Happy Halloween!

Since David and I were pretty much doing the same thing this past weekend (watching the beloved “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”), I thought I would celebrate the holiday with some videos.  Later on, I’ll weigh in on the latest debates here on SD.

In the mean time, Happy Halloween! 😛

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  1. To cchalo regarding the previous thread:

    Judging by these 3 years we’ve known of David’s existence, does he seem like a person who’s capable of being evil? What makes you think he’d change into a lecturing holier-than-thou biggot when he’s never, ever shown any signs of judging anyone, even though he has met a lot of different people and been to countries that don’t share his beliefs in the least?

    And though David seems like such an innocent guy for his age, I’m always surprised about the fact that he likes Glee, which often has sexual themes, and he also likes Nicki Minaj and Eminem for example. I feel like he respects others despite of how they display their values and opinions, and just lets people be who they are.

    • He does let people be who they are and that is absolutely rare so let’s take a hint, let him lead, do the same and take the pressure off of him and he will come home!!…His music and his love for it is magnified many times over by being right where he is. Sing on David!


    • Oops, just noticed that you were addressing me in your post. I agree with everything you just said, except that I implied he’d become “evil”, or “a bigot”.

      My question was “…what would happen to his attitudes…?” A reasonable answer could be “probably nothing”. But since missionaries have to be orthodox in their beliefs, my fear is that he would lose a lot of the openness and quirkiness that you mention. Missionaries definitely don’t listen to Eminem. They can come home two years later as very strict Mormons.

      Also, It is a church that teaches that it’s the one true church. I think any missionary would have to accept that, and all that it implies about all of the other churches. The foundation of the church is based on a vision that all other churches were “wrong”, “corrupt”, and “abominations”. I don’t know how a missionary would be able to distance himself from that.

      Bottom line–proselytizing is a dicey prospect for the 99.992% of the world that doesn’t share that faith. If David gave up his music for two years to go door to door, (in a nice, non-judgmental way, of course), trying to convert people to Scientology, for example, people might be able to see that the rest of us probably wouldn’t enjoy hearing about how wonderful it would be.

      • cc halo, I finally get it. You don’t like Mormon theology! That’s your right, of course. I understand why you would find David preaching it for two years to be upsetting. You would be happier if he joined the Peace Corps probably.

        I guess my only question is this: Most missionaries go on missions not to become ‘stricter’ as you put it. They already believe and are what they are. I assume that David would be the same. He already believes in this religion that so many find distasteful. He wouldn’t be accepting any doctrines that he didn’t accept before. By all accounts he is very devout. Why can you accept him now, but would not be able to accept him as a returned missionary? If that ever happened?

        I would sort of like to think that if he or any artist I admired were a devout member of any religion, I would have respect for them making a choice that confirms their deeply held belief, if I even bothered to think that far about it. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing Tom Cruise in the next MI movie and could not care a whit that he is a Scientologist. It has nothing to do with my enjoyment of his craft. How did we get to the point that we have to agree with everything an artist says or does to support them?

        Just like in politics, someone’s religion is usually never an issue unless they’re a Mormon. Go figure.

      • “I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt…” lds.org

        That’s the founder of the LDS church speaking of all other churches, including mine.

        I like that David doesn’t talk about his specific church unless in LDS circles. When the subject of proselytizing is brought up here, I think it’s fair to respond with a contrary opinion.

        Like you, I can enjoy Tom Cruise in a movie. I just don’t like it when he bashes Brooke Shields for taking medication for her post-partum depression, because of his belief in Scientology.

  2. I agree that David has met a very interesting and diverse group of people since he started his journey around age 12. He seems to be able to make a human connection to everyone and has a way to get to the heart of each person deep underneath the various trappings of their outward persona. We have seen a glimpse of this part of David whenever he has been on radio stations where the dj’s have mocked him before the interview and at the start of the interview and by the end of the interview something has changed in most of the dj’s in the way they are talking to him. They can’t help but recognoize real honesty, integrity and an inate goodness. It is like they would keep trying to get him to be callous or jaded say something “funny” but negative about someone or something and he has a way of turning it around and bringing people back to being “real” and not “fake” in their conversations. I expect the positive effect he has on people to continue no matter where he is and that includes the positive effect he would have on others if he went on a mission or college or whatever.

  3. Embe, you are right. A mission isn’t going to change anyone into something they are not. It WILL provide opportunities to grow and learn, but it won’t change the essence of a person. I’ve heard from many missionary parents that when their children returned home, they were “glowy”, but they hadn’t miraculously changed into perfect people (robots) — they were still themselves, only better. I’ll find out how true that is next summer. I read the letters of several missionaries (including my son’s), none of which are posted on blogs. Only one sounds judgmental sometimes, and his parents are judgmental as well. As in any religion, some people are more tolerant than others, and sometimes what sounds judgmental is actually an expression of “culture shock”.

    In the previous thread, I was struck by KathyH’s comment about a potential mission for David. “This just seems like a turning away from those fans who are inspired by him but don’t want to convert to his particular faith.” I never would have thought that, but I can see how many might feel that way, explaining perhaps the reaction that some have had to the M rumors. I still don’t think he’s going.

    What is more upsetting to me is that David may sacrifice his goal of serving a mission for a career that might not survive the mismanagement mistakes.

    • “a career that might not survive the mismanagement mistakes.” –I totally agree with you Utahmom on that point. That really should be the issue the “mismanagement mistakes” in David’s career that have gone on since AI.

      • Yep. I was discussing that with someone the other day. Obviously, everyone knows by now that I think leaving isn’t a great idea. There are still reasons I haven’t even mentioned…

        But…I think it’d be even worse if he stayed in a dead-end situation like he’s in now. If something doesn’t change soon, it’s like he’s totally wasting his time, and he’s way too smart & gifted to be wasting any more than he already has. So yeah. If he’s not gonna get “real” mgmt & label, then maybe it’s time for him to do something different.

      • Exactly VJ. I just saw some random comments at mj’s that mentioned that they just recently noticed that David’s dad is again his manager. The discussion was regarding how 19 helps find labels for unsigned idols. They then stated that 19 wanted to manage David after AI but did not because his dad insisted on being co-manager. That is what I mean when I state the mismanagement mistakes began after AI. David would have been much better off with just 19 than a co-manager who was clueless about the music industry with no contacts and still is. He needs to get real mgmt&label or do something different IMO also.

  4. OT, but I’m shamelessly self-promoting here. Here’s my band’s page on facebook (I tweeted it ’cause I don’t know how to link to it lol)

    Check out the Mojo Plant BandPage! #BandPage http://listn.to/MojoPlant

    The song “Alone” is our latest, but if you listen to any of the songs, please tell me your opinion. David has inspired me so much and I’d like to see if our music has an “effect” on people like David’s does.

  5. I think David has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.

    But if he is gone from music tomorrow nothing much will really change in my day to day life but it most likely would change his. His life is his life to live and mine is mine.

    We’ve all been given our lives and we will all have our own decisions, consequences experiences, joys, sadnesses, people who pass through to help us build and shape it, he’s passed through mine with his music and I have benefitted from it and am grateful that he was willing to share it for however long he chooses to do so. For me, I just can’t spend so much time and energy on decisions and worries that aren’t mine to make and won’t really matter in what I do today, tomorrow or whenever.

  6. hm..I wonder what happened to the LDS Living interview and the photoshoot videos. They have gone private on youtube. Or is it just my computer? I haven’t watched them yet.

  7. Aaand here’s a music video to go with my band´s new song. Sorry to spam HG!

  8. Happy Halloween everyone. Very nice song and video embe86. I enjoyed watching it.

  9. happy halloween too! david might not be tweeting much while in hong kong. david’s friend or supposed girlfriend, charice’s father was killed on monday nite, i am sure david is really sad about this. i hope he visited her during his hong kong trip, he is not that far away from her. charice had not spoken to her father in years. my thoughts and prayers go out to charice and her rest of the family.

    • I knew you’d stop by to post about that…Yes, it is very sad. Even if she and her father were estranged, he’s still her father, so it must be very hard.

  10. monday nite(asia time zone)

  11. LDS LIving is available online tomorrow and perhaps in the bookstores. I actually hope that he answers the mission question with specific info. I am very tired of the speculation and online rumors. I am sure we will hear immediately once readers have the magazine.

  12. nice job! as i read the lyrics, it reminded me of David’s “Who I Am”.

  13. Shanny in Australia

    Just caught up on all the recent conversation…my 2 cents is…i don’t understand why some are upset David is appearing in the LDS magazine. Nor why people are getting particularly excited over it and buying up copies. David has had his picture and short interviews published in many magazines before. FOD usually posts pics of the content. As has been said…this is a relatively small readership magazine.
    On the other side of the coin…it has taken over 3 years and a MoTab gig to even get noticed by any LDS magazines – think it’s about time don’t you!? lol

    • Shanny in Australia

      Ha, just thought…maybe I should buy a stack of David’s edition and leave them around the place at church and give them away to people…might get more LDS people in Australia knowing about David. 😉

    • I have a feeling David’s previous contracts with Fox/Jive/19E/Azoff wouldn’t allow him to get on a magazine like this. But I agree at this stage, any exposure is a good thing. This is perfect for MoTab CD promotion.

      • He was in Square magazine a few years ago. That was a very small publication with ties to BYU, if I recall correctly.

      • Yeah! I bought ‘The Square Mag’ , remind me my ODD phase like fan LOL …… good times , i should say ….now i’m a lot more rational and conscious about my fan status. 🙂

    • Wait ,wait, wait …… who is upset about the magazine interview? seriously Shanny, the all discussion i read it was about the same subject haunting this fanbase after some months . The ‘M’ word.
      Yeah someones said that they don’t see how this cover magazine can help his career , but like someone said can help him the same that a ridiculous poll about hot boys …..but upset? nah i don’t think so, btw is the first time i read people is excited to buy multiple copies so that was not the discussion here either. :/

      People were talking about about him going away from his career and how this can change their perspectives about him or wondering if this can change himself like person since obviously is a very heavy conservator polemic doctrine the one he’s gonna sell/share like the true around the world ….so i think the points are valid to be discussed, the magazine is relevant only because in theory contain new information of particular fan-base interest . 😉

      So please, don’t try to put a different portrait on the posters of this site.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibi, I wasn’t trying to put a ‘portrait on the posters on this site’. I was adding my ‘2 cents’ which to me, means it was more akin to a passing comment rather than a huge point I wanted to discuss. The point you highlighted was also just one sentence in my whole post. Maybe it was not entirely accurate to use the word ‘upset’, the other word that came to mind had been ‘angsty’ and I knew that was too strong of a word, nothing else was coming to mind, so I went with upset. Sorry if that is to strong of a word also.
        The comments I was refering to were made in the previous thread… ‘ I do wish David had an interview with a more high profile non religious magazine but look who his manager is now. How would that happen? lol

        I do wish David had an interview with a more high profile non religious magazine but look who his manager is now. How would that happen? lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        Sorry about the double quote on the previous comment..I’m on my phone. Here’s the other comment I was responding too… ‘ do I wish it was for something other than a religious magazine of course but will take what I can.’

        And I wasn’t talking about religion at all. I was talking about his appearance in magazines. So yeah…if people want to talk about him going on a mission…fine go ahead, I wasn’t talking about that (or religion) at all.

  14. People are upset about David appearing in LDS Living? All I’ve seen here is that no one thinks it’ll help his career, which it won’t. They aren’t upset, just pragmatic. I don’t know what’s being said elsewhere though. The feature articles for this magazine are usually quite lengthy (or used to be, I haven’t looked at it in ages), so I guess that’s why some are excited.

    Looking forward to hearing about the Hong Kong video. Hope everyone has had a fun, safe Halloween.

  15. utahmom,what? people are upset about david on LDS living magazine, that is pretty dumb and he is LDS mormon.

  16. huh? david’s sister claudia is getting married on the nov 11 of this year?! that is pretty fast, did she just got in engaged!?.

  17. i dont know if this is true or a rumor, butif it true i guess she want to get married right away. i wish her the best on her wedding day. have a goodnite everyone


    • Yes, it is true. I’m guessing that they wanted their wedding to be on that specific day (11-11-11), so that’s why it’s happening so soon.

  18. ”KathyH Says:
    October 31, 2011 at 8:48 am
    I actually do see cc halo’s point, although I haven’t read those blogs. What I’ve read about the mission time indicates that it is a highly structured time, at least for most missionaries. David wouldn’t be going to explore a big world of ideas, but rather to serve his church and perhaps grow within the parameters of his church’s ideas. If that’s what David wants, then I wouldn’t beg him to stay home. It *is* his life.

    I do confess that Julee is right, though: if David were going to college for four years or even if he were going away for two years to live in a cabin and explore himself, I’d have fewer qualms. This just seems like a turning away from those fans who are inspired by him but don’t want to convert to his particular faith. I kind of liked feeling like a big community of diverse people who still shared such positive feelings and, in my case, felt a stronger faith because of what I heard in David’s songs and felt from him. A mission might seem to change this a bit — narrow it. Or at least, I battle with those thoughts and can’t imagine that others don’t feel similarly.”

    I totally agree with this post btw, i truly believed David was an inspiring person because people can feel his spirituality, that in my opinion is a personal quality and not the result of a group influence at least not in the 100% people want to proclaim ….but then that image for me has being contaminate by the all LDS proselytism around his person , maybe not from him, maybe with his consent , but clearly his name and person become the poster to show ”how good we are” and ”how bad” are the others in comparison , like if the fact to be part of a group would make the people equally in values, thinking , feelings and actions something i don’t think is real , not in his religion and not in my either….. so yeah i guess is a changing moment for a part of my fandom spirit, i probably gonna still buying his music if is good, because when the music is good doesn’t matter the religion of the artist ; but surely i will be carefully about the way i promote him, not because he is a very ‘Devout Mormon’ that have many implication about the doctrines he’s gonna share, but most because i know he is an object of proselytism for his church and that is something i’m not up to do ….. and i’m no want to feel bad for that ….i can still supporting the artist artistic work, and maybe his moral values , but not his religious philosophy ……

    I hope i expressed well my thoughts, not offense intended. …..
    G’ nigh

    • Yes, both Kathy H and tibi express very well the feelings I have, when the mission subject comes up. It’s that he is so inspirational, but when it’s tied so much to Mormonism–it doesn’t include us anymore–we’re outsiders because we can’t and won’t share those beliefs.

    • You expressed yourself brilliantly Tibitibi. I think you’ve expressed the thoughts and feelings of many unable or unwilling to be as open, honest and candid. I value knowledge, transparency, and clarity, and the discussions that can flow when people can come together to talk about topics deemed hot button or sensitive without undue rancor, finger pointing or defensiveness. We’re human, our emotions and worldviews will undoubtedly color some of our feelings and responses in the point/counterpoint discussions, but I hope we can continue to be a community fearless in asking the questions, seeking answers and clarity, and at the end of the day, remain respectful of each other, and supportive of David – in whatever manner one chooses to show that support.

  19. In another note , what you think will be the story line of the new video?? I want something more edgy, but i’ll contain my expectations lol. 🙂

  20. Tibi and cchalo, yes. That’s my sense too.

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