Melancholia: A Week After David

I used to read from various fans in the past how they would get melancholy after having met and listened to David live and then having the days go on afterwards without his presence.

Well, it’s a week since I saw him, and I’m totally getting what that feeling is like.  Heck, yesterday was another rough day at work, and no planned wellness spa treatment today. Worse, no immediate plans to see David. Sigh.

He’s already left the east coast, and I’m feeling a bit down.  Even the relative quiet on Soul David makes me wonder if melancholia is also setting in for others.  I mean, it IS December – the darkest month of the year save for all the Christmas lights, but we still have some weeks left before the day arrives.

No wonder I’m all  sad! 😦

It didn’t help reading an article in which David says he’s had to develop “thick skin” since some folks “still hate his guts” no matter how respectful he is of others…

Nothing to do with this feeling but wallow in it, I guess, which I will do by playing my saddest Christmas carols today, like David’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (see above), as if I need more reason to weep.

Later, some friends are taking me out to see an actual movie called Melancholia:

Yeah, can’t you see me getting a lift from the funk with that one?

So, for all the David Live fan experts, what have been strategies that worked for you in escaping the melancholia funk?

Sorry for the downer, folks.  Sigh…


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  1. Big hugs to you, HG. I couldn’t get to a show and have had other reason to battle the blues this season, too. It has helped to watch some of the videos, especially of David’s Falalalala (with the kids.) The Ray and David duet of HYAMLC from the CFTH is a mood brightener too. On a personal front, just talking to my family has helped, as has diving into the trappings of Christmas — writing to people, wrapping gifts, decorating. Sorry, though, you’re feeling this way.

  2. Oh HG, I know the feeling. Sorry it is over for you… There is so much anticipation for a David concert- then it comes and is gone- and you don’t know when you will see him again. This is simplistic, but my mantra is this little song ( which I am sure everyone knows) when I get down.


    I gave him a B-day card with a long message inside telling him what his music meant to me & he sent me this!!
    I am smitten for life now (not that I wasn’t before, lol)
    He is sooo thoughtful to his fans….. 😍

  4. HG, I absolutely know how you feel. I also feel down after a David concert. For me it is the feeling of not knowing if I will ever see & hear him at a live concert again and if that does happen it is always too far away.

    I have been to other artists concerts in the past, but I never have that down feeling after those concerts. It is puzzling to me why I feel that way.

    Yes, I am in a funky mood too…….but David’s note I received in the mail today really lifted my spirits.

  5. This is sooo good—->

    Climb Every Mountain by David Archuleta in Blackfoot on 12/9/2011

  6. Well the good news is that per David’s interviews he will be writing and recording music in January and February (not on a 2 year mission). His music video should be out shortly along with a recording on Dapo’s Christmas project. Also, there will be new you tube videos from his upcoming concerts. Now, in January when David is traveling we will all be in a funk.

    • I agree with you Grammyj. Knowing that David has new projects and that he’s still building his foundation like he told us in a former vlog is really reassuring and exciting ! I can’t feel the melancholia (after concert) for obvious reasons lol (I wish that he’ll come back to Europe in January, that would be fabulous !) but I admit I was feeling a little bit down before the MKOC tour. But all the videos, the last interviews and David on tour (more tweets, happier, etc…) make things more fun.

      I’ll just add on the positive side that he’s getting better and better. His growth (and not only artistically) is so obvious while watching the vids of his tour in Asia and this current Christmas one. Not only his voice is better but his presence on stage, his communication skills, the way he presents himself lately … We can really see all the progress and the efforts made. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him (and I can’t wait for the Wait music video, I want to see the sad David lol. I’m sure it’d be interesting !).

      • I’m waiting for the wait video as well. I thought that some news would come out about when it would be released during this tour…

  7. I’ve felt it too, HG. Hearing David sing live is such an exhilarating feeling. Wouldn’t it be great to feel that way forever? Of course, his shows always end way too soon.

    Burkey, congrats on the reply. Those little things make his fans feel special. He’s a gem.

  8. What a wonderful thing, Burkey! 🙂 I now wish I had taken the time to do the same.

  9. I want the “Good Place/Let it Be” video of yesterday’s VIP !!! I hope that someone recorded it !

  10. The videos from Blackfoot are coming in. This on is for you, HG, your Soul David:

  11. Thanks for that one, Grammy! 🙂

    Thanks everyone for all your well wishes! I’m starting to feel better! 😛


  12. HG…felt the blues as soon as he left the building!

    So here is what I am doing. I didn’t have a birthday card for him so (but did have a Christmas one) I am getting one this weekend and adding a note, (probably a bit long) and then I am going to ask Heidijoy if she will take it to him in Utah at the end of the tour. Fast mail will do it. I am writing to her right away. She already did the same with a card from her and I took it to Arizona. We now have a good newtork from coast to coast and you can still get a 21st Birthday Card to him…

    I believe that you will feel better if you can do that…


  13. Realistically, I am playing his music in the kitchen which is central and when no one is here I turn it up really loud. But, maybe if it snowed it would be more cheerful? No, it is solely his music that can help at all or make it worse. Time will be the answer, if there is one at all. I really feel like Eeyore! I am sorry HG I can just join you…I heard from Heidijoy and she will take my card to him…oh my..


  14. Here is another of my favorite artists: Melinda Doolittle & this is her video: God Bless Us Everyone – Melinda Doolittle

    <i/Featuring the personal photos of Melinda and her fans, this is the official music video for "God Bless Us Everyone".

    Co-written by Melinda and Regie Hamm, "God Bless Us Everyone" is destined to become a Christmas classic.

    Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite holiday pictures!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  15. 15 Christmas Songs too Annoying for Words

    One that’s listed is JB’s version of LDB with lyrics that include:
    “Stupid stupid love like cupid / I’m the drummer boy so do it, do it.”

    • That is a great list. lol Thanks for posting. Jessica Simpson’s “Carol of the Bells” is awful too.

    • CONFESSION TIME: I like Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” and Band-AID’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” Can’t help myself: in fact, just re-playing the songs upon the suggestion of this list helped get me out of my melancholia funk! 😛

      • I enjoy some of the songs on the list as well;-) However, I didn’t realize the lyrics to JB’s LDB were so awful! Luckily, my kids aren’t really into JB, so far I’ve managed to avoid most of his music.

      • I really enjoyed watching the vids for some of the songs on the list too. It was fun to listen but there were a few annoying ones like the Biebs song and Simpson song.

  16. charice is on her way to los angeles to watch her boyfriend david in concert next week, i hope she have fun, who knows maybe she will a special guest on stage with david and sing “have yourself a merry chirstmas!?!?.”


    • I hope she does sing with David. They both have two great voices IMO.

      • marie, i hope she does. charice already planned to watch her boyfriend david in concert before the chirstmas tour dates was made and they also want to see each other before the chirstmas hoildays, she is leaving for manlia for hoildays when david leave los angeles go to utah for a second chirstmas concert there. she is only going there to los angeles to spend time with david.


    • Actually, David is killing it on his own. lol #sorry

  17. What a nice scenic pic David tweeted. Looks like he is having a good time sight seeing with Kari, his tour manager, on this tour.

  18. fans who are attending at the concert tonight in utah are saying that david is happy and with a lot of energy is because charice is on her way to los angeles and he misses her that why, it is not because he is in utah, just to pointed that out. i am glad that utah fans are having a good time at the concert. have a goodnite everyone.


  19. Don’t be so melancholy…..DAVID IS IN THE HOUSE AND HE IS ROCKING IT…..GO MASTER DAVID……Miss Vicki

  20. HG, Here’s another video from David to make you feel better. How does he do this just off the cuff?

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