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Is it just me, or does David look really tired?

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  1. i find it intriguing that the Phil’s BBQ employee asked him to sing a gospel song. My impression is that for some reason, she believed he knew some.

  2. How Great Thou Art & Amazing Grace would be a couple I would like to hear him sing.

  3. I think he did sound tired, but he sort of indicated that he had just gotten up. There’s a whole lot of gospel songs I’d love to hear him sing. Actually I’d love to hear him sing songs from about any genre.

  4. I think he looks as tired as everyone does at least once a day.

  5. Marcus Collins from tonight. I hope he gets to make a soulful pop record.

  6. Off topic, but if you’re following the Penn State case, you may be interested in some of the reviews of Sandusky’s book. Public opinion rules the internet.

  7. I just watched David’s blog and can’t believe he was at Phil’s BBQ in San Diego…10 minutes from my house and five minutes from my office!! Why wasn’t I informed about this??? LOL!!

    • We will bestow upon you high honors in the fan base if you go over there and get all the details of D’s visit. You know, the usual stalkerish info we like to read about– What did he sing? What was he wearing? What did he eat? Were Jeff and Sunny there too?, etc. 😀

  8. Who are Jeff and Sunny? (Should I know that??) Even worse, the Invisible Children offices are about 10 blocks from my office!!

  9. Will be interested to see if he is asked about his plans next year. He will probably say he has some “surprises” and then decline to say more.

  10. Mike, Jeff is David’s dad and Sunny co-wrote the song “Dream Sky High” with Jeff for David years ago. Sunny seems to be David’s personal assistant at times, and has written a Christmas song with David. She also has a big angel collection. Some have wondered if she might be Jeff’s girlfriend, but there is no evidence of that.

  11. Syrupy Sweet Tweets from Sunny & Lisa:

    LisaMurray ★SkyGirl★
    Being inspired by a musical angel right now!!!

    SunnyHilden Sunny Hilden
    Off to rehearse – music, music, I ♥ ♫ you so much – you deck the halls of hearts & souls.

  12. Shanny in Australia

    When Steven said he and David were into gospel music, what do you think that meant? When I think of gospel music I think of big choirs and clapping, kinda like Sister Act but i’m sure it is much more diverse than that. What/who would be popular ‘gospel’ artists of the type that Steven and David would listen too?

    • Shanny: At least in the U.S., gospel music is very diverse. It encompasses all styles of music, from rap to country and everything in between. When I listen to Christian music stations in my part of the country (the Pacific Northwest), most of it is pop, rock, or soul, with a little bit of country thrown in every now and then. They also play a lot of crossover music, meaning songs you can also hear on Top 40, AC or Hot AC which have uplifting or important messages. Switchfoot is a band that is played on both Christian and secular stations for example.

  13. Please vote for David in the latest round of The Dam Nation Idol Tournament. Poll closes Sunday evening (at 10:00 p.m. ET I believe.)

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