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  1. A closer Man in the Mirror. Wow.

  2. Love the sepia toned composition of that photo… David looks like he has stepped out of another era w/his snazzy vest and tie and white shirt… would love to hear the note he’s hitting, he looks really into it.

  3. HG, nice photo selection. I clicked it believing that would enlarge the photo; lo and behold, David started moving, lol. I believe he’s telling us to climb every mountain.

  4. OMG. Mary Did You Know:

    (I hope he will record this song someday.)

  5. Another stellar performance from David last night in Anaheim! Pretty much on a par with Santa Rosa. Great audience enthusiasm! Meet and greet as you can tell from the videos was different from the others, song wise. Impromptu David is one of my favorite things…! Four great opportunities to talk to him this week (although briefly) and to see so many folks that I haven’t seen since last year and to meet a few new converts as well!!

  6. off topic here, i just read today that david going to manlia to do acting in a mini series in jan for 3 weeks, why that doesn’t surpised me at all, i hope charice will be be home while david be there and charice can give him some acting props!!!. david said he always love it there so much, he should just live there geez!.


    • The place that I really want David to live (at least for a while) is Nashville. He has such great connections there and he has said many times how much he loves it there and feels so at home there.

      • I think that Nashville would be a good fit for David someday.

      • collegemom, yeah david does loves nashville but everytime he mentioned manlia more than nashville. it seems so funny to me that david is doing acting there for a small show, idk it just is. i wish him the best of luck with that, they are prolly paying him good money to be on that mini series!?!? it rumor thay he is going there after the hoildays and i think charice is the part of why he going to manlia also: )


  7. marie, there was a rumors that david was supposed to buy a condo in nashville but i guess it never happened. i pretty doubt it that he would live there thought. i think he will ended up living in califorina somewhere not in utah.

  8. oh yeah there been tweets that his fans are tweeting him about the acting gig rumor in manlia, i don’t think david is going to be happy about it that that spreading around, i hope he doesn’t cancelled on it. i guess we wait and see. i thought david said himself that he was writing new songs in jan until mid feb????

  9. Here’s my (long) Anaheim VIP tale: I never in a million years thought I’d go to a VIP (or even the concert, having been fortunate enough to go to two last Christmas, and one the year before), but when I asked my daughter if she was interested, she teased me: “Only if we can do VIP”. I said fine—knowing that she’d never get the day off from her job in a clothing store the week before Christmas. Well, surprise, surprise—she pulled it off and so I was stuck. Stuck, I tell you ;).

    I was determined NOT to have my photo taken with David—it would be just too embarrassing. Looking at him in the VIP galleries, I was reminded of a smiling, fully-clothed Abercrombie & Fitch model, while I’m definitely not-ready-for-prime-time. I would just get my one item signed (an Asia Tour Edition CD), and then watch from a distance while my daughter posed with him. Unfortunately, with 100 VIPers there wasn’t time for a separate signing—they only handed out pre-signed posters or 8 x 10’s. This was disappointing, not only due to the shortage of face time, but because I’m a grown woman, and don’t really want a DA poster or pic on my wall.

    First, we signed in and collected our goodie bags, then shook hands with VIP host Stix, who gave us the signed posters/photos. Next, we headed over to the ChildFund table, where we selected a Honduran cutie to support (not David, lol), appropriately named Rosangel. After a short talk in the lounge by Stix, we returned to line up for photos in the lobby.

    My determination not to be photographed was stymied, when after my daughter’s photo, I trundled up with my arms full of our VIP bags, posters, and my huge purse. I shook David’s hand, and said, “I just wanted to say hi, but I don’t really want a picture.” He was his sweet, smiling self, and protested: “Aww, why not? Come on, come take a picture to remember this by!” My daughter chimed in, “Yes, mom, do it!” She grabbed the load out of my arms, and David clamped his arm around me so tightly, I thought maybe he was trying to keep me from running away, lol. As I backed away after the photo, I sputtered that I’d downloaded the Dapo & Friends music. He said, “I didn’t know it was out yet.” I continued to sputter: “Yes, today, and the arrangement is amazing…of Drummer Boy…LITTLE Drummer Boy, no, uh Drummer Boy, uh……” “Aw, thanks!” he said.

    My thoughts on meeting David up close: 1. As I’ve posted before, in person he looks more ethnic, or exotic, than on TV or videos, but he when he speaks, he turns back into a gringo (his word) Utah boy. 2. He seems incredibly warm and kind—no condescension at all—not that I expected condescension, it’s just that meeting famous people can be scary. 3. He looks unique—he really stands out in a crowd, despite his size.

    Down in the seats for Q & A and songs, Stix said now we could get our cameras out and take all we wanted, (as opposed to the security Nazis during the actual concert ) 😦 I discovered that it’s a very bad idea to buy a new camera that you don’t know how to use, a few hours before going to $450 worth of VIP. The questioners were prearranged, but fortunately requesting “Man in the Mirror”, and “Someone Like You” (he said no to that) or MDYK were the perfect things to ask. I’m sure you can tell from posted videos how amazing all the VIP songs were. After he sang Happy Birthday to six people in the audience, we all sang it to him.

    I recommend if you’re going to do a VIP, commit to it early to get decent seats, because we were so last minute, though we were in row 5, we were so far off to the side we were practically in the women’s restroom. (We were able to sit close up for the Q & A part, just not the concert). One good aspect of being off to the side, was that though we couldn’t see the orchestra, or the drum for LDB, we could see people watching from the wings—like Sunny and the boy (her son?) who is often with her in photos, or the little girls who came on stage.

    By the way, that part was a-dorable! I could be wrong, but from my seat, it looked like the tiny brunette had her finger up her nose as she walked on. She only said one word—her name, Ella, no matter what David asked. And when it was time to dance, she just walked off stage. I think the other two are the ones whose family David stays with in L.A. They were sooo cute, but when David went off stage and carried the little one back on, the audience about died. I think Sunny was fine, toned down a bit from the first time.

    After intermission, I think the alcohol started to kick in for some in the back, because people started hollering things, just as he came out and started singing “Ave Maria”. Super uncomfortable. Also there was a loud, awkward request from the audience for us to sing Happy Birthday, just before he launched into “Oh Holy Night”. Wierd.

    For some reason, throughout the show, I kept getting emotional, regardless of the songs or lyrics that were being performed. The first half in particular, it felt so intense to hear him in person. His only saving grace is that he repeats himself and rambles all over the place when he talks. It’s awkward, but otherwise he would be too amazing to exist.

    Afterwards, I asked my daughter, was it worth all that money? “Oh yeah.”

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thanks cchalo. You added some interesting observations I haven’t heard before. Sometimes I imagine in my minds eye what David might look like if I saw him walk through my front door or something (i wish lol). I think I have a firm grasp of the fact that he is short and slim and has dark hair with pale skin. I never considered that he would look ‘ethnic’ though. I can see.how that would be though and it adds another dimension to the image in my head. I’m really glad you and your daughter had a fab time. Next time I suggest you just let your inner fan girl out and buy those tix pronto. 😆

      • Shanny, it’s very true. In person, he looks much more ethnic. He also looks much more angular. In photos and video, his features are much more “round” than in person.

  10. Thanks for sharing your story about being at the Anaheim VIP and concert, cc halo. Loved it as I felt I was there . Nice job of reporting.

  11. cc halo: Your story is lovely. And David is so kind, isn’t he? I’m not exactly ready for prime time, either, but David never seems to notice things like that. He’s as warm to chubby old gals like me as to the young and pretty girls his own age. He makes everyone feel comfortable, even if we are star struck enough by David to stutter a bit.

    And I, too, always seem to get emotional during David’s live performances (heck, I can get teary-eyed watching hm on video!). There’s something about him that just goes deep and pulls feelings from your heart. Amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

  12. Thank you, cc halo. Thoroughly enjoyed your write-up!

  13. Cchalo, thanks for sharing your VIP and concert story! It brings back lovely memories of meeting David up close. He really is a warm person, and I like how he wouldn’t let you get away! 🙂

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