Poll: What’s Your Favorite Song from MKOC Thus Far?

Now that we’ve had four shows and we’ve got a few days before the next stop on the My Kind of Christmas Tour, I thought I would take a poll and see which performance stands out to you thus far:

Please vote! I will most likely do a repeat poll upon the conclusion of MKOC. 🙂


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  1. Oh HG…Your “My Wellness Spa Treatment” article captured the total make-up/meaning of David’s concert in Verona. (You can see that the words are not flowing even yet!)… I agree with others that it is the best recap article that I have ever read following a concert. This was the most magical and accomplished concert that I have attended in David’s career. We were scrambling for words to share with the readers on our different sites and you did that for us. TY!

    So I will do a crazy shoutout as it is called…Bring It back to the forefront, haha.


  2. Oh that was me posting not SF, …


  3. I voted for LDB, but This Christmas is nipping at its heels. Honestly, all the new covers are great. I love I Need A Silent Night and he just sings the heck out of CEM. He’s just too good.

    • I voted for This Christmas, ( I adore seeing that jazzy side come out and D being uninhibited with his talented band) but the one stuck in my head for two days is I need a Silent Night. Probably LDB next after those two.

  4. “Wait,” and I’m eagerly waiting for new music (not the Sunny kind, though).

    “Ave Maria” and CEM are close seconds.

  5. I voted for LDB but it was hard to choose because I really like all the songs he’s singing in the MKOC tour and it’s great to hear new covers too.
    Thanks to all the fans who generously share their videos and their experiences with those who can’t be there. I confess I’m a little jealous lol, the vids are great and I really hope that I’ll have too the opportunity to attend a show one day !

  6. I hope so too, Cmoi! 😛

    • Thank you HG ! I love your (detailed) recap, it helped me feel like I was there too. And thank you for your blog too, it makes it easier for fans like me to stay “connected” with all things related to David.

  7. OK, I’m going to start some new rumors here, that I heard at the concert. Why keep them secret? I think we need some good rumors for a change. 🙂

    Rumor has it that David MAY be offered something from Disney with Spielberg as director. OMG!!

    The “M” rumor is that it is not going to happen

    Hope you all like my rumors 🙂

    • Great rumors! Thanks for sharing.

    • I LOVE this rumor, Burkey ! I hope it’s true !
      This rumor and the featuring in the Dapo project and the (soon to be released) “Wait” video are all great and exciting news ! New music and diversified projects, it’s more than what I can hope for David lol

    • Wow ! that is a big rumor, thanks for sharing !! wonder what are SS projets next year ….. David can take a role of teen/young scientific in a adventure film ….. and that would fit SS style of production too, so will see. 😉

    • Love that rumor. It is a good rumor for a change. Voted for LDB. I keep listening to that video over and over again. Like that David is working with Dapo too.

    • well interesting. I have noticed (as an aside) the marked improvements and attention to the website, starting with the Asian Tour, which has kept up.

    • PS: While I like that rumor :-)….wish it was not out there unless it is done.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Hope I like your rumours?!
      …you had me hopping up and down in excitement in my seat!!!!!

      I’ve been thinking a lot about David and Disney since he sang Manheim Steamrollers song Northern Lights at the ice skating. It sounded like the perfect theme song to something like Polar Express. I think any Director couldn’t have listened to that and not noticed it either. David sung it so ‘magically’.

  8. http://youtu.be/o6pWoQIX0Ag > ”Stroudsburg High Making Music w/ Singing Sensation David Archuleta”

    The HG orchestra was a sweet idea for this Christmas concerts eh? 😉

    • @Larissa says it added to the concert last eve and she had been to more than one.

      Good way to get locals to come too!

      • Larissa’s exact words per tweet: ” added a more live,intimate,evenspiritual touch to the songs.”

  9. everyone, let’s keep those good rumors coming! 😀

    Heidijoy, thanks for the reminder re. the upcoming holiday music by Dapo and Friends. I’m predicting something smooth and jazzy.

    • Sounds good!! Lisa was raving about it. David reportedly recorded it in Dapo’s studio the Monday before tour after practicing for tour. One of his released this week is a download from his site,so maybe it will be similar for Dapo and friends.

  10. One of his(refers to Dapo) in above statement!

  11. Something else I’ve wondered about is if Jennifer Lopez and her Ex would have David in their new Latin production. They will be looking for Latin talent and putting on show in the not to distant future. It is a collaberation they are working on with or for Simon Fuller. I know Jennifer is a big fan of David. Not sure if they are looking for brand new talent or what. Speculation!!!!!!!!!!

    • Again that is good speculation. Do not know if it would ever happen or not but at least this is all positive. lol

  12. Glad you like those rumors. We needed some dang good rumors for a change! 🙂

    Also, from David himself:
    in 2012 he has plans to write & record more music
    & he may be “traveling” more in January ( he’s a man of mystery here)

  13. Just saw Jordin Sparks on CMA awards- she was a presenter. She looked gorgeous, but honestly if they had not announced her name I would not have recognized her,

  14. David did mention somewhere that he would like to take acting lessons, sooo maybe.

  15. Shanny in Australia

    HG, I have to vote LDB because I love it so much! But really…in another week or two, it could be O Holy Night or I need a Silent Night or This Christmas or Climb Every Mountain or Falalalala. Each of those songs has plenty that makes me love it a lot….it’s just I haven’t got past my obsession with the first song I saw yet…LDB.
    Maybe you should repeat the question every week or two for a few weeks and see if the results change..? 😆

  16. So loved your recap HG. It was unbelievable that you could have it up so quickly and make so many onpoint observations.

    I agree with you and your interpretation of what is going on in LDB. Unlike you, I didn’t immediately “understand it”. On the first time watching the video, I was so stunned, there were no thoughts in my head at all. Of course, I listened again. This time I got “it” and was so touched I was a mass (mess) of tears. By the third time listening,, I was just thrilled and jumping out of my chair. This song and this young man fills me with such joy and peace.

    Thanks for putting into words “our” feelings.

    (I guess I vote for LDB based on how many times I have watched,, But I haven’t watched everything as I AM going to a concert soon, and want to see it with fresh eyes.) So Excited!!!

  17. I think a song that is overlooked is this year’s version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. If you check out this link, David is channeling one of the great crooners of the 40’s or 50’s. Every note is stretched out, long and sultry, and that wail at the end – OMG. I don’t know – this one is probably a classic for me.

    • I agree Marlie! This is indeed one of my very favorites!
      I think David kind of owns this song.

    • I agree also, Marlie. I want this on my iPod. I really didn’t like the CFTH version that much. Again, the vocals are unbelievable. How far is he going to take this? lol

  18. Not the kind of backup i was thinking lol, but the little girls are so cute and right in the action, super good job 🙂
    MKOC >> http://youtu.be/09pansUSHPg >> MKOC

    AQnd a very good video of Wait >>>> http://youtu.be/-OAN3_hSwIQ

  19. I pick LDB too, is by far the one to caught my attention , i really love the arrangement and building excitement he put in it .

    Falala , i enjoying the cheesy , but very Christmas like lyrics lol ……. what i can say, it’s works for the Holidays and fit in the spirit ….. but then i hope that for his pop songs he pick a different collaborators .

    CEM is beautiful too and good choice for the Child Fund support.

    I love Wait , but i’m in Christmas mode right now so i enjoy the performance , but i’m sure i’ll enjoy the tune in a pop concert context more.

  20. Like Peter i.m waiting for more music release , hopefully soon, i would love to hear what he did with Lady V and Dapo/Priscilla R collaborations and if in the futur he decide to go out of his concert comfort zone to another places in US and Canada , i’ll love to hear a proper performance of ‘ Good Place’ (with Mark in the piano though 🙂 , love you David, is nothing personal), ‘Who I am’ and ‘Look Around’ along with others he never performed before …….gezzz i just realized that he has enough material already to put an all new set in a concert.

    And i gonna let you with this old tune wrote by Matt Wertz and David A. we had a good moment in IDF with this song :), because we loved sassy David 😉

    ”This one is one I wrote with David Archuleta for his record, but i’m not sure if he’ll record it. If he doesn’t, i’m kinda thinking about putting it on my album- It’s called ‘Best Behavior’ and it’s sassy.” Matt.

    http://youtu.be/Ija6GOy6F6o . 😉

  21. hi everyone! david going to there ” very soon” that doesnt shocked me one bit!!!!!. i hope david and charice have a very happy new eve together there!!. goodbye guys.

  22. oh yeah one thing, david have said that he might take a trip somewhere for his 21th birthday??? again, it wouldnt shocked me if he going to be with charice, remember he did said ” very soon” right!?. just saying.

      • what up raelovingangels!!!!. i am only guessing that david said about a trip thing for his 21 birthday and going to manlia ” very soon” in my opinion, i think david could be there for new year eve and someone here mentioned about david might going to back to india in jan., he could go there from manlia to india in jan and they are both in asia, i could be wrong thought. i read about david might taking acting classes and jennette mccdury just signed a deal for her own show, maybe david could be a guest star!? i rather see david start working and writing on a new CD than taking acting classes??.

  23. Still can’t get over how D cuts loose on this song. He is so relaxed on stage- a joy to see!

  24. before i leave, i am not trying to be rude but i would like to see david to do a new CD and go on a solo tour again to support his new album or for maybe opening act for someone big for all next year and he can do the acting thing on the side when he is 25 year old or something. have a goodnite everyone.

  25. Hg, I don’t know how you cranked out that recap so fast! It was so well written. Inspiring.
    Nice meeting you, btw. Loved your take on the evening. Also, you have such a great smile. 🙂
    LDB was my choice. I can’t shake the image of David throwing his arms up in the air with the drumsticks. And his strong voice yelling “Me and My Drum.” So confident.

  26. OK, I’m the one who heard that rumor first hand. I had no idea it would actually spread around like this because, who knows how much truth truth there is in it, so I want to let everyone know, they should take it with a large grain of salt…LOL.

    Here’s how it went down – I was at the NYC Irving Place concert, which normally I never would have picked to go to since it’s standing room only. However, due to my schedule, it was the only concert I could attend. I was stressing a lot about the standing issue, I had stood through several other David concerts in the past, and as much as it’s worth it, it’s difficult for me. I mentioned this to my daughter who has been at this venue before and informed me that on the balcony, there is some seating. I then found out that if you purchase a VIP ticket, you can get access to the balcony.

    When I arrived at the concert that evening, I started chatting with one of the guys who works there and found out, he was the head of operations. I mentioned to him that since I had bought a VIP ticket, I would like to sit upstairs on the balcony. He said that normally, this would be fine, but this evening the seats are reserved for special guests and “friends of David.” I asked him if there was any way he could help me out, because I had very bad knees and it’s hard for me to stand. He told me to look for him a little later, and he would see what he can do. In short, (which this is obviously not turning out to be), he got me upstairs.

    A bit later, this guy came along and sat down next to me. We started talking about general “David” things, and he said that he was working on doing some PR for David. Now I have no idea what that means, because it’s not like he specifically said that he was David’s PR agent, but he did seem to know some things and who some of the people on the balcony were. He pointed out these guys from Sony, who he said were also at the Westbury concert. I then asked him if he knew what’s up with David for the New Year, and what the so called “projects” David is going to be involved in. We also talked about the big M question. He said point blank, that David was not going on a mission. Then he said that David was starting some sort of project that involves Disney and Steven Spielberg.

    Anyway, that’s all I know and I reiterate – take all of this with a large grain of salt. It is possible that this guy is all bull—t. I truly have no idea.

    • ninaf……..

      Thank you so much for telling us this story!

      I heard this rumor at breakfast the morning after the concert. I am sure we are all taking this rumor with a grain of salt, but we desperately needed something positive to cling to so that is why I actually posted the rumor.
      I was so happy to finally hear “no” to the “M” word that I just wanted everyone to know this also. The Disney/Spielberg project was just another plus for us to ‘maybe’ look forward to.

      I was afraid I was going to have to find a ‘life’ in 2012! Now, I don’t have to go into a funk mood for 2012. I have more David to look forward to.

      Thanks again for your story!! 🙂

    • Yes, ninaf thanks for telling us the story. I really like hearing that a person doing PR was at David’s concert as were “some guys from Sony”. No “M” and future “projects” sounds great. Sounds good to me. I take everything I read regarding David with a big grain of salt. lol

    • Ninaf, thanks for sharing this info and I’m glad you were able to get a seat.

      Re. my comment above: “…i read on twitter that someone at one of the concerts sitting w/d’s family and friends leaked the info…

      I just want to clarify that the someone I was referring to was the PR/publicist guy. My assumption was that some fans probably overheard bits and pieces of the PR/publicist guy conversing with someone else close to D.

    • that was really great of you to come here & clarify. Information does spread like wildfire- eh? 🙂

  27. i voted for climb every mountain. it was incredible! i love it. i also love have yourself a merry little christmas. this latest version is even better, if that’s possible, than the one he did on his first christmas tour. and it’s definitely way above his album version which i skip everytime i listen to the cd because i cannot stand the female voice on the duet.
    but i must confess – i haven’t heard all the songs on this tour yet. i am too caught up with watching cem videos on repeat.

    • You can’t stand Charice’s voice? Oh noooo! LOL. (I was just thinking the same thing as I went through my iTunes Christmas playlist–though I know she is so talented).

  28. Wow………an mp3 of the whole Westbury show—>

    @starrynites01 Monica
    MP3 of Westbury show 12.1.11 – Enjoy! 🙂


  29. Ninaf!! *waves* 🙂

    So glad you came here to clarify. Sounds to me like I should give that Disney rumor more validity, to be honest.

    And, yes, sooooo glad to hear some “guys from SONY” were in attendance at NYC Irving. Hmmmmm.

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