When Pictures Are Worth a Thousand “GAHS”!



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  1. Ah… Here is a rare glimpse of David, the young Man. I like this more mature looking David. His physical transformation from the young fresh faced Idol kid into handsome young man is becoming more evident, and hopefully the emotional transformation and acceptance in fans of David now as a Man will begin in earnest. It’s been hard for a lot of fans to let go of their image of David as that young angelic looking kid who stole their heart during his audition, and subsequent Idol run, but pictures like this show me less and less traces, physically, of that kid. He’ll never really look his real age, he’s blessed in that respect, but I’m liking the transformation from boy to man. May it rub off in other areas of his life as well.

  2. There is so much joy on this journey! Waking-up, logging on, and seeing that face in all it’s handsomeness is one great way to motivate my Tuesday!
    GAH! As so perfectly stated by HG! (My oh my…he has such lovely…EVERYTHING!)
    P.S. I don’t think he allowed lip-liner, although those lips are amazingly, perfectly defined!

  3. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

    Why did LDS Living use the pic of David with the cute but somewhat dorky grin for the cover when they had THIS?

    • think it may be because it is too good of a picture if that makes any sense? David especially with TOSOD seems to have wanted to go with the goofy dorky side of himself and maybe he is not ready to fully embrace this side.. the jaw droppingly gorgeous side of himself?

  4. This picture is absolutely stunning! 😯

  5. David performing Pat-A-Pan at the pandora unforgettable moments taping. Arizona 11/12/11

    credit to smileylanie

  6. Ya’ll seen the big promo Billboard advertising David’s Christmas concert @ the Nokia theater in LA? It is A.W.E. awesome and was up during last night’s premiere of the latest installation of the mega successful Twilight movie series… excuse me while I do a rare happydance, lolol… been a while since I’ve felt this good about some seemingly well thought out, timely and well placed promo for David in the US, lololol… I hope we see more like it. Not going to speculate or project too far into the future – going to savor this beautiful thing right now, in this moment 🙂


  7. Sorry for the dbl post – If possible HG, please delete the 1st one – the one w/o the twitter link….

  8. Is so cool to see the venues are advertising his concerts, i noticed too that Kelly C venues for her tour next year are the same that David in NY, LA and SLC at least ….. kind. of .interesting , hopefully local radio gonna jump in the promo train for this tour.

    And i’m glad the magazine used the picture they used , is a more natural David, same the last one of the sequence 😉 , just my opinion, this one look more like a hair saloon picture :/, he look good though, his Latin roots are more evident, but i prefer the spontaneous David.

  9. I agree Tibi about the mag pic used!

    Triple GAH’s for me the past 3 days. Received my cd, blu-ray dvd, and today – the magazine. The front cover is a stunningly natural-looking portrait of David at his core.

    The one above though ^^ is a stunner in a special class by itself. Beautiful!

  10. i’ve been looking for this autotuned remix of altnoy for 2 yrs; i hear it in the gym all the time. last night, someone by chance tweeted about it. enjoy jason nevins remix!

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