A Little Light in a Dark World

I’ve witnessed some really low moments in humanity this week. I suspect this is part of the challenges of living in a digital culture.

On the one hand, if it weren’t for the Internet and all our digital gadgets, we wouldn’t get to hear David sing “Heaven” halfway across the world.  On the other hand, there are other debased, debauched, and utterly disgusting acts I really don’t need to see or hear about, but when you’re on the Internet, you see and hear about them anyways.


It began earlier this week. I was reading through some of my bookmarked blogs and came upon a story of a 14-year-old girl named Amber Cole (I won’t provide any links because I don’t want to inadvertently lead anyone to a site tracking in child pornography).  This young girl was coaxed into performing oral sex on her boyfriend in a schoolyard, in broad daylight, while two other boys watched, giggled, recorded the act, and uploaded the video to Twitvid.  That such acts are taking place among our youth is bad enough, but then to learn that the video itself became a Twitter TREND within hours… there are just no words.

Imagine that we live in a culture, where enough people shared and watched a video containing child pornography (because that’s what it is when an underage child engages in such acts) to the point where it became a trend.

Double Sigh.

And as my heart, which was hurting, was gradually healing (and it usually does whenever I pop in my DVD of Glad Christmas Tidings), I later saw on the Internet, and later on TV while I was trying to eat breakfast, recorded videos of even more vile acts, this time of a violent nature.

I’m referring to the videos depicting the gruesome murder of former Libyan leader Qaddafi.  Now, I know this man was a dictator who did many oppressive and evil things, but somehow, I can’t get on board with gloating over another person’s death, especially one that was done so horrifically and with the intention of humiliation. I witnessed a LYNCHING, and this time, my stomach, not my heart, was hurting.

As someone who has been fortunate enough not to live under an oppressive regime, I can say that I really don’t know what it’s like to want to hurt another human being in such a vile manner, but I don’t derive any pleasure from seeing someone die so horribly.  I can empathize with those who’ve experienced such terrible pain that they’ve wished death and terrible punishment on those who caused the pain.  But I can’t gloat, I can’t laugh, I can’t feel justice, I just can’t.

And so, having learned (or witnessed) the existence of such videos, I feel like someone who’s been demeaned. I feel like someone who’s been flashed by somebody’s unflattering private parts.

I just feel so icky.

Because I’m learning that our digital culture has produced shameless individuals who think it’s appropriate to record other people’s humiliation, and equally shameless voyeurs who get off on that humiliation.

Last night, when I went into my kitchen, the lights suddenly went out.  And it’s like that feeling.  Where you’re used to having light, and suddenly the light bulb goes out.

This week, it’s like the light bulb went out around the world for me.  It’s like waking up to a whole new Dark Ages or something, where civilization is so far off in the distance.

So, when I think of the larger context that is our culture and our world, it makes sense to me why someone of David’s sensibilities would be hesitant to grasp at the brass ring of success.  Look at the state of pop music.  There are no values – not socially, morally, or even musically.

How do you keep your little light shining in such a dark world?

And So it Goes.  I had to replay David’s rendition today.  I remember when David sang this song on Idol, I was so moved. Scratch that, I was haunted in an uncanny way.  It was this song that set me on my O.D.D. obsessions.  It was this song I clinged to when the negativity in the press intensified against him.

Listening to the Voice telling us, “and you can have this heart to break,” reminds me of the power to love.  No matter how dark the world gets, no matter how much there are others who will make your heart heart, you just can’t stop loving, and you can’t stop giving your heart to others.

I’m a David fan because my idol reminds me of this lesson regularly: that a little light makes all the difference in a dark, dark world.

It’s something I’ll need to remember as the world gets a little darker each day.  As long as you’ve got a light bulb to replace the burned out one.

Darkness is always threatened by light, isn’t it?


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  1. I found the bloodied image of Moammar Gadhafi repulsive and unnecessary. He was, after all, a human being. I haven’t watched the news since because I don’t want to see that again.

    Our world is a very violent place & I often stay away from the news because it is so violent and repetitive. I think that is one reason why I have immersed myself in this ‘David’ world, beautiful music from a beautiful person.

  2. Such a beautiful post, hellogorgeous. I’m in a similar place because of another news story I read on the Internet early this week.I’m still crying about it days later. David and his music comfort me and I really adore that he seems to care about the larger world out there.

  3. Nice and necessary post, HG. I really can’t add anything to it. And, usually, I’m of the mind that I think that I can…and should.

  4. Beautiful Post HG.

    These idol videos truly serve as a light in the darkness as they remind us of our first love for David and his craft. Despite commonplace talk of lack of a label, management, ______ (fill in the blank) etc., this is where the love started for many of us.

    On listening back, in hindsight the lyrics are also somewhat prophetic as a young David’s Jive rose ultimately left behind thorns of all shapes and sizes, including dashed fan expectations. He is slowly reshaping his career with what works for him. My sincere hope is that he can sustain in years to come his innate gifts of talent and charisma.

  5. Wow, HG. That was beautiful. And you have such a gift for writing. There’s not much I can add, either. Except to confirm that it’s reaaaaally hard to find values out there.

    And I’m not watching either of those videos.

  6. Well said HG, all this acts a the new net culture is taking the world to his more low stage, humiliation, intimidation, cruelty …i mean is really scary to think all the dangers the youngs are exposed this days, and how parents can easily lost the control of their childrens to all this new net culture .
    The Gadhafi video is just so shocking to see a second time. :/

    I think though that the pop music is not all the nasty that what the radio makes us feel …. A lot of great singers with good values still there making good music, delivering with great voices and emotion, and living their fame with responsibility …… i guess is possible to reach a star status without compromise your values….depend of the way each one handle the pressure and the support from their entourage between others factors.

    BTE Jackie Evancho is great too to find that relaxing moment in the middle of the chaos.

  7. i read that david’s sister is getting married!!!!???, i wish her and her new fiance the best of luck together in their future together. i bet david is one happy bro!!.

    • This is one time you are right on the money. I saw that on Claudia’s Facebook page which is mostly public.

      • well i read on fansofdavid website on the comments section. i bet she will have a beauiful wedding, i hope he in the wedding, maybe one of the groomen of his sister’s fiance and i be he will sing for sure, who knows maybe the bride/groom first dance???

  8. Your pain is heartfelt…and I also felt disgust at the violence of this past week. And I, too, immerse myself in David’s music when my heart just can’t take another disappointment or watch any more inhuman treatment of others. And this doesn’t have to be the kind of violence of this week. It can be the more subtle kind – tempers unleashed in a work situation, disregard for others in a schoolyard. Or the blatant disrespect of the Congress for the people.

    Some days I think that we humans can’t absorb this much “news” and perhaps were much happier in times when instant video didn’t shock us with happenings near and far.

    I think I definitely need a David immersion. I wonder if he knows how healing his voice can be? I hope so. I hope he knows that he soothes weary souls every single day whether he sings to us live or from the video vault on youtube.

  9. I was wondering if anyone of you can help me.? I”m not sure if my lap top crash or maybe just the fan site…I been going to fan of david site for 30 minutes and it seems the comments section are still the same number.

  10. Idolfan- thank you for helping me, I don’t know what to do without this site and fans of david. These sites are my favorites.

  11. aww no problem. archielet, i read that david already had his first kissed, he told some guy!!!!

  12. Who’s the lucky girl?

  13. go david!!! i mean come on he is 20 year old for god sake, i hope it true thought?

  14. Such a beautiful and timely post.

  15. if david ever get ask if he has his first kiss yet, i wouldnt believe him on the part anymore!!?? if this is really true if he told some guy.

  16. maybe if anyone who is going to the book singing in utah nov, tell david and would like to see his rection, it would be soooo funny!?!? i bet he would be piss or shocked out of his mind!!??

  17. Remember david is very private person, I don’t think he share this information to anyone.

  18. i bet his eyes would be huge!!? and again i bet he would like”what!!??” (laughing so hard)

  19. Idaolfan- u so funny:) I guess it’s about time.

    • archielet, aww thanks, sometimes i am funny. i hope it not a joke if david did had his first kissed already, like you said, it is about time. have a goodnite.


  20. Idolfan- goodnight !

  21. HG you brought it home again and it is so wonderful how more than anyting else, David’s songs (And So It Goes in particular), bring comfort and healing to us during all of the madness.


  22. do you guys know the news about a little girl named Yue Yue who was hit by a truck and about 18 people ignored her didn’t even care to touch her? the first time i watched the video, i was mad, pretty mad. i cried and could barely say a word. i’m scared that it’s probably what the society looks like today. world is so much like a hell and we’ve become less and less human.

  23. This post offers a lot to think about. I wasn’t aware of the Amber Cole or Yue Yue incidents. I just watched a news story on Yue Yue and it’s just unbelievable how people just looked at her and kept walking. To make it even worse, the entire incident is recorded on a (surveillance?) camera. Who was watching the camera and what did s/he do to help?

  24. PBS is showing Glad Christmas Tidings:

    Tuesday, December 13, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET; Friday, December 23, 2100, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET


    • Nice Post hg. Very thought provoking as always. I can’t wait to see the PBS GCT special with David on it.

  25. The yue yue story was the one that upset me, and I debated about naming it. If any readers haven’t heard of that story, use caution when clicking on links out there on the web. There’s a rather horrifying video.

  26. Before HG mentioned it I already knew about Amber Cole. After all, my HS students began bombarding me about it since last Monday; Did you hear about Amber Cole? Of course the male students were snickering about it and the female ones – just plain uncomfortable. I then had to use it as a teachable moment about respect for our bodies.
    Just sad.

  27. I think this is a great pic of David at CMN in Florida with one of the kids. He looks good. http://ow.ly/i/jGID

  28. Shanny in Australia

    Thanks Hg, David has always been a light in a darkening world to me.
    I had seen Amber Cole trending and even wondered who she was and what was significant about her to be trending.
    And people think todays current artists who like to shock everyone with their crazy antics and sexuality are just a bit of harmless fun….well no wonder we have issues like Amber Cole to deal with.
    Thank you once again dear David Archuleta for doing things your way and not caving in to the pressure.

  29. Saw this over at The Voice:

    If you would like to send an expression of sympathy to GGdoorsfan, who recently lost her father, here’s the link to a group card: http://www.groupcard.com/c/m6Tv1CCzB41

  30. I think I’ll skip those videos. Just a few weeks ago, a video capturing a bunch of people who ran towards a burning car, lifting it up and pulling out the accident victim who was trapped underneath it also made the news. It happened at Utah State University in Logan. There is still good out there balancing the bad.

  31. HG; Beautiiful- you out did yourself with this post.

    • very touching and inspiring. it made me think of the gospel song “if i can help somebody”.

    • This video is very touching !! for real we have in the world Amazing people with Great spirits!! ….. thanks for sharing cchalo. ”Heroes” (from CNN) is a segment to help you to connect with the reality in many ways and how much you can learn of all this giving people.

  32. Glad I stopped back by here! Utahmom, I remembered that video, too, and I’d also forgotten it, but was glad to be reminded. And cc halo, the video you posted filled me with happiness. Thank both of you so much!

  33. I’m loving all these stories of good you all are sharing I don’t think they get enough attention.

    If you don’t mind I’d like to add a personal experience I had last week at my son’s xc meet.

    The varsity teams all run the 5k race first – boys then girls – the JV boys go next and then the JV girls last. The meet was in a particularly wooded park and it was starting to get a little bit dark. I had heard the coaches talking earlier that a special needs girl was running her first race for my son’s school, but had kind of forgotten about it. Anyway, I was talking with some parents and we had thought the kids had all finished when we heard a lot of commotion and realized that this girl was still out on the course and the kids that had already finished racing had run back to run alongside this girl cheering and encouraging her. I don’t know if you can picture the scene but it got me a little teary seeing some of these High Schoolers who often get a bad rap of bullying and such were being so encouraging and supportive it made my week.

  34. Sorry, I reread my post and I wasn’t saying these particular kids had ever been bullying just a comment about the stuff we’ve seen so much in the news – there are a lot of good kids out there too and are often overshadowed by the few that choose to bully and ridicule.

    • I love to be reminded of all the good kids that are out there. Somehow the media loves to play up the bad seeds – I guess it makes better press.

  35. picture of david performing tonight.


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