It’s Comforting to Know the SONY Boys Saw THIS!!

Thanks for sharing your info here, Ninaf! Just knowing that “some guys from SONY” witnessed David live at the Irving Plaza performance keeps hope alive and me even more confident that the best is yet to come:

As for that other rumor (Disney, Spielberg, acting classes, hmmmm….), I will take it with a grain of salt and also with a lump of sugar! 🙂

In other news, it looks like “The Little Drummer Boy” is the runaway favorite performance from My Kind of Christmas Tour, according to my recent poll.  We will see if it continues to be the standout performance, or if David blows us away on another song (which he most certainly can do – other favorites: “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” “This Christmas,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Silent Night,” etc.)


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  1. Yes, comforting…I was hoping that Sony Asia would help to speed something like this along to Sony USA (just my thoughts) as he is an international singing superstar!! I believe that it will be an exciting winter in regards to the news. Well, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ was just that fantastic to help bring it all on…


  2. I just watched ‘Zero Gravity’ at the Irving Plaza and I would say that perhaps they would say…’We have a big star in our midst!!’


  3. Breaking news: David changed his twitter avi! I feel really good about this past week and the future. Fa la la la la!! lol

    Oh, and SB, I agree about Zero Gravity. I’ve been rather bored with it lately, but this performance made it feel new to me again! I’m sure the energy of the crowd helped. Perfect timing for the boys in the suits! *Fa la las some more* 🙂

  4. It was my pleasure to share my story will all, and HG loooove your souldaivd blog. I may not post a lot, but I’m always lurking!

  5. did david says that he will be traveling in asia in jan and feb? i don’t like his twitter avi pic, i like the one he was wearing the black and white stripe long sleve shirt, that would have been a good twitter avi pic, maybe david doesnt like it that pic of him?

  6. david gonna be in aisa in feb?, charice have new solo concerts tour dates in asia in feb and march of 2012? they both might be at asia at the same time in again!?

  7. Yay! for LDB !!! and i just saw HYAMLC that Marlie posted in the other thread, and i agree, is soooo good, remind me the very first time i heard him sing that song in 2008 ….at that time i was 😮 Wow!! …… the song just don’t have the same effect on a duet for some reason. :/

    About the rumors, the only thing i can say is that the best part is to know that Sony people were watching him in this two concerts, (hopefully the attendance was good there btw), that give me hopes for at least a distribution deal and new connections ….but yeah i will not gonna be extremely enthusiast about .

    And looks like his Avi Twitter change was a success lol, is making the news in his fandom …. so all is good.

  8. Listen to the cute B92.1 Rob and Dez interview at FOD
    love DJs who are fans 😀

    • lol, david loves a “plethora” of cereal. it was funny listening to david wiggle his way out of touring the town with them. i’m sure with rehearsals, etc., it was impossible for him to commit during a live interview.

  9. BTW in the pictures posted in FOD , i can’t see any kind of entourage around him ? 😐 , little weird to think he has not team persons with him …. or at least i don’t see anybody looking like an archie team member there…. just an observation.

    • some of the pictures SandyBeaches took and posted on the Voice shows an entourage of at least two body guards and his Tour Manager.

      • I have noticed Kari, his tour manager, in several pics. I really like Kari and think she knows what she is doing as she has had a lot of experience.

      • I saw now !! Thanks , i was wondering about that. ;), And i like Kari too Marie , doing her job, in a very prudent way. 🙂

  10. Allow me to do something fun. Demi just twitted “I miss you!!”. David at the time has 779,517 followers. Let’s see if it goes up. lol

    Demi has over 5mil followers

    • i just saw 779,560 … woot woot! 🙂

    • Aw! that’s cute !! , I always thought Demi/David tour was fun and i never, never gonna understand the bad pleasure of many of his ‘mature fans” bashing all the other teens in the business, but like i said many times yet, too many double standards :/

    • well, kind of disappointing!! lol. After 1hr from Demi’s tweet, 779,629

  11. a new blog from David

    Shoshone Falls

  12. should be vlog, not blog, lol

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