Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

David’s Music Mission

I guess it’s not surprising that, every time there is no new music (or no new musical performances for that matter) folks here on Soul David start the hand-wringing.  Yep, Halloween weekend – when I was feeling quite uplifted with all the fun and joviality that surrounded me offline and tried to bring some of that trite fun here, but to no avail.

We’re just waiting for that perpetual shoe to drop:

“David is making covert plans to go on a Mormon Mission!”

“Read between the lines of that interview!”

Whatever! All I can think of, now that David is in Hong Kong to film a music video, is that I’m hoping it features enough of Hong Kong’s urban landscape in the background.  Because, you know, it seems to me that the only mission David’s gearing up for is his musical one.

You know: the one that led us all down the path of involuntary Obsessive David Disorder, aka ODD? 😛

I dunno.  Maybe it’s because I already bought my VIP ticket for David’s Christmas tour, I’m feeling really ZEN right now (especially since it took two years for this alignment to happen between a David tour and a time and location where I could make one).

Maybe it’s because I’ve adjusted my expectations (even if I still have faith in his superstar resurrection down the road. In the words of little Natalie Wood’s character from Miracle on 34th Street: “Faith is believing in something even when common sense tells you not to”).

Maybe it’s because I recognize David is already serving a mission through his music, and the love, kindness, and spirit he inspires has everything to do with HIM and not some church that he belongs to.

I know LDS believers would love to credit their religion, and obviously his faith has influenced his yearning to be a positive role model.  But for every David Archuleta who inspires, there’s a MIC who does the complete opposite for the faith, so, you know, let the average fan draw their own conclusions.

No proselytization needed! Live by example!

And the more David inspires non-Mormons through his example, the less inclined folks will believe that the church is a cult and just another legitimate way to practice Christianity.

Anyway, I don’t really care because, as David once said, his faith is “between him and his God.” I wish more good people (LDS and otherwise) would realize this and just stop all the dang worrying.

If David does disappear for 2 years (versus 4 years at college or something), then I wish him the best and will find another hobby besides blogging, and wait patiently for the comeback that is sure to be fabulous, what with his newfound maturity and time away from the fam.

If he’s still on the scene – albeit below the radar – then as long as vids and mp3s and new pics are available, the journey continues. As always.