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The semester is winding down, and in any other year I would be taking this kind of time to start thinking about Christmas.  But here’s the thing: I’ve been thinking about Christmas ever since September when I first received my DVD of “Glad Christmas Tidings.”  I’ve been in the Christmas mood the first  weekend of December when I went to see David in Verona for his “My Kind of Christmas” tour. 

And it’s been a joy to witness other fans’ experience of  David during this tour, which continues through next week.  What a joy to see David on TV again when he was featured with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on PBS earlier this week.

David, to me, is becoming synonymous with Christmas, and I swear I can’t tolerate any other versions of “Silent Night,” “O Holy Night,” “The Christmas Song,” “This Christmas,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and now “The Little Drummer Boy” if The Voice isn’t singing it.

Next week, my family and I are going to participate in a Handel’s Messiah sing-a-long, and I’m already thinking through the deep spiritual meanings, thanks to The Voice’s interpretation on other Christmas carols.  I took some time this week to write to David about what his Voice means to me,  as a devoted fan following him these past three years.

David means warmth, peace, love, and music to me.  And whenever I’m down, I think about him and feel the holiday.  And if I feel this deeply about The Voice, in the wake of witnessing him live for his “My Kind of Christmas” tour, do others feel what I feel?

What did the SONY boys think when they saw him at Irving Plaza?  What did some of the music industry types (including Idols past) think when they saw him in LA?  Is this feeling the kind that only an Arch Angel fan can feel?  Is David winning new fans?

Are we devoted fans deluding ourselves into thinking The Voice IS THE VOICE, or will others experience what we’re experiencing?

And how, after listening to some really dreadful current Christmas songs – often heard while shopping in the mall – can anyone NOT hear the real deal that is David Archuleta when he raises his Voice in song this Christmas season?

At the very least, we here at Soul David have increasing optimism that David is going places (according to my latest poll, we’re convinced David will tour every Christmas), and it couldn’t just be because The Voice takes us to those magical places.

I’m keeping the faith and maintaining hope. This Christmas season, there really is no other way to feel.  At least with David, we always “feel” what he’s feeling because he, more than any other music artist out there, knows that music takes us where the musican wants us to go.

I will happily follow The Voice. 🙂

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  1. VIPNation VIP Nation
    Loving David Archuleta’s private performance before the show for our VIPs! (@ City National Grove of Anaheim)

  2. daviddailycom David-Daily
    Vip was amazing. A bit rushed at the end cus doors are opening. But…he sang Good Place/Let it Be mashup, happy bday to like 6 ppl,
    Man in the Mirror snippet and Mary Did You Know snippet. Got them all on video 😉 ahhhhh @davidarchie youre incredible.

  3. @mellowdeeLEE


  4. @fa3ryg1rl

    mary did you know from VIP, thanks to doc~

  5. @ArchiesCrush – Man in the Mirror at VIP

  6. I guess we understand that his beliefs are a big part of him and how he acts, i actually think he’s really sharing with his actions a very positive side of his faith in God, without to be too pushy, in a very natural way, being himself , and i take it for good without problem, so I’m guess is not about him and his religious affiliation, but about his community trying to use him all the time with that purpose ….. anyway just hope and wish for him , that he has the freedom to be really him in other aspects without the restricted views of his church doctrine and some their very critical and pushing members ,trying to put on him an unnecessary pressure and making of his religion the only quality to name from him ……

    Oh i don’t know if i said this before , but i learn Donny O was Mormon by the time of AI7 , i always thought he was protestant lol, and i always though he was a good guy with a beautiful Christian family ….so .

    Anyway not sure if i express well my thoughts , i just can hope :/
    so i move on …. better things to talk 🙂 like the VIP tonight.

  7. MDYK was trending worldwide for a bit!! …… guess it was because Rascal Flatts and David 🙂

    David sing that song Beautifully and Flawless !! 🙂


  9. Regarding the Mormon “stuff”, those things are intended more for the LDS community, not general fans, so I don’t feel it’s really appropriate to be critical. David’s more devoted fans will, of course, discover anything David-related, so they will hear about these Mormon related activities, but they aren’t the target audience.

    Other artists who have strong religious connections most likely make themselves available to organizations related to their church as well. We just don’t hear about it because we don’t follow them. I would, however, be miffed if David was overbearing about his religion to the mainstream audience. And I’m LDS too. I wouldn’t want to see him wear CTR t-shirts at his concerts, but I think it would be appropriate at a Deseret Book signing. However, I don’t think that will happen anyway.

    • Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those t-shirts.

    • I don’t like to talk about religion in a public forum (and I’m not sure I should do an exception now, I don’t want to regret it lol) but I think that David is doing a great job keeping his faith private. IMO, he conveys more a universal message shared by everybody, it’s not a particular religious message but the positive way of living.

      “Other artists who have strong religious connections most likely make themselves available to organizations related to their church as well. We just don’t hear about it because we don’t follow them. I would, however, be miffed if David was overbearing about his religion to the mainstream audience”.
      I totally agree with you Utahmom !
      Also, I don’t want to offend anyone with my questions but
      I wonder what’s the difference between David wearing a CTR T-shirt and other Christian singers who wear necklaces with a cross (sorry, I don’t know how they are called in English) ? Why wouldn’t it be tolerated in one case when it seems to be accepted and even normal in the other hand ?

      • I totally agree, cmoi, about the cross/ctr shirt.

        I also agree with you, utahmom. And, as I have said before, it isn’t David who is talking about his religion, it is other people who discuss it. David just quietly lives it to the best of his ability.

  10. In interviews in LDS media, I’ve noticed that they ask over and over specifically about his religion and how he shares it, and he always steers away from really answering in the way that they seem to want. He talks about the music and his feelings, and things that are universal. He even said in the most recent interview, that growing up, the doctrine went over his head–it was the music that gave him the inspiration. I just love that about him.

  11. I absolutely agree, cchalo. And, I love that about him, too.

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