No Reason to Doubt David’s Mission to Music

Can’t wait for the vids that accompany this pic! 😛


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  1. Look David’s hanging out with Meredith Viera!

    tweet from —>SunnyHilden

    Lupe & David Archuleta, Meredith Vieira, me & Kelli & Elizabeth from @CMNHospitals ♥

  2. David Archuleta Live in Singapore on 19 Nov 2011! Get your tickets !!! Watch the Promo video !!!

  3. Whoa………..beautiful girl…….Miss America

  4. awesome pics!! glad to see his mom came with him and sunny too, i just have noticed that miss amercia and david tweeted at the same time!! hmmm. he could be hanging out with her late tonight after the CMN event perhaps!!??only guessing geez!.


  5. tweet………

    I wrote in Pam Pike’s book that @DavidArchie gets me misty-eyed every time we perform or record. After tonight, still true♫
    19 minutes ago

  6. oh boy…….not my favorite song

    David performing Dream Sky high at CMN in Florida…

    • here is a link that works

      • Beautifully done! And so soulful. I read that he also sang “Lean on Me”.

      • just saw it, he just blew me away!!!, i think this was ones of david best preformace yet, in my opinion.

      • First time I have ever liked this song. Man his voice sounds great- and his sincerity shines through. His improv added alot. My comment about the piano is it was way to loud. Maybe and I am not an expert- even though I play piano, what is bothering some of you is the arrangement for the piano- it could have been toned down and modernized?

        For this occasion- IMO it was appropriate. David wrote this when he was a child- it came from his heart- and this occasion is about inspiring children to dream. I am sure those in the fan base who love this song are happy.

  7. Holy cow – he did an amazing job! Standing O :). Just love him!

  8. Where’s the real video. Is this from Junior High? Sorry, I don’t really know much about music, other than what sounds good to my ears and my heart, but that piano music is just….discordant to me. Sorry, it just sounds like music from a bad, bad movie.

    • David, I could not agree with you more. That song is just so cheesy and does sound like it is from a bad movie. For David to be singing this song is just ridiculous. Again bad advice from management. I also agree with desertrat and Utahmom. Of course, everything sounds bad except David’s voice. I still think Sunny is benefiting from all of this more than David ever will. I will say David looks great and he always does when is mom, Lupe, is around him. I would like to hear “Lean On Me”.

  9. Maybe it’s just to prominent for me? That damned piano.

  10. Maybe a violin would help ths song.
    And scrap that plodding piano.

    • 🙂 i think an arrangement that was more dissonant- i that makes sense- For example, Silent Night on CFTH is such an amazing arrangement- because- it does not follow the chords but brings a whole different “story” line to the music so to speak that contrasts yet matches- if that makes sense.

  11. David sounded wonderful. I agree, not the best piano arrangement, but I prefer it to that hokey backing track. Although it doesn’t matter what arrangement is used, I will never like that song.

  12. I have to disagree about the piano. This was a performance with just piano and on my computer with Bose speakers it sounded just fine. Of course it would sound even better with an orchestra, but this was just a performance for charity. David’s vocals were great. He got a standing ovation so the audience liked it. He had his “soul David” on display!!

    • I’ve heard so much about Bose speakers as it relates to listening to David’s music, I may have to invest in some. Honestly, it sounded great with my Apple ear phones. Just a wonderfully, moving performance. He was clearly inspired by the Champions and I felt it.

    • Some high profile music artists do performances that get much attention and buzz at “charity events”. Like for example Lady Gaga with her Marilyn Monroe performance at the recent Bill Clinton Charity fundraiser. Whether you like Gaga or not, she can be over the top for me at times, she did get a huge amount of promo and buzz from that charity event. That being said David looked and sounded great.

      • David is not Lady Gaga. Never was and never will be. He is not going to get any buzz from performing at this charity function. And that is certainly not the reason that he is there. He is not there to further his career. Seems to me he is there because he wants to support and give back to an organization he believes in. And looks like from the audience’s reaction he did just that. That is the most important thing.

      • I am a huge fan of Bill Clinton and his foundation does a lot of great work for others. That was just one example of a music artist getting attention from a performance at a charity event. There are many more examples than that. My point is that music artists do get attention from their performances at a charity event. That is a good thing as it helps raise money for a charity and brings attention to the charity so I would not discount performances at charity events. I know David is not gaga. lol

      • I also still do not like the song Dream Sky High and I never will. But Whatever. lol

  13. This was the first time I liked “Dream Sky High”. David can take a song to another place. He has so much talent, and changes up songs almost every time he sings them.

    • Grammyj – I agree with you completely.

      David’s voice was spot on and I can truly say that this is the 1st time I have enjoyed this song (even without Bose speakers) 🙂

      I also agree that it would be better with stringed instruments – even a string quartet. But it was a performance for charity and not in a performance hall.

      Also liking the hair and outfit!

      • Sometimes, when David is singing, his voice has the quality of a stringed instument to me. I almost would swear, too, that he was singing a voice over on himself. Of course, I know that he isn’t. It’s like when you hear one of his songs…(I should say from in the beginning when you would hear one of his songs) and think he couldn’t reproduce the sound live, because there must be some kind of studio trick being done. Then you’d hear it live and have to eat your words, or thoughts.

      • Well, not a studio trick, but an enhancement.

    • I agree, too. I liked this for the first time, ever. And I also have Bose speakers on my desktop – it sounded amazing! 🙂 I barely noticed the piano in this one. In Lean on Me, it was way too slow and way too loud.

  14. I haven’t even gotten around to listening for piano. David’s voice caught my ear and by the end, I could cry, he was so good. Did some of you who don’t like the song listen to the end? You should.

    The song was written for David when he was a kid, if I have the story right. He sang it last night for an event that honors special kids and special caretakers, and he sang it at DisneyWorld. I have been to DisneyWorld. You spend your time there among magical stories and characters and it sort of opens you up to a less cynical viewpoint. I think the choice was appropriate and I really loved this performance.

    • I was blown AWAY!..He sounded amazing…made me love this song. Also agree that I was mesmerized by his vocals. What piano? lol

  15. someone posted the comment below on the youtube video. i never read the kaelin or pam pike books so some of this is news to me (if it’s true).

    “this song was written by Jeff, David’s dad, then Sunny was asked to help with the melody and instrumentation and together this song came together. It was written for David at the time because he was singing ,as Jeff put it, mostly diva songs and they wanted a song written just for David. As David recorded this song, he was in the recording booth alone and all the phrasing, emphasis on notes ect. was done by David..he was not shown or told how to sing it… HE JUST SANG IT.. it’s his GIFT !!”

  16. My point is that David is not going to do some gimmick. A gimmick that brings more attention to him than the organization he is there for. He is going to give a performance that expresses his heart. He is going to give a performance that is positive and up-lifting. This is what he is about. At least in my opinion. The song was appropriate for the occasion. He gave a passionate and heartfelt performance. Based on the response from the audience they felt the same.

    This is not the type of event that was going to garner a lot of attention. It is an event to honor caregivers at Children Miracle Network Hospitals. This is not an event honoring high profile people like former president Bill Clinton. Usher is not performing, nor is Bono.

    • Kris: Whatever. We are all not going to agree on everything. Which is fine with me. lol

      • I guess in order to be considered a “good fan ” it is very important to be positive at all times and never bring up “inappropriate” pop stars. I will remember that. I am over 50 and I am not a big gaga fan by the way. lol

  17. Agree, Kris, and that is one of the many things I love about him.

    Funny thing about Lady Gaga. My 16 and 18yo daughters were once huge fans, and lately they are not. They both feel that she does much of what she does for promotion rather than because she really cares. (And trust me, they don’t get this idea from me. I don’t follow Gaga.)

  18. “Lean On Me”

  19. OMG!!!
    Dang – where in the heck…did that lower register at the beginning come from? David has flirted with it from time to time but I do believe this is the first he maintained it for at least a verse. The rest was just icing on the cake.

    My,that was heartfelt and impressive.

    Well David – you sure got your stringed instruments on this rendition – esp cello.

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