His Sister’s Wedding

Really, David? Really?

I hope he sang better than he dressed.

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  1. and those shoes need some polish. 🙂

    random blog by a woman whose dog, Nora, is a wine critic:

    “Boone’s Farm (Apple Blossom): One sniff. Nora immediately adopted the same depressed expression she wore when she learned David Archuleta lost American Idol. She then ignored the cap and spent the next fifteen minutes licking the same spot on the carpet.”

  2. The shirt is what he was supposed to wear (sisters colors for the reception) He must have just arrived because he still has his outside coat on. It is cold and snowy in Utah. I think he looks good!

    • I thought he looked good too. David looked like he was dressed appropriately for a wedding to me. I like the casual jacket as he is young. lol

  3. DissonSkating Disson Skating

    Final #HolidayOnIce rehearsal’s are underway, and @DavidArchie is looking great! #PandoraNBCSS

    20 minutes ago

  4. cb…You are so right, he looks great! The quality of the picture is not so glossy itself so how do the shoes stand a chance? I can see the blue flowers he matches up to on the left…Does this sentence keep me out of Trollville? Haha, just joking…


    • It looks like the reception was held at his local ward/church in the cultural hall. It would be a very casual atmosphere. He is dressed appropriately. Many people would probably be more casual than that. As far as him singing goes, he probably didn’t sing unless by special request, since he is a famous singer. The reception is mostly to come and say hello to the bride and groom and have some light refreshments….very casual. There is usually not a program of any kind and most of the time nothing more than small talk. Guests come, say hello, have refreshments, and leave for the most part. Any more fancy/serious stuff would have happened earlier in the day when she was married. (I am assuming she was married in the temple, since David was seen at the temple earlier that day. I have no way of knowing for sure.) My point is that David is dressed very appropriately for the reception.

      • if you look very closely, it looks like the person standing next to him has sneakers on…….sneakers…….for a wedding?

        so David is surely dressed up compared to that.

  5. Marcus Collins from tonight (X Factor UK, Queen / Lady Gaga week):

  6. another picture of David at the skating rehearsal tonight

    @BrianBoitano Brian Boitano

    Dress rehearsal w David Archuleta @DavidArchie for Pandora Holiday show #pandoraNBCSS


    1 hour ago

  7. Well I appreciate that whom ever published the pix- did not show the bride & groom 🙂 unless they post it themselves publicly.
    Love that color shirt on D.

  8. i’ve enjoyed reading the comments re. wedding attire. it clears up matters for me because i thought david was supposed to be in a tux.

    • The wedding reception is more a social get-together, as I said before. There would be no reason for David to wear a tux unless he was part of the wedding “line”. The fact that he wasn’t dressed in a tux suggests that he was not the best man, usher, etc. They would usually (but not always) be friends and family of the groom. By the way, I have seen a few people show up at the reception in jeans at times. It is a very relaxed and casual event…..not stuffy at all. Of course in my opinion jeans are not appropriate, but it happens.

      • People wear everything these days to weddings and other events. David had a shirt and tie on. He probably was not in the wedding. I dress casual and relaxed myself anymore to many events. I know my children do. lol

  9. bringing this over from the last thread, a possible live stream for the skate event:


  10. Great pictures & Promo!

    PHOTOBOOTH PICTURES!!! @archuletaphils http://t.co/5MO5fn0v

    If he is the kiss type, he sure will be getting many from his fans! Haha

    • Thanks desertrat for the link to the possible live stream. Those photobooth pictures are just adorable. So clever and great promo.

    • LOL, David should sign with Sony Asia for real, Sony is becoming strong again ….so i still wishing good news, pop career relate soon. 🙂

      • I would like to see David sign with any label at this point. After following David’s career I remain convinced that you need to have a label to have a viable career in the music industry. It those needed connections and where the money is. I think pro. management would help him achieve that and he needs to compromise to get where he wants to be.

  11. apparently no live stream of the skating event tonight 😦

    DissonSkating Disson Skating

    Unfortunately, we won’t be live streaming tonight. You’ll have to tune in Nov 27 on NBC to see it!

    3 hours ago

  12. they’re going to send us pictures via twitter……

    DissonSkating Disson Skating
    And we’re off! Stay tuned for pics from a great #PandoraNBCSS show feat. @MannheimSteam @DavidArchie and many talented skaters!
    1 minute ago


    We have finally reached the finale of The Dam Nation Idol Tournament. It’s David vs. David. Imagine that!


    There will be a total of 7 rounds (1 per day) with the winner of each round receiving a point. The one with the most points at the end of the week wins.

    Please vote every day. Thanks!

  14. Since looks like Christmas music gonna be probably a very strong niche in David’s career , i gonna say that what he is missing now with all this Christmas songs/events/participation/tour is a nice video. It’s became already a constant to tour at the sames places in US, so he can at least release a video with one of that songs , i would say MOC (the original one ) or HYAMLC ( yep the one with Charice) , both songs are receiving Airplay each year , so why not?

  15. David sense of fashion is not the best lately, looks like something not very formal and yes many people go to weddings very informal dressed . Now saying this, i’m surprised how people find about his sister wedding, the date and even a picture of David 😮 ? , so just be careful better don’t mess with family, not good experience with fans before since some of his family are not very tolerant to his fans in general and this is not business fans tbh. 😉 … just my two cents 🙂

  16. @DavidArchie
    David Archuleta
    Finished the 1st half of the show. Just sang oo’s and aah’s with Chip Davis on Silent Night. Awesome haha and a real privilege!
    26 minutes ago

  17. I just saw a pic from tonight on twitter ? …..and what happen with his hair? 😦


    Don’t mess with your hair David!!!! 😡

  18. Love the hair. To each his own.

  19. Hair like music is very subjective. I like the longer hair better, but there are fans that love it short. David looks good however he has his hair. It seems to grow really fast too.

    • I like longer too, too short add him too many years, he looks like 28 or something …..but yeah to each one his own. 😉 #teamhairlonger 🙂

  20. Hmm….no comment. lol.

  21. he’s a good lookin kid, no doubt about it, whatever the hair style or clothes.

  22. @DouglasRazzano

    Hanging out with @RachaelFlatt and @Davidarchie after the show last night! #PandoraNBCSS


  23. Apparently David sang a new song last night…….

    “Above The Northern Lights” by Mannheim Steamroller’s

    This is the song sung by Mannheim Steamroller

    hope we get to hear David’s version soon:

  24. David sang 4 songs last night

    lots of info here about last night’s performance—–>

    “Chip Davis came out to join him on a wordless ghostly “Silent Night,” probably the best number of the night

    16. “Above The Northern Lights” with David Archuleta


  25. here are the songs David sang last night for the skating event:

    What Child is This, (a wordless) Silent Night with Chip Davis, Patapan, To Be With You, & Above the Northern Lights

    • well, that is 5 songs, but maybe they didn’t count Silent Night because it was “wordless” David sang it with only ‘ohs & ahs’ I guess, lol

      that will be interesting to hear……

  26. Im not sure if that was a positive or negative review however, its what you can expect from a skating show. Im still waiting for the day David will have his own special on TV with special guest performers.

    Marie – I will add my wish along with your label / pro- management ones to David’s career-wishes basket, lol!

    • yes, kind of a crappy article if you ask me. It is a holiday event, so why not give it a positive spin?

      David should be doing better things than these dang skating shows.

  27. Yeah Burkey,
    For true.

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