The Pizza Delivery Guy

Must admit the vision of this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Wish I could find a pic! 😛

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  1. I think this picture, posted by cchalo, is related to the event:

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    David at IC.

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  2. David has a live interview Monday morning:

    Nov 21 (Mon), 8.20am MST:
    FOX 13 News: Good Day Utah – Live interview
    Nov 21 (Mon), 10am MST:
    ABC 4: Good Things Utah – Live interview

  3. “Coming up Monday on Good Things Utah… Utah’s own David Archuleta. He’s got a new Christmas album out and will be telling us all about it.”

  4. Off topic but the American Music Awards is on this Sunday. Not that it is a very good awards show but I noticed all the performers and nominees are signed to a label and have professional management. You are just shut out in the music industry if you do not have the right connections IMO. Even if you do have a label/management it is not easy. Look at David Cook and Kris Allen. But without those supports it is just impossible IMO. David has nothing scheduled for next year so I do wonder about his plans.

    • david has nothing scheduled for next year) and you know this how ?????

      • If he had something scheduled wouldn’t it be on David’s OS by now? His current management controls that site. I posted the link to his OS below. Tours and scheduled appearances for music artists are usually scheduled way in advance.

  5. At least David will be on TV this year on the skating special and the PBS Christmas with the Choir special. They are broadcasting that special on PBS numerous times which is great. His OS has the schedule of broadcasts.

  6. That was sweet. Two of David’s loves- food and service. 🙂

  7. I’ve decided that David should be a politician because like Rae said “he has perfected the art of talking & not saying anything. * unless he wants to.

    • Well, that’s true, i always said that young David it was more spontaneous and transparent comparing to this mature David that is way more ….well , yeah politic on his statements.

  8. The good thing about David’s communication is that he doesn’t stick his foot in him mouth like celebrities on twitter like Ashton Kutcher and others. I’d always like him to say more, but sometimes it is better to keep you mouth shut.

  9. Video blog from David:

  10. Tibi – David is still a rambling man when he does a vlog. I too want to hear the gospel song. I hope someone recorded it! I’m also excited about the new Christmas songs he’s going to be singing on tour. December is going to be fun in Archuleta fan land!

  11. Wow – there is just something so contagious about that laugh – I really, really love it when he laughs because things just stike him as funny@!

  12. After watching the vlog I think that the ‘M’ word you are so often talking about must be ‘Music’? Or maybe it is ‘Mickey Mouse’ ? I can see that he is quite an addition to anyone’s life if they really think about it. Even if it just his laughter in the middle of a day when laughter becomes a small blessing.


    • I am sooo hoping that ‘M’ word is anything else other than our negative thoughts…… maybe—->

      magic, music, (prof) manager, more music, marvelous music. music masterpieces, meetings for more music, etc, etc, 🙂

  13. Oh, SB, I hope you are right that it is “m” for music. He already is doing a mission of sorts with all the charity work that he does. I’d love for that to continue along with more touring. His vlogs always put a smile on my face.

  14. saw this over at twitter:

    Y_J_fan Y_J
    @PhilisBBQSD RT@Archugeezer More free promo from @DavidArchie fans if you share a video of the gospel song he sang yesterday. 🙂
    19 minutes ago

    fans are working on trying to get that song he sang at Phil’s BBQ, lol

  15. It would seem strange to me, to be improving and upgrading his OS, if he were planning to drop out of music in just over a month.

  16. He’s still not mentioning a thing past December, though…

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