Love for the “Ballad Boy”

In the latest poll, an overwhelming number of you (roughly 70%) voted to hear David cover Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

I wonder if the word could get out for him to cover it in his upcoming Christmas tour (kind of like how he tossed in a few non-carol songs at his last Christmas tour, like “Fields of Gold”)?

In other news, David has given us a “To Do” list:


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  1. was that photo taken at seattle,WA t a coffee shop???

  2. again, i must say that does look like a coffee shop. just saying?

  3. David’s been in Vegas, Idolfan. He just tweeted that he’s leaving now for LA.

  4. why did the girl says that david archuleta was in the coffee shop in seattle than??? i don’t think she would lie something like that thought?? everyone knows what david look like. again, i have been in coffee shop before, that does look like a coffee shop place to me??. maybe david got tweets from his fans about the coffee thing, maybe he was there and also he doesnt want his fans to knows why he was in seattle and want to his fans thinks he was still in las vegas so he protect his personal reasons why he was in seattle i mean idk, david could have fly from seattle to LA today not back on quick road, only guessing of this.

  5. again, twit pic that david took about the sign, signs kinda like that only seen in coffee shops. i mean think about it??

  6. Someone on FOD called the shop and they said that it was just a joke–that someone with the same name came in and they thought it would be funny to post it.

    • cc halo, you got to be kidding????so the whole thing was a joke, well i don’t think it was funny for them to do that. i guess there is a another david archuleta in seattle. have a goodnite everyone.


  7. i like that “to do” list and i miss when david used to give the fanbase things to do via twitter (eg, draw something, speak to a neighbor, etc.)

    random but below is a blog david wrote nearly 3 yrs ago back when he was a young’un, lol.

    October 28, 2008

    Radio Daze,/b>

    Today, I’m in Chicago, and have started doing radio promo stuff. I started yesterday in San Diego, then went to Seattle, then later to Milwaukee, and now I’m here in Chicago. Next, we’ll be in Pittsburgh pretty soon, haha. Last Friday, I was back in L.A., where I had a photo shoot. The photo shoot was just for some teen magazines, like the ones I’ve done before. It’s amazing how long it can take to just take pictures. I think I was there for like seven hours, and you’d think that pictures wouldn’t take that long, haha. But it takes a while to get what you need. You have to figure out which outfits to wear, and then get in the right mood for the kind of shot you need, I guess.

    On Saturday, Michael Johns was throwing a party for his 30th birthday, and so I went with Brooke and her husband. There were a few familiar faces from the show and tour, and it was nice to see them again. Jason, Chikezie, and Cook were able to go too, so it was kinda like a little reunion with everyone, haha. Sunday, we were able to go to church with Brooke’s husband, which I rarely get to do anymore, so that was really nice.
    Monday is when the radio promo stuff started, and so I’ll be doing that for a while. That’s where I go to different radio stations in different cities and just talk to them, and meet people who won contests for meet and greet passes, haha. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I’ve gotten to see a bunch of people who I met during the tour. I’m looking forward to going to the next cities and seeing how it goes, and I’ll let you know how those go next week.

    Take care,

  8. David is going to Hong Kong & is going to make a music video for WAIT…….I love WAIT!WAIT is the next single to be released…YES!

    New vlog here :

  9. Lyrics to WAIT:

    I can’t sleep, I’m feeling wide awake
    Tonight is taking it’s time
    How much more before the morning breaks
    And I can leave it all behind
    And every time I try to close my eyes
    I only end up seeing memories of you

    And it’s never enough, I’m waiting
    Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
    It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
    If this is just a dream
    I won’t give it back
    I’ll find a way to make it last
    One more minute wait , wait, wait don’t go
    Just one more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go

    Verse 2
    I am keeping every word you say
    But how much longer can I hold on
    Cause whispers echoing until they fade
    Remind me that you’re already gone
    Cause every time I try to chase your voice
    I end up getting lost and running in circles
    And it’s never enough, I’m waiting

    Repeat Chorus

    Wait, wait, wait don’t go
    Just one more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go
    Oooh yeah don’t go

    Repeat Chorus

  10. This is interesting news… VERY INTERESTING 🙂 Will wait for the details to unfold, but liking this 🙂

  11. Woohoo! My favorite song.

  12. I’m not thinking that far ahead yet Burkey – just liking the stirring of life, so to speak, on the music/career front. 🙂

    • Me too…… least it is some optimistic news!! So happy for this news & so happy that they chose WAIT.

  13. Ha! I just love the love the Asian fans and SonyAsia and the promoters have for him. Maybe this is his niche for a bit – it works for me if it works for him.

  14. Burkey – I just can’t get over your grinning jack-o-lantern. Especially when you’re happy, it seems like you’re reallyt smiling. (not saying you look like one but its just the effect) LOL!

    Sure seems like David has to soon spend months at a time in Asia. His career has really skyrocketed over there. It seems as if the energy and effort is more there than in the US. I know he has to capitalize on opportunities under any guise but it feels a bit lackluster on our part. I wonder if he’ll ever fully push out in the US anytime soon.

  15. Hi Joymus! Chalk the appreciation, recognition and support of some of its best singers, artists and entertainers up to one more thing the US is falling behind in, lol… *tongue inserted firmly in cheek… kinda* 🙂
    David may be following in the footsteps of many US artists who found greater success/acceptance of their work outside the shores of the US. I hope SonyAsia, or whatever promotional entity is backing him keeps up (and ramps up) the good work.

  16. naturally my idea for a music video for WAIT is:

    wait, wait , wait don’t go………you know where come Jan 1……..that other ‘m’ word……

  17. Burkey, lol. Yes. But I’m joking. I think. 🙂

  18. At last, something constructive is happening! Having a supportive label makes a difference, despite all the purported advantages of going indie. I’m curious to see how this video will turn out — hope it does well.

    • “Having a supportive label makes a difference, despite all the purported advantages of going indie.” – I agree.

  19. Me too Utahmom – this is the fun part of being a fan. Music, videos, tours, concerts – I’m going to enjoy every moment of it, and not sweat the small stuff 🙂 That tends to take care of itself, with no help from me, lol

  20. Peter, I ended up buying the Asian Edition of TOSOD just because I loved “Wait” so much. I’m so happy that David is making another video. I’m so glad that things that happen in Asia we get to see via the internet. This is when I’m happy to be a fan. I’m just trying to enjoy it all now because we don’t know what January will bring. I hope he surprises us with a new label and management in the U.S, but I’m thankful that he’s popular in Asia.

  21. david shooting a music video in hong kong this weekend, why he just do it in united state????

  22. look at what is going on sale next week……..LDS Living magazine with David on the cover

  23. when david, the band leaving for hong kong?? they prolly wont get there on sunday, maybe david is shooting the music video on monday( on both days on hong kong time zone)

  24. i think the hong kong trip and the music video must have been a last minute thing? david just got back from japan now leaving again?? more jet lagged!?!?

  25. Well, holy cow isn’t this goodnews! Awesome to hear of the vid and single. I

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