Lean on Me

The video from Children’s Miracle Awards I’ve been waiting for! 🙂

Thanks, Nate!


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  1. Help! I’ve fallen into a double-song vortex and I can’t get out! He was so ON last night!

  2. You know David’s “soul version” of any song he chooses to add it to is just always so tasteful. He never seems to bury the listener like CAguilera, who by the time is done you could not even remember the original melody. David adds just enough to make it interesting from bland pop. He is simply mega-talented when it comes to this aspect of his craft.

  3. Well, if I was worried about David’s voice when he was in Japan, he certainly has found it again. Wow – just stunning. On this one the piano seemed to lead – and go too slow. Other than that, stellar!

  4. I agree with Marlie, Lean on Me was too slow. I think David was trying to get Sunny to pick up the pace, but the piano seemed kind of far away so maybe she didn’t see him. Anyway, David sounded great, but it would have been perfect if it were just a bit faster.

    Jeff wrote Dream Sky High according to what I’ve read. David would have been pretty young at the time so it makes sense the Jeff wrote it.

  5. From the last thread – I would recommend getting Bose speakers for your computer/iPod dock. They are great and enhance your David listening pleasure (and other artists too)!

  6. i like it and very smooth. david should have sang the song ” things are get better” is that the song he sang for MDA?? that would have been a perfect song for the CMN event, just saying.

  7. Hey. Um…some ppl have been voting their hinies off on this meaningless poll. lol. But it’s been so close for so long, and it’s about to end, and we’re about to lose. So…ya know what I’m saying, right?



  8. Voting is good but instead I just finished emails to some friends undergoing serious medical treatments and included his two Children’s Miracle Network Awards videos. I also sent them out to my daughters because it is about time to really get his music out there and as I said to them…humor me and listen to them… So if you know of someone who is not well, send them an email with some of David’s songs!


  9. Even though I did vote some (couldn’t resist), I don’t care if Adam wins the last round.

  10. things that make you go “hmmm”:

    jordin will be leading the dallas Christmas parade that david led last year. http://tinyurl.com/6eq8p4s

    on 10/4, jason derulo’s highly touted album debuted at #29 w/sales of 13,000.

    degraw and cook performed at the state fair in Arizona last night. degraw was billed as the headliner. tickets were $10.

    • Very interesting, desertrat. David’s numbers are looking better and better, aren’t they?

      • yes, agreed- & with very little promo. Also, David’s ability to hopefully ( still) sell out venues. Things are changing in the music industry as we have been reading for sure.

        The thing that impresses me is how solid & organized D’s fanbase is after all this time- on both sides of the globe.

  11. desertrat – it goes to show that it’s really tough out there in the music business, and maybe David isn’t doing so bad after all. Without a label David will get to keep a lot more of the money made from his touring this year. No one is selling any albums except a select few like Adele.

  12. Wow, desertrat, that’s pretty dismal. Guess there really is very little room at the top.

    Confession time. I admit I downloaded DSH. It’s better without the backing track and David sang the heck out of it. It’s like watching a bad movie that’s redeemed by great performances.

    And LOM?! Gah!! That low register?! Killed!!

    • lol, Utahmom! You’re not the only one who may or may not have have had a change of heart about DSH. I need to download both songs today.

      I saw that the mp3 version of Kelly Clarkson’s new CD is 4.99 on Amazon. Well, that was this morning, anyway. It’ll be interesting to see how she does with her new vibe.

      • Thanks for the tip on Kelly’s CD, I just downloaded it.

        I still dislike DSH, no real change of heart, I just like David’s performance. If he only had a great, original killer song, I can imagine what he’d do with it.

      • True, considering how he’s made classics his own.

        Let us know how you like Kelly’s album! I may get it too, actually. It’s a good deal. I haven’t heard any other song besides Mr. Know It All, though. I kinda don’t like it.

      • I really like Kelly’s CD. Lots of “relationshippy” songs, which is interesting since I just saw an article on Kelly in which she admitted she’s never been in love. Mr. Know It All is a good representation of the music, so you might not care for it Astrid.

    • For me, the thing about DSH and Melodies of Christmas, is that the music is good–it’s the words, and especially the titles, that are a little too much on the cheesy side. Not OTT cheesy like “Let’s Talk About Love” (Build a Bear song) or “The Cat and Mouse Carol”, just kind of dated.

  13. remember this? david’s solo parts from “somos el mundo”; another heartfelt effort.

  14. This slideshow was on my xfinity browser. David’s on the list but how come Glambert earned 6 million?


    • He toured heavily stateside and internationally during his debut CD era, had tons of hi profile gigs and exposure non related to music… in other words…. he was able to capitalize very nicely financially on his hype coming off Idol. He enjoyed the benefits of a very favorable industry and mainstream press, for the most part, had the full support and connections of his label, 19e mgmt, Simon Fuller. With that kind of weight and influence on your side, he should really have made double that – IMO. He will face the same uphill battle everyone else is now facing in the industry – he changed mgmt from what I gather, but he’s still kind of a media darling, so we shall see how round 2 goes for him.

      • I agree that Adam really had all kinds of supports coming off of idol. I believe that Adam now has the same management team as Katy Perry. It will be interesting to see how he does but I agree that Adam is still kind of a media darling.

    • I wonder how much of that is actually his to keep. The type of promotion he had doesn’t come cheap.

  15. The Dam Nation Idol Tournament – Semifinals

    It’s David vs. Kelly in the semifinals. There are only 48 hours to vote. We have until 10:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 26 to cast our votes for David.

    Just as before, fans should vote on as many PC’s, laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc. as they can get their hands on! (Only 1 vote per IP address allowed.)


  16. Joymous, Glambert earned 6 million dollars mainly from touring. Of course, we don’t know how accurate the numbers are, but he did a lot of shows. Lots of them were sold out shows. David needs to tour. That’s where the money is, if you can fill the seats.

  17. ‘if you can fill the seats’.. not sure David’s shows will be sold out.. no promo and he is not out there too much for folks to know about him? do hope this small tour is somewhat profitable for him though.. or he won’t be doing many in the future I would suppose?

    • I agree. I am not sure if David’s shows will be sold out either. I hope they are but who knows with no promo. I think if David does sign with a label and management he could tour with other artists next year. But that is a big “if” at this point.

    • Abravanel Hall appears to be only half full so far, and I would think this would be one of the brisker selling venues. It’s still early though, and perhaps Christmas shows tend to sell more tickets closer to the holidays when there’s more promo. So far, the only promo has been on the main website page for ticket sales. There’s been lots of ads for GCT though. I wonder if that will help or hinder ticket sales.

  18. is that olivia newton john seated in the chair? if not, it looks like her.

    • Hmmmm. She does look like her, but I’m not sure? She’s not a grandma though, unless the twitter was about the other lady. I hope I look that good when I’m a grandma. Off to look into botox injections…

  19. I see entertainment contracts in my job. I have not idea how David’s contracts are structured, but the contracts I see, the artist gets paid a set fee and gets paid at intermission. If that is the case with David’s contracts, then all he has to do is show up and sing to get his money. It doesn’t matter if the venue is sold out. Of course, if he sells lots of tickets then he will get booked for other tours. If tickets don’t sell well, then it will be hard for him to get booked on another tour.

    • Your job seems very interesting. From what you say, it seems like the venue would have a vested interest in promoting a concert too.

    • Very interesting. Following David has really opened my eyes to the music industry. It can be very brutal and bizarre, to say the least, but I have found it to be absolutely fascinating to learn about. I could serious sit and just observe David and his management (or any other public artist) at work for a day, to see the backstory of how a day-to-day operation works.

    • Grammy, does the artist him/herself get paid at intermission, or does the check (I assume) go to a third party like a manager or road manager that you’ve seen?

    • First of all, thanks so much for explaining that, grammyj. That’s interesting. I don’t think it’s fair, though, for it to be held against D if tickets don’t sell well…since he’s doing this w/out a label, mgmt or airplay. I’d hope that would be taken into consideration…Actually, I’ve spoken w/ some Cook fans who also like D. And they’re very impressed that he’s able to tour at all right now.

  20. I only see the negotiated contracts. I’m a purchasing agent, so I don’t actually know what happens at the venue. I assume that the check would go to the manager or road manager. And, yes, each venue that David sings at has a vested interest in filling the seats. The publicity would be mainly their responsibility. David’s team (per the contracts that I’ve seen) would ask to approve the advertising, but the sponsor and venues should be marketing the concert.

  21. David doesn’t have to sell out the venues for the tour to be considered successful. He just needs to sell enough for the venue/sponsors to make a profit. He has already sold out six VIP’s and a seventh is almost sold out. I think that’s impressive since those are expensive seats, and goes to show he has still has his core fans. I think the casual fans will buy closer to the date of the concert. Most people don’t think about buying tickets to a Christmas concert in October. Cook is co-headlining his tour and he hasn’t sold out any venues that are the same size as the ones David is having for his Christmas tour. I think David was able to book this tour because his CFTH tour was deemed a success so the venues would book him.

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