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Syesha’s twitpic “Idol Reunion” with David, Kris Allen, and who the heck is that other gal? Might that be Ramiele?

Jambajim loving him some David Archuleta:

Isn’t David getting great reviews for his show? So, what say you, Soul Davidians?  Check out my latest poll:

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  1. The girl looks like Allison Iraheta

  2. It’d be great to have a review of last night show by Jim C. By his tweets, it seems that he had a great time.
    Also, it’s cool that they had the opportunity to see how great of a performer David is now, especially if they only had in mind his AI image.

  3. yes charice was there, she stayed behind the scene and one of her band member came to the concert last nite too, he mentioned korean barbecue and word ” gravity” last night on his twitter, he just spell the beans!. i think david told his friends there not to mentioned charice on their twitters and no pics with her and charice was with david all day yesturday. well i gotta go now.


  4. ” covert and” behind the scenes”, isnt that the same thing?

  5. Cracked up at the Charice disguised as Allison Areheta comment.

    About the poll, HG. I need an option for, “My sweet heaven, I hope so.”

    The concert last night looked to be another great one. Pleases me to think that the people who meet and, you know, actually *know* David recognize how great he is and stick by him. Pleases me too to think that they saw the same maturing (on stage, in appearance,in demeanor, etc.) that we have.

  6. Tweet reports say Bieber was there too!!

  7. I think Bieber was in the area for an XFactor live show. Some fans saw him (and took a photo with him) somewhere around the Nokia parking lot.


    @jambajim What was your favorite part of the concert?

    @vickiilori1 O Holy Night!!! [i might have cried a little]

  9. A very good review, very appropriate to link it to this post here cos it makes me smile while reading through the article.

  10. Latest version of GP/LIB with nice audio quality (still no FLLL/SH):

    • This is the best Good Place/Let it Be yet. I love how David just gets better and better. From the vids from last night it looks like it was another great night for David. This tour has been fantastic, and I hope it does become an annual thing.

  11. I voted for the first option on the poll but only if the shows are in the early afternoon so it’d be easier for me to listen to an eventual cell cast and then wait patiently for the videos lol. I hate being in a different time zone !

    Is there a concrete date for the Wait MV ? I think that David said in a couple of weeks in the Santa Rosa video but he also said a couple of weeks before the tour ….

  12. Just got back from the Santa Rosa and LA concerts… Chatted with Kris Allen last night for a few minutes. He was standing in the back with Jim, and a few others. Seems he’s back in the studio working on new stuff and an upcoming CD. Nice guy and very approachable. But, the main events… I have to say that I feel that David has upped his game…meaning his voice! Santa Rosa was the better of the two. Last night. while he was astonishing, he seemed a bit tired. No doubt, because Santa Rosa was probably the best performance from him that I have ever seen…hands down. Every note perfect, stronger vibrato, range and stamina. If anyone could ever improve perfection, David Archuleta has done it. Had fun talking to him at the meet and greets and I was able to find a couple of Honduran kids to sponsor in the Children’s Fund so we talked a bit about that. The meet and greet songs were incomparable. His rendition of The Christmas Song is probably the best one I have ever heard in my entire life… But I am biased aren’t I?? On to Anaheim Saturday… What a great addition to the holiday season!!!

    • Thanks for the recap, Mike!! Please fill us in after Anaheim as well!

    • I was hoping you would post a recap — huge thanks! And no, you’re not biased, David IS the best. 🙂

      Looking at the top picture of D with the idols, it looks like D’s the tallest. I didn’t know Kris was so small.

      • Am I going to see you in Anaheim?? Kris is very small, trim and in good shape. I really enjoyed talking with him. The kids in Santa Rosa were smaller (including David’s cousin) and were ultra adorable, especially when one little girl said no to the story! David’s reaction was priceless!

      • Not sure where this message will appear but it’s i response to Mikesd. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to Anaheim due to work. I do wish you and others able to attend a sure to be fun-filled evening!

    • Thanks for the recap, by the videos and tweets looks like Santa Rosa was a great show, too much energy from the crowd too, in other positive aspect i heard that many more males attended the concert, so that is good. Glad you had fun !

      • There were more males in attendance and lots more in LA. Overall the adults dominated as usual and I felt like one of the oldest…but I sure didn’t act it! I think many were just so stunned to hear the very noticeable new level of excellence in David’s voice especially in Santa Rosa. He seems to really like that venue so maybe that was a driving force.

    • agree with you mikesd…david was so amazing at santa rosa! i was lucky to witness it there in person! i’m still in awe on how strong his voice stayed for the 17 or 18 songs he did…good turnout too!

  13. FLLL feat. SH:

    • Re. Sunny’s “falala lala’s” – her voice is much different from what I had imagined. The little boy in the middle has some serious moves, lol.

      • Oh uh! 😐 , i head she’s gonna be in Anaheim, and i really hope she stay on her sit then , she looks like a good person, but this was totally awkward and out of place, looks like she jump there and David not even presented her , only by the end when she almost don’t leave the stage :/ , the song is fun though, and the kids are enough to do something different 😉 .
        Anyway, i wish other kind of collaborations in the future, i have the impression that many of this people working with him want the spotlight more than him. Sorry if someone disagree. 😐

      • ‘I heard’ ‘ she jumped there ‘

      • I’m not sure Sunny wants any spotlight. She seems very sweet, but I really don’t want anybody on stage with David who can’t bring it.

      • In all honesty I am just not a fan of the fa la song. I just don’t like it. I think Sunny being in this song on stage is very awkward when I look at the video. Her voice is different. I say bring on Charice to the stage instead of Sunny. lol

      • In regards to the poll IMO if David continues to have no label, no decent management, no new relevant music, and continues to works with peeps like Sunny then I do not think you can predict that he will still be able to tour. You need to have fans to fill the seats and if David continues on his current career path I do not see that happening IMO. As always I hope for changes in the new year.

  14. last post here, charice was there and i think that a lot of his fans are such in dental about charice being here. charice is suppose to be leaving for manlia tonight for the hoildays and that why david took the day off today before she leave. take care.


  15. This may be an old article, but it has resurfaced today

    The 10 Top-Earning American Idols (July 21, 2011)

    10. David Archuleta ($1 million, tie)
    Defeated in Season Seven by David Cook, Archuleta went on to release a self-titled album on Jive records that reached No. 2 on the Billboard charts. His memoir, Chords of Strength, debuted last June.

  16. And about the poll , i think he can do this every year and that doesn’t affect his pop career in any way, after all almost all the radio stations turn to the Christmas Music by the mid of November or even before, so this is a very solid, wide and permanent market that allow him to be creative and stay in the market , of course making some money too. 🙂

  17. ‘I need a siilent night’ Sta Rosa 🙂

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