New Vlog: David at Alcatraz!

Thanks for sharing, Gita!

Also, don’t forget that David is featured tonight in PBS’s “Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,” 8 pm!


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  1. At least at Verona, David was apparently unaware that SN had been cut.

  2. I wonder if Charice was taking the video. 😉

    • you mean his first HD video ? lol

      I heard that he broke up with her yesterday after the twitpic fiasco. A curled-haired lady who wants to stay anonymous reported that David said : “I don’t want to have anything to do with a girl who can’t even take a good pic of my so handsome face. One just can’t mess up with perfection !”. Those were apparently his exact words. The “K” girl said that the worst was that in his precipitation to do an HD video of him to erase the last pic from his fans’ memories, he left C. in the Alcatraz Island and she had to swim back to shore. Unbelievable !

      (sorry, that’s what happens when I’m bored 🙂 )

      • I find that really hard to believe because I heard that David and Charice got married at Alcatraz. That makes much more sense since it’s such a perfect place for a wedding…

      • omg, lololol 😄

      • I admit that your version of the story is better than mine lol
        you just forgot to say that he did a reception in Al Capone’s cell to celebrate the wedding. It was really romantic !

      • but I insist that he really had the intention to leave her there. She should have had a clue because he couldn’t stop singing “Message in a bottle”, you know “the sending out an S.O.S” part of the song ….

      • It’s really true. Simon Cowell was the best man, Demi Lovato was the maid of honor (who sobbed uncontrollably that “it should have been her” throughout the ceremony), and it was officiated by David Foster. David Cook even sang a song about rainbows at the reception. It was lovely.

      • hahaha !!! I’m sure it was lovely, Justforfuntoo ! And they had a great sea view !
        I would have loved to be there just to hear the Raimbow song lol. But where was Jennette ? and Sunny ? and Tori Kelly ? and all the other girls from his entourage lol

        And Simon was there ? Lol. He surely did a speech a la American Idol, something like “it was a good ceremony but the performance by the “rock” singer wasn’t always on key. He certainly missed one or two notes and he sounded a little bit dated. But overall I’ll say bravo for the efforts” lol

        Also, you seem really well informed… Is it true that all the guests had striped outfits because of the jail’s theme ? I also heard that they played a censored version of “Who I Am”. In that one, they added a rap verse about David answering Jeff Fenster’s phone call (and apparently what he had to say to him wasn’t pretty).

        You know, I think that I’m going to keep this screen name for the rest of the day, I like it 🙂

      • lol on all the Charice and Alcatraz comments. very funny.

  3. After reading these comments, I suspect there will be a full moon tonight, lol. Thanks for the laughs!

    • It’s because of the only 1 minute vlog, too many unanswered questions to speculate about lol
      (D’s love life is really complicated and much more interesting than his singing career. He should quit and start a show like the Kardashians’. Then every six months he could marry a new girl and sell the pics and vids to tabloid press. I heard that he’s a venal guy. JK lol)

      more seriously, I just read this interview :
      I really like what he said in the last paragraph about his desire to mature as a musician :

      “To grow you have to keep surpassing what you think your limits are. You have to continue exceeding your expectations of yourself. And you have to keep growing and in order to do that you have to go out of your comfort zone. Pass what you think is impossible for you to do. I definitely feel that I have grown a lot in the last few years because of that.”
      2012 is going to be interesting !!!

      Also this made me laugh : “Maybe I’ll start balding and maybe that will make me look older. People are still thinking I’m 15 or 16.”
      Lol ! Really, David ? Is he thinking about the possibility that he’ll become the SIC (son in cap ??)

      • On no, we really don’t need David to be SIC. If David did go bald he should just shave off all his hair. He has such a beautiful face that he would still look great. I do love his hair though.

      • Lol a wig is a good option too if he doesn’t want to be SIC. Also, they can do miracles in the hair transplant domain, just ask Cook lol

    • MIC and SIC? LOL.

      I hope going “out of your comfort zone” doesn’t mean singing in a strained falsetto and ignoring what is unique about his voice.

      • I think the falsetto he does on “I Need A Silent Night” is the right way to add a little falsetto without it being strained or too much and still highlighting the part of his range that is so unique and beautiful. The falsetto in that song is actually quite pretty imo.

      • Yes, I completely agree. Although I like the song, I was basically referring to falsetto à la “Elevator.”

      • Are You going to a concer Peter? Everybody seems quite satisfied with David’s progression and singing. Don’t miss out!!

      • You right sj , the falsetto part in ‘I need a silent night ‘ is a beautiful !!

      • No, I’m too far away at the moment. And I also referred to what is unique about his voice.

  4. Songs I would like to hear David cover:

  5. Here’s Marcus Collins’ version:

    • I like Marcus and hope he does well. I think he is a much better singer than the Marcus on XFactor US. I watched XFactor US last week and it was interesting. That is one way to put it. lol I think Rachel will make out alright in the long run if she does sign with Disney.

      • I hope so, too. I think he is already writing songs with his mentor, Gary Barlow, who also said that he will make sure that Marcus will find the right label and the right people to work with.

        (He lost the final to a pop group that was strongly backed by Simon Cowell.)

        I read something about the multiple meltdowns on XFactor US.

      • I think some of XFactor US is staged except for the over reactions and the meltdowns of the contestants. Both AI and XFactor seem to like them cause they create buzz for the show IMO.

    • Does he have a Fan Site?

  6. LOL at MIC and SIC !!! …..i really hope the ‘balding’ part don’t gonna be a reality for him, his hair is too important for his fans to just disappear and let us with a subject less to discuss lol.!!

    And i should say his answers in the latest interviews are really showing a much more mature and experimented David , the one who has already ten years in the business …. good to see that process going and going.

  7. Oh!! i need to say that i love this cover on his MKOC tour, his voice is for real getting rich and strong , the key change at the end and the falsetto part is so beautiful.

    Check it out ! 🙂 Good video and good sound form Verona

    And from Westbury

    • Thanks for the links ! I love his cover of “I need a silent night” ! I think I listened to it as much as LDB.

      He’s really offering a good show with this tour. And right now, I’m just hoping for a good recording of “Good Place / Let It Be” with Mark at the piano. Maybe someone who will be attending a VIP tonight ….

  8. the comments in this post are a riot

    poor Charice had to swim from Alcatraz back to shore!

    I am still laughing

    MIC & SIC, lololol

  9. There are Christmas album reviews in my L.A. Times this morning including those of “… human Ken dolls Justin Bieber and David Archuleta…”

    “** David Archuleta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, “Glad Christmas Tidings” (Mormon Tabernacle Choir). Anyone on your list who thinks Jerry Bruckheimer is too subtle? Here’s the holiday CD for them. The Mormon “American Idol” alum from Utah is surrounded by the choral army on his second Christmas collection, recorded live last year in Salt Lake City. His sweetness and charm come through best on the Spanish-language traditional “Los pastores a belen.” A PBS special of this performance is airing this month.”

    JB and Glee also got two stars, while Carole King and Tony Bennett got more. They call JB’s album “head-scratching fare” and say it’s “Best directed at those who are bedazzled by Auto-Tuned vocals, electronic keyboards and shiny objects”. LOL.

    • Two stars? Wow. The moronic-ness of that review is staggering.

      • The NY Times ran the same review and I could not believe the two stars, same as the Biebs.

      • Other than the “Ken doll” comment, the harshness seems reserved for the choir. The only comment about David himself is his “sweetness and charm”. I’ve heard several negative opinions in the past about MOTAB, due to their large size and muddy sound, though I’m not enough of a choral aficionado to hear the difference.

    • can someone explain the “Jerry Bruckheimer” reference? i have no idea what he’s talking about.

      gct comes on at 8 pm in my area. i’m so excited! i haven’t watched my dvd yet so much of it will be fresh for me.

  10. Well, I have the MoTabs starring DA of course for Sunday 5 am and it may have already been on this am…I am really impressed! But, they did advertise ‘Silent Night”…I think that we are in the dark ages…

    SB 😦

  11. David and Motab on in 15 minutes in the Quad Cities!!!

    David in Santa Rosa tonight and @Shelley posted on big billboard with David’s name in lights. Don’t know how to send her tweet/twitpic over here.

  12. LOL, just came back to see the tale of Charice. Thanks for the laugh!

    I know someone who has an extra ticket for Salt Lake concert. Any takers?

    • I am flying in from Colorado and am in need of a ticket for a family member. Can I purchase the ticket? Please e-mail me the info if it is still available.

  13. alright, charice stay back in los angeles while david was sighting seeing in san franscio. she will be at the concert los angeles this week and i think jenette mccdury going to be there too.

  14. i don’t know which concert charice will be at, club nokia or grove of anaheim, trust me, she will be there and i think that she will sing with david on stage singing ” have yourself a merry chirstmas” . have a goodnite everyone


  15. David on my T.V. with MOTAB. I love it and could care less what the reviewer said. He sounded great on “Joy to the World”.

  16. Joy to the World and Gesu Bambino so far on Mo Tab

    Los pastores a belen right now

  17. Michael York now

  18. Angels from the Realms of Glory

    and that’s it

    no Silent Night

  19. so even though SN was advertised on my PBS station, they did not play it

  20. I understand that they had a 90 minute show that they had to pare down to 60 minutes, but there were other songs they could have cut. Silent Night should have stayed!

  21. David on my TV, singing “gloriously” (pun intended).

    All’s right with the world. 😀

    Should they have played “Silent Night”? Yes. I would gladly give up all those silly dancing gals and guys, but I won’t complain when they showed “Los pastores a belen” and his “Gesu Bambino.”

    Thank God for small mercies, right?

    {{Hugs}} to Rae! Sorry your PBS station didn’t show the program, but keep vigil, as they may air it on another date. 🙂

  22. 56 minutes No Breaks. Nice add for CD/DVD at the end.
    Emphasized buying the DVD for the full program.

    Disappointed SN and the Cat and the Mouse were omitted.

  23. David was archufantastic! I was mesmerized by the movement of his right hand, lol.

    Re. the UK Marcus, his showmanship reminds me a little of Ben Vereen. I hope Marcus has a lot of showbiz/entertainment options available to him in the future.

  24. One of the unexpected positives comments tonight came from my own mother lol, she was in the Cook side by the time of AI7, more by his brother story than for his voice tbh, so David A was not exactly his favorite , but tonight , i was out shopping and when i call her she said to me ” You’re missing a wonderful, beautiful, amazing Christmas show right now , and guess who is singing….. the kid who WON AI” ha, ha 🙂

    Anyway she was impressed enough to want to buy the DVD ( even if she only speak spanish) and since i recorded the all show, we have a very peaceful moment re watching the concert, i really enjoy the all thing, the choir, the dance (love it), The Michel Y and of course David …… need to see it again with my little niece and nephew ( that have English like first language)

    • How nice Tibitibi!! what a wonderful thing to share. I bet she really liked Los Pastores en belen if she speaks spanish. Nice you can share with your family.

      The DVD is very nice. I’ve worn one out since September and gifted to many friends. I was lucky enough to be there last year.

      The DVD is very nice because you get the added close ups etc.
      The story was more interesting with the background scenes being shown.

    • Oh yeah she love ‘Los Pastores a Belen’ along with all the other songs , the MoTab ones included,and i share the biblical verse MY was narrating so she was full in to it , i guess she became a little nostalgic, remembering her active years in our church in my country …. was a good moment and me too i’m glad she enjoyed.

  25. Good Place / Let it Be from Santa Rosa with Mark on keyboard

  26. From twitter :

    @rotanrm Rou Min
    Wait a minute… @davidarchie FINALY SING LOOK AROUND LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kjgfsasfhjlkhfdadgjlkhfsdhklkhf,lkhgvcsdgjlkh !!! XD

    I hope is true!! 🙂 , so just sing ‘Who i am’ David, and many fans will be totally happy then! ….wait and ”Day after tomorrow” , ”Save the day’, ‘She’s not you’ , ‘Nothing else better to do’, ‘Let me go’ ‘Best behaviour’ …. i guess is too much eh? :\

  27. Santa Rosa video in HD
    so cute when the girl said No when david asked permission to read his peom.

    I feel that in these videos his eyes are especially sparkly and he looked very mature especially in Ave Maria
    Go to the You Tube Channel to watch the rest
    My fav is ‘I need a silent night’ from the MKOC

    • This was my favorite so far of Falalala dancing with the little girls. I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was watching it. The girl on the end was dancing like crazy. It was really cute.

  28. Also he is getting very comfortable in his dancing now, hopefully in his last show he will do a full salsa 🙂

  29. The Christmas song….melts…

  30. Another video I recorded at Santa Rosa VIP

    After Silent Night, a middle age man behind me gave a standing ovation and yelled “perfect! perfect”. So true for every song…

  31. Forbes interview:

  32. charice and her brother carl been hanging out with david today in los angeles.

  33. david and carl are really good buddies. it very nice that david is able too spend time with his girlfriend charice since her father death and being there for her every step of the way. david is such a good boyfriend.

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