So Glad David Never Did This!

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  1. David never gets the credit he so deserves for always doing such a great spot on job singing the NA ,IMO. Also in idol news Scotty missed his cue to sing his song at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade yesterday which turned into a lip sync fail for him. Too bad for them and the stories were all over the internet of course. David should sing the NA more often at high profile events as he always delivers it well.

  2. saw this over at FOD……

    VIP Available for Verona!

    Regretting not getting a VIP? Here is your chance to purchase one!

    Snowangelz can put you in touch with the seller. If you are seriously interested, email her at or DM her (or tweet her) on Twitter @snowangelzz and she’ll pass info.

  3. Weather prediction for Verona, NY (concert day!)…..yeah….no snow forecast! 🙂

    Saturday December 3

    Times of sun and clouds. Highs in the low 30s with temperatures nearly steady overnite.

  4. Not a good week for young singers.

    In addition to Lauren’s and Scotty’s mishaps, Justin messed up the lyrics continuously during “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on the Today Show. The bigger travesty to me is that half of his notes were off key, but no one mentions that:

    • Yes, Beiber is a cute kid and all & I have heard him sing many songs, but I just can’t figure out why he sells records…… sure isn’t for his voice. He just can’t sing. Baffling.

    • I thought Bieber was also off key on the AM Awards when he sang his Christmas song too. He might have even been lip syncing but it was still off key. You are right it that no one mentions it. It just does not seem to matter when it comes to him. lol

    • I thought he did a good job recovering & it was a different take on the song- was not that obvious- he kept it going.

      I feel bad for him,,,,his voice is changing and it seems he is struggling. I am sure his management and team are running him ragged. At least he did not lip sinc.

  5. Here David’s microphone goes out. He handles it with a big smile and continues on to rock a soulful version of Pat-a-Pan! LOVE IT!

  6. I feel so bad for fa3ryg1rl Sheila …….apparently she is sick & can’t travel to a concert that she had already bought tickets for. Saw this on twitter:

    @FODFansofDavid can you post my 2 westbury front row tickets for sale? center section paid $175 on stubhub, best offer.

    fa3ryg1rl @FODFansofDavid they are hard tickets that i have and i can overnight them.
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    fa3ryg1rl Sheila
    totally heartbroken. i know it’s not the end of the world, but i know most of you guys get it.

    • She also has 2 tickets for sale for the Irving Plaza show, Dec 2

      fa3ryg1rl Sheila
      i know it’s late but if i can transfer or have vip nation resell my vips, would anyone want to buy 2 vips for irving, ny dec 2nd? 😦
      3 hours ago

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