Angels: The Song I Could Never Get Tired Of

David’s latest performance at the Ronald McDonald House:


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  1. David’s performance was incredible. I also thought he looked great last night. Loved what he wore and the hair. lol

  2. Yes, I loved David’s performance and he looked really handsome. Here is an interesting article from before his Arizona performance:DissonSkating
    Want to know what happened on @DavidArchie’s visit to AZ ahead of #HolidayOnIce?

  3. off topic —

    i’m so disturbed by this penn state fiasco that even david’s voice isn’t calming. a press conference is about to come occur; i hope there are plans to wipe out the entire so called leadership at that institution. unbelievable!

    • I agree desertrat. I am watching CNN right now as they are covering the whole Penn State situation. It is a very disturbing situation.

    • The outrage over Paterno being fired really is beyond disturbing. His non-action allowed a decade of horrific abuse to occur. Why are people siding with this heartless man? Where is the moral outrage on behalf of the victims?

  4. i mean really david!?!?! david cancel his singapore trip over charice because he really misses her, she will be back in the califorina next week. i guess david cares about her more than his aisa fans, way go david upset your asia fans and looking forward see you there!!!!!.


    • David didn’t postpone Singapore for Charice. He did it because he’s gonna be on his honeymoon in Aruba that weekend — he got married to Jennette McCurdy in NYC. She’s gonna come on the road and be his opening act for the Christmas tour.

      I think its really pretty thoughtless to the Singapore fans for David to run off and do that and ruin their show. But David has always shown himself to be a jerk and not care about his fans so what else can you expect.

  5. charice is coming back to LA when david was supposed to go to singapore, i guess charice is having a really hard time about her father’s death and david just want to be comfort her. my guess why david is not going to singapore, i thought it was fishy why david isnt going, he seems happy going there again.

  6. i mean to say that david seems happy going there again when he mentioned it on the vlog for them to know, couple of weeks ago.

  7. if my guesses are true about david not going to singapore because of charice, it really sad what happened to her father died and it was a sudden death but there was no reason for david to cancel his gig over there just for her only, i mean his singapore fans brought tickets to his show and very exitced to him performed and going to meet him as well, i think that was not cool and feel really sorry for the singapore fans.


  8. He’s very purple.

    Angels will always be a fave song for me. Loved this. Especially the little growl he added…

  9. Angels is a longtime favorite for me, as well. Glad he sang it at this fundraiser in particular.

  10. I wonder if he doesn’t sing these songs repetitively due to illegal downloads of his own songs? Just a fleeting thought I had earlier.

  11. That being said, I will always LOVE Crush. The vision of David having his first listen on the radio is forever in my brain! SIGH! I remember sitting at my computer for my first listen with tears falling down my face! I was filled with such pride, coz’ I just knew this song was a winner! Ah, the old times…

  12. DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Hello! Just finished a phone interview with the good man Brian Mansfield. Back in Utah keeping busy with home errands!
    4 minutes ago

  13. i think it was very wrong for david to cancel his trip for singapore and his fans were so happy that he was coming to see him, if i was a singer, i wouldnt have not done that.

    • Maybe the venue cancelled on him because of poor ticket sales. Just a thought

    • Clearly David was not happy about having to cancel his show. I think jumping to any kind of conclusion here is short-sighted. As far as I know, David has never just cancelled a show for no good reason before (other than that time he had to go to rehab — but that was caused by a bad break up with Miley Cyrus, I hear).

      And as far as ticket sales being a reason goes, I honestly have no idea about that other than knowing the VIPs sold out pretty quickly. It also would seem strange to me that the venue posted about a new concert date (which then proved not to be true) if they had cancelled due low ticket sales. Why would they want him back on a different date if he supposedly couldn’t sell tickets?

      • ali, david was not upset about the cancel show, he sure didnt act like he was. david is the one who cancel the show himself.

      • ‘It also would seem strange to me that the venue posted about a new concert date (which then proved not to be true) if they had cancelled due low ticket sales’

        If it turned out it wasn’t true that the date had been re scheduled how does that rule out low tikcet sales?

      • My point was why would they post that at all if THEY were the ones who cancelled the show. Sorry, I was a bit garbled in the way I stated that.

  14. huh? cancel poor ticket sales, no i don’t think so, if that was the case it would have posted it on the website.i think it was because of charice and why that was the main reason. i think we will get a tweet from david on monday that he will be in LA. there was no reason for david to cancel singapore trip in the first place. david did not give the “real” reason why he cancel it the singapore trip.

    • So, Idolfan, just to make sure I understand, you think that David cancelled SG to be with Charice? Did I understand you correctly?

      • yes i do and just my opinion. i dont know if you all know this, his singapore fans was very upset by david cancel the trip. i cannot believe that david would do such a thing and it doesnt seems like david to do that to his fans. have a goodnite everyone


  15. most singers who have shows, they have everyright to cancel shows as they please because they are boss!!!.

    • I think this is a pretty good guess as to why the concert had to be cancelled:!!!

      I can’t imagine David would want to be associated with this dolphin capture and death in any way.

      In Hawaii this summer we had to make a tough choice not to swim with the dolphins, after my son insisted that it was supporting a cruel practice. We researched it, and found that even the tours where you swim with the dolphins in the wild, are quite harmful to them. It turned out to be a good choice, since we got to watch the dolphins leaping and spinning alongside our boat all the way back to dock, when we went on a snorkel trip, and we didn’t have to feel guilty about it!

  16. i am sticking up for his fans because they’re so awesome,without his fans david would be nothing.

    • Without his fans, David would be just David. He’d have his voice, his character, his friends, his family. , He would still be an awesome person not nothing at all. You are such a nothing to judge him in manner.

      • my god, i was not judging his manner, just stating my opinion why he cancel the singapore trip.

      • He would also have his church

      • Agree with Freo.

        Also, I meant “in this manner.” Idolfan you very clearly said he would be nothing without his fans. It is up to the blog’s owner to allow you to come and spout your unsubstantiated and inane guesses, but I for one will not stand by and allow you to insult David in that way.

  17. great interview courtesy of nareejo. she’s very poised – well done nareejo!

    the michael jackson question comes in at ~5:31. David briefly sang for mj when he was young and mj said he was very good. (i wonder if he sang for him in person??)

    at ~7:08, david says he’s working to start performing one of mj’s songs. hmm …

    • That is a nice interview. David seemed very relaxed. There could be many reasons why the the concert in Singapore was canceled. Maybe there were issues with the concert promoter. I am still waiting and waiting to hear news from David about signing with a label/management. To me David is still on a break even with this Christmas tour coming up.

      • you could be right marie, there could be many reasons why the singapore was cancel but it seems things was going smoothly as planned for him to come than all the sudden david cancel it, it doesnt make any sense why he cancel it om short noticed and like i said before he did not not give any reasons why he in fact cancel it.

      • “David Archuleta will perform at Singapore’s Hard Rock Hotel at RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA…”

        Do you think David would want to be associated with this resort in the face of these protests? It would be terrible for his image, even if he wasn’t personally disturbed by dolphin abuse (which I’m sure he is).

        “Huge Singapore resort responsible for capture of 27 wild dolphins

        95,000 demand MasterCard stop supporting live dolphin trade – Global campaign on insists MasterCard end promotion with Singapore resort responsible for capture of 27 wild dolphins.

        October 2011. Following a campaign to protest about 25 wild dolphins being held in captivity for a huge new Singapore resort, a new campaign has been launched calling on Mastercard to withdraw its promotion of the resort.

        More than 95,000 people have joined a campaign on calling on MasterCard to end its promotion for discounted admission tickets to a Singapore resort responsible for the capture of 27 wild dolphins.

        Two dolphins have died
        Barbara Napoles launched the campaign on to protest MasterCard’s support of Resorts World Sentosa, which sponsored the capture of over two dozen wild dolphins for a new dolphin attraction currently in construction. Two of the dolphins have already died.

        “By offering a promotion with Resorts World Sentosa, MasterCard is implicitly supporting the live dolphin trade,” said petition creator Napoles. “Now that MasterCard is aware of the controversy around these dolphins, we’re asking the company to show that it doesn’t support animal cruelty by ending the promotion.”

        Georgette Tan, MasterCard’s vice president of communications for the Asia/Pacific region, informed petition signers that Resorts World Sentosa’s Marine Life Park is not included in the promotion and “we have no intentions to undertake any promotions with the attraction when it opens next year.”

        “I’m glad that MasterCard has acknowledged our concerns,” responded Napoles. “However, by promoting Resorts World Sentosa in any way, MasterCard is promoting the cruelty and exploitation of the live dolphin trade. We won’t stop exposing MasterCard’s connection to the suffering of these 25 dolphins until the promotion is stopped.”

        Captive dolphins
        This petition follows Napoles’ previous campaign on asking Resorts World Sentosa to free its remaining 25 dolphins and abandon plans for the new exhibit. That petition gained over 107,000 supporters.

        Ric O’Barry, dolphin activist and star of the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, has urged his fans contact MasterCard and ask the company to cancel the Resorts World Sentosa promotion. Mr. O’Barry has been in Singapore, attempting to meet with resort management.”

    • desertrat – I think David had said that he was on the phone with Michael Jackson.

  18. crabpot, i did not insult david.

  19. crabpot on 10:57 post, your comments was not a very nice. i am leaving this board because all i was doing was sticking up for the his singapore fans.

    goodbye souldavid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    idolfan is out of here.

  20. Sometimes, just the simplest things in life are so funny.

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