Northern Lights

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  1. You amazing me HG with your speed!

  2. I noticed he used sheet music on TBWY- smart! 🙂

    OK, on my bucket list for David is that a skater uses his music in the finals at the Olympics. Man/woman/pair/dance- makes no difference to me.

  3. All of David’s performances (with skaters) here in HD….awesome auto & video

  4. I love the minor tone of Northern Lights- It sounds mystical.

  5. HG,
    Your previous post title with one edit aptly applies here to David Archuleta – Grace and Perfection Under Pressure.

  6. @Shell_eeeyyy

    ALL @DavidArchie fans…one more hour to sign David’s birhday card that will be in a book for him!! HE WILL SEE IT!!

    11 minutes ago

  7. David’s voice absolutely gorgeous on “Northern Lights”! I don’t know how to describe it — maybe understated elegance.

    On my bucket list for David, I would be watching D sing “Northern Lights” at an outdoor concert with real northern lights in the background.

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  10. David Archuleta: the Eagle, the temple and the music
    Published: Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 6:06 p.m. MST
    By Trent Toone, Deseret News

    • That was interesting! David throwing snowballs at family, lol. And this may be the only time we get to see him in the eagle scout uniform. I was impressed by how people went out of their way to help him obtain his goals. It may explain why he often goes out of his way to accommodate his fans.

    • That article made me feel sad for boys who want their Eagle Scout award, but aren’t named David Archuleta. They’d actually have to make the arrangements themselves, and no firemen would meet with them in 15 minutes, instead of a week.

      • But most boys would be home with their family and have time to make these arrangements. David was coming off the AI killer tour and his round of Jingle events, and also made the AOL Sessions and was promoting his new album. Kind of hard to know when he would be home to meet with the Fireman. I thought is was nice that people got that he was under a pressure cooker at 17.

    • That story about the Eagle Scout court of honor indicates that neither David nor his family really cared much about it. I’ve been to a lot of those ceremonies and the family usually puts quite a bit of effort into them. Too bad no one has taken a similar interest in him getting his GED. Ah, well, maybe someday.

      btw, he was not wearing a scout uniform, just the scarf.

      • Um, that didn’t sound quite right, he was actually wearing more than just a scarf…

      • I agree with you about the importance of a GED, Utahmom. I also would think taking online courses after he gets his GED would be a good route for David with his busy schedule. I hope that maybe he does have it and just does not mention it.

      • How do you know he does not have it? No one has asked him about it publicly in some time. I assume by now he does. He is smart and was seen quite some time back carrying the book with him. I am confident with a bit of study and perhaps an on line course he would have passed.

    • I think David was really just doing it to make his leader, Cal, happy. Most boys would have to take it much more seriously than that, and devote a lot of time and thought to it. Being busy elsewhere, doesn’t mean that others can do it for you–it’s not a good reason.

      Like Janel over on FOD explained, the Girl Scouts require that the girls actually do the work themselves, and a large number of hours are required. My daughter took a year of raising and training a service dog, and that was just for her Silver Award.

      • “Being busy elsewhere, doesn’t mean that others can do it for you”. –I agree. An eagle project requires a lot of work, and that is supposed to be done by the boy. If you’re too busy, you just don’t earn the award.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I was surprised at how little time it took to do the service project too…..

        BUT…..1. The only benefit his fame gave him was that people fitted him into their schedules quickly. It’s not like he didn’t meet the requirements for the badges. And 2. For every David Archuleta there is cramming in a quick service project to meet their badge, you can bet there are thousands more boys doing the same thing. If you meet the requirements you meet the requirements. Maybe the boy scouts need to change their programme if people feel it is not rigorous enough. And a rushed ending, doesn’t discount the effort David must have put in, during the previous years.
        And if David’s family didn’t make a big deal of the ‘court of honour’ then maybe it was because that too was kinda rushed and last minute and David had a lot of other real life things taking up his time and attention.

        As for Northern Lights…..I’m addicted. It’s sublime. I hope he sings it more. 🙂

      • I agree with Shanny. Perhaps he did get a little help from his neighbor and his town- but does anyone think, he would not have put the effort in and taken the “hard” way, but for going on AI, tour, making an album- making music. blogs, signing cards, notes ect for us, his fans. David brought alot of positive awareness to his town, his state, his faith. His fame has helped the local economy, bringing money into the area for events such as his homecoming, concerts, etc. Cal was kind enough to give him a helping hand- to not accept would have been disrespectful to someone who had mentored him. David has demonstrated he also gives a helping hand to those in need.

      • meant to add that I think he does the Boy Scouts proud with his on going examples of service to others. From a PR standpoint for them, I am sure they a pleased to count him in the ranks. OK- have a great day! Tour starts soon. Wish I could go but so happy for those who can.

      • I really don’t think he would have been motivated to get his Eagle, except that he understood it was important from a role model standpoint. Most young men get this award well before they turn 17 because after that, it just isn’t a priority. David still did not have it or even his Life award when he turned 17. Most boys in the scouting program obtain the Life rank when they’re 13. Once that busy Star Search blip was over, he had a few years to progress in scouting, but didn’t. Six months before he got his Eagle, he was rushed through the required merit badges to get his Life, so he would still have time to get his Eagle (there’s a 6 month wait requirement).

        That is nice that he got lots of help so it was possible, and that David was willing to give up valuable time to get it done. This is not how it works for other boys in the program though, there is a lot of jumping through hoops, and they have to do the work themselves.

        Regarding the court of honor, David’s family had two years to put something together. If it was important to them, they would have done so. It’s nbd that they’re not into scouting, but it irks me a little that they’re portrayed like they are, when other families have to put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into scouting.

        raelovingangels, I would love to assume he has his GED too, perhaps he does have it, but he’s been awfully quiet about it.

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