David at the Forbes Holiday Concert: An Interview

Thanks for the link, Peter! 🙂

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  1. Whoa, that’s a stunning interview! I love that the interviewer followed up on the what are you doing next year question.

  2. Great interview and great performances ! It’s cool that he accepted to sing for them, it’s the best way for him to impress and gain new fans. From the tweets and the written article, he succeeded to show them how talented he really is.


    • David just sounded great in those Forbes videos of his performance. He looked great too. Love to hear that he is going to try acting.

  3. A big THANK YOU to Quiteblanc for the great video of “Good Place/ Let it be” ! Really good audio !
    I really love this version of the song. I love Good Place from TOSOD but live it’s like a new song. I hope that he’ll take the time to practice it at the piano so he could sing it by himself at other events, just like he did with “Crazy”.

  4. @alfredoherz Alfredo Herz
    Looking forward to seeing my friend, and ex-boss, David Archuleta sing live tonight at Club Nokia.

    @jambajim jim cantiello
    @DavidArchie I just bought tix to your show tonight! Cannot wait!!!! (Wish I had my Xmas sweater with me. It’s in NY. Oh well!)

    Hope for a fun MTV interview, any kind of buzz is good for his career ……. i mean good fun buzz. 😉

  5. So according to the article Cmoi posted, he is earning 43k for concert? ….. not bad for a singer without record label and without promo support this last year ….. I bet he’s gonna make the Idol Forbes List next year, because between Asia shows ,( that i imagine were well paid) and this tour , he’s doing better that many artist in the market right now. So Congrats David for a successful time out year ?

  6. ‘Good Place/Let it be ‘ from tonigh VIP in LA http://youtu.be/UJFXS96VTq0 😉

  7. The Forbes interview is fantastic, this is the kind of exposure he needs.

  8. off topic here, charice is there but stayed backstage with david’s mom lupe. i am sure charice took a peek during the concert. i guess david didn’t wanted his fans too see charice at the show. have a goodnite everyone.


  9. At the Nokia


    Hummmm—wonder who’s missing!

  10. from twitter:

    “Aw Jeanette mcurdy, Dave felice, and syesha all showed up at @davidarchie ‘s show tonight!!”

    “jamba jim from MTV is there too! and alfredo his old guitarist. sweet!”

    “awww @SunnyHilden is on stage dancing with @DavidArchie & the kids!”

  11. i knew jennette mccdury would be there at one of his LA shows that doesn’t surpised me. brooke white will be at the grove of LA one. that is really sweet of others idols to show up and support him and other people he had worked with in the past too and jamba jim too, seem like david very much.


  12. acting!!! looking forward to seeing david in a cinema near me. hope he does a rom-com. that would be so lovely! maybe there is something to that spielberg rumor after all.
    hey idolfan – charice sure hid herself well. haven’t seen any mention of her being at the show on twitter. is she shy? lol.

  13. on twitter—->

    So honored to sing with angel David Archuleta tonight, to see the beautiful stars in the eyes of the angels watching!
    2 hours ago

  14. If you can find FLLL feat. SH, please post.

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