Current Pop Music and The Voice

Listening to pop radio today, I’ve been realizing how much I miss hearing The Voice, which hasn’t really been on radio since “Crush.” So, I thought I would take a quick poll to see which of the current pop songs, now charting, that you’d love to hear David cover one fine day.

Here are the videos for Someone Like You | We Found Love | Without You | It Will Rain | Paradise.


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  1. HG,
    This is such a simple yet effective post. For as much as I love David and really, really, REALLY admired his performance this past weekend, I would love to hear him on something current and upbeat so I would vote for Without You. Someone Like You is probably a given, but predictable.

  2. Loved X-Factor tonight!

    I think all the right people went through to the next round.

    • It was between It Will Rain and Someone Like You but I picked the Bruno song cause I really think David could do a great version of it. Great choices and David should sing something current. I thought Melanie was one of the best on X Factor but there were some other good contestants. I was very disappointed Phillip Lomax did not make the top 12. I loved the tone of his voice and thought he was given a bad song choice tonight.

  3. Marie,
    I agree about Melanie – she blew me away. I think Phillip and Tiah are more suited to non-music pursuits. Phillip did have a horrible song choice but his vocal range seems limited to me.

    • At this point I like Josh and Leroy too but it could change. I just did not like LA’s choices for the guys.

  4. Nice poll.. picked Someone Like You but any of those songs would be fabulous! I really hope he chooses at least one current pop song to cover for tour if for any reason just to keep things current not to mention it will get a lot of buzz!

  5. I’ve fallen back into my pre-Crush radio listening habits. Consequently, I don’t know any of these songs. I just listened to “Without You” and I think it would be a good choice because it’s upbeat.

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