My Kind of Christmas Tour

Guess who greeted me when I checked my email this morning? 🙂

It’s only next week! Wow…

As an aside, I wish they showed off a more mature image of what David looks like nowadays.


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  1. David Archuleta Interview @ Good Day UT this morning

    credit to JRforDA2011

  2. Here’s David first interview from today – Good Day Utah courtesy JRyan!

  3. Hi HG,
    Can you please delete my vid post?

  4. Dear MIC,

    Please hire a professional graphic designer. Also, it’s not that expensive to hire a photographer.

  5. david at a dvd signing.

  6. Actually the photo was taken by Matt Clayton. It is better than his CFTH album cover, but almost every picture is better than that one.

  7. David Archuleta w/ Mack Wilberg @ Fox29 News San Antonio (Media Blitz, 22 Nov 2011)

    captured by JRforDA2011

  8. So in the Raleigh interview, David mentioned he was looking at some projects for the next few months. Doesn’t sound like the M will happen. It does sound like more of the status quo, unfortunately.

  9. I agree that the status quo would be better than the M word. I hope the surprises he has in store for us that he alluded to in his magazine interview are new management and a label or new music or another tour or being in a musical or ….. lot’s of fun possibilities.

  10. I’ve been very quiet these past few weeks. Looking forward to Verona!

    • yes, me to Freo. I can’t believe how fast the time is approaching……. 11 days left for the concert!

      Kind of sad in a way… will go by so quickly…..then I’ll have to wait another 2-3 years to see/hear him again……. 😉

      • I guess I’m taking you too seriously. Oh well, it’s still nice to hear him speaking about future projects. 😉

      • yes, I have seen David live at a concert twice & I had the same kind of sad feeling after both concerts, for some reason. I really don’t understand why because the concerts were great.

  11. Go to 2:45. He’s “looking at different PROJECTS, too, seeing what might happen in the next couple of months”. I don’t know how you get that he’s leaving music from that. Unless you think he’s trying to deceive.

    His OS is shaping up and looking good. I don’t think he’d be having it worked on, just to abandon his career in 5 or 6 weeks.

  12. this interview is pretty interesting, David talks more than usual about the music business without a contract & yes, he answers the dating question, again

  13. Fresh Living TV Hosts talk to David about cooking a turkey, lol

    pick the video “Your Turkey Questions, Answered!”

  14. I loved all of David’s interviews the past two days. He just seems more relaxed and very happy. It was interesting to hear him talk about the music industry, and how different it was than he thought. I’ve learned a lot about the music industry too following David’s career. I listened to CFTH this afternoon after not listening to it since last Christmas. David’s voice is just magical when he sings Christmas music. I’m really looking forward to videos of the MKOC tour.

  15. David was doing just fine on the Fresh Living interview until the host brought up the dating question. Poor David, he just gets all kinds of awkward and stumbles around the topic. I hope this changes one day and hosts just stick to music questions.

  16. Jeff LeBlanc joins David Archuleta on Christmas Tour

    Singer songwriter Jeff LeBlanc will be opening for David Archuleta on his “My Kind of Christmas” Tour this December.

  17. Here’s a sample:)
    He really does sound a bit like John Mayer.

  18. Off Topic but: Does anyone here edit for Wikipedia? Wondering, GCT is not listed on David’s main bio page- but is listed separately under Discography- Is that cause he is the special guest do you think and not “his” album? Also, did you all know his page is one of the most edited? Here is an article about it
    lol, I checked and he is still at 91- he kills me- in a good way.

  19. speaking of pictures of david, i don’t think i’ve seen this expression before.

  20. Of all David’s interviews, this one moved me the most. Thanks again to Jackryan for the YTupload.

  21. nice—-> saw this over at The Voice:

    Angelofdja is GIFTING 2 tickets to the Stroudsburg concert. She sent them to me and as the time is short, I will be bringing them with me. If you are interested, please email

  22. thanks to whoever posted the ticket give away for Verona here. I normally check in here and FOD, luckily it was posted here. So will be going afterall. hopefully, I’ll. be meeting some of you there. I know, strange time to come out of lurking. LOL.

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