“If I Could Just See Youuuu Tonight”

OK, so I didn’t exactly travel 1,000 miles to see David, but I’m so excited I made the trip all the same! 🙂

I avoided all the comments and vids so I can enjoy every song fresh.

So excited! 😛


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  1. lolol. When I came here this morning, there were 6 comments. Now there are 84. I see why. 🙂 That’s so cool that you and Burkey are keeping us posted while you’re there, HG! Tks! And you called him gorgeous at the VIP? lol. Oh wow. Some of y’all are not shy. 🙂

  2. David’s getting ready to come on stage. GAH!!!!!!

  3. Soul David is just on tonight with A Very Special Christmas!

  4. I heard just a little bit of “This Christmas” before the ustream stopped. Oh well. lol David sounded great. Glad that everyone is there so we can have some pics and hopefully videos.

  5. from burkey, d singing “wait”

  6. Nice pic desertrat!

  7. Man, David is on tonight. First the Xmas carols then ZG then Crush now he’s killing on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Sigh..,

  8. OMG He killed on Clim Ev’ry Mountain!!!!


  9. climb every mountain in these black boots, lol. thx burkey!

  10. Loving every minute of these tweets! Only David could have us on the edge of our chairs waiting for pics and tweets, lol 🙂

  11. pastelpastel

    Literally 4 feet from @DavidArchie during Climb Every Mountain. Standing O. Every ounce of him was poured into that song.

    50 seconds ago

  12. It’s intermission – Whew…

  13. pastelpastel

    We can’t move out of out seats. Stunned.
    @DavidArchie #mkop
    5 minutes ago

  14. VickiFOD

    Very difficult to video or livestream. Strict bouncer guys everywhere.
    15 minutes ago

  15. pastelpastel

    I’ve got some really good pix. I wish all @DavidArchie fans were here. Seriously. This is his gift to us.

    15 minutes ago

  16. A million billion times YES (tm Randy Jackson)

    If you are still on the fence about @DavidArchie #mkop concert, get off. Buy a tix now. Buy more.

    15 minutes ago

  17. pastelpastel

    We have a mean bouncer guy. I’m so sorry I am not able to vid 😦 this concert should be a live DVD. Where is @K_80?
    9 minutes ago

  18. I am speechless…….

  19. lol Burkey! I feel yor pain (tm Bill Clinton)… but it hurts sooooooooo good, don’t it 🙂

  20. OK Burley…who are you, and what have you done to Burkey, lololol 🙂

  21. RobertaFOD
    My kind of Christmas

    1 min 46 secs ago

  22. hollyreFOD

    Girl picked the mistletoe hat. David said, “That’s mistletoe. I’m not sure it works up on stage.” The crowd wooted.

  23. suttygal
    Silent Night and it’s snowing in here!
    8 minutes ago

  24. pastelpastel

    Riu riu chiu

    1 minute ago

  25. twitter comment re. the vip:

    ONE MORE THING, someone asked him “why are you so cute?” in VIP and he laughed for like a minute and simply said “I don’t know….”

  26. @pastelpastel
    Such emotion


  27. David was on fre tonight! He really showed out tonight.

  28. oooooooo, tell us more, HG, tell us more..

  29. close up of This Christmas from Westbury

  30. OK, back in my hotel from the concert. Sooo good. I sure hope all you guys get to go to a concert.

    My very favorite song of the night was CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN. It was just epic. It reminded me of when Elvis sang that song. Does that date me?? lol

  31. Had to quickly check in for a minute. Thanks for the play by play everyone! So exciting!!!! And he doesn’t know why he’s so cute–but he didn’t deny it. lol

  32. I can stop watching LDB …… i guess i really like it. 🙂
    G’night everybody 😉

  33. But before to leave LDB Irving Plaza NYC – http://youtu.be/eK_gC1izSu4 🙂 enjoy

    • I am obsessed with the song. Love the arrangement and David’s voice kills on it.

      • I am obsessed with LDB too. I did see on twitter that the whole band arranged that song according to Mark Nilan Jr. Talented band. David should listen to their suggestions as they are young and current.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Putting my hand at another one obsessed with LDB.

  34. HG…You left your David memorabilia at the restaurant and they left them at the restaurant front desk for you…


  35. Shanny in Australia

    HG, that was heaps of fun experiencing it through your comments! Thanks and so glad you had a ball…AND that you got your hug! lol
    Looking forward to the detailed recap! 🙂

  36. Very, very clear videos from 8thRowCenter aka Nancy.

    How she managed to film when there was bouncers around was amazing – she is AMAZING. Thanks!

    Go to her channel to watch

    • I really can’t get over how great this show is- David & his band/team have done such a great job IMO of song selection and presentation. There is something for everyone. I love the jazzy feel of a number of the songs, where David cuts loose,, the pop songs, and the epic songs like Silent Night and Climb Every Mountain. And the little unexpected surprise under the tree is LDB. Wow! The only thing I would like is if he threw off his jacket when he walked back to get the sticks before holding them up in the air. That would be epic. haha….

  37. Ahhhhh, bliss. Waiting to read HG’s recap… Anticipation…. anticipation is making me wait… 🙂

  38. I found this at HG’s YT channel.
    David Archuleta singing Good Place/Let It Be
    at the Verona VIP Meet and Greet

    • Absolutely beautiful, especially “Let It Be,” but way too many mistakes…

      • I agree, The mash up is amazing- his voice fantastic- but his piano not ready for public yet. He do it a-capella or have Mark play for him. If he does not realize that, someone who he trusts should counsel him. (IMO of course)

  39. Comment at your leisure…

    David Archuleta – My Kind of Christmas Tour – (VIDEOS)


  40. HG also posted “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.”

  41. Wow! Wow! OMG! I had the best time with HG, Burkey, Freo, BlueSky, SF, Refnaf, and many others! Sat next to HG during the concert and I can’t tell you how many times we just had to lean into each other to hold ourselves up! LOL

  42. Hi SDers! I am back home from that beautiful concert last night! I had a great time! It was really fun to meet HG, Freo, Marlie and many others with similar perspectives on David as I have. I will let HG do her full recap as she is much more eloquent that I am.

    ( no HighSchool orchestra & no sign of mic last night 🙂 )

    My favorites of the night:
    1- Good Place/Let it Be mash up, but the piano playing was bad. Voice was stellar. He should have just sung it acapella or had Mark play the keyboard for him

    2- Climb Every Mountain- was so so so good! Just loved it.

    3- Drummer Boy_ also crazy good!

    I am waiting for mp3s of all of these.

    Now to wait for HG’s post! It will be great!

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