LDS Living Interview with David Archuleta

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  1. Copied this from tibi’s comment on the last post:

    It IS the M interview! Watching the above video, I have to say that David should always sit in a swivel chair during interviews because it seems to relax him. I’m totally meh about his response to the upcoming projects question. To me, saying he has stuff in the works is code for “I have nothing planned, I’m just waiting for random stuff to fall in my lap because my manager is incapable of any promotion or networking whatsoever.”

    The “releases” he mentioned are probably the Christmas songs for the tour and “Wait”. Sorry if I sound harsh. Although I’m thrilled about David’s success in Asia; it also vividly shows how a supportive label can make a difference. I’m feeling so ticked off that he’s turned down other companies. Oh well, it’s his life. Hope he doesn’t end up regretting that decision (if it truly was his own decision).

    • Yes, I will agree that the part that bothers me also is that David did turn down other labels and I will never understand that. I still think it was bad advice from his “manager mic” who thought he could have control and make more money if he was in charge. Bad mistake. However ,when David says there in the video at the 2:15 point that things are in the works and mumbled an “album” I can’t help but hope that it is a label and new management in the works. Maybe just wishful thinking. I do wish David had an interview with a more high profile non religious magazine but look who his manager is now. How would that happen? lol We will know soon about the M when the article is released.

  2. ”it’s his life.”

    Pretty Much sums up everything for me… I made my peace long ago with this truth, accept that all I dream/wish/hope/desire for him really means nothing in the grand scheme of the decisions/actions David makes/takes regarding his career or personal life. ”it’s his life.” He’s gonna do what works for HIM – even if it may – key word may – include walking away from a career, for whatever reason, to do whatever he chooses… Even though nothing I’ve seen or heard indicates that – if he did, there’s nothing I nor anyone else could do about it, so I’ve made peace with the thought, and keep it moving. Life was going on before David, it will go on after if, it comes to that. Sounds cold, but it’s true, and real. This interview to me is kinda David ‘par for the course, communication wise – if anything were to change, I’d hope it was more clear, straightforward and timely communication about career related issues. We’re big people, we can take it.

    • Agreed! Keep in mind that the Deseret and LDS living interviews has a lot to do with Promoting Glad Christmas Tidings.

      David is respectfuly quiet about his religion.

      Saying and living the Serenity Prayer helps.

      Going to two Christmas shows and promoting David’s music also helps.

  3. Yeah, this interview & being on the cover of this magazine does not help his career, in my opinion.

    I agree with tibi…….the interview was ‘code’ for “I’m going on a mission & will be gone for 2 years. That’s why there’s not much going on after Christmas.”

    When he gets back, he’ll be able to sing with the MTC.

    Yes,. I’m getting tired of hearing all about this religion.

    • If I’m not mistaken this is David’s first interview with this magazine. He rarely talks about his religion. Aren’t we, his fans, the ones always talking about it?

    • With all the Glad Tidings CD’s in the background, it looks like this LDS Living interview is ALL about promotion for the CD. I wouldn’t really read anything else into it as far as going in a religious direction in his career or if he’s going away for two years. I’m sure desertrat is right–he’ll just say something generic about the mission.

  4. loved the interview and the photoshoot.. do I wish it was for something other than a religious magazine of course but will take what I can. hope he is serious about the releases and guess we will find out when the edition comes out what he is up to concerning the mission.. or lol maybe not because he loves to be ninja.

  5. I agree with GG that there is nothing we can do about David’s decisions as it is his life. A music career is extremely tough in this day and age. David worked tirelessly until he left Jive and his management. He capitalized on many opportunities – three albums, a book, touring, many appearances. I will admit that David has provided me a lot of entertainment, and I will miss it if he goes on a mission. But, like GG said life will go on. Before being an ODD fan of David I read more books so I will do more of that again.

    As we know David is a devoted Mormon. Being on the cover of the LDS magazine will probably not make a lot of difference in his career, but I’m sure it’s something that David wanted to do.

  6. yes life will go on there is always Justin Beaver and other fabulous artists to take his spot..

  7. David is currently on his way to Hong Kong where he will shoot a music video and do an acoustic performance. Not bad for a guy without a label and management. I checked out MJ’s for news on other idols, and David is doing more than some of them that are still with a label and have professional management. It is still is my wish that he would sign with a label and get professional management though. Just saying that he still gets opportunities that many artists would love to get.

  8. David actually has label backing in Asia, so in may last post I should have said “not bad for a guy without a label in the U.S.” If it wasn’t for label and other promoters in Asia he wouldn’t be over there.

  9. I love the support he is getting over there and that he is filming a music video over there too! thank you Sony or whoever it is!

  10. Recently I took a workshop on dealing with the media and journalists. My guess is that David knew what types of questions he would be asked for the article and for the videotaped interview. Also, I assume that if he was specifically asked about a mission during the interview and his response was very specific (eg, yes or no), then any questions asked during the video interview would be posed to him such that his verbal responses would be consistent and/or complementary to the print interview.

    So here’s what I think went down. 😉

    LDS Living: David, are you going on a mission in 2012?

    David: That decision would be a personal one between me and God.

    Hence, the open-ended, vague response in the video re. his future plans.

  11. Well, I think the bottom line is for me…As much as I adore David (and believe me, I still do), I don’t trust him to make the best choices for himself. lol. Yes, absolutely it’s his life, & out of our control. It’s just really hard watching someone that you care about make one costly mistake after another~ the kind of mistakes that end careers. It’s like watching him walk into oncoming traffic & not being able to stop him.

    I honestly think that he might not understand how much his actions affect his career. He seems to think that whatever he does, God is guiding him, and therefore the fans & his career will still be there & everything will magically work out in the end…and if it doesn’t, then that must mean that God wants him to move on. 😦 It’s like, instead of him being willing to work with the pros & listen to them~ which he needs to do in order to succeed~ he takes his friction w/ them as a sign that it’s time to quit & go straight to Plan B.

    I could be wrong, but it feels like that’s what he’s doing. I dunno. I usually ask God for guidance, too, but that doesn’t mean the road will be smooth. In fact, it usually gets rougher after that. lol….Love D to pieces, but his mind doesn’t work like anyone else that I know. lol.

    • ..And that was my long way of saying that if he goes, I dunno if he realizes that he’s actually walking away. Because in his mind, he may think he can just come back & pick up his career where he left off…’K. I’m done now.

    • I completely agree.

    • Random thoughts…

      I think David understands the consequences, positive and negative, for any actions he takes regarding his career. David has been knocking around the music business for a long time – most of us may have become aware of him from AI, some knew him from as far back as Star Search – but he is really not a total newbie in the business. He may be somewhat ‘unworldly’ when contrasted to many of his fellow pop music peers, but I don’t for a second doubt that he has a very clear understanding of what he is facing, the state of his career at present, and the uphill battle he is facing getting it back on track.

      Growing up comes with a lot of growing pains, and sometimes just plain old pain. At 20, do we really expect him to have all the answers, to even know what he really wants? Is it any wonder then why a mission, IF that is something he wants, or getting away from the business for a little bit, may be very attractive to him? He seems to have lived a very hectic life these past 3 whirlwind years, full of other people’s expectations of him, other people’s ideas – when all he has stated he wanted to do was just… sing. Maybe a bit naive, but most true artists retain a little naivete in their interface w/the world. I bet he has had people all his career telling him what they think is best for him, where and what he should or shouldn’t do… if he was a tad burnt out from it all, and wanted some real breathing space… it’s not implausible. We may speculate, but we can’t really know, internally and externally, the kind of pressures he may have been under from AI on, the kind of expectations he has tried living up to, in order to please fans, family, record labels, mgmt, etc. Everyone is different, people handle these things differently – and David, being human, isn’t immune to any pf this – regardless how many superhuman or awesome qualities that get foisted upon him – he is human. He’s going to make mistakes, maybe even make some bad decisions and choices along the way – but who doesn’t? If he decided to walk away from what we view as a promising career in popular music – His life, his choice, his decision. We can’t make him want what we want for him. I gave that up long ago. Makes being a fan simpler, and keeps the grey hair at bay.

      • Two days later, I doubt this will be read, but I wanted to comment that if David wants to get away from a hectic life full of expectations, a mission is the LAST thing he should do. It’s a high-pressure situation and it’s not rare for missionaries to “run away” or to end up with PTSD.

  12. Even though I would prefer that David let his music career be his mission, if he goes on one he would only be 23 when he comes back. I do not consider 23 too old to start pushing and working at getting that carreer moving again. He has those very important things going for him that most other singers/musicians don’t have and those things are an amazing, unique voice, good looks, having music deep in his soul and the one that you so rarely see – real charisma. The fact that David can walk onto any stage and pull the random people into the music is something we don’t see that often. I would still be here 2 years later when that first tweet came after the dreaded m word happens and can’t you just see David trending on twitter after not tweeting for 2 years. (I still do not want him to go anywhere and I will just wait for him to tell us himself).

    • true 23 is not too old but also think once folks realize David is walking away from his career to go on a mission he will be treated differently.. mostly like a religious based artist? up until now he has kept both sides of him separate. also think he will be recognized wherever he is and videos of him will pop up and even worse.. folks may make fun of him. sort of like the way they did with the opening of that play on broadway?

      • I don’t understand why everyone else can be religious (think Scotty, etc.and so many successful country singers) and David can’t have his own beliefs. I can not picture him as ever simply going the “religious singer” route. It is too narrow for his broad musical soul. I think we put all that onto him. I am just going to sit back and watch and wait and enjoy. My being a fan of his is not going to change.

      • Did anyone see 60 mins * I think it was last Sunday. It was about Steve Job, One part that struck me was when he was a young man he quit his job to travel around India for 7 months. One of the main things he learned was simplicity and intuition- which was critical in his business career.

      • short article- but the whole show of 60 minutes well worth watching. Fascinating and talented man.

      • Kimk you’re absolutely right. Also, if he’s been out of the limelight w/out a label & management company fans have left. Should he leave music for two years there may only be a few diehard fans left… Let’s hope he’s thought about it. He had AI to give him his break into the business. He may not have another break to get back in…

      • If David does leave for 2 years how will he even have any offers from labels (major or indie) or professional management teams 2 years from now when and if he wants to come back? This is the music/ entertainment business not for example the plumbing business. lol They want someone with a fanbase and he will not have one except for his few hardcore fans at that point. After just 8 months without a label people are already asking whatever happened to David. He has to know that as do his advisers. I am going to wait and hear if from David before I totally jump to conclusions. As David even said things change every day.

  13. It’s the last day to vote for David on the Q102 poll. Let’s finish strong. Please add as many votes as you are able. Thanks.

  14. true that and Scotty never had any of the parent manager issues either that David had. he is definitely more accepted. also think it may be the type of religion as his faith is more accepted mainstream in the US? all I know is that this is what happens.. not sure why.

  15. To me, David has always been unassuming. I’m sure he has noticed that his tour tickets aren’t selling at the rate they did in 2009 and I bet he (like many actors/artists) gets his share of unreturned phone calls when he’s trying to set up a gig.

    I mentor a lot of college age students. I was trained that when speaking to them, I shouldn’t use myself or others as an example of what they should have done or should not be doing. The conversation has got to be about who they are and helping them get to where they want to be in life.

    David is close to 21, well-traveled, has extensive work experience, and he’s been around ALL kinds of people. I honestly believe he understands that for every action he takes, there’s a reaction. Who really knows what that reaction may be; the world is constantly evolving, as are people’s opinions, beliefs, the music industry, etc.

    • I just feel really helpless as a fan. I’d feel a little better if I knew he had a mentor like you to talk to, & that he had an idea where he wanted to be in life. He hasn’t been to college, so I wonder if he’s ever had help in that area, other than going w/ his gut instincts.

      Is there a secret twitter code we can use to tell him, “Hey, if you do this, it’ll change the course of your life forever?” lol…’Course, he wouldn’t know the code, so that might not work. lol…

      • VJ……….feeling ‘helpless’ is definitely the right word for the way I feel also. It also breaks my heart to sit back & watch him lose this magnificent career that he obviously wanted or why did he even bother with American idol?

      • Playing the ‘what if’s’… I go there at times, to stay grounded w/this whole fan thing…

        What if… he does have an idea where he wants out of life, what he envisions for himself careerwise… what if some of what we’re seeing now is what he really wants – can we accept it? Could his fans really learn to live with scaled down expectations, learn to meet and accept him where he IS – and not where we may want or hope for him to be? It may very well come to that. We can always hope for the best, his talent is such that it’s hard NOT to hear or see him sing, and not dream big dreams for him. Life is just random like that – it has a way of mucking up lots of big dreams, to the best of them, and those whom we feel are the most deserving… None of us know what the future has in store for David. It could go either way for him. No crystal balls, soothsayers or third eyes to let us know how it’s going to turn out. He and we fans just have to live it, in a lot of unknown areas, and try to get through it. Even if he had a big label deal in place, the best professional (nonfam) mgmt in the biz, the best songwriters at his disposal, the best advisors —> still no guarantee, or assurance of success… (see Carly Smithson for one example)… the odds of him being more ‘succesful’ rises w/all those variables in place, but still no guarantee from song to song, or CD to CD… the business he’s in is a crapshoot at best – the next roll of the dice could be a run on the table, or come up snake eyes… we won’t know until (or if) he decides to get back into the game.

  16. David is well traveled that is true but has always been with his mom or dad as I recall? that would not be the case if he were to go on a mission I think.. not being mormon I don’t really know. all I know is what the young men who knock on my door and they are alone. two and with no type of security as far as I have seen? I have warned them in the past to take care.
    but you are correct as we don’t know what the future will bring any of us. just know David is famous and a lot can happen because of that.. not like I would assume most young mormon’s are?

  17. Call me paranoid, but I can’t help but think if David were any other religion or no religion at all and wanted to take off 4 years and go to college, like many young stars do, everyone would be all for it.

    Also, if he were on the cover of a Hispanic magazine or a Young Hot Celebs magazine, everyone would be rooting and cheering. Being LDS is as much a part of who he is as being Hispanic or ‘young an hot’. Why would it hurt his career?

    We forget that in most places in the world, David is virtually unknown. Asia is a place he is known. The LDS community is also a place he is known and loved. It’s perfectly normal that he should be in this magazine. It’s not a huge readership, even among LDS people. Pretty regional.

    Many LDS celebs or athletes put their careers on hold and serve a mission with no detriment to their careers. It’s entirely possible that going on a mission may not to be a detour from his musical journey, but part of the path. Is it not also possible for David to do anything with his life other than entertain his fans 24/7? Can he not have more than one dream? He’s 20 freaking years old!! We’d all be a lot happier is we stopped angsting over what may or may not happen. We have no idea what will really change his life forever.

    Religion aside, I would rather see him leave the scene completely, no matter what he is doing, and return fresh, full of maturity and resolve on exactly what he wants to do in life and make a ‘comeback.’ He can gain new fans if his few hardcore ones are gone. And it may or may not fit our idea of what we want for him. In my opinion, to slog along without professional management is more detrimental to his career than taking a break.

    Ironically, going on a mission actually most times results in exactly that outcome – full of maturity and resolve on exactly what you want to do in life. Instead of being upset about it, I would think any true fan of his would be proud of his decision. Imagine what a difficult thing it would be for him to do. I have always told my friends that when my son came home it was like living with a giant light bulb. Since David already glows, I can’t imagine what he would be like when he returned, but it could only be good, not bad.

    What desertrat said is so true. Only David can make these choices for his own life and we should allow him the freedom to do so.

    And I will be one shocked mama if David reveals anything remotely specific in that interview LOL!

    Sorry for the long post.

    • Thanks Julee!
      Couldn’t have said it better myself. We know what we want for him, he needs the freedom to first learn then know for himself. Can we do that much for him please?

    • Thanks Julee. I’m supportive of whatever David thinks is best for him. Oh boy!! In the meantime I’m focused on hoping he makes it to Hong Kong safely and has a great time performing and making a video. I’m also looking forward to his Christmas Tour.

      Josh Groban recently took off 4 years from Touring or recording new music. Many others do the same.

      If David stays true to himself he will GLOW even more. Wow!

      I think it makes sense for the LDS living promotion and Deseret interview since he is promoting Glad Christmas Tidings.

    • I wouldn’t be any more for it if he went to college for 4 years. He’s already been out of the public eye for 2 years, everyone is asking “Whatever happened to him?”, & in 2 more yrs, they won’t even remember his name. Other celebrities who’ve put their careers on hold were at a good place in their careers at the time. They were still fresh in people’s minds; David isn’t. That’s why I think leaving would be detrimental to him.

      If he has a different goal & music isn’t his dream anymore, then I’d learn to be OK with that. It’d be sad & kind of tragic, but I don’t want him stuck in a job that isn’t enjoyable or fulfilling to him. So if he’d be happier…flipping burgers, then by all means, D, go flip burgers. lol. If music still what he wants, though, then he needs to be making choices that enable him to get back in the game.

      But If he feels any kind of outside pressure/guilt to go as opposed to saying “Hey, I wanna do this”~ especially knowing what it could do to his career~ then yes, I have a huge issue with that. Because that’s when it stops being his choice, and his life.

      • I do agree, though, that it would help him mature and give him more life experiences and maybe help him decide what he wants to do w/ his life. And that slogging along w/out professional mgmt isn’t exactly working out, either…

      • I don’t see how he can gain more ‘Life experience’ in an environment totally restricted, i mean even after three years of world travel , he still reducing his social relationships to his LDS community .

      • Some good points made VJ and tibitibi. “And that slogging along w/out professional mgmt isn’t exactly working out, either…” Well that is also true but David can change that if he wants to.

      • Well… what does HE have to lose, really, by then going on a mission, if the worst damage has already been done to his career – he’s not in the public eye or on radio for 2 years, people are/have forgotten him, Beiber has eclipsed him, etc. 2 yrs. is a looong time in entertainment world. So theoretically, 2 more years wouldn’t make much difference careerwise, if as stated he has already lost the bulk of the momentum and exposure he enjoyed after AI… So…. Why not take those 2 years to do something away from the spotlight that may be more spiritually fulfilling and therapeutic? Then if he wants to resume his career, he comes back fresh, starts from scratch, hopefully wiser, more focused on where he wants to then go in the business. I’d think, or like to think, that if he does decide to go this route, it is his decision, and his alone. I don’t think of him as some mindless spineless automaton that cannot think or speak up for himself in matters that are as serious to his as this. I’d like to think he has sought counsel/advice from his God, his church, his family, his close friends, etc. I’d then like to think he has made whatever decision he has made regarding the mission question after consulting to those sources. I could be dead wrong, but I think David is stronger, and a lot more resilient than he appears or lets on. I wait patiently to see if after January the fandom lets out a sigh of relief, or if the sound we hear is weeping/wailing and gnashing of teeth. Either way, there hopefully will be a resolution.

  18. ”Religion aside, I would rather see him leave the scene completely, no matter what he is doing, and return fresh, full of maturity and resolve on exactly what he wants to do in life and make a ‘comeback.’ He can gain new fans if his few hardcore ones are gone. And it may or may not fit our idea of what we want for him. In my opinion, to slog along without professional management is more detrimental to his career than taking a break.”

    Hallelujah, and pass the biscuits 🙂 Well and fearlessly said Julee.

  19. if David takes time off for college.. wouldn’t have an issue with it true.. as much as a mission anyway.. not dangerous for his voice or his life and he could take time off to write and sing. not to mention he wouldn’t have to be away from his family, friends and the world totally?
    would also love for him to have professional management.. even like what is being done overseas. very nice!

  20. is Jimmer going on a mission?

    • What about Donny Osmond? Did he go on a mission? Or the lead singer of the rock group The Killers-Brandon Flowers?

      • the guy from the Killers is mormon? wow I like them and didn’t know!

        I understand David will do as he wishes.. his life. was just responding to folks thinking it will be all flowers and sunshine and a warm welcome back when or if he does return to music? also worried for him.. and honestly would be as sad as can be if he goes away in my eyes forever. would feel dumped best way I can put it. sure I will get over it and learn from all this.

      • Yes ,Brandon is and he is very talented. Love the Killers.

      • Donnie Osmond did not go on a mission. I saw him interviewed about that & he said that at the time it was decided that he should stay in the public arena.

      • Brandon Flowers has not always led a very Mormon lifestyle. Probably now that he has two little ones, he’s cleaning up his act.

  21. Jimmer – not going on a mission. Getting married.
    Donny – did not go. Was a zillion times more famous than David at the time.
    Brandon – Nope.

    It’s definitely a personal decision.

    On a mission David would meet new friends for life. He would possibly acquire a very cool life mentor or 2 or 3. He would sing every day. His family would be abundantly blessed. They could figure out who they are for themselves – not just David’s parent or David’s sibling. He would be safe.

    LOL – this is my selfish wish: That the church would capitalize on this, if David agreed. That they would follow him with a camera and give updates – Here’s David at the MTC, Here’s David in the mountains of Central America, here’s David helping a family plant crops, here’s David teaching a lesson, here’s David singing, here’s David baptizing someone, etc. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think I will feel dumped if he doesn’t go!

    • Let the entertainment world make fun of him if they want. That concept would be waaaay cooler than watching LLohan get arrested over and over again or hearing rumours of Beiber renting out the entire Staples center just to watch the Titanic with gal pal Selena G.

    • Nice video of Brandon and his family. Thanks for posting it.

  22. Wow! long thread to catch …… i said before that we need to make the peace with whatever gonna happen ( is hard btw), i start to don’t care about the ‘mission’ thing , i just want to know if there exist a plan to still building his career , that is far to be really an established career now.
    Is not like he reached , not even a 50% of his potential to leaving now and come back like nothing to retake it in the same point he went …is not that easy.
    David talk so much about perseverance, but , not offense to him, i don’t see him like a person that gonna start to call people to have again another chance, probably he would do the same that is doing right now , using the same people without connections to have an appearance here or there or probably his LDS connection to help him to build a small niche on his community.
    You should add to that two years at least two more for him to have some relevance again , that in the case the business still a possibility for him, since we don’t know how the evolution of the industry gonna be.

    I find the subject mission annoying , specially because i have the impression is the result of his fail with TOSOD and the pressure of his own community ….’If you gonna take a break, why you can go to a mission?’ i read sometime ago in a YTB channel and like that many .

  23. gosh he can meet new folks anywhere.. and not take his life, voice or career in his hands..
    is there anyone who is famous who has gone on a full mission?
    and yes.. David is famous.

  24. I don’t fully understand tumblr but a few of the US fans say this person may be live blogging D’s arrival in Hong Kong.

  25. *Ahem* Remember that silly meaningless poll I’ve been posting? The one that David was winning?…The deadline’s been extended through tomorrow night. For obvious reasons, I’m thinking: Just thought I’d share. 🙂

  26. And you have valid points, GG. I haven’t been ignoring your posts. 🙂

    • No Prob VJ… Everyone has been making valid points, pro and con, and speaking from their hearts and their truths about these issues. I enjoy reading, and ruminating on what is being said more at times than commenting. I hope to see resolution on this issue, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the point/counter-point discussions – and even Idolfan’s updates on the state of David and Charice’s hot and heavy romance – bring it all on, tee hee 🙂

  27. I am trying to brace myself and make my peace with David’s decision which I think may be that he is going on a mission. When he came back from India and announced that he left WEG and Jive my heart dropped. I knew that his career would be on a downward slide then, but thought maybe he would get a new label and management quickly. Building his foundation sounded encouraging. Well, we all know what has transpired. I am going to enjoy the appearances the next two months. After that, who knows? If he goes away for two years he can possibly make a come back but it will be hard. If he doesn’t go on a mission it will still be hard because the music business is tough. It seems to be based mainly on luck as there are many talented singers that never get a big break. David has already had more opportunities that most.

  28. woo hoo.. they spotted David at the airport!! looking as gorgeous as ever!

  29. Wincyng Wincy
    Welcome to HK, David!^^ @DavidArchie
    12 minutes ago

  30. Many people of the world are successful and mature and doing something that is fulfilling and highly respected and they are not LDS. There are several religions with great emotional impact on individuals. Why choose this one road for him as being THE road, the only good road unless of course it is your second choice being a few years spent in University. People mature with university experiences because each year they are getting older and all the laws of nature tell you that each year is a growing and changing process. Each new year that you are alive and dealing with the people of the world is another year of personal development that is right there for anyone of that age wherever they are.

    University is a place to sit and study and mix with people that you need to learn to live with. It is a place to hang your hat while you develoip and mature but it is just one place to go to that is concrete and popular, convenient and sure. I have been there and I have done that and I know that there are many more places and experiences in this world that can give you the maturity and development that you need to become as successful and happy as you want to be. David has been doing that successfully for years now.

    Several years ago my father had to leave highschool and go and prepare for the second world war. He chose a direction of preparation, became an instructor for the allies and trained many a soldier from other countries. It was who he was inwardly, the talents that he had along with his god given abilities and drive that led him to his successes. My father was of the Anglican faith and took part in every aspect of it giving of his time and sometimes of his worldly possessions. You see writing about two paths for David is just two drops in a very big bucket and just our fondest wishes.

    The door is wide open for him, the opportunities are more than we have the ability to comprehend. He is discovering new opportunities each and every day as he said I believe. Out of respect for David and his ability to think for himself and do for himself perhaps far better than most individuals in the limelight, we should stop with our tunnel visions and personal desires.

    He is an amazing individual who can think wonderfully well for himself, but unfortunately we have the inability of always understanding that.


  31. Thx Kimk – he does, doesn’t he?

  32. David is there and smiling and as happy as he can be. I believe that he is happy don’t most of you?


  33. While we are speculating yet again, David arrives in Hong Kong with a big smile, looking great after a very long flight. This is why ya gotta love him.

  34. I’ve read the missionary blogs of several missionaries lately, including one of a friend of David’s who is currently on a US mission. One thing I get from reading them is a strong love of the community they’re in, and a love of being in service to people.

    But unfortunately, another very strong theme in them, is harsh judgement of people who choose not to join–they repeatedly attribute it to being influenced by Satan. They criticize people who drink coffee and alcohol. Other churches and people who disagree with the things they’re teaching are called “antis”. It’s a very high level of zealousness and black and white thinking.

    One of the things we love about David is his apparent lack of judgement and acceptance of people of all types. He’s not above hanging out in Ben and Miranda’s living room, even though they’re unmarried. He appreciates all kinds of music, even if it’s a little “R” rated.

    If he were to go on a mission, what would happen to his attitudes about non-Mormon fans? Would he change?

  35. Yes, indeed he will turn into an evil judgmental person and never hang out with anyone who isn’t a Mormon, including fans and members of his family.

    Good grief. Hope that wasn’t a serious question!

    • Yes it was a very serious question. The blogs really do say things like they don’t think people can be really happy without being LDS and they talk about how confused people of other religions are. It’s not just one or two saying that.

      I really don’t know what to make of those attitudes. Do you deny that those are common beliefs of missionaries (possibly of any denomination)? I suppose it comes with the territory of being a proselytizer.

      You answer me in a sarcastic way, but you don’t deny the attitudes that I found in the blogs. We all admit that David keeps his religion under wraps, and we like that. If he was a missionary, reading from these blogs, it would become whole different attitude–not just service–but a strong belief that everyone should be converted for their own good. That’s what missionaries do–otherwise why become one?

    • P.S. I know that a common idea is that missionaries are only looking for those who are searching for something. Unfortunately, these blogs don’t give that impression. Perhaps missionaries need to be super pumped up to get good results, and that’s the attitude I’m picking up on. Thus my question about whether the missionary training would change David.

      • It’s a good question. Young adults are still struggling with the developmental tasks of identity formation. To separate from there parents they look towards their peers and embrace a common set of values. I often notice an attitude of superiority and feelings of enlightenment in the students I work with. I have been struck by David seeming to have less need for conforming to any specific peer group, but that might change in a setting dedicated to a clear goal. He does seem vulnerable to being made to feel guilty and overly responsible. I worry that he will be inclined to make a decision based on ether a feeling of “I should” or a need to escape pressures of career and family.

        I through my hat in with those that fear his music career will be very hard to resurrect if he is out of sight for two years, It’s already suffering from lack of exposure.

      • Some interesting points and questions, cc halo. I just hope that David continues to focus on his music career because he has opportunities in music that many do not have right now and IMO he will not have them 2 years from now. I am not sure he has the opportunities in music he had 8 months ago when he left his label. That is just the way it is like it or not. To me he has been on a break for the past year. For example Jimmer is focusing on his basketball career as others do not have his opportunities either.

      • I would think the other concern would be how David’s young fans would accept his going on a mission for 2 years. I would think that many of his young fans would not understand and be angry and frustrated that he left. Those young fans then might dislike his religion which would be very unfortunate but they are young and are not always rational in their thinking. At least my kids and nieces and nephews aren’t. lol

  36. I’m not Mormon, but of course David would become a missionary to convert people to his faith, otherwise, what would be the point. But being a missionary should not turn him into a judgmental person. I really don’t see the logic in thinking that.

  37. It gets to the point it seems that some believe that David is blessed in certain ways which includes leading with his heart and mind, while others do not. Let him go. Allow him the freedom to choose and live as he is living. We are tying ourselves up wtih skepticism therefore obviously not believing in him at the present.

    The obvious fact is that we know very little about him on the side of his business world and it is a good thing that he keeps that to himself because everything that he does goes under the microscope for evalutaion. You may not realize something but how his fanbase reacts to him in different ways makes up perhaps his choices in the end and where you have to look to see him.

    Our sons are our sons but David is not our son.


  38. I actually do see cc halo’s point, although I haven’t read those blogs. What I’ve read about the mission time indicates that it is a highly structured time, at least for most missionaries. David wouldn’t be going to explore a big world of ideas, but rather to serve his church and perhaps grow within the parameters of his church’s ideas. If that’s what David wants, then I wouldn’t beg him to stay home. It *is* his life.

    I do confess that Julee is right, though: if David were going to college for four years or even if he were going away for two years to live in a cabin and explore himself, I’d have fewer qualms. This just seems like a turning away from those fans who are inspired by him but don’t want to convert to his particular faith. I kind of liked feeling like a big community of diverse people who still shared such positive feelings and, in my case, felt a stronger faith because of what I heard in David’s songs and felt from him. A mission might seem to change this a bit — narrow it. Or at least, I battle with those thoughts and can’t imagine that others don’t feel similarly.

    In terms of his career, who knows what would happen on his return. He’d be starting over in some aspects, but a starting over might not be a bad thing. He might face more challenge in terms of public perception of him, depending on how much he includes his faith in his public persona. He has seemed to keep it separate. I’ve still only heard the mission question addressed to him (and answered in the negative to this point) or from others.

    • Thoughtful answer Kathy. I admit it is hard for me to understand the fear coming from those who are not Mormon. I have been trying and trying to make people understand that going on a mission is not an evil thing. It is only good and has nothing to do with whether you even convert anyone to our faith. The frames of reference are just too different, I guess, but seeing as how fans embrace everything David does, I don’t understand why they would not embrace this choice of his (if indeed he even chooses this – something I’m pretty doubtful of if you want to know the truth).

      cchalo, I haven’t read those blogs you’ve read, so I cannot comment on what you’ve said about them. I am assuming they are blogs that the families of the missionaries run so they can post the letters of their son or daughter for the extended family and friends to read, not perfect strangers who would then make judgments for all milssionaries based on what they’ve said. If they are truly as you say, I’m sorry you ran into them. I can forward my son’s letters if you’d like a balanced perspective.

      Obviously we believe living the gospel makes us happy. Obviously we believe that we want to share what makes us very happy. There are people who are very happy with their faith and the way they live their lives. We can hardly force them into the church. But then there are those who are truly seeking for something better than what they have. Why does it threaten anyone if they can find what they are looking for in our faith? And by extension, a young man or woman who teaches them about our faith?

      All I know is that there are 23, 000 missionaries and so I assume there are 23, 000 different individuals who may or may not be over-zealous and see things in black and white. If a family has raised their children to see things that way, then that may be reflected in their letters. Since I was not raised that way and didn’t raise my children that way, I saw none of that from my brothers or sons, nor do I see it in any of my children’s friends that are currently serving.

      I suppose the sarcasm in my reply comes in that it seems you are buying into the falsehood that going on a mission turns mormon young men into carbon copy robots of some sort and that David, or anyone, would just slip into the assembly line and come out a different and less likeable person. I was surprised that anyone would seriously think that. Believe me, returned missionaries are the same person when they return, just more focused, more mature, more responsible and much more loving.

      Spending 2 years focusing on someone else, not themselves, will change anyone for the better, I don’t care what the nature of the work is that brings about that change. That’s all.

      • It’s much too early for me. I don’t know where the 23, 000 came from. There are approx 60,000 missionaries! Sorry.

      • It’s true that I’m blown away by the sacrifice that these young people make, and by the joy they find when doing really hard work for others.

        But…I’m just trying to express why it’s not always pleasant for non-Mormons to think about David actively proselytizing. As an example: Just like Mormon missionaries who go into Catholic, Hindu, or Buddhist countries, or into the deep south, where most everyone is Baptist, for example, evangelicals will sometimes go into Utah and preach to convert Mormons. Their church makes them very happy and they believe that they’re saving people. What if David were an evangelical doing that? Would you get the same joy and pride, if it was “Here’s David teaching ‘real’ Christianity”…”Here’s David baptizing former Mormons into the true church” etc.? (I don’t personally subscribe to this, BTW–just a for instance).

        Most of the missionaries at my door (but not all) have been overly persistent, and we didn’t need them to help us find our new church (which doesn’t believe in proselytizing). Most people find solicitors to be ill-mannered, by definition. As nice and well-meaning as missionaries of any church may be, it’s still just so hard to make my image of David jive with that activity.

      • P.S. There are over 4 million evangelical Christian missionaries.

  39. When we see David out of his own country performing, his smile is bigger, his eyes sparkle more showing a sense of relaxation, and joy that is certain. There is a certain tenseness that is gone…

    If we are let’s say in politics that is as stressful as talking about religions and you have a certain party that you back and applaud, you don’t criticize them unending but you applaud them without reservation.

    if we do not believe in him and have faith in him and who he is at the moment then I must say enjoy your stay in Hong Kong David and all that it brings to you in the future. He was there, he is there and he is going back over there. I would too…


  40. Thanks, Julee, for your thoughtful response. You made so many excellent points. I think you used the correct term in describing my own feelings when I think of David on a mission — fear. Fear of loss for myself, and I do feel selfish when I think this way. Fear of change, probably, too, although for me, this isn’t a big part of what I’m feeling. (Because I don’t believe that a 2-3 year absence would necessarily result in a bigger hardship for him in terms of career — could just as easily go the other way, depending on his approach.)

  41. I think David has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.

    But if he is gone from music tomorrow nothing much will really change in my day to day life but it most likely would change his. His life is his life to live and mine is mine.

    We’ve all been given our lives and we will all have our own decisions, consequences experiences, joys, sadnesses, people who pass through to help us build and shape it, he’s passed through mine with his music and I have benefitted from it and am grateful that he was willing to share it for however long he chooses to do so. I just don’t understand so much time and energy spent on decisions and worries that we can’t control or own and won’t really matter in what I do today, tomorrow or whenever.

  42. It’s good to know that we are prepared and ready to accept the reality. My only wish for david is to be happy and to fulfill his dream. I will always be his fan.

  43. WTH do people on this site think he is going on a mission, he has said many times music is a mission for him. do u guys know something, or do you just enjoy stirring up angst?

  44. What is up with some of these comments??

    “I’m feeling so TICKED OFF (really??) that he’s turned down other companies.”
    “The part that BOTHERS me also is that David did turn down other labels and I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT.”
    “As much as I adore David (and believe me, I still do), I DON’T TRUST HIM TO MAKE THE BEST CHOICES FOR HIMSELF. ”

    The reason you’re feeling that way is it’s not YOUR life, career, mission, whatever (and it’s something out of your control). As fans, we selfishly want him to succeed OUR way. Come on now, he’s not our friend, family member, confidant. He’s a SINGER with his OWN values, ideals, hope, and dreams. I don’t get the hyperfocusing on the life of another human being. I wouldn’t even do that to my own son.

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