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  1. Channel V information via Wikipedia 🙂

    ”Channel [V] is the brand name for multiple international music television networks owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels, fully owned subsidiaries of News Corporation.”

    ”Channel [V] International is flagship of the Channel [V] network. It was founded after MTV Asia parted ways with the STAR TV Network. It was produced and operated from Hong Kong from 1 January 1994 until 1 January 2002, after which operations were shifted to Malaysia with some aspects still operating in Hong Kong. Since 1 January 2008, Channel [V] International has moved back to original studio in Hong Kong, which is also the same studio of Channel V China, Taiwan and India.”

    So looking at this information , maybe he’s going to HK to do something like an acoustic and unplugged set? a la old MTV times? if that is the thing i think is great! 🙂

  2. Oh i got this too because this tweet linking Ben girlfriend blog : http://itsmemiranda.blogspot.com/2011/10/living-room-rehearsal.html

    ” Ben’s going to Hong Kong this weekend to perform with David, and since they’re doing an acoustic set, there was no need to rent out a space to rehearse. Instead they just had their rehearsal in our living room, which was awesome because I got in some sketch time AND I got a private concert”

  3. channelVHD channel [V] intl.
    @DavidArchie has spilled the beans… fb.me/1eyutCtDe

    I’m glad to hear some exciting news about his pop career, that is the part i have more interest tbh, and will be more exciting if that is a real signal of him Moving On to a next stage to consolidate his singer career and an evidence of a logic and smart plan to reach his goals in the music business.
    Like i said in MJ’s, the best David can do, is to release his music material in Asia, where he receive the support from fans , the media (radio stations include) , sponsors and i guess from Sony Asia … something that he lacks in US/Can market ( and that is very expensive to get )….then he can just make available via Itunes or whatever for his fans in this side of the world …… i guess the all total costs are more reasonable for him ( and maybe for others) in that way ….so he can still going for a successful Pop Career and we will be happy and i hope him too. 🙂

    I love ‘Wait’

  4. DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Watching Charlie Brown, and remembering how awesome the Peanuts gang is.

    Ha ha. The rest of the nation is glued to the World Series thriller, and he’s watching Charlie Brown.

  5. I’m so happy for David!!! He just deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. Those last performances of Lean on Me and DSH were so heartfelt and full of passion and feeling. Where do you see that? Too bad he’s not more popular here in the USA. Guess the Asian culture is a better fit and more power to them to recognize this amazing person and talent. Hope we get to see the music video and the upcoming performances. I like the acoustic stuff.

  6. A little romance in the new WAIT video wouldn’t hurt

    hope David, VRS and/or MIC is reading this 🙂

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