Is It Just Me?

… or is anyone else slightly annoyed that, while David was put through the wringer as folks erroneously reported that he was “dropped” from Jive records, Crystal Bowersox is being reported as “splitting” from Jive records in the most amicable way possible? Is it because we are ready to give Crystal the benefit of the doubt that she wants to find her way independently as an artist, rather than be directed by a failing label?

Of course, there’s also the issue that the source of this story is written by none other than Michael Slezak.

It’s like back during the Super Bowl scandal involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.  After the infamous “wardrobe malfunction,” JT immediately assembled a press conference, blamed the mishap on Janet’s wardrobe (even though he’s the one who yanked a piece of fabric from her clothes), and apologized for any misunderstandings, while Janet took her time to do the same, apologized for causing offense, and failed to spin the situation in ways to invite sympathy for her costume problems.

The result?  Justin got out of that scandal pretty unscathed, while Janet is still trying to live it down.

Lesson learned?  As a good ol’ friend of mine said, “It seems like Justin’s people are working for him.  Who the heck is working for Janet?”

Funny thing is, with this kind of media spin, I’m having a bit of deja vu: “It seems like Crystal’s people are working for her.  Who the heck is working for David?”

And as the old Bard would say: “Therein lies the rub.”


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  1. I saw previews of Law and order special victims unit for next week and Crystal B. has a big part in the show next week. So, someone is most definitely working for her to get her on that show. Noone is as talented as David and he was not dropped by Jive…..David even said he was ask to stay. Michael S. needs to get a life. He is a ……….

    • I totally agree with you hg. Well written post. That it was reported that David was “dropped” by Jive was so unfair and not true. “It seems like Crystal’s people are working for her. Who the heck is working for David?” Exactly.

    • Why the anger at Slezak for reporting this accurately? He’s not the one to blame for the false report of David being dropped, is he?

    • David could be ready, and take the initiative to be him the one to communicate to his fans and press his status with the label to avoid the media speculation. But of course again communication is the key failed.

  2. Sigh. I actually feel sick when I think of that time. Melwitch’s undermining- resulting in bad publicity – media having a field day and silence from D’s camp. A simply statement from David or a publicist was all that was needed to clarify. Finally it came but the damage was done.

  3. Crystal didn’t fire her manager at the same time as leaving her label, so she did have someone to speak for her. David was keeping the identity of his new manager a secret. In hindsight, he should have known Melinda wouldn’t take being fired very well.

    • He may not have had the life experience to know- cause it is hard even for people to have been around the block to believe a professional would act that way- But a professional, advisor hopes for the best and plans for the worst.

    • So true that David did not get good advice when he left WEG. Everyone should have anticipated their reaction and been prepared. A publicist would have helped.

  4. Uhhh…you don’t want to get me started on that. lol..I contracted over 75 sites and stations after David made his “correction” vlog, and asked them to re-post the truth. Of course, most didn’t, but a few did. Even then, many who agreed to post his vlog were snide and said he was just covering his hide, and basically lying.

    Shirley Halperin of The Hollywood Reporter spoke w/ JIVE first, and supposedly got the “scoop.” All they said was “David’s no longer on our roster”, and she spun it to say he’d been dropped. Of course. Because not being dropped isn’t sensational enough. And the media storm that followed quoted her article and took her at face-value…

    That was such a lovely time. lol.

  5. Shanny in Australia

    Nah, it doesn’t really bother me. I think the only people who think or care or even notice the word ‘dropped’ are the fans and the haters. 99% of people probably forgot about it 10 seconds after they read it or if they remember it they probably just thought ‘that guy was good, hope something else works out for him’. Yes Melinda should have kept quiet but I have a hard time feeling hard feelings over it.

    I think its interesting what Crystal had to say about it all…much like David…hopefully the tides are changing little by little in the music industry and we will eventually get back to a focus on quality.

    • Well, normally I’d agree with you. But to this day, everyone thinks he was dropped. And a few TV stations went so far as to say that he’d lost all of his fans and his career was now over. So…yeah. I can’t say that was really a good thing, lol.

    • If you google David Archuleta’s name it does quickly come up with a story that he was “dropped” from his label. It just is not a good perception for a music artist from a PR standpoint. David is not the only one. Lee DeWyze is stuck with he was “dropped” from his label too. However, many artists go on after leaving their label and I am waiting for David to make his move. If that ever happens. lol

    • I totally agree Shanny !!

  6. Efficient communication isn’t exactly his current management’s strong suit (ironic, considering all the chattiness in the past)–I mean, do we even know if the Singapore concert is official?

    • I agree with you on that cc halo.

    • I agree too, but i think that communication is a big problem for David himself , not good that your team find by others sources that they are been fired . He needs some tips about to be a boss too….. just my observation.

      And the concert in Singapore still unofficial, but if i understand they are selling already tickets? 😮

      • i heard that the singapore concert is a sham. if he was going there it would have been on his website by now unless it is too early to be official yet??

    • You’re right on that, tibi, he does seem to be ultra cautious–and usually waits until things are carved in stone. Which gets back to the constant idea here that he needs someone more professional to push him. Funnily enough, though our theme here is that Jeff is too intense, working with a parent might also mean that David feels less pressure, not more.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Interesting point about feeling less pressure when your parent is your manager. David sure does seem like he’s going for less pressure lately. lol

        ….which by the way, i’m ok with…david wanting less pressure, I mean.

      • If for ” Less pressure” you mean to avoid to confront and take decisions for him self and under his only responsibility and actually take seriously his role of boss …. yeah can be a possibility …i tell you i still thinking about the badcop/good cop reference you did this week …more and more.

  7. Anyway, i start to think if David really hear the advise of someone.
    I know many here think he is all easy to work with, but i actually looking him and the process this last year, i think he can be a little difficult to handle in some aspects ….and i think indecision is one of his strongs problems .

  8. Hey HG i find an article, i thinks is interesting and indirectly relate to David, but i’m not sure about posting here, so let me know if you want the link. 🙂

  9. @DavidArchie: It always feels nice to be back in Utah.

    So he is in home, lets the VRS whoever they are, to share some news about his future !! lol…..just kidding btw 🙂

  10. I’m kind of annoyed too that David is being unfairly lumped in with those idols who were “dropped” from their labels. SO true that having the right people working for you makes a difference. Of course, it was David’s own “people” who spread the misinformation in the first place.

    Letting MWEG go at the same time was a big mistake — many of us felt that way at the time as well. I’m not saying he should have kept Melinda, but he could have used some help with the label change and then later dropped his management. It was much too drastic.
    Thinking about what you said hg; “Who the heck is working for David?” The answer, of course, is mic. He is the one who has always been there throughout everything and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. For some reason, David’s favorite bird comes to mind.

    • IMO If David had gone to a new label and new professional management when he “left” Jive it would have been a much smoother transition and not such a media/PR mess. He would not have been labeled as “dropped” but he once again had bad advice that he followed. Crystal is smart as she is even mentioning going to ATO which is Dave Matthews’ label in the articles. She is going to be on a TV show and has plans in the works which is smart. Seeing that mic is in charge I do not believe that David will ever get good advice as far as his music career goes until he gets new management. That is kind of obvious to me.

    • By the end of January, I expect to hear that Kris Allen, Cook and Jordin have moved on too.

      • I agree with you about Kris and Cook but I am not so sure about Jordin. But her image change is not working so far so you may be right. I can’t see any of those idols staying at RCA/Sony long-term.

      • I’m sure they will all “split” from their label “in the most amicable way possible,” especially Cook.

  11. This is not on the OS but it looks like David is going to Singapore November 19. His booking schedule is very confusing.

    Hope this video plays for you

    • This just shows how unreliable the OS is. No wonder people don’t go to the OS much. The OS does not get up to date info first.

  12. David Archuleta signing! ›

    Nov 21 at 4:00 p.m. –

    David will be signing “Glad Christmas Tidings,” the CD and DVD from his performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

  13. There is quite a contrast between the concert hype over there and the one over here. So who is having him return? How does that work really? Whatever it is, it works for him…We just don’t get it do we or they? I am sorry, it blows my mind sometimes… 😉


  14. Apparently it is Miracle Entertainment Group that is bringing David to Singapore on Nov 19.

    Interesting read about this company & they have offices in Los Angeles (USA), Taiwan, Malaysia, Phillipines, Macau, Sri Lanka and South Korea.

  15. Well Astrid- I saw your offer to meet me at Disney…. My daughter has now made plans to have a friend stay over- so I can’t go- but I did try to figure out what hotel or venue this was at with no luck- Any idea? It occurred to me it may not be in the park but in one of the Disney hotels….

  16. Question re the “Idols” being dropped- How many of them does everyone think has staying power long term?

    • I agree that it is Kelly and Carrie and possibly Daughtry at this point . The future of the other idols is just not clear to me. I would think that Adam will get another album but not so sure about the others. I too hope David can get back in there at some point. Yes it sure is interesting the Sunny is with David in Florida. That is one way to put it. lol I think some were not happy with that guy’s tweet about Claudia’s wedding.

  17. Obviously Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have staying power. Also, probably Daughtry. Not sure about the rest. I hope David finds a way to get back in there or at least to be able to make it a career.

    I hope David will not be singing “Dream Sky High” but that could be it. Sunny has written other songs.

    Looks like Claudia is getting married per this tweet:
    bails85 James Bailey
    Just got an invite to David Archuleta’s sisters wedding, if David Archuleta sings, and I don’t have to deal with mormons I’ll head to Utah
    10 minutes ago

  18. Here are a couple of tweets from him. He sure got a tweet lashing, lol

    bails85 James Bailey
    Just so you all know my tweet about the Archuleta wedding/Mormons..I was joking around, I cant actually go, its too far away
    2 hours ago

    bails85 James Bailey
    I’m going to RT some of the flack I received from today…not to prove apoint but just to show how one joke can snowball
    1 hour ago

    • Just proves that many are too quick to assume things and not realizing that someone is just joking around on twitter.

      • yes, it’s hard to joke around in writing sometimes, even here it can be taken serious if you forget to do the lol thingy

      • Shanny in Australia

        Well its nice and easy and convienent to wiggle out of something by calling it a joke. Hopefully the guy at least learnt twitter is the wrong place to make such distasteful jokes…. lol
        But whatever. In the world of twitter…think its old news now.

    • Not the first time that that happen, Archie Gestapo Team is implacable to reprimand the ”Joker” (insert Machiavelli laugh here )

  19. Twitter, facebook, the internet in general. People say things in real time, without a filter, that they can’t take back, on the internet. It’s a whole new thing to deal with. People get so overblown about what others say on the internet. It’s really not quite the same thing as going out and standing on a corner with a sign…or actually staying in one place…for even minutes…to prove a point..or arguing with a friend in person, for 10 minutes, until they throw you out of their house, because they don’t believe in what you are emphatically saying.
    People throw things out there…and there it is for everyone on the planet to see… like it really is worth the effort it used to be…to reach so many people. It used to be a monumental EFFORT to reach a few people with your ideas…and make them listen. Now, it’s scarily easy to throw unfiltered crap out to a billion people. We will catch up with this technological advance…maybe…but…grain of salt…just like it used to be.

  20. I think this might be the link you tried to post. It was on a MTV site. The article does state that Crystal was “dropped” from her label.

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