And This is Why I’m Glad David Does Not Subscribe to Macho Culture

Don’t know how many of you are keeping up with current events, but the Penn State scandal over former football coach Jerry Sandusky’s alleged rape of underage boys just has me livid.  Livid about macho culture and its links between masculinity and violence and livid about the culture of silence that encourages a culture of rape.

Sure, we must believe people are innocent until proven guilty, but I had the same reaction to his Bob Costa interview as John Stewart.  On his Daily Show, Stewart blasts Sandusky over his interview: Watch Video.


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  1. I know, HG. My husband and I caught the Costas show and had the same reaction.

  2. And, yes, I do admire David for being respectful of people, always.

  3. The judge gave Sandusky a lenient bail decision and neglected to inform anyone that she’s volunteered for his “charitable” organization–an obvious conflict of interest. Sandusky’s lawyer impregnated a teenage girl when he was 49 years old–no wonder he’s defending Sandusky. The original prosecutor in the case disappeared several years ago. Sandusky carried on for over a decade after eyewitness accounts of the crimes had been reported to Penn State, yet no one did anything. The guy must think he’s immune–why else would he offer such a lame defense on national TV. What is wrong with all of these people? Icky.

    • John Stewart pretty much said what many of us thought about the Sandusky interview with Costa. Thanks for posting it as I had heard about it but had not had a chance to watch the video. Penn State staff made a horrible mistake to try to cover this up IMO. I doubt Sandusky will ever admit to what he did.

  4. Off-topic. But…after several months of waiting, my family is finally moving to my town this week. In some ways it’s a good thing. But it also means I’ll have less time to follow David and chat with other fans. *I’m pretty sad*. Guess what I’m saying is that just because I might post less, it means nothing as far as my support of David goes. 3 yrs ago, I vowed to support him for as long as he needed me to, and I meant it. And I’ll stick sneak in here when I can, cuz…I have to. lol.

    Have a good rest of the day. 🙂

  5. David is getting ready for our concerts 🙂

    Back into rehearsing some Christmas music to continue rehearsal week.
    8 minutes ago

  6. Well, at least the ‘good old boy club’ was wise enough to get a new judge. Public opinion would have come crashing down on them if they kept this judge—>

    New judge assigned in Penn State sex abuse case

    A new judge was assigned Wednesday to handle the child sex abuse charges against former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky

    The change removed a State College judge with ties to a charity founded by Sandusky for at-risk children, The Second Mile.

  7. David singing “To Be With You” at the Pandora skating event:

    credit to smileylanie

  8. The whole thing makes me ill. Unfortunately, this was sports, but sadly when people think their career, ego, business, or church, or any institution is more important than protecting others, in this case innocent children, this is what happens. As far as I am concerned everyone who knew and did not protect and report to the police should be prosecuted.

    • Totally agree, this kind of behavior is sadly encouraged by many kind of institutions ……. is just incredible how many people can still quiet knowing something like that is happening in front of them :/……is what happen when people think that protect an institution reputation or the power position of a person go first than protect the innocence and live of a human being …..more we know about this case, more we realize at what point people in general is losing the caring and sensitive aspect of their character in the today’s world. 😐

  9. hg, thanks for letting us discuss current events on this blog. regarding the penn state mess, i’m beyond disgusted. sandusky must have some serious dirt on someone (or the university) for so many people to cover for him.

  10. Pretty nice article here, but I can’t help but worry about what the surprises are. 😉

    My Interview with David Archuleta

    He also has a few surprises in store—whether in his personal life or professional life, he wouldn’t say, but it’s clear to me that David knows his own path, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.

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