Plugging David’s Name … And Other Icons

I mean, this must mean that David Archuleta still has some cache, right? (Thanks for sharing, Desertrat)

In other news, today is THRILL THE WORLD day, in which several folks around the world are trying to set a new world record in getting the most people to dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” today.  Read More.

I can’t participate because the snow has already started where I am, and the place where they’re doing the dance is a good 30 minutes from where I am. But, if you want to participate (it’s so much fun!), here’s the dance routine:

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  1. From the previous thread :

    ”Beauxcefus Says:
    October 29, 2011 at 3:57 pm
    Very enlightening article here, IMO. It gives some extra
    perspective on some things we’ve experienced as fans
    of David… it’s a cold, mean world, the music biz. Nothing
    and nobody it seems is safe, there are no assurances
    and guarantees from CD to CD… His approach to restructuring
    his career is as good as anybody else’s in the same boat.”
    When bands fall off cliffs

    Rob Fitzpatrick, Thursday 27 October 2011 17.09 EDT

  2. Highlights :
    ” “It’s odd to think of 800,000 sales, or even 200,000, as failure,”
    ” As with everything else in life, people like to support success.” If success has many parents, failure is an orphan.”
    – the all Duffy paragraphs : ‘Why am I giving 6% of record royalties, a third of my publishing and a 20% management commission to other people? I am a genius! I will do it myself!’ ….she flop with her second album btw and announced she was leaving the music business 😦
    – “A flop can be a rite of passage,”
    – “You regroup and start hustling again, but it’s crucial that you believe in your own creative processes. Don’t put all your best songs on the first album; Dylan and the Beatles always held stuff back. And don’t scare people off
    – “If you have no support from radio, you’re finished. You can recover from this situation, but you’re aware the next big thing is always more exciting than last week’s big thing.”
    – “But success like that blows your compass completely, it’s so heavy, so all-enveloping. You do begin to think that perhaps you are God’s gift. I spent three years touring White Ladder, but when the festivals and the champagne and the private planes suddenly stop, when reality kicks in again, the shock is numbing.” David gray

    Well is a lot of things to learn and even the comments have some valid points. 🙂

  3. Tibi mentioned this and I thought one of the most interesting parts of the article was the example of Duffy, “Duffy is an interesting case,” a music industry lawyer says, “because her story applies to a lot of artists. Buoyed by success, they immediately think, ‘Why am I giving 6% of record royalties, a third of my publishing and a 20% management commission to other people? I am a genius! I will do it myself!’And then make a bad record without any guidance from professionals. And then they wonder why it’s all gone wrong.” Good point.

  4. I loved the photo shoot video for the LDS magazine cover. He was looking mighty fine! Also the answer to what he has coming up sounded encouraging. He does still get radio play in Asia so that’s why he keeps going back. I’m glad that he’s still popular there. Because of the internet we still get to see him even if he is in Asia. I’m learning about other parts of the world being a fan of David.

    • I did really like David’s LDS interview video. I also did find it very encouraging . I am also thrilled to say that where I live is not part of this October snowstorm. I am so relieved. lol

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