David Singing “Angels” at Borah High School

What a treat!

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  1. He almost made it without the obligatory Oops! moment…

    • Yeah, I really wish he would not insist on playing the piano… I feel these ‘oops’ moments detract from his stunning vocals. I know some fans excuse it as ‘cute’ (and still call him ‘perfect’), but honestly, I don’t think it’s very cute for a professional musician to make these kinds of errors.

      • his artistry is never better than on the piano. only an AI fanbase would go gaga over some drum playing but hate on the piano.

      • Yes. He only made ten mistakes in “Good Place” / “Let It Be,” which is not much, because it was a four-minute song.

  2. My feelings are mixed, I guess. When I’ve seen the mistakes, especially at the meet and greets, it’s felt to me like I’m in on a creative session and I still hear the feeling he puts into the singing of the song. He only makes those mistakes at events that are intended to be private — meet and greets and impromptu appearances at a school. Yes, everything gets posted on YouTube later, but mostly fans will be watching those vids. The world at large would see David only on the occasions that he makes nationally televised appearances.

    Gita, he is always cute, but I’d never say the mistakes were cute and I’m not one who’d ever call him an angel or perfect, either. (I cringe at those comments. Perfect or angelic behavior is too much for any human to live up to and would, IMO, make him seem less relatable.) But I guess there’s an entire spectrum of opinions out there.

    All of that being said, as he moves forward in his career, I would hope that he’d find more time to practice whatever instrument he wants to accompany himself with and/or have musicians with him even at the small events.

    • Perhaps a third alternative would be to always have sheet music with him. Probably wouldn’t hurt, and might help for those moments when his mind goes blank.

    • I adore the piano man style for him- makes me think of Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billie Joel. Just think he needs practice but hope he won’t give it up. He gets so lost in the song, his mind/fingers need to be on auto pilot.

  3. Mark Nilan, David’s keyboardist, is there in town with him, so why not have him go along & then he could play for him and David could concentrate on the song??

    The oops moments are getting kind of old. 😉

    • But then, he may have to pay Mark, and I’m sure David wasn’t paid for this appearance. Wish he’d realize it’s better to cough up the money regardless. My thought is that he knows that song so well that he was on auto-pilot and his mind was completely elsewhere. I remember Donny Osmond saying he forgot the lyrics to Puppy Love (his signature song) and totally massacred the entire thing. No one noticed because the screaming audience was so loud. David just needs a louder audience.

      Judging by that video, it looks like the high school is an all-girl one. hehe.

    • he’s played the piano on national TV (AI -3x), AI tour (100x), DL tour (50x), solo tour 1 (22x)…perhaps the fact that you are on this like a dog gnawing a bone is affecting his confidence. h8rs!

  4. Makes me think of a time in my teens when my youth group was caroling at a retirement home. The girl who was to play the piano accompaniment broke her arm, so I was recruited to step in. It went fine until the very last chord of the very last song–which went soo wrong. The original piano player moaned, “Oh, I’m so sad I broke my arm!”

  5. Shoot – they included David in their “who is the best jingle ball performer” at Q102 so I had to vote in this week’s brackets:

    In case anyone cares (and I told myself I would ignore future polls but Philly is Philly so I voted.)

  6. I doubt that David went to the school with the intention of performing for them. He said in his tweet that he had been invited to watch THEM, not the other way around. Probably someone with the school asked him to sing afterward so I can’t fault him for not having Mark along or for maybe not being as prepared as he could for an impromptu performance. It was a song he was playing at a high school at what I assume was spur of the moment. But since he’s David, its now on Youtube for the world to see.

    I agree with that he needs more practice on the piano. I cringe when he misses notes because I know that it really bothers some people and can throw you out of the “mood” of the song. And I know the criticisms that will be forthcoming.

    But here is my viewpoint — I will be sad if he ever stops trying. I know that some people have said he should just focus on singing since that’s what he’s good at but to me that’s the equivalent of telling a woman to stay barefoot and pregnant because that’s what she’s good at. If he doesn’t try, then he’ll never accomplish.
    What I do think is that he needs is more practice. I have no idea where he’ll find the time, but maybe that can be something he can make a priority for next year. Maybe even some piano lessons? But as long as he wants to play and gets creative energy from it, I hope he keeps it up. I really enjoy the emotion he brings out when playing — its palpable.

    P.S. I love me some “Angels” 🙂

    • I love Angels and we know that he can play it well on the piano. He did it so many times.
      I hope too that he’ll keep on playing the piano on his shows even if he needs more practice. I read on FOD that he didn’t want to do the drums part for his LDB performance and he decided to do it the last day of rehearsal. I’m happy that he took this decision because it gives a really different feel to the whole performance. I’m just glad that he took the risk. I think it’s the same with the piano. I can’t imagine him singing “Apologize” without playing it himself for example, it’s the same for the Riddle during his CFTH tour. I agree with Ali about “the emotion he brings out when playing”.

      Also, I love listening to “Good Place / Let it Be” even if he had a hard time accompanying himself lol. It was still a great version, especially the end. I love Good Place, it’s one of my fav from TOSOD but this version is even better IMO (just like when he did Desperate live). Of course, I don’t like it when he does some mistakes on the piano and I’d rather listen to him sing a Capella instead. I feel bad for him because he’s always at the top vocally.

  7. Haha……from David

    he stopped by the Idaho potato museum:


  8. Thank you Tibitibi for the great youtube link of LDB in the previous thread.
    I also love his performance of TOSOD, I think it’s probably one of the best version to this day (he seemed really comfortable, even his little dance moves are better lol)

  9. I’ m guessing maybe it was an impromptu decision to perform Angels, even normally after a talk, he usually sings. And he probably wanted to sing something inspirational. I wish that when he lost his chord, he just continued a Capella. the moment was ruined, although, the teens were probably relieved to find out that he made mistakes like a normal person. This tour has been so crazy, DA look tired and his concentration for playing the piano is off.

  10. so what is the etiquette if I want yo reply to some from the previous post? Do I reply in the new post or the old one?

    In reply to theotherdavid, In Stroudsburg I sat next to six fans from Virginia, who were on their 4th concert of MKOC tour. After HYAMLC, the fan who sat to my right and I looked at each other, and said, OMG. We were so stunned by the delivery that neither of us could recall name the title to the song. We just knew it was the most epic performance of that song. Sounds kinda silly doesn’t it?

    I thought the Verona CEM was better than Stroudsburg but maybe it was because it was the first time that I had heard the song performed by David (I stayed away from the videos right before my concerts). My jaw was on the floor!

    I am looking forward to seeing more videos from this tour
    Curious how things will improve.

    • I forgot to say the fan who attended the 4 concerts comment that he had been getting better night after night.

    • luvDJ, I was in Stroudsburg and agree with you about the CEM performance. It was really good but did not blow my socks off as I was anticipating after reading comments from previous concerts. When I finally let myself watch videos from the first few shows, I could see some variation in performances. The funny thing is that David at his worst is still so much better then other artist. I think it’s fun that he peaks on different songs during different concerts

  11. This is a good article, but I’ve never heard David say things like this—->

    David Archuleta to share his kind of Christmas in Cedar City

    He tries to carry that understanding over to everyday life by being kind and gracious, not only to the media during his interviews, but to people in general – an attitude that is not always reciprocated when you’re in the spotlight in the music business.

    “I have had to acquire thick skin,” he said. “No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to be respectful of people there are still people who hate your guts.”

    He said it’s unfortunate but the negative in life is often louder than the positive, but if you stay calm and pay attention you can focus on the good in life.


    • David’s doing lots of things he never used to do lately.

      That’s an interesting article, thanks for the link!

  12. C-Moi – Your welcome!! 🙂 and Thanks for the link to TOSOD 🙂

    I’m one of that fans who get stressed lol, by his piano player mistakes, is like i’m more concentrated in the ‘Go David you can end that song in a clean way’ ,than in the performance tbh. I agree though he should continue his practices, he still having the time, this past year he was not that busy, maybe he can add more rehearsal time idk, but i can’t say is cute anymore at this point .

    I will love to hear Good Place , but tbh with someone else in the piano; i recognize his efforts though, but the song deserve a clean interpretation …. just my opinion.
    I understand too that many of this performances are part of his VIP’s show, so i’m making reference to the ones he made in official concerts or promo shows…. there he should be careful .

    In the other side he’s doing great with others aspects of his performances skills and his voice is really going strong, and about the LDB, i’m glad he decided to go for the drums, because that little detail put the song in an very special position. 😉

  13. Archugeezer M&G Good Place & Let It Be with Mark at the grand piano. dfredfhuuhhcfgjkiytffdgfvhhj
    Il y a 9 minutes

    I hope that there Will be a vidéo !!!!

  14. breaking news, lol

    SB’s Youth Symphonie Jeunesse going on tour with ‘American Idol’ finalist

  15. When do you think that David will be well known/famous enough to lose the ancient tag of…A1 finalist or A1 runner up?? So out of place for such a performer. How do other stars get by without such a tag? Just baffles me! For JB they should say…you tube discovery, Justin Bieber! Or maybe Andrea Bocelli… Pub/bar singer Bocelli. Is A1 getting paid each time that worn out tag is used to describe David?

    When David signs autographs for 3. 1/2 hours, I wonder how his hand feels? I wonder how tired out he gets having his pic done with a couple hundred fans right before a concert?

    Maybe if the hours before a full out no holes barred concert got ‘better and better’ for him allowing some rest, he would find it easier to play and sing together. So much in one day and the list of activities could go on. How much can one person do to perfection?

    As time goes on, maybe we will become ‘better and better’ at understanding the makeup of one of the finest musicians of this generation. Ah, there is hope for us yet and we will keep practicing hoping for fewer and fewer mistakes in our judgements.


  16. “I have had to acquire thick skin,” he said. “No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to be respectful of people there are still people who hate your guts.”

    Who in their right minds would hate David’s guts? I know there were those haters during Idol, but hate is a strong word for someone who really does work hard at respecting others.

    *shaking my head*

    • I just can’t imagine ‘anyone’ really hating David. Maybe they wouldn’t like his music or his performances but ‘hating’? How could you hate anyone who is so kind and patient to everyone he meets. i just wonder why David himself would use that word.

      • I don’t know why David would say that either. I really can’t imagine anyone saying they “hate” him or why he thinks that. Now unfortunately there is strong dislike for his manager due to David’s mismanagement that has led to so many missed opportunities. I still think mismanagement and poor career advice is the issue not “hate” of David. Sad if he believes that.

  17. i am learning to play angels on the piano – inspired by david! i’m not a good player and i make lots of mistakes. that’s fine for me. but i hold david to much higher standards. so i wish he would take time to practice more often so we can say goodbye to those oops moments.
    i love good place – it’s my favorite on tosod. even those piano mistakes during vip did not detract from the beauty of his vocals. the last bit was to die for. i hope he sings it one day in concert with proper accompaniment.
    and i am still loving climb every mountain. i think i will learn to play that next.
    he’s speaking with more depth during interviews – i love that. and best of all he’s reading – double love that!


    I gave him a B-day card with a long message inside telling him what his music meant to me & he sent me this!!
    I am smitten for life now (not that I wasn’t before, lol)
    He is sooo thoughtful to his fans….. 😍


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