“Wait” in Hong Kong

Thanks for sharing, Junnie! 🙂

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  1. Love WAIT. It is sooo good.

    Here is the entire Hong Kong performance on one YouTube video. 28 minutes long

    David Archuleta acoustic live in Hong Kong
    credit goes to TamyaYane

  2. Shanny in Australia

    I just finished typing this up for the previous thread….and it took me time and effort, so I will post it here instead…..I wish it wasn’t at the top of the thread….but it is what it is. Please continue to spazz-on over the wait video everyone. 🙂 David deserves all the spazzing we can muster. lol So here goes….

    Cchalo and others, let me be as forthright and honest as I can be about the type of expectations there are to serve a mission, and hopefully that will resolve any confusion that anyone may feel. For those who are not interested, this will be a long post as I try to address this topic in as much detail as I can, so if this is not your concern, then you may as well skip ahead now. 🙂

    For those who are concerned…..

    First, in my opinion, yes there IS an expectation for young men to serve a mission. They occasionally sing songs in primary like ‘I hope they call me on a mission’. As a young man grows into his teens, his youth leaders and parents will probably talk about ‘WHEN you serve a mission’ etc. Eventually he will see other young men leave to serve missions and he will hear over the course of his years, many talks over the pulpit and at General Conference, about how important it is for a young man to serve a mission. So yes, there is defintely an expectation or pressure there. I would personally liken it to raising your children with the expectation that they will go to College and get a good professional education or something. As a parent, we try to train our children up and influence them in the way we think is best for them. But ultimately, we know it is their decision and when the time comes, we will actually only have as much influence over them as they allow us to have.

    When a young man is around 18 or 19, he may start to get questions from friends and family ‘So are you going to serve a mission?’ or the more do-gooder types may say ‘When are you going on a mission?’. The young man’s Bishop, may or may not, ask to speak to him and ask him about his plans and if they involve serving a mission and encourage him to prepare himself for a mission. No doubt the Young Man’s parents will raise the issue with him. And just like all families vary, I’m sure the amount of pressure parents put on thier sons, varies. I have heard of some offering to buy thier son’s a car if they go on a mission and I have heard some be really casual about it and simply ask their son to ‘pray about it’. Personally, I think offering your son a car is not a very good tactic but I assume they do it in the hopes that while on a mission, their son will come to understand the value of a mission. I would say most parents are probably somewhere in the middle – they probably have a few serious discussions about it, encouraging their son to prepare but ultimately leave it up to him.

    As has been discussed on here before, serving a mission, definitely is a bit like a rite of passage. Many young men look forward to it, with both trepidation and excitement. They will be going off for the first time, leaving everything familiar behind, to someplace and maybe some country and language and culture that is completely foreign to them. They will have to learn to discuss the gospel in a persuasive manner, learn to iron their own shirts and cook their own meals, learn to keep their spirits up when people slam doors in their faces and learn to live with various missionary companions whom they may or may not naturally get on with and will feel exhausted for two years. On the other hand they know by the experiences of others that they will come to love completely the people they serve, their commitment to the gospel will be strengthened, they will see others lives transformed for good by the gospel, they will have moments of great joy, they will become more independent, responsible and develop leadership qualities. They will also learn about other cultures, other ways of life and other people in general.

    When a young man leaves on a mission, he goes to a Missionary Training Centre (MTC) for 2 weeks (or 6 weeks if he is learning a new language) where he learns how to discuss the gospel with people. In the past, some of these discussions were scripted but nowadays there is a big emphasis on letting the Spirit guide the conversation. Forceful tactics are not encouraged at all and if missionaries ever do get pushy, it is because they are being over zealous and perhaps lacking in good judgment and still learning what is appropriate and what is not when discussing religion with people.

    Once a missionary is ‘out in the mission field’ meaning they have finished at the MTC and are now out in the community they were called to serve in, it is very typical for a missionary to feel overwhelmed for the first month, get cold feet and wish they could go home. Often it is much harder than they ever expected. Harder in that, more doors get closed in their faces than they ever imagined, harder in that the physcial drain is more exhausting than they thought and harder in that they feel every little bit of their inexperience and their confidence probably takes a bit of a dive.

    The vast majority of missionaries survive this and go on to serve an honourable 2 year mission. It is my impression that the hardness of it all doesn’t go away however, they just adjust their expectations and learn lots of introspective, self-evaluating lessons. It is also my impression that most have moments where they secretly wish they could go home but then they have wonderful highs where things are going well and they wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Almost always, as the end of the two years approaches they are torn between looking forward to seeing their family and friends again and wanting to stay and serve the people they have come to love.

    Most come home, as a better version of themselves. More responsible, more mature, more understanding, more hardworking, more loving and with a deeper faith. And that is basically the average missionary experience.

    As for what may be David’s experience of it all to date…..this is my assessment based upon what I know of mormon culture and what I have observed in David and his family……

    I think that there is probably a part of David that is somewhat fearful of the great unknown of a mission. Just as most young men feel some trepidation. And no doubt the same kind of fear most of us would probably feel if in their position. I would liken it to being pregnant with your first child and hearing lots of stories about how painful birth can be. I know in my pregnancies, while I wanted to have them naturally, there were times I got fearful and kinda wished I could have an excuse to avoid the pain and have a c-section instead. I think most young men and probably David would have some such fear about serving a mission.

    On the other hand, using the same analogy of a pregnant mother lol – just as most mothers excitedly anticipate the birth of their precious baby – most young men feel excited about the anticipation of serving a mission. I have noticed in the past that David has expressed great admiration for his friends who are off on missions, so that leads me to think, that David feels something of an internal desire to have a similar experience to them.

    As for external pressure to serve….. the greatest pressure would usually come from the parents. In David’s situation, I actually think there would be very little pressure from his parents because they have shown so much enthusiasm throughout his life, for him to pursue music and to use that as a gift to bless others lives.

    Other sources of external pressure could come from his Bishop, friends and members of his congregation who may feel familiar enough to share their opinion with him. As I have explained before, there will always be some well-meaning (and maybe sometimes unwelcome) encouragements from people and I’m sure David would have heard his share of them. However, it has now been 2 years that David has been of eligible age and he still has not gone, so I would assume that most people have realised he’s not going any time soon and have stopped asking. David also appears to have the blessing of President Monson to continue with music and the recognition in general with the MoTab performance, that I think most people would be inclined to keep their opinions to themselves.

    If you are a high profile person, every man and his dog is going to have an opinion on what you should do, and that is what I think the LDS magazine article was refering to when it said ‘ “As a 20-year-old LDS man, Archuleta is often scrutinized or criticized for living a less traditional life and for not currently serving a full-time mission.” I think fortunately for David, he would not be hearing any of that scrutiny, just as you don’t go telling the lady in the line in front of you that the dress she is wearing doesn’t flatter her. lol Also, as I just explained…anyone who knows what David has done with MoTab and has seen President Monson’s outright pleasure with David, would be less inclined to criticize anyway.

    Therefore, I am of the opinion, that whilst David may have felt external pressure in the past to serve a mission, probably the worst of it is over. How much internal desire he has is more of an unknown variable in my minds eye but from what he has said about ‘Music is my mission’ I think even that seems pretty settled, until and unless he comes out with something that clearly indicates he’s chucking in the musical towel. Personally, I don’t think tours and new music video’s constitute chucking in the towel.

    Well there you go….my epic tale. I have tried to be as thorough and factual and honest as I can. I hope it can give a clearer picture of things for some people and put a few minds at rest, or at least satisfy the confusion that is out there.

    • Shanny in Australia

      P.S. My hubby thinks a missionary who is learning a foreign language goes to the MTC for 8 weeks, not 6.

    • Thanks Shanny, glad you DIDN’T leave it on the other thread, I also would prefer to talk about the “music” but some have no problem criticizing a person’s religion based on rumors, glad to see your point of view.

    • I shouldn’t be surprised by now that no matter how respectful and heartfelt I think comments and questions are, some people ^ ^ think that it’s criticizing a person’s religion. That’s why I especially appreciate Shanny’s patient discussion of an insider’s view of the missionary decision, and especially her take on how it may be for people in the public eye.

  3. a tweet fro David—->

    Fun night checking out all the shops in Mong Kok. Time to get some sleep before shooting the music video tomorrow!

  4. Loved the Acoustic concert. Lots of postive buzz!!

    Hopefully we can focus on the Music. David’s “Soul” is alive and well.

  5. Great performances from David!! I’m amazed at how easily he can still amaze me with that beautiful, powerful voice.

  6. David said that he had discussed his future with the people of the LDS church a long time ago and it was concluded that he would serve his mission with his voice as he so superbly does. We know the monumental results of his participation in humanitarian efforts so why the discussion to try to dissuade him? Why do some not listen?

    What is it that bothers some people about the life that he has been living? We see from the changes in him, the same that are seen in the maturing and the acceptance of responsibilities from those who don’t have David’s opportunities, but do take the 2 years for their personal development.

    But, there is a difference, David has been singing for years, he has been serving his religion for years already. Why interfer? We seem to have to constantly poke at someone who is on a different path and since the recording of history there are stories that tell of this.

    In my days of watching musical performances, the Christmas concerts last December in SLC with the MOTabs, were the most musical, spiritual and extraordinary performances that I have ever witnessed. The standing ovations when David performed told of the adoration of the audiences for his music. But how soon some forget.

    In the lives of successful and prominent people there will always be the doubters and because of his maturity he has known this for years.


    • Shanny in Australia

      SB, were you refering to my post about missions?
      Because I am a huge supporter of David continuing to do music. I think 99.9% of his fans see the great work he is doing through his music too.
      My big long epic tale was in response to the confusion over the amount of pressure young men in the LDS church face and the experiences they typically have.
      There definitely won’t be finger pointing at David, from me…no matter what he chooses.

      • I appreciate your efforts Shanny but today many of us would prefer to talk about his music and move on. Why not just leave it on the last thread?


    • Lovely post, SB

  7. Shanny, that was an amazing summary and I wanted to acknowledge your work on it. Thanks for your effort!

    One thing that is abundantly and resolutely clear to me is that David will not ever be pressured to do anything that he does not absolutely want to do, by fans, by family, by record labels, by friends, by anyone. Is not that one of the reasons we admire him? I thought that was where “Trust the Archuleta” came from. The more dismissive “Whatever David” seems to imply that you only trust him while he is doing what you want him to. Well, Whatever 🙂

    Titibiti, I did see your comment to me in the last thread. My family is going through a very difficult time right now and so I just snatch moments here and there. I do appreciate your reaching out and wanting to clarify. As an LDS person I know how difficult it is to understand our doctrine and on a surface level, some aspects of it seem strange. Blogs about a musician are just usually not the right places to get into long discussions about it. I am not hurt or offended when people don’t like it or understand it. Very very used to it. I’m saddened that some like to focus on the negative or every situation instead of the huge amount of peace, guidance, and overwhelming joy it gives to most. So thank you for your intention!

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thanks for the acknowledgment Julee. I appreciate it muchly. 🙂
      And prayers for your family coming atcha.

    • The postive is his concert last eve in Hong Kong.

      Your input was appreciated a few days ago.

      Let’s enjoy his music!

      • I’m hoping for an mp3 of that whole concert–it was awesome!

        That said, I don’t think it’s reasonable to try to shut down certain conversations that people want to have. Depending on where we are in the world and what our schedule is, we may only be able to comment when the moment may have passed for others. Usually, I’ll just let it go, but if I feel strongly moved to bring it up again, I will. And if people respond, that’s good!

        Shanny said in the beginning to skip ahead if you wanted, and it’s easy enough to do that. I very much appreciated her information–and if it’s helpful to some of us, I think it’s worth the risk of annoying others.

      • Heidijoy, since you want to emphasize the positive, why are you being so negative towards others by bashing them for adding their input? Just skip over it if it bothers you.

      • Good points!! ITA JSYK!

      • MP3 link over on TDC from the amazing JR.

    • Julee!! I’m sorry your family is having a hard time right now, if don’t bother you i gonna keep you in my thoughts.
      i just wanna let you know, that in the middle of our doctrinal differences , i’m don’t have necessary a negative view of LDS people if that was your impression, i just disagree with some practices i guess though, I think God is perfect, religion( in general) not so much , and the logistic to apply the rules don’t work the same for each individual, because their particular qualities , yeah beliefs make a percentage of the person , culture another part and individual qualities a big last one. So i find some aspects of your beliefs very attractive and useful to apply in my own life and since i really believed you can find a wise advise from the most unexpected sources, people or sites i did the same with the LDS information i received, i have not problem in my practical mind to use what i think is good for me and my family, specially because i live in a very, very cold zone in terms of spirituality .
      I agree and i even said it before , that fansites should be to talk about music, but then the Mission thing in was in the middle of the way, so it was almost inevitable to ignore and be discussed and yes with the risk of casualties, i don’t see why people can’t discuss this …. the thing is that we slowly passing from angry phase to the resignation phase, so that was the ‘Whatever David’ means ….at least to me .
      Hope i clarify a little my thoughts , I’m sorry if i’m not very good to make it easy to understand …. but if i try again , i have the risk to never end my post :/

      Hugs ! 🙂

    • Shanny , thanks for your patience girl and perseverance !
      Cchalo i agree , some subject are open to discussion and some became so recurrent …. but that will die at the end, at moment we receive and clear answer to our doubts??

  8. Meet & Greet with David after his performance in Japan:

  9. I, too, appreciate your very thorough and accurate description of what David might be going through, shanny. I grew up LDS, but haven’t been active in the church for many years. Almost all of my family and relatives (except my immediate family) are active, though. As some here have said, most mormons are probably happy with David right where he is… singing his little heart out. There will always be that small intrusive group of mormons who will think David HAS to go on a mission in order to be a “good” person. Personally, I hope he will look past that and just do what he is doing now. Poor David. The pressure he and others put on him must be unbearable at times. I guess I should stop now before I say something that someone won’t like…..if I haven’t already.

    • Mango, I appreciate your insight. As far as the pressure, I think that for every two or three fans who worry about him going away, there’s probably at least one who WANTS him to go on a mission. But since he doesn’t read these sites, who knows what pressure he has from fans?

      Julee, I see the “whatever” comments as frustration about David’s seeming vagueness on the issue, nothing more. I feel it, too. It seems like it would be so simple to just clarify it already.

      He only addresses fellow Mormons about the issue, since they’re the only ones who actually ask him. He always says some variation on the theme that he’s making his own choices, and that he’s listening “to the feeling I’ve always felt”. It seems clear that he’s saying in as gentle a way as possible that he’s already chosen his path–but perhaps it’s still not quite blunt enough for some of us.

  10. Wow. He sounds better than ever. GGTT was excellent as well.

    • Agreed! Loved the Acoustic concert in Hong Kong!!

    • i’m bringing over my post on tdc re. ggtt.

      “David Archuleta was good and sounded surprisingly like Tracy Chapman on that song #casbaa”

      i definitely hear Tracy Chapman – 3:56-4:35 – David stole her sound, lol.

    • I don’t know what it is about this song, GGTT, but i don’t care for the melody. David’s voice is superb, however. I guess it’s just a song choice.

      • Really?! I kinda love it. lol That and Crazy may be my two favorite David covers. So much soul!

      • yeah, everyone seems to love it, so it must be me…. 😉

      • Yep GGTT and Crazy are my two favorite covers by David, too, Love his voice when he sings both, I wish I loved Wait more,,I like it though..need to listen a few more times, lol we all have different tastes but I could hear David sing the alphabet and be pretty happy so it is all good,

      • I agree with you burkey – I’m not fond of that song, either. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

  11. I think the way he sings that song has her vibe. I love her, too. Always have.

  12. I really love all the songs he did in Hong Kong. Of course, I loved to hear Wait live for the first time and it was awesome (I want to hear it with the full band now) but he did a great job with the others as well, especially GGTT and Crazy. There were also some great tweets from those who were there, I think he gained new fans !

    I can’t wait for the Wait MV !

  13. Oh gosh, burkey, i love him doing that song, although I REALLY don’t care for the way Daniel B. (writer) sings it.

  14. awesome tweet: 🙂

    @misscaragrogan @david never heard of this bloke until today. Ridiculously talented. What a voice.
    11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  15. Burkey, thanks for posting that full video. I hope an mp3 shows up because David’s voice was exceptionally on point — gorgeous!

    I am so impressed with Ben. He’s an amazing bass player and his background vocals blend so well with David’s voice. And his girlfriend seems cool.

  16. Thanks again, burkey! I’ll have to check that out. Just noticed that FOD posted a link for mp3s of the entire performance:


  17. tweet from:

    “Glad Christmas Tidings” by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Orch. featuring DAVID ARCHULETA debuts at #49 on the Top Christian Albums chart.
    1 hour ago

  18. So I just watched this video. And….um……yeah. I can’t even talk right now.

  19. Leon CK Lee
    Hanging out with David Archuleta. What a view and what a guy. Look out for the interview in Young Post.

  20. I bet he sang or hummed in that chair – surrounded by all that plastic, very interesting acoustics!

  21. I just finished to see all the performances!!! and i may say that this is for real his best acoustic performance, the voice was so in point, the band sound was great, i meant they really know how add dimension to an acoustic show, all blended perfectly with David’s voice and David himself was amazing !!
    The highlights for me , ‘Wait’ debut in public, and in a memorable way !! 🙂 , still thinking is one of his best efforts , the lyrics can relate to a any lost circumstance (and who has not experimented a lost in their life?) and the melody so melancholic and sweet, making easy to build emotions and create connection.
    GGTT is officially my favorite cover , is just Great!!
    Crazy is just a master piece and Crush, what i can said, that was a so cool interpretation, really loved the band works , i guess Ben is another genius .

    Well, well done David!! 🙂

  22. Does anyone else think it’s kind of…odd…to see David performing at some digital TV association seminar in China? I’m like…how did that gig come about? lol.

    • Um, connections with Jon Huntsman? I bet Sony set it up, especially since they’re doing a video there as well.

    • or Fox connection. That convention has something to do with Fox and Channel V also a Fox channel.

      • Mm-kay, tks, Utahmom & Fishy. 🙂 *although I still have to take the time to google who Jon Huntsman is*

      • Channel V information via Wikipedia

        ”Channel [V] is the brand name for multiple international music television networks owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels, fully owned subsidiaries of News Corporation.”

        ”Channel [V] International is flagship of the Channel [V] network. It was founded after MTV Asia parted ways with the STAR TV Network. It was produced and operated from Hong Kong from 1 January 1994 until 1 January 2002, after which operations were shifted to Malaysia with some aspects still operating in Hong Kong. Since 1 January 2008, Channel [V] International has moved back to original studio in Hong Kong, which is also the same studio of Channel V China, Taiwan and India.”

        I guess is a Fox connection.

      • VJ, Jon Huntsman is the former governor of Utah. David sang at both of his inaugurations. Huntsman is also the former ambassador to China and is currently running for the Republican nomination for President.

    • According to Jr at TDC the gal from Manila Sony was in the welcoming photo. I assumed all along it was Sony Asia since they were responsible for TOSOD Asian Edition and the video for Wait. They most likely are the connection to the digital TV Association.

  23. really nice picture of David in front of Big Buddha in Tung Chung

  24. Video shoot ….. picture perfect hair!


  25. @Cliff_Ho

    finished shooting with @DavidArchie for his new music video. I got to say his the nicest guy in the industry I’ve met!

  26. Utahmom~ Tks for the info on Jon Huntsman. Don’t I feel silly now…I don’t pay attention to politics, obbbbviously. lol.

    And there are photos out there from the MV now!! Getting antsy to see the video…:)

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