New Vlog: David at Shoshone Falls

First, a new twitter avi, and now a scenic vlog?  David’s got PR peeps working for him! 🙂


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  1. I love that new twitter avi a little too much. Partly because I feel like it might be a sign that things are changing; plus it’s a great pic of a more mature looking David. I hope some of those rumors end up being true. The Sony rumor especially sounds plausible.

  2. Mm…I’m not sure how much credibility I’m willing to give that guy yet. My understanding is that he may have said similar things to a few different ppl., & didn’t always represent himself as working with David. Guess we’ll see.

    And tks for the vlog, David. Great view! Looks cold, though.

    • I really hope the Sony rumor is true but of course I am not going to get all excited until I officially hear that he signs with a label and new management. Just good speculation and rumors for once. lol. It is a great view on the vlog.

    • An Impostor? Oh well, i guess all this make sense in the Archie world, it was too good to be true 😐 |.
      Me too i was hoping the part about Sony it was true, i mean i still hoping …… but yeah i need to be careful with my expectations, tbh i don’t think VRS gonna give the space for a new team to work that easily ,or maybe I’m i’m not convinced totally that David is that independent to take decisions, …… sorry , i guess i’m not that optimist right now. 😦

  3. It is only a matter of time and the clock is ticking on this, before it all comes together, before the rest of the world gets to know him. But, it goes to show that he knows how he wants it to be. So, the professional person who is given the good fortune to represent David, will see the goals he has established. That person will already know David well.


  4. HG – it was awesome seeing you, Marlie & the gang in Verona! – felt like one big fan reunion and I’m still floating on air from it all! *waves* to all!!!

  5. Good thing David’s Idaho concert isn’t at BYU-I this time. The school has banned skinny jeans.

  6. free tickets for anyone interested……….

    breanneruss Breanne Russell
    I have a 6th row tic to give away to @DavidArchie ‘s Christmas show in SLC on Dec 19th. DM me with your info & I will mail it to you.
    15 minutes ago

  7. Interview this morning…….coming up in 2012……”other projects that aren’t just musical”

    David Archuleta Interview with 107.9 LITE fm Boise, ID – Dec 7, 2011

  8. I love this interview. The DJ was such a gushing fan. It was great. It wonder what the non-musical projects are and if they will entail acting. Or it could be something that he won’t share with the fans. Anyway, I was glad to hear that he will be recording.

  9. USA Today…..Idol Chatter……

    Glad Christmas Tidings, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir album featuring David Archuleta, breaks into The Billboard 200 for the first time this week.

    David Archuleta & Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Glad Christmas Tidings (5,000, +10%, 22,000) (#179 BB200)

  10. Delurking to say “I would love that free SLC ticket!” It’s probably already taken, but I’m not on twitter and can’t contact the person. Can anyone help?!

    • Nevermind….just found out that it’s gone!

      • Sorry to hear that. 😦

        Hope you get to see one of the shows! 🙂

      • Be sure to keep checking at FanScene where they list what people are giving away, selling etc.

        Let them know you are looking. There is one listed there now,but that may have been the one you saw.

        Also let FOD frontpage know. If they have your email they will connect you with anyone having extra tickets.
        I’ve used these sources for getting and giving tickets in the past.

      • Kaycee, Just read that @annyo4 has a ticket for SLC Row 13 next to her. Sent her a tweet you were interested and probably could be found at the Voice since they probably have your email!

      • Kaycee ,it is @annyo84. also left you a note at TheVoice.

      • Heidijoy! Got your message…you’re awesome!

  11. I am late to the party, but just wanted to say that it was so great to meet HG, Marlie, Burkey, and many others at the Verona show this past weekend. I am telling everyone who is on the fence about going to a show to DO IT. I was blown away by it and especially by the finale. It was incredible!

    Also, HG, I loved your blog recap of the Verona show.

  12. David is looking good @ signing in Boise!

  13. I also self-imposed a black-out on all vids before my concert. I did not know the setlist or even what he was wearing. I arrived at the casino that day and many people were talking about a high school orchestra and I had no idea what anyone was talking about. I am so glad I did it this way. Everything about the show was a total surprise to me. Wow!

    The movie, Spielberg, etc. rumors sound fantastic, of course. I am taking everything with a grain of salt. I no longer believe anything I hear unless it comes from something David says or does.

    • I decided not to look at videos either Freo but pretty much know the setlist. I did see LCB and MKOC the first night but none since. I told JR I’m glad she is archiving them. will be going to SLC and Beaver Creek.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. Also, who conducted the orchestra at Stroudsburg?

  15. i feel that david is starting losing his fansbase over charice because his fansbase are not too happy that he is secretly dating her, i hope that i am wrong about this? i really hope his fansbase will support him no matter what. take care everyone. bye for now.


    • #DavidFreakinArchuleta is on tour right now. Whose thinking about Charice?

      • heh, you beat me to it, Astrid! That really came out of nowhere, didn’t it?

      • astrid,did you read, his fansbase are not too happy about david secretly dating, both of fansbase are still fighting over them, i hope both fansbase be happy for david and charice, it had been going this for a while now. david and charice are good people and don’t deserve the mess both fansbase, it is really sad 😦 sorry this is off topic.

      • Ah, Idolfan, I have yet to read of anyone, other than yourself, discussing a possible relationship with Charice.

    • lololol. Sometimes I just have no words….

    • I think that no label and no real management might be negatively effecting David’s career more than the Charice concerns but what do I know. Interesting view of things. lol

  16. It was great have met everyone in Verona, connecting fan names to real names and faces. I feel like I. kind of know some of you. It’s always great to share our mutual admiration for David and his talents.

    HG, the recap was great. You have such a way with words!! It was interesting to read your take on events and compare it to mine.

    As much as I enjoyed the concert, and sitting next to the burley Guy who went to the VIP by himself and is a closet DA fan, Strousdburg was even more amazing.
    spoke to someone who heard DA say, right before the PA concert, “It’s going to be a good concert.” And it was! His voice was even better than the night before, notes were held longer, a few extra runs and licks, and the passionate delivery….wow.

    • The teacher conducted the all girls chamber orchestra.

      I could tell some of the girls were annoyed to not be able to see DA perform; some were sitting directly under the stage! At one point, a violinist, who sat the furthest from the stage, surreptitiously whipped out her camera and took a photo between her performances – I was sitting in the first row and could see the orchestra clearly.

    • luvDJ,
      I didn’t go to either (west coast, going to SR), but I LOVED his HYAMLC and the “highest bough” at Stroudsburg. Also thought the intensity of his CEM was reminiscent of his finale performance of “Don’t let the sun go down…”. Even after seeing it several times it still makes me catch my breath, as he is so intense…phrase after phrase…pushing it to the limit….it just makes your body tense up (in a good way)!!!
      It’s funny, because I stayed up late the night of Stroudsburg…no tweets…no videos (maybe one from Tom) before I finally went to bed. It kind of had me concerned! In hindsight, that was an incorrect concern. He was AMAZING…day in and day out on the Eastern leg of his tour.
      I’m just hoping Charice doesn’t give him a cold before Santa Rosa. 😉

  17. David with former Star Search contestant Tori Kelly (they look like a couple in this picture):

    • I would love it if they were a couple:)


    • Just noticed the picture was taken in August 2010. I thought it was a recent one…

    • I remember the caption IDFders did to that picture back them, and their picture together from the ‘Star Search era’ (cute) some funny comments about. So if ‘Mr exclusive – i don’t follow anyone on twitter’ is following her is maybe because she’s part of a new projet or….. well NVM lol.

  18. A very cute couple. lol Tori is very pretty. She was also a contestant on AI S9. I am not sure if she was in the top 10 or not that season.

  19. David is really a very busy guy:

    @DavidArchie: Finished reading another one of @paulocoelho’s books, The Aleph, while out on tour. Always so impressed by what I find reading his books!

    Signing at the book store: Manager says over 1,000 people showed up . David stayed almost 3.5 hours to sign for every single person who came.

    The he found time to stop at a Boise High School Concert

    all this in between traveling, concerts, & interviews

  20. I like it that some people who hardly follow anyone on twitter yet have more than two million followers, follow @davidarchie (Adele follows 188 and Paulo Coelho follows 87 people)

  21. Eh. To me, Adele is just a person. A musician who broke out. Or maybe I’m just sore because when she finally took over her Twitter, she had to use the F-bomb right off. My perception of her changed. Oh well.

    She’s followed both David and Jordin Sparks for a while now.

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