Backhanded Compliment?

Last night’s review of the skating show in Phoenix, AZ, where David performed, doesn’t really tell us much about how his performance (still hoping for some videos!), but when a reviewer says this:

But what about a vocal performer used to being the center of attention? You had to feel for American Idol runner up David Archuleta. He had just four vocal performances (including a selection from his own 2009 “Christmas From the Heart” album) and he was largely ignored like a band whose musicians are playing their hearts out at a sports bar where 30 TV screens are broadcasting the final game of the Stanley Cup.

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Well, isn’t he really saying that David is better than this and should NOT be treated as background music? One fine day, David will learn this about himself too (as we fans already know this), and maybe he’ll force his management to get him better gigs.

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  1. Maybe the author was saying that, but apparently he took the negative spin perspective. Serene Dominic, the author is a ‘he’ by the way. I googled him & it sort of looks like he may like drama in his life.

    David should be doing better things than these dang skating shows.

    • “David should be doing better things than these dang skating shows.” Exactly! It is up to his management,mic at this point, to find David better gigs. He is better than these shows. How many skating shows can David do? Let us all hope for changes next year.

    • Oh, thanks for the gender correction.

  2. These. People. Just. Cannot. Let. Go.

    On the other hand, this goes to prove that David has star power. Otherwise, these writers would just ignore him.

    May this writer and all the others be blessed with an infinite supply of performances by Cook and Glambert or anyone else who can turn a skating show into hours and hours of rock extravaganza.

    • I don’t think you would ever see Cook or Glambert on any of these skating shows. lol The frustrating part is that IMO David is more talented as he is “The Voice”.

      • I know, but if they did, they would get great reviews. Shirley Halperin would write that skating shows are a great career move, as is “dropping” 19M. 🙂

      • That it true. She would say it was a great career move it they ever did but they won’t. lol

  3. So on this show David sang: What Child is This, (a wordless) Silent Night with Chip Davis, Patapan, To Be With You, & Above the Northern Lights

    I am interested to hear what a ‘wordless’ Silent Night sounds like & I want to hear David’s version of Above the Northern Lights

  4. David deserves to get more attention in general, not just on a skating show.
    I agree with all of you that he should be doing better things but with no management we can’t expect much. Well, he’s going to do 3 book signing in Utah soon …

    I can’t wait for what’s coming next, after the MKOCT. I hope for news about his career like meetings with writers and producers, new collaborations, good gigs. And of course I hope too for a professional management and a new label. But IMO, if he can take his time before signing with a label, a new management team should be a priority because we know by now that a label can’t do much without a good manager supporting the artist (the TOSOD release is a good example I think).

    • Because MIC’s income is completely dependent on David, he will continue to make safe and effortless choices — in other words, say yes to anything instead of actively promoting David.

      • So true Peter.

      • David is a humble guy with the best voice I’ve ever heard. If I had his gift I can honestly say that I’m not sure that I would have been as humble as he is (maybe it’s a blessing that I can’t sing lol). But if I like this quality about David, I think that it’s his team’s job to outdo itself to sell him as the best voice of his generation and to distance him from the “former Idol contestant” image. They are responsible of the communication with the media and of the way to present their artist. It’s why I’m skeptical when David always justify the hiring of his dad as a manager by saying that he’s the person who really knows him and what he wants etc. It’s probably true but it can’t be the only reason (I’m sure that there are professional managers who can understand him and what he wants too). His dad is with him since he started singing so I wonder what he’s waiting for conveying the “real” image of his client to the public… And I’m not talking about his long time fans here. We all know that David is an Artist and that for him, singing is more than just a job. But for those outside of his (online) fanbase, he’s mostly just the kid from AI. 3 albums in 3 years and we still can see many “what happened to Archuleta ?” tweets but with almost non existent promotion, it’s not surprising.

      • I agree with you cmoi. My mother just called to tell me they advertised on the skating show that is on TV right now that David would be on in two weeks performing in a new skating show. She wanted to know why I did not tell her he would be on TV. lol

    • Not only the book signings, David will also be on a local Utah program called “Mormon Times.” Unfortunately, per David’s handlers, David will not be performing. 😦 Which really bums me out. I would have loved to sneaked on the set and been able to hear David’s voice with no outside distraction once again. Sigh.)

  5. This clown (gender neutral) Is an AI hater from way back. The review was written before clowny saw the show.

  6. a post from olemr2001 on fod; thanks olemr2001!

    In this video there is a brief clip (about 30 sec.) of David singing “What Child Is This,” beginning at 1:10.

    • thanks…….just imagine that VOICE filling that entire arena

    • I like “What Child Is This”. With “Silent Night” (especially the French version “Douce Nuit”), it was the only Christmas songs that I was familiar with. Well, it was before being a fan of David lol
      I hope that all the songs that he performed will be aired on TV !

  7. I would rather see David doing a skating show than doing nothing at all which is what most of 2011 has been, so I’m happy he did the show. I guess right now the old phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” comes to mind. He has to do something to get his name out there so he should be doing more appearances of all kinds rather than less. I’m not going to complain when he is at least doing something. My fear is that in 2012 and 2013 we will not be seeing him at all…..

  8. Good grief! It was a skating show not a concert- and will be on national TV and sure to be magical. That writer seems like the type who likes to stir the pot for controversy.

  9. I agree, the review was ridiculous. It sounds like the reviewer just had to find things to criticize. It was a skating show not a concert so, of course, the skaters got top billing. I am really looking forward to seeing it on T.V. because I love David Archuleta (of course), Mannheim Steamroller and ice skating!

    • All kinds of really famous people have sung for skating shows….Andrea Bocelli comes to mind. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Maybe this is what David wants to do…..just sing.

  10. I think this is a 41 sec clip of David singing Above the Northern Lights

  11. pics of David at the skating show :

    and in this one, it’s the first time that I think that David looks older than 20 lol (even with the little smile)

  12. VH1 has a “pop up” video of “Crush”. I found the little background tidbits fun. I did like watching “pop up” videos back in the day!

    • That video was fun, thanks for posting it!

      I don’t have a problem with David accompanying the skaters. I have a problem with the skating shows being among his highest profile gigs in the US. It feels like his big break is just being squandered.

      • I agree. I also don’t have a problem with his fans having higher expectations for David than his management and David appears to have. There is nothing wrong with appearing on skating shows on national TV. My expectations have lowered greatly for David but still he should be able to have more high profile gigs than skating shows. That was my point too. Has his current management ever thought outside the box for him? But David has to want change.

  13. I agree that this guy review is so out of place, looks like he didn’t knew this was and Figure Skate show to start , but oh well, not big deal either, this was not even a big event to be worry by a local review from some anti-idol journalist. :/

    ”and in this one, it’s the first time that I think that David looks older than 20 lol (even with the little smile)

    I know really, i’m so impressed how old he looks 😮 , feel weird lol, and man David can sing very beautiful, but he’s not putting any kind of interest on his outfits and i’m so sorry but i think is equally important to show some efforts in that department, looking well dressed, when he attend like public figure and special guest to this events .

  14. Idolfan is not here right now so I guess that I have to say it…Charice is trending #1 right now according to yahoo. I know you could do without the chatter…so, the pics of David are awesome. When did he get older? It is all good preparation for his tour which I think will blow us all away when you think about the songs he may be singing. He likes to astound us at least once a year and I am ready to be astounded…


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