In Defense of Astro

OK, it’s official. Anybody who is 14 years and under SHOULD NOT be on reality TV contest shows!

I tell you, I have so much respect for David for holding onto his dignity when he was all of 17 on American Idol.

So, Astro pretty much dug his own grave by showing some “attitude” tonight on the X-Factor, and despite his enormous talent at rapping, he took it personally that he was in the bottom 2.  This is going to cost him, which is too bad because he’s talented enough to go far (but rap is not mainstream enough – at least not on a reality TV show – to rally a huge TV fanbase).

Yeah, that was not cool what he did.  Yeah, he shouldn’t have been honest in saying he “didn’t feel like performing for folks who put him in the bottom 2.” I mean, yeah, that’s not a graceful way of acting on TV (sometimes, the Brooklyn kid is “too Brooklyn” in his “keeping it real” posture).  And I saw when he was trying to pull an “it’s cool, hip-hop made it this far” pose that he wasn’t sincere.

So, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell raked him over the coals for his ‘tude, and he still tried to act all tough and “too cool” for the show, and then he broke down and cried.  And that’s when my initial “what a brat!” reaction immediately melted, and I had to remind myself: he’s still only a kid.  Rejection is still rejection, and if you don’t have the maturity, you just feel like an entire nation put you in the “bottom two” and that has to suck (which, IMO, wasn’t warranted, but what you gonna do? Keep ya’ dignity either way, child!).

When the other 14 year olds on the show – Rachel Crow and Drew – started tearing up and quivering before they were declared safe, I tell you, I was starting to judge the wisdom of having kids on so young. I was so sure Stacey Francis would be a basket case leaving, but I think even she had to toughen up when realizing that the 14 year old kid next to her hasn’t processed yet what it’s like to get one’s talent rejected.  Even poor Drew, who said she’d never gotten negative criticism in her life, almost couldn’t handle the “constructive criticism” she got last week.

What can I say?  I’m not subscribing to the “Astro is a brat” memo anymore.  At the end of the day, these kids have more maturing to do, and I’m willing to cut them some slack.  This is not easy; I just don’t want these kids leaving these types of shows having to rebuild their self esteems.   Sheesh!


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  1. sorry HG…….off topic

    New at the OS…….David has 16 interviews on Nov 22?

    Maybe he is releasing a new single?? What could it be??

  2. Great post hg. After watching the end of XFactor I was thinking exactly what you just wrote. As much as I did not like Astro’s attitude at times he is still a kid. Rejection is tough to handle at any age but these kids are so young. I think too much is expected of these kids to be able to handle. I also wonder if XFactor has an older audience as opposed to a younger audience that would like rap music. Astro is very talented but I am not much of a rap fan. David did handle it well when he was on AI at such a young age.

  3. David never expected to get as far as he did, and never had an attitude like Astro. Yes, it is too young for kids to be able to handle. It’s hard enough for the adults to handle! I am guessing that the audience for X-Factor is similar to Idol so it is an older audience that doesn’t like rap or hip hop (like me). I’m not surprised that Astro was in the bottom two.

  4. long time lurker

    Well said HG

  5. Idol kids are generally more mature too handle the criticisms, Diana D, Paris B, Jhon S, Sanjaya, Jordin, Allison and David ….all of them very classy …. but they were a little more older too , being honest Xfactor kids are way too young, i can’t blame them for any bratty attitude …… i mean seriously, so the comparison is a little out of touch here, poor kid 😐

  6. From the previous thread :

    ”burkey Says:
    November 17, 2011 at 8:24 pm
    A little bit of insight into the cancelled Singapore concert. I wonder what the issue was…..

    “WITH less than two weeks to go, US pop singer David Archuleta’s concert in Singapore has been postponed indefinitely.”

    “The issue is purely between us and David’s management… everything is amicable between both parties, though. We’d definitely still want to bring him here in the future.” ……. interesting , now i really wonder what was the problem ….. since was not about low sales tickets .

    • I don’t think the dolphin problem has been ruled out as a strong possibility. Perhaps they’ll try another venue, or wait until the problem and protests are resolved.

      • If David decided not to come to Singapore in support of the dolphins then he should say so.

        But I don’t think the dolphins are the issue. No one is protesting at the venue and there would not have been any protests during the concert.

        I think it’s a scheduling problem. If he had made the trip he would not have had enough time to rehearse for his Christmas tour.

        They might have earlier thought that to maximize rehearsal time in LA he could arrive in Singapore afternoon of Nov 18, perform the next evening and leave for home immediately after the concert in order to make it back to Utah for the SLC signing on Nov 21.

        But as the Okinawa experience has shown his voice will not stand up to such treatment. That would have put both the Singapore concert and the Christmas tour in jeopardy. Cancelling Singapore was the only sensible thing to do.

        We all know that with such a tight schedule, professional management would not have set up the Singapore date in the first place and all this speculation, angst and disappointment among fans would have been avoided.

        Sorry for this long post!

      • I think scheduling sounds to be the best reason too, based also on the promoter’s comments. They may have decided not to risk the Christmas tour with an international date so close to it. If so, once again, it comes back to David’s management since the date should never have been agreed upon in the first place.

        Having 14-year-olds on X Factor is just not a good idea. It’s great for the show, but not for the kids. In retrospect, being on Idol at 16/17 was too young for David. If he had been older, he would have finished high school, he most likely wouldn’t have needed to take so much time off afterwards and he wouldn’t have needed to rely on family “managers” so much. I do think, however, that it also was a great time for him to appear on the show, if that makes sense.

  7. And i agree with Utahmom, the only think that can surprise me a this point in him signing with a new Label or with Sony …. otherwise the ”M” thing is more predictable and we already are accepting that possibility …so is not unexpected …. and i don’t even want to thing in her second theory 😐

  8. I really want David to have professional management, but I don’t know if professional management would have changed the Singapore scheduling. Managers are all about making money for their client and themselves. Some professional managers schedule their clients to make money with little regard to their client’s well being. I believe Demi cancelled her last three shows on her tour with David because she needed a break between her tour and her part in a movie. She had professional management. Anyway, we will probably never know the real reason for the cancellation of the concert. Could be some other sticking point in the contract negotiations. David does have a professional booking agent. I wish there would be a new date for the Singapore show for the fans, but I’m afraid there isn’t one because David won’t be available next year because of the “M” word.

    • True, there very well could be another reason for the cancellation, and you probably have more insight into that. Actually, I’m rethinking my opinion. They would have said it was a scheduling issue. Singers cancel lots of shows, but don’t they tend to be part of tours, not one off shows like this one? That’s why it seems so odd. Plus it was scheduled without much notice and then cancelled quickly. I’m not sure David’s booking agent was even involved. It seems like the agency is mostly used for tours, but what do I know? I just feel bad for the Singapore fans.

  9. After thinking about my last comment, I’m going to say that a GOOD manager would not have scheduled the Singapore concert so close to when David needed to be back for the CD signings and promo for GCT. I hope that David finds that good, professional manager some day soon.

  10. Shanny in Australia

    I don’t think there is much evidence at all to assume it was a scheduling issue. I also wouldn’t wouldn’t rule out the dolphin issue just because there were no protestors at the venue. From reports I have seen, the dolphin thing has been quite controversial and even some fans said they would boycott the concert. I sure hope that didn’t come back to bite those fans.

    I also think the fact that the venue posted Dec 31st as the new date, only to be debunked by David’s side, suggests the venue was trying to push David into rescheduling, which in turn suggests to me that David has the upper hand in the situation due to some issue on the asian side of things…?

    Just my speculation….

  11. my first post here…been lurking for a few months now…been wanting to jump in with a few thoughts but usually too late as others have expressed it more eloquently or more direct.

    Front page New York Times article, “Mormans Use Big Ad Campaign to Counter ‘Cultish’ Perceptions”. Professional ad agencies uses. “I am Morman” tagline using everday people.

    Wonder if DA might be one of the faces of this church sponsored ad campaign?

  12. at the OS

    Next Tuesday, November 22, David Archuleta will be in Salt Lake City for a round of satellite interviews with various TV outlets, scheduled between 6am and 9am Mountain time.

  13. From FOD:

    Tickets (Free) Available for Verona!!!
    I’m a long time follower and occasional commenter on FOD. I have four (4) tickets to give away to David’s “My Kind of Christmas Tour.”
    Saturday, Dec. 3rd 8PM at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY
    Queen Booth 11 Seats 1,2,3,4 (A Queen booth has 4 seats–I bought out the booth)
    I have actual tickets, so I will mail them USPS to whomever responds.

    They are available first come first serve.

    It breaks my heart that I can’t attend. I’m hoping the seats are filled with 4 deserving David fans!

    if you are interested, please email us at and we will put you in touch with the donor. David Archuleta truly has THE BEST FANS!

  14. What to make of these tweets? I know what I’m making of it:

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Oh forgot to put that that quote was referring to this quote “the trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold.”

    David Archuleta
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    “Gold is a rock. Money is paper. But trials are what make us who we are.”

    • certainly looks like he puts more value into the M word rather than career.

      suppose that is reading between the lines, but oh well, whatever……David……

    • Hmmmm. Has he ever tweeted anything about faith before? Sounds more overt than usual.

    • The quote go with what David is in this moment, he is in his full spiritual mystical phase on his life, he is very convinced of his doctrine and is reflecting that in every single word of his speech on interviews, tweets, songs lyrics etc….. and now that this Christmas tour is so close and the all MoTab promo is coming he’s more into it and feeling the responsibility and desire to share and put everybody in the same frequency ….. just my thoughts.
      I have not doubts about the ‘M’ word like an strong possibility right now …. more than ever.

  15. Just another observation re: the xFactor. I believe David was 12 when he competed in Jr. Star Search. Of course, the format was different, and he was competing against children his own age. I remember reading somewhere that, when he won, he cried for the girl who lost to him. (Please don’t ask me where I read it.) Anyway, a different way of handling success and having compassion for another’s lack of success. Back in the day I think it was called Good Sportsmanship.

  16. I agree with Tibi. David seems to be very strong in his faith and spiritual life right now. He is going to choose to follow what he feels is God’s will for his life. He has been scheduled to do the MoTab promo since last year. He has his Christmas tour. After that he has no musical obligations, no label, no management which will leave him free to go on a mission which is what is expected, encouraged and even considered “a rite of passage” for a young Mormon man. That’s why I think he’s going on the “m”. I hope to be proven wrong.

    • I hope you are wrong grammyj. But if you are right I hope he can come perform in Singapore before taking on the big “M”. In any case I will be holding on to my useless ticket as a memento of the concert that never was.

      • Aw sorry !! 😦 , i just think he and his team are lacking of information about the reasons and possibilities to retake the option to go there , i guess is that what disappointed people in Singapore and Asia …..but you know , in this ”David’s freedom era”, ”communication is the key’, …..right :/ i mean right? 😐

    • A “scheduling conflict”, when the MKOC tour was already planned, is too lame even for David’s current management. He didn’t even rehearse today, so it’s not like he’s pressed for time to practice. I’m going with the dolphin thing.

      It doesn’t mean that people are protesting with picket signs or anything. is trying to get 150,000 signatures on a petition to get the dolphins released:

      David wouldn’t say anything, because the ones being targeted are tied in with the concert.

  17. i have been coming reading yours comments about david cancel the singapore concert and had to do with his schedule conflitting, my god souldavid, i think david should be up front to his singapore fans why he cancel it is: IT OF CHARICE, AGAIN, HE WANT TO BE WITH HER WHAT HAPPENED TO SUDDEN PASSING OF HER DAD.

    goodbye guys

  18. I’ve got a hypothesis that David may have given a talk or “Fireside” at a LDS church or church youth group today. He visited the Invisible Children volunteers, bringing them pizzas:, and he was wearing his white-shirt church outfit. He told them he was doing “church stuff” today. My theory is that his tweet about faith, which was based on a bible quote, was part of his preparation for his talk, and bringing pizzas to the IC group, might even have been inspired by his message of doing service.

  19. If he had not cancelled I should be seeing him perform right at this moment. Anyway I still do not think the dolphins are the issue although that could well be used as an excuse.
    Btw has anyone had a look at the website of the Singapore concert organizer? According to the site, the company is run by a former DJ, a geomancer and a comedian. It looks like this was their first attempt at holding a pop concert.

  20. when david learned about charice’s father passing when he was in hong kong, it was cancelled when david was there at the time, no it was not his schedule, dont believe any of that. david was the one who cancelled, it was not organizers. it was all david.

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