Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

Melancholia: A Week After David

I used to read from various fans in the past how they would get melancholy after having met and listened to David live and then having the days go on afterwards without his presence.

Well, it’s a week since I saw him, and I’m totally getting what that feeling is like.  Heck, yesterday was another rough day at work, and no planned wellness spa treatment today. Worse, no immediate plans to see David. Sigh.

He’s already left the east coast, and I’m feeling a bit down.  Even the relative quiet on Soul David makes me wonder if melancholia is also setting in for others.  I mean, it IS December – the darkest month of the year save for all the Christmas lights, but we still have some weeks left before the day arrives.

No wonder I’m all  sad! 😦

It didn’t help reading an article in which David says he’s had to develop “thick skin” since some folks “still hate his guts” no matter how respectful he is of others…

Nothing to do with this feeling but wallow in it, I guess, which I will do by playing my saddest Christmas carols today, like David’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (see above), as if I need more reason to weep.

Later, some friends are taking me out to see an actual movie called Melancholia:

Yeah, can’t you see me getting a lift from the funk with that one?

So, for all the David Live fan experts, what have been strategies that worked for you in escaping the melancholia funk?

Sorry for the downer, folks.  Sigh…