Wait: New Arch Angel Anthem?

Seems like we’re always “waiting” on David anyways, right? 🙂

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  1. Hey David…….A little romance in the new WAIT video wouldn’t hurt 😍 💘 😘

  2. Nobody is suggesting David wear a white shirt and ride a bicycle in the video. Right?

  3. I saw this over at MJSBIGBLOG. Now I can’t remember what the numbers mean. lol

    Billboard – 11/05/11

    David Archuleta:
    Glad Christmas Tidings, Mormon Tabernacle Choir/Orchestra At Temple Square Feat. David Archuleta With Michael York: Holiday 29 (14); Classical Cross-Over Album 7 (8)

  4. i wonder what this tweet is about. hmmm …

    “had a great shoot directing American Idol finalist David Archuleta doing a Child Fund PSA. A talented & sincere guy! childfund.org”

    • CharlesMcD Charles McDonald
      A quick visit with @DavidArchie, for the shoot today. pic.twitter.com/B90mqbbF

      CharlesMcD Charles McDonald
      To answer all the @DavidArchie questions. It was for a charity that he is supporting. And yes, L.A.

      CharlesMcD Charles McDonald
      To answer all the @DavidArchie questions. It was for a charity that he is supporting. And yes, L.A.


    • Ops last one tweet from this guy ,

      CharlesMcD Charles McDonald
      Yes, a charity that @DavidArchie will be promoting on his upcoming Christmas tour.

      http://www.childfund.org/ 🙂

      • we, the fans, sure know how to get info out of tweeters when they tweet about david, lol.

      • We?? not all of us are that …. well , intense on twitter ? lol , the guy still being bombarded not only with questions , but with David videos too, he’s enjoying the attention though……. at least for now 🙂 …but yeah that was a fast answer,

        So hopefully David actually start to talk about the tour and the Charity(ies) he is sponsoring and create some buzz to reach some founds, i guess is the idea when a celebrity ( like David) support a cause …btw a saw in twitter he was added like good ambassador for ”Invisible Childrens” , then now they have a page with him on it ,showing the founds he has helping to collect . 🙂

        Ok , i’m done !!

  5. heavy sigh. just listened to Wait and just don’t get it.

  6. unless its for us to wait for good songs to come down the pike.

  7. Debra5354….don’t be so hard on Archie… Give him a break…Miss Vicki

  8. Third listen to “Wait” Would not buy this song even if it is David. Would not have said that two years ago. Where is the Voice?

    • LOL, you sound so frustrated, sorry !!.

      I really like the song, i like the melancholic sound of his voice and the story of the lyrics …. i mean is a pop song , a romantic sad love song that fit his voice beautiful.
      He can do better? oh yeah, but transitions times are hard and maybe i’m in the minority , but I’m not at all in to his over inspirational side a la DSH (non even if he did a good interpretation of that song) or Groban.2 style …. I really believe that he can go a little more edgy and still making thoughtful lyrics doing alternative pop …but then he need to liberate himself of all the conscious ties that don’t let him express without apologies his views and feelings about life ….. i mean thinking less in the message and interpretation people and his closest entourage can make of his lyrics and just talk about feelings, happy and unhappy ones ….. without regrets.

      • and where is that edge he should have acquired these past 3 years tibi? I am SO frustrated? i just don’t get it

      • and that will only happen if he gets outside management.

      • i can only surmise that David ain’t got a clue as to how to manage his singing career.

      • Well, that is my point when i talk about him feeling the freedom to express his feeling out of his image of nice /perfect guy.
        I’m pretty sure this three years after AI7 he already experimented to many kinds of emotions, even the more nice people in the word can experiment frustration/ angry/ Sad/ Unhappy/ disappointing moments and lot more feelings that are part of the life along with the well know positive one (happiness, joy, excitement) …. i totally believed he can put that in lyrics and delivering with his voice, but my guess is that he still apprehensive about if he is leaving the ‘right’ and ‘perfect positive’ message that people need to listen from him in order to don’t be judged by his own words …. just my speculation here btw , looking at his lyrics and interviews. ….. i just think that his maturing process is slowly in terms of independent thinker.

      • I like ‘wait’, and am very happy that he gets to make a video for it. But I hear your frustration. I’m also at the point where I will not buy just anything that he puts out, I will only buy music that I really enjoy. I think a lot of his former strong supporters have reached that phase, and it doesn’t look like his current team will produce anything exciting to me. David is lucky in that he still has hard core supporters that will still buy anything just because it’s David, but I don’t know how long he can make a career on that.
        I agree with you tibitibi. It’s frustrating because there is so much potential in that beautiful voice.

    • I would really like to hear him perform this one live. Do you think that might be what you and some others are missing with Wait?

  9. David needs to make some serious money in Hong Kong and Asia to come back home and help him hire some big time fabulous writers to help him pen a song for his soaring vocals that will touch all generations…….much like Sounds of Slience or Bridge Over Troubled Water…….also professional management……. that would ensure that we would have him around for a long long time to come……Miss Vicki

  10. debra5354 ….Keep the faith. It will happen in time…..Miss Vicki

  11. debra 5354….Spelled my name wrong…..It will happen as David is too great of a prodigy to be lost in this world of irreverent music. Miss Vicki

  12. i’m 3 yrs into this
    just miss that voice.

    • debra I too share your frustrations. You are just expressing what so many fans feel. Well, the fans that have stayed that is. David just has so much potential and had opportunities that others in the music industry would just love to have. “I’m also at the point where I will not buy just anything that he puts out, I will only buy music that I really enjoy.”- I agree with Gita on this. I do not have any faith in his current team at all. I think many fans will not get interested again until David signs with a label and pro. management. “If” he does. David’s hard core fans are unbelievable but you can’t make a career from just them.

      • All that being said I would love to know if David is entirely free to make moves due to the contracts he had with Jive now RCA and 19. It can’t be that easy to just leave a label and 19 and move to another if you were popular and we know David was. I just keep hoping this is just a transitional thing with mic in charge and no label due to his contracts but you just do not know.

  13. debra5354…..apology accepted….I’ 3 and a half years….(almost four) into this too…..We all LOVE DAVID and have his best interests at heart…..Nuff said…..Goodnight…..Miss Vicki

  14. Tibi,
    Like what you said about David should try to write about his feelings openly enough to create slightly edgier songs in the future. For instance he was po’d about something, probably Jive and old management when he sang – EWTRTW. Still today none of the fans know what he really meant. In his heart he probably wants to be an ambassador for good, positive promotion with his music but it can sometimes be boring in that regard. JMHO, but his lack of true intimate relationship experiences with all the pull and tug of joy and angst hinders him in some regard to speak hardcore truths in song about that matter. He opened the door a crack with MKOP but we may have to wait a while longer for a real David-experienced love song and that’s okay too, just hope he’s open with the creative process it takes to produce one.

    Had a remarkable opportunity to see Josh Groban for the first time in concert 2 nights ago. For each of the songs but especially the ones he wrote, spoke to a plethora of life experiences. For example, Requiem was written after visits to war veterans, Bells of NYC, reflects his hometown at winter, Straight to You reflects the intense period of a new relationship. He said he draws many parallels to his love life which can be top of the world or plain sucky at times. He also played an instumental piece he wrote at age 12 after a “crappy” day at school. It is the first track of Illuminations.

    David can write what he wants but as a fan my hope is that he does not stay fearful of saying what’s truly on his mind at times.

  15. Here are some extra tidbits from the JG concert:

    His opening act was ELEW – the classically-trained pianist who appeared in the last season of AGT. He plays the piano in awkward stances and even reaches inside at times to play the keystrings. He kept thanking JG for the opportunity he was given to tour. This just shows that simply taking the time to audition on the talent shows can pay dividends.

    Groban stated that he had just stepped from an airplane after spending the last 2 months in Europe so his voice was a bit under the weather. After over an hour of singing, he called for quick 15min break to “fix his throat up a bit as he did not wish to cancel or worse lipsync” in order to continue the concert. Whatever he did backstage sure worked because he came back sounding stronger than ever.

    He said he is now 30 and has evolved as a musician, before he took the vocal break, a drum kit was brought out and he proceeded to play key parts of an instrumental piece with the stage musicians. He also played it as introduction to about 2 more tracks before singing.

    He calls his voice a “beast” at times and referred to himself as a geek and a dork – sounds familiar?

    You Raise Me Up – like David with Crush, he said wherever in the world he performs he cannot leave the stage without singing that song.

    As much as I enjoyed Groban for I am a longtime fan, I still wish I were seeing David as well. I will be unable to attend any of the tour shows for medical reasons. It would have been a perfect cap for the year to see my two most favorite artists in the world back to back but it was not meant to be. I hope next year will provide a David opportunity as it will be 3 yrs w/o being able to see him perform.

  16. Thanks for sharing Joymus, really enjoyed that. Sorry to know you’ve been having medical issues. I will add you to the list of people who will NOT be sad to see the year 2011 over and done with, myself oh most def included. At least we’ll enjoy some MKOC videos in December.

    • Thanks Jen for your thoughtful thoughts – LOL! Yeaah, 2011 has been a humdinger of health challenges for me. Will certainly be looking forward to 2012.

  17. Music is very subjective so David will never be able to please everyone. I love “Wait” and was very happy that he will be able to release it as a single in Asia and do a music video. I love TOSOD too. Of course one should only buy music that they like, and if you don’t like David’s music then don’t buy it. When fans discuss what David should record there is a wide variety of answers. Some like the pop of TOSOD, some want Josh Groban type stuff, others want spanish songs, then some want more classical or hymns. Of course many want the “soul David”. The thing is that David is so talented that he can do it all. What will he choose? What does he want? Time will tell. I love a wide variety of music so he will only disappoint me if he quits singing.

    • You right, i think too is difficult to please everybody, but is not good to have the impression that most of his fans wanting him to follow the Groban route or the DSH style or that his fans are all searching for an spiritual guide or that his fans don’t like the fun/uptempo tracks a la ‘Let me go’ ‘Look Around’ or ‘Day after tomorrow’ …. David fanbase was full of very different people from many countries , religions and life style, women, men, gays, young’s, school girls, college guys and young ladies , middle age people and older fans ….. bu lately i have the impression that people think his fans are more teens and middle age women with a strong over religious background that that are not tolerants to the difference , but that make an auto-proclamation of ‘We are the best and so humble’ ….and i’m not sure if that is helping him to grow his fanbase in US.

      In the other hand , i don’t see the problem of him doing special projets Christmas can be definately a secondary niche , that can give him the possibility to stay active every year , making some money and doing charity work …he’s good in that kind of music .
      Same goes for the Groban inspirational music ….. ‘An special project for you’ volume I, II , III …i mean totally can work without abandon the pop career like his priority …. anyway i guess exceeded my numbers of post for today so , Have a nice day !!

  18. It’s great that David is releasing Wait as a single in Asia and that he’ll do a MV for the song. It’s a great opportunity for him to stay popular there where his songs are played on the radios and where he has the support of a label and sponsors. I wish him the same in the US and I think it can still happen with a professional manager and a label. I’m just happy to hear something positive about his pop career.

    I like “Wait”, it’s my favorite song from the ATE album (I don’t really know why but it reminds me of the song “Stay” by Hurts).
    But I understand what some fans are saying about wanting to hear the Voice. David said in this interview (http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogsburger/52093354-53/archuleta-choir-fans-jive.html.csp) “I want to make my voice come through more” and “I want to do songs that are more vocally driven, so I can be emotional.”
    Maybe he’ll start to meet again with writers after the MKOC tour. I hope he’ll work with a great producer too who’ll be able to showcase the quality of his voice more and who’ll be able to bring a little more sophistication and “fresh” sound to the songs. For me, the lyrics in TOSOD were good but the production of some songs gave them a dated and sometimes too generic sound.

  19. Good morning everyone. Here’s to health, happiness, hope and new songs! 😀

    I’m pulling over a post that I saw on FOD yesterday because it has me VERY excited. @K_80 is a Nashville friend of D, Joy and Nate. She was even w/David during his New York city TOSOD release promo.


    Tweet from Katie Moore

    @AnnieDAFGthank you!! (and I might just be working in some stuff for our favorite guy soon)

    Comment from FOD poster on 10/28 at 11:48 pm

    “This news has me happy for a couple of reasons. One, I think Katie is very talented and was hoping she would design a cover for David’s next album or EP. The second reason is because it probably means David will be releasing something soon. Or she might be designing something for David’s Christmas tour. Maybe his merchandise. Either way I am happy she is going to be designing something for him.

    Katie is a friend of David’s and she has a new design business. Her website is http://www.thisnotthisdesign.com/ Check out her work.

    You might remember this great video she took of David in Washington, DC: http://vimeo.com/13135215

  20. Charles McDonald (charity guy) posted this video. “A Day with David Archuleta”.

  21. That is very exciting. Katie has done some great work for the Civil Wars. I can’t wait to see what she has in the pipe for David, also what David has in the pipe that might need a cover like that. Makes me shaky.

  22. Is fun to hear some news about something new to release , specially on his pop side, but again will be better if some of that news show some 2012 projects and some more mid term plans. We already know by now that he’s gonna be busy at least until Christmas, then after that who knows? that is the part that is bothering most to his fans.

  23. We will just have to enjoy November and December as it is going to be full of David appearances. After that, I’m with you Tibi – who knows what will happen? I’m wondering if we will get an answer when the LDS Living magazine comes out. David is on the cover so I assume there is an interview in it. That is one interview that might have the “mission” question and answer. We shall see…

    • TBH i reach my tolerance level about this talks about his religion or better to say about religion in general in fansites, so i guess i gonna try to handle taking distance of all kind of information relate to that , that include for now any Christmas shows and Aw ‘he’s an angel’ comments, is just not that enjoyable like it was in 2009 , now with the feeling that not all was said or that something is hiding , i can still enjoying any kind of progress on his pop career though , for the other stuff i will wait for a word about if he still going for a career or not, and knowing David communication skills , that probably don’t gonna happen either. :/

    • OMG. It’s his Big M interview.

      • LOL, maybe the preview to prepare his fans to the real boom!! 😉

      • and I don’t think being on the cover of that LDS magazine is that great for his career……..jmo……

      • lol and I agree Burkey I really do not see how being on the cover of this magazine is that great for his music career IMO. However, I would guess that the article will not say much about his future career plans anyway.

  24. Very enlightening article here, IMO. It gives some extra
    perspective on some things we’ve experienced as fans
    of David… it’s a cold, mean world, the music biz. Nothing
    and nobody it seems is safe, there are no assurances
    and guarantees from CD to CD… His approach to restructuring
    his career is as good as anybody else’s in the same boat.
    When bands fall off cliffs

    Rob Fitzpatrick
    guardian.co.uk, Thursday 27 October 2011 17.09 EDT


  25. Being on the cover of an LDS magazine won’t hurt David’s career anymore then winning the Hot Boy poll at a radio station web-site will help his career. The only people that will know about David on the cover of the LDS magazine are Mormons and his ODD fans.

  26. Interview of David for the LDS magazine:

    • David did seem like he was relaxed in that interview. Why am I not surprised when he says “I still don’t think I am famous.” lol

  27. Photoshoot for the LDS magazine:

  28. He looks fantastic! 😉

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