Grace Under Pressure

Thanks, Angelofoda, for reposting this vid (and reminding us why David is miles above the rest):

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  1. Really well done Asian behind the scene tour videos added to David’s OS.

    • There are 3 pretty long videos here. All really good audio & video quality. Great pictures and clips of David singing. The vids cover all the stops of the Asian Tour.

      Very nice job, whoever did this!

  2. It looks like David had a nice turnout last night at the bookstore. Also, I’m pleased to read that Kari will serve as his MKOC tour manager.

    From the previous thread, Bieber is really cute; I can see why he gets the screams and I agree that he sounds as if he’s in the midst of his voice changing. I will never forgive Biebs for stealing Michael Jackson’s ABC lyric “shake it, shake it baby” for his version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Canada, please take him back ASAP. 😉

    • I also think it is great that Kari will be the tour manager. Kari seems very nice and she sure has some good experience with touring with other high profile artists.

      • Now if David could just get new management to go along with his new tour manager. I just had to mention that. lol

    • I’m glad that Kari will be the tour manager again too.

      Bieber’s voice does sound like it’s changing, but he should still be able to sing on key. Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond both sang while their voices were changing and usually managed to hit the right notes, although the quality of their vocals back then was definitely lack luster compared to other stages of their careers.

      • “Bieber’s voice does sound like it’s changing, but he should still be able to sing on key”. lol. Tks for giving me my laugh for the day. That is so true. 🙂

        And I’m happy that Kari will be with him, too.

      • I think the truth is, Biebs just can’t sing, lol. He needs to find Chris Brown’s (i.e., another non-singer) vocal coach and learn to sing within his limited vocal range.

        Speaking of managers, I recently looked at WEG’s website. I find it odd that given their past with Nsync, Britney, etc., they’re not managing more prominent musicians than Aaron Carter. Timberlake and Joe Jonas are listed on their website but I believe those two only use WEG for certain events.

      • I noticed that about WEG too,desertrat. It is interesting. I think times are tough in the music industry. Bieber is very lucky is have made the money he did as a teen idol as he will need it in a few years IMO. He can’t sing. lol

  3. David on TV now………….

    DissonSkating Disson Skating
    #HolidayOnIce starts NOW on @NBC! Join us using the #PandoraNBCSS hashtag for the next two hours–incl. exclusive photos!
    1 minute ago

  4. David is on Tee Vee – Pandora time!

    Who’s watching ? 🙂

  5. I’m watching the skating show! Chip Davis gave David a wonderful introduction, and David sang great on “What Child is This”. I’m looking forward to his other songs.

  6. The MKOC tour is going to be so great. I’m jealous of all of you that get to go (I live in the midwest). David is excellent on Christmas songs. I can’t wait for the videos.

  7. He looks SMASHING! The camera i loving his face – his eyes – GAHHHHH!!! I’m stopping now, lolol… He sounded great, just great.

  8. The camera loves him, and seeing him on TV ramps the fangirl up by 100 notches, lol… That voice, that voice…

  9. David needs his own darn skating spectacular! Great skating and music so far but not enough David. SHEESH!

  10. And while typing my complaint I hear…this spectacular is brought to you by______ and Justin Bieber’s – Under the Mistletoe. What slick advertising, its no wonder he’s king. Talent or not, his team sure knows how to move product. SHEESH!


  12. TBWY – Fantastic

  13. Get this guy on TV/Rdio, I don’t care Darn it – STAT! 🙂

    ineedadelorean Rachel T.
    Watching @DavidArchie on NBC. That man has one heck of a voice.
    8 minutes ago

  14. This Northern Lights song is just beautiful… he has that soaring tone in his voice that I just love… how do we get this song? 🙂 I want it.

  15. I wonder if David sang on Manheim’s Christmas Symphony out now? I’m sure if he did the Archie FBI would have given a heads up already. Hmm…..

  16. David and MS need to team up and tour during the Holidays – no joke. There is a great synergy there that I liked watching this special…..

  17. Maybe in the future David will sing on a Mannheim Steamroller album. Chip Davis certainly spoke highly of David. David was great on all his songs on the show. I especially loved Pat a Pan and the new one. We need more David on T.V! He will be on PBS in December with Motab so we can look forward to that.

  18. WOW! This is AWESOME with a BOSE headset!!—> NORTHERN LIGHTS by @DavidArchie & @Mannheimsteam

  19. All of David’s performances (with skaters) here in HD….awesome auto & video

  20. David did sooo well. He had alot of air time and also given praise & respect from the fellow musicians and skaters. 🙂 Loved them all but Pat a Pan was my favorite of the show.

  21. If you’re so inclined, go give David some love on MJ’S – We have a right to rave about him tonight 🙂

  22. David did really well. He looked and sounded great. Some wonderful videos from this show too.

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