorsfan, okay i glad that you are not mad at me. is his fans really upset??

  11. Talk about publicity and buzz…. my sense of humor is kinda sucky I know… I’m waitying for the videos… this is a helluva night, huh

  12. tibitibi, i wonder where david be headed for a LDS mission, i guess he want that kept private???

  13. I don’t regret my investment one bit. That belongs to me and I learned and grew and enjoyed because of it. I’ll go on, find MY next chapter and keep my heart and eyes open for a possibly momentous return to music.

  14. I hope he does a blog- although I am sure it will be very hard. It seemed like it was hard to get it out at SLC and I am not sure if he even said everything he wanted to.

  15. kathyh, i agree with you, i think david will come back with music again too. i am not mad at david, very happy for him, he did said that he would like go to on a mission in the future thought and his dream is finally cametrue for him. god! i hope his fans will show up at his last concert in denver, clo.

  16. I hope he leaves us with some new music before he goes. I still don’t get the “I’ll be acting and scheduling writing sessions” answers that he kept repeating at the VIPs. Maybe the decision was last minute?

    • I doubt he would announce it until he actually got his mission call. Maybe he isn’t leaving for another month or two, so he’s fitting a few things in. Or else it was a smoke screen; it was still pretty vague.

    • Nah, this is exactly what the rumors indicated he would to do , they even said he would deliver the news in Utah…he’s just good to hide things and BOOM! give us the news …. not nice btw, i was accepting the all situation right before this tour and then all the excitement about new projects. IDK 😐

  17. Here is David’s mission announcement

    • Well, is hard to see the video, i mean emotionally, but tbh he broke my heart too, for many reasons. Glad if he find his peace, i will try to do the same, many lessons learned of this experience i guess.

  18. well guys, so long. bye everyone.


  19. That’s the part I don’t get. Why tell us in interviews about writing and acting? Smokescreen or immediate future plans? Guess we’ll see…

  20. And I had heard from some fans that Gina Orr was in Asia helping out when David was last there (remember that MIC was not?)… me hope that he would be announcing that his new management (she used to work for Jive and then RCA for a while, and then just went on her own recently).

    This announcement really surprised me.

  21. We’ve known for awhile that this was a possibility. (And so many laughed at us here for all the mission angst–no one’s laughing now.) I think he will blog about it soon.

    To me, he seemed relieved by the audience’s reaction. I’m proud of his courage to follow his heart. I’m sure he will have some amazing experiences and will grow in so many ways.

  22. what will mic do now?

  23. @Giovanni_Robert @DavidArchie are setting such an example to all the LDS youth… Celebrities like you is what this world needs.

    At least someones are happy, i guess at the end of the day this is part of his Church and him purpose with this, be the example for the youth LDS.

    I need to go know, so bye! 😦

  24. I was hoping to tell you all my wonderful experience at David’s concert tonight, but currently, all I can think of is D**n!.
    I know a lot of people are proud of him, but I always felt music was David’s true calling. This man has music poring out from him. He just lights up when he sings. He interprets songs like no other. To not be able to experience that for two years is just heartbreaking. I may be acting selfish, but I don’t care. David’s journey has been a wonderful ride and I don’t want to see it go.

    I do not doubt that when David returns that he will be able to continue in the music business. In fact it 2 years off may benefit him, as the general public and music producers might start seeing him, not as a kid or a product of American Idol, but as a serious musician.

    But, D****t! I still want another album from him next year, and to have his Christmas tour a part of my annual holiday tradition. 😦

    (posted also on The David Chronicles.)

    • Only the time will say , what gonna happen, he’s gonna have his Utah/LDS crowd that is what keep his truly interest, but i’m convinced that with a over religious person, ruler keeping like him, and totally dominated by his church , the incertitude and stress about his professional future gonna be always there, so at that point what was a fun and amazing experience one day, is not anymore . …..of course from my perspective.

  25. I hope that even though David will be out of sight for a while, HG, that you will continue to post your interesting thoughts about music and life because I like it here even though I mostly lurk!

  26. I just woke up and read this surprising news. I feel a little nervous but overall, I’m happy for David. Jokes aside, after seeing Sunny on stage with him this past week, my instinct was telling me that he needed to let go and move on.

  27. I am a devout believer as well and respect David’s decision. These words by Michael Jackson sums up my feelings. He appeared one night on AI, grabbed us by the throat, spun us into a near 4 yr odyssey with many highs and lows, and now will leave us bereft for a while of a singular enjoyment we have come to rely on, perhaps too much?

    “Gone Too Soon”

    Like A Comet
    Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky
    Gone Too Soon

    Like A Rainbow
    Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
    Gone Too Soon

    Shiny And Sparkly
    And Splendidly Bright
    Here One Day
    Gone One Night

    Like The Loss Of Sunlight
    On A Cloudy Afternoon
    Gone Too Soon

    Like A Castle
    Built Upon A Sandy Beach
    Gone Too Soon

    Like A Perfect Flower
    That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
    Gone Too Soon

    Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
    Here One Day
    Gone One Night

    Like A Sunset
    Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
    Gone Too Soon

    Gone Too Soon

  28. Joymus, right on the spot.

  29. oh man i forgot, i don’t know you read this but i read on twitter someone who works for childfund for david’s tour, saying that david is going to the plilippines in jan and want to help out with the bad flood going on there but i read today that they are gettiing more worse rain storm coming?.

  30. i just read that when you go on a 2 years mission, you cannot speak with your family and friends, is that true? i couldn’t do that???. i have a feeling that david will be going to the manlia for a mission, just saying.

  31. front row view of announcement

  32. A most beautiful man with the most beautiful spirit. GAH! My heart is beating with a limp…

  33. Thanks for posting that raelovingangels. The audio is very clear. David said he’d be going in the first half of next year (which is deliberately vague–I’m sure he knows the exact date he leaves), so there may be some career things that he can do first.

    idolfan, communication with friends and family is very limited. Missionaries can email, but only have a short time to do that, so most communication is through regular mail. They can call home on Christmas and Mother’s Day, and that’s pretty much it, unless there’s an emergency.

    So, no hope of any video blogs. A friend or family member might post his letters on a blog or facebook.

    • His letters could be posted on his website too. It’d be a shame to let his site fade away just when it was getting to be half decent.

  34. It’s such a profound decision for him, as opposed other 19-20-year old LDS boys, who probably have little to give up, let alone a huge international career.

  35. utahmom, oh okay that good david can talk to his family and friends and emails during his mission. david won’t have a twitter either.

  36. what do you all think he might go on a mission where at?i would say pilippines. what yours all thought?

    • It’s not up to him. He goes where his church has assigned him. Often LDS “royalty” gets sent to Europe, like Donny Osmond’s kids, Mitt Romney, or Elizabeth Smart–though there are very few people converting to the faith there. Most converting is occurring in South or Central America, and David’s knowledge of Spanish would certainly be useful.

      I think the Philippines is the last place they’d send him, due to his popularity there–but what do I know?

    • David does not have any input into where he will go. My guess is a Spanish-speaking mission–perhaps Europe or Brazil. Honduras would be my first choice, but it’s too unstable. Although, lately I’ve heard of a lot of missionaries going to the Philippines.

    • btw, I’m sure he’s already been assigned to an area. He’s just keeping that private for the time being.

  37. I am feelng a little cynical right now. Guess I’ll go see if I can find my bigger heart.

  38. Knew it.

    Told you so.

    Et cetera.

    (Makes me sad, though.)

  39. Ah Peter you did…

    But the timing before Christmas and before the tour has ended? A press conference would perhaps have been in order for this one AFTER the tour had ended…Have mercy on the last night of the tour…


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