The World is a Better Place with David in It!

Thanks for sharing this link here, Rae:

And yesterday, Desertrat reminded us why we love the Voice so much:

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  1. He needs a label.

  2. At least somewhere the world is as it should be.

  3. Pretty nice article here, but I can’t help but worry about what the surprises are. 😉

    My Interview with David Archuleta

    He also has a few surprises in store—whether in his personal life or professional life, he wouldn’t say, but it’s clear to me that David knows his own path, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.

  4. anyone want to go to a concert for free?

    American Idol Star David Archuleta Partners with ChildFund
    Posted on November 17, 2011>/b>

    At each venue, the platinum-selling singer will be telling fans about ChildFund’s mission. Current ChildFund sponsors will be on hand to share their own sponsorship experiences and assist with signing up new sponsors at the concert.

    Volunteers are still needed from New York to California. You’ll get to attend the concert for free, and rev up your holiday spirit by helping others learn more about becoming a child sponsor through ChildFund.

  5. I really love to read mysteries, and there are definately clues that David is going on a mission. However, there are good arguments given that he is not. He really doesn’t want us to know for sure one way or another. My feeling is that he is going, but I keep hoping that I am wrong. i guess we will know for sure in January or February.

  6. I’m with Utahmom, a bigger surprise to me would be if David signed with new management and a new label. Please surprise us with this David!

  7. The final 10 on XFactor tonight…..let’s see how this goes

  8. A little bit of insight into the cancelled Singapore concert. I wonder what the issue was…..

    “WITH less than two weeks to go, US pop singer David Archuleta’s concert in Singapore has been postponed indefinitely.”

    “The issue is purely between us and David’s management… everything is amicable between both parties, though. We’d definitely still want to bring him here in the future.”

  9. I was one of those who bought tickets for the Singapore show. I am getting my money back but there are some fans who have chosen to hold onto their tickets because the local organizers say they will be valid for a rescheduled show. However, the advice given by the OS is to ask for a refund. My apologies for bringing this here but this whole episode has left me feeling very disappointed. It is also not doing David’s reputation any good here. I too wish he had professional management. Maybe then they would work with more established concert promoters in Singapore and elsewhere.
    Btw, I love this blog. You guys rock!

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