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  1. David mentioned going to Orlando for a performance for CMN. Here is the info on that:

    Children’s Miracle Awards presented by Delta Air Lines
    Saturday, Oct. 22, 6:30 pm
    The Children’s Miracle Awards, presented by Delta Air Lines, is a formal event that honors outstanding pediatric caregivers at the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Meredith Vieira will serve as the Awards’ emcee, with a vocal performance by David Archuleta, a song by children’s hospital patient Eileen Garrido and a piano recital by Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan.

  2. Thanks for the info burkey.

    Hope the person David feels like he needs to visit owns a record label. 🙂

    • Thanks for posting the video two threads back! I responded there, but everything is flying by in the David universe!

    • Me too. lol

    • cchalo, I just saw your earlier comment. It made my heart break a little to hear that your son said “Why don’t you just give up on me?” My son has Asperger’s too, and we’ve been through many challenges. Now, he has lots of friends, finished a year of college (where he lived on campus) and has been living out of state for over a year while he serves a mission. Ten years ago, I wasn’t so sure that was possible. Most people have no idea that he has AS.

      • cc halo and Utahmom- As the mom of a 20 year old Aspie myself, maybe our worlds aren’t that dissimilar. And cc halo, yes, I know it’s rough times, especially 2nd grade. One thing that helped me was when I read that Aspies are no more likely to become criminal than anyone in the general population, despite the meltdowns and behavior. And like Utahmom’s case, things have gotten much better for me and our family. Though he still lives at home, he has finished his Associate’s degree and is in school full time to get a degree in Computer Science.

      • Good to hear your sons are doing well–we sound like we’re in similar places. Our next goal is for him to be able to go away to school after he gets his AA. He has had a part time job for a year, which he worked hard to get in these tough times, so we know he can succeed.

      • Sounds like our boys are all close in age — kinda freaky. My son also majored in Computer Science, but is thinking of switching to English when he gets home from his mission. I’m a little worried about his transition back to college, but today’s challenges are no where near as exhausting as they used to be.

      • Utahmom, CC, Barbs, my son is nine years old and has had the AS diagnosis since kindergarten. He is in third grade. Your comments have lifted me up like you wouldn’t believe. College, living out of state, working, missions, wow. Thanks much.

      • Glad our stories could help a little. It was so difficult when my son was nine years old, but we didn’t even have a diagnosis yet — back then it was not as well known. You’re definitely ahead of the game with an early diagnosis. It wasn’t until my son started ninth grade that he really began to blossom. High school seemed to suit him better, though looking back there were more things I could have done to help him fit in, but it still all worked out. Having some supportive friends, discovering a few talents and a “makeover” done by some cute girls made a big difference for him. By the time his senior year started, he was simply amazing — frustrating — but amazing.

      • Jen A, Utahmom is so right about an early diagnosis. Mine wasn’t diagnosed until high school ( except with ADHD from an early age). If I only knew then what I know now. High school was better for my son, too. We thought middle school was fine–he was smart, funny, good-looking, had a best friend, church activities, etc., but inside he was suffering from feelings of not being accepted. A good support system is especially important then, and also after high school graduation, when they can really feel alone and adrift.

        It’s funny that a lot of us struggling with these issues and other problems find David’s music so appealing and comforting.

  3. All those persons who ask “what happened to David Archuleta” on twitter don’t know how to use Google apparently ! or they are just too lazy ?? I see many tweets asking about him. Well, I guess that shows he’s still in people minds.

    • I just think everyone was so used to seeing him on TV so often- and then the coverage continued quite a bit for the first year or two post idol, including the tour/Crush/first album/ ICarly etc…He is not so much in mainstream media anymore. I really have no sense of objectivity when it comes to David.. If I just knew him casually through Idol, perhaps I would be saying the same? But other than a pretty small handful of artists- it seems like not very many are constantly in the media anyway. Same with top 40 radio- only a handful of people get played.

      • He’s not AT ALL in mainstream media anymore, and soooooo many people are asking that question. It just makes me really sad to keep hearing it all the time. Even my mother said, “If it wasn’t for you talking about him every day, I would’ve thought that he’d quit or had died.”

        It makes me feel just a tiny bit better, though, knowing that ppl I run into are asking the same thing about Cook. (Sorry, Cook).

      • VJ: My mom who was a big David fan says the same thing to me. Although to be honest we just do not talk about David as much anymore. Although people do say the same thing about Cook. You are right.

      • A lot of people (musicians) disappear for a while – Ryan Adams just released a new album after being out of the spotlight for 2 years. And where is John Mayer, who hasn’t released an album since Battle Studies in 2009 (although he’s turned out to be an ass – unfortunate) and Jason Mraz who also hasn’t released an album since 2009? Likely in the studio for a while?

        The thing is, though, that when they do come out with an album, there is a great deal of promotion – or at least there used to be. In these changing times in the music industry, perhaps it is changing for a lot more people than David. I just don’t know.

      • Well, radio play is key. As I just said in another place, I’ve NEVER heard David on the radio. I’m in the Bay Area market, and I changed radio stations for 2 weeks or so…in my car, consistent from one to another for long periods, just to try to hear crush. It never happened. I was persistent for somewhat around a year or more. How disappointing!!! I think it was Neil Diamond whom I heard about years ago in a comment from a DJ on a radio station. He made mention that Neil Diamond couldn’t sell an album, but he sure as hell had built up a following that followed him and packed venues in total anticipation. He was something different back then, when album sales were “easy money”. Still, though, he did get radio play. I’m hoping that someone in David’s camp has the wherewithal to make his career bridge the tough times, until he gathers enough fans to really, really fill a touring venue in the U.S. with out fear, and good compensation for him. Album sales are not really that important anymore…well, not bankable for many, but some radio play is necessary to bring in interest from new fans to fill the extra seats. Maybe a beach vacation in the South of France, with the paparazzi taking photographs (where he’s working on his tan :), would give him the well deserved rest he needs, to help him gain focus.

    • Aw cmoi, is not that easy, people really expect to see him in tv even or in a magazin or/and specially on radio :/

      I have the same situation that VJ, My sister asked to me some months ago ‘ Why i don’t hear of David anywhere? I know he exist because you talk to me about him’ …. and that makes me sad of course …i guess the people who give up already, are the ones who never come to his fansites and net sites.
      I agree he needs to learn to play the game, and that has nothing to do with his faith and integrity, look the Osmond this days, all the LDS cast in DWTS, Miss Jeannette, man , even Brooke W or people with similar values that still having some buzz for their good reasons , all of them are playing the game in their way.

      The good news is that he still making profits of the AI7 impact on people and the bad or good job he did with Jive, so because that and even with the lack of publicity he still attracting crowd to his shows …..but alas the time still running and the times still changing, so hopefully he gonna jump on the boat again, before is to late.

  4. if david does get ever get record label, in my opinion, it might not be until next year. if he doesnt on a mission lol!! i think he will ended up going to nashville for a record label not in any of ones in L.A. this time.

  5. if david does go to thailand on october 28-29, he just want to see charice that all because she will be very near there and that is the only reason why, i am sure of it, only guessing but the way david says about the place, it kind of sound very bad there right now and might took months to clean it up.

  6. i think david was planning to stay in asia wasn’t he???!! if he was going to thailand and singapore but i don’t know if the CMN event was plan on the last minute thing or planned for a while?

  7. a screen cap from his blog that I captured: 🙂

  8. AWWWW. !!! I sooo miss seeing him on Tv.. He is stellar.
    Makes me sorry for bashing his clothes. :/

      • David also always does a stellar version of the NA. No offense to any Scotty fans but the NA I just heard by Scotty at the World Series was kind of too twangy for me and I like country music. I am sure he was nervous and he gave it a good try. My point is you just can’t beat David’s version of the NA even when he has a bad vocal day IMO.

      • Scotty looked nervous to me, he did a fine job i guess …… i love his love for Baseball lol, so i’m glad he was able to sing TNA there tonight. 🙂
        And yeah David sing beautifully patriotic songs, different voice and style anyway. 😉

  9. Well, Marie. He rarely has the occasion to travel half way around the world, jump off a plane…to sing the national anthem….18 times in a row. I’m just saying.

  10. wow! i didnt know that david has lot of friends in califorina!!!!!. there were two pics of on fansofavid website. one was group of people and one with a girl. i wondering if they all LDS friends??

  11. it is on the comments section, sorry forgot to post that. there were bunch of girls and some guys, you will be shocked if i am going to post this but i think david could be dating around, just saying. the pic of david with a girl, it look like he has his hand on her lap but you cannot see but i can tell the way is arm is the pic, maybe i am wrong his hand could be on the chair?? davis is a player, just kidding lol!!!!.

  12. about my comments, i am really sorry if thoses comments are off topic here.

  13. realovingangels, heard that he could be dating charice and that girl in AZ and in the new pic with the girl, yeah i called that dating around, just saying if that is all true about the girls??

  14. i am not feeling well here, could be getting a cold or may have sinses infection, i got thoses a lot which it sucks. i hope i don’t feel like crap because my birthday is next week, yay!!!. have a goodnite


  15. I have a park pass to Disneyworld……only an hour & half away-.wonder if I could crash the Children’s Miracle Event.

  16. talking about d. cook, he will be having a concert today (20th) at sta. rosa –the place where i’ll be going for our david’s xmas concert. cook is co touring with mcgraw. i got bored and counted the unsold seats at the wells fargo venue. as of today, the place is 76% sold. the tickets are sold as $45/$35. i’ve counted david’s sold seats, as of today, the venue is 43% sold, with the same ticket prices. i can say that with mcgraw and cook splitting the profits, david will be pocketing more money compare to the two, assuming that david can also fill out the venue at 76% by december.

    • Interesting. I expected Degraw and Cook to sell out small venues.

      Another comparison, joe jonas’ album debuted at 14 on Billboard w/sales of 19,500. I don’t feel bad for him because I believe he can be a more successful solo artist when he finds his stride. Some are calling him a flop because he had collabs w/Chris Brown and Lil Wayne on his album, he toured w/Britney, & had tons of promo yet the album sold very little.

      On this blog, David is mentioned several times.

      “The sh$t sales of Greyson, Cody and Joe just proves that copying the Justin Bieber model, which includes collabs with rappers or R&B artists, dancing, talking about girls 24/7, and talking like you come from the “street” does not guarantee success. David Archuleta did none of these things and had 1/100th of the promotion for his CD but outsold all of them in his first week.”

      • Thanks for posting this desertrat. I had noticed the low sales of Joe Jonas and thought of David. David’s sales were not that bad at all in comparison to the promo Jonas received.

        Also interesting point about Cook’s concert sales.

      • Thanks for the link Desertrat !
        I too think that David doesn’t have to change who he is to sell albums. He has a lot to offer in terms of talent and personality, he just needs to be seen and heard more. He doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else or the next Justin Timberlake, he’s really marketable just the way he is and people will appreciate him because he’s not fake. We can see it in some of his interviews in which his always real and genuine. At the end, the interviewers are often under his charm lol. He really has it all. I just hope that those who ask “what happened to DA” will take the time to consult the links the fans tweet them. The article you posted just reinforce my opinion that David has so much more potential and I can’t for when he’ll be ready to come back with new music !

        About JB, I wondered a long time ago, when he was nominated for a BET award, if the R&B lovers and the Urban audiences would accept him. JB and his team are doing all they can to make him credible in that genre, especially by having collabs with the likes of CB or Lil’ Wayne and having Usher as a mentor or a swagger coach. But I’m not sure the public would adhere to his image because they can try all they want, it seems fake.
        Joe Jonas is on a transitional period and he has completely changed his image so it will take time for him. Also, the Jonas Brothers lost a lot of their popularity when Bieber arrived in the biz.

      • I agree Marie ” David’s sales were not that bad at all in comparison to the promo Jonas received”. That’s why I can see David experiencing the same level of recognition as Adele is experiencing right now if only his voice was heard more. A label and a professional management that believe in his talent and understand who he is as a person could do so much for him. I’m not talking about super stardom à la JB but about him having the success he deserves for his talent. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure that David would love to reach with his music as much people as possible.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Woot, woot! Love that last paragraph…so nice to see a reporter who can see what is going on! Feels like a little validation for David.

      • I saw Joe sales too, i bet is hard for him to start his solo era with this sales, his brother Nick had just a little better luck, but not comparison with the old sales of the JonasBro, and yes that prove that only promo is not enough to sustain a career, but sadly only talent neither.
        The combination of the moment, the talent, the likability and charm and of course a decent promotion are some
        off the elements a artist need to succeed .

        And not i don’t think Joe and Greyson were trying to copy Justin, actually i think Greyson has talent but is toooo young and Joe has a image problem, people still remind him like part of the Jonas Brother so will take time for the people to let it go that phase.

        And like i said yesterday, David still living of the hype of his work in Idol and Jive, what’s is good, is not like everybody can tell the same story …… at this point David has at least a complete market in his pockets , the Asia market, the one he can still working in a better way each time and his potential to gain the Latino market still high, so all depend of him.
        I bet at the end of the year , he’s gonna make more money this year , than last year with the release of the album and probably more than Cook ….who knows?

      • I agree with your comments cmoi.

    • Just popping in here, Gina, to say that I thought I was the only person strange enough to be watching the Santa Rosa seats sell at the Cook/DeGraw concert (same price as David’s). And I, too have seen that it has taken right up to now to fill the downstairs and a good part of the upstairs. And two weeks ago it was about as full as David’s is now. Cooks concert is tonight and David still has 2 months to fill the rest and I think he will. (Someone from the Voice created a flyer and I am actually going to send it to some of the local schools.) Yes, I consider that very strange. I am really happy that he is going to be anywhere in Northern Calif.

      • The flyer is a good idea to promote the concert, but i will say better to intensify after Halloween, when people start to feel the Christmas Spirit and in some College campus too , i imagine that his team will do some local radio promotion or much better, they can do the flyers too ….. his fans do what they can , but his team should stan up in that aspect too, will be amazing to sell out that cancerts 🙂

      • good thing i’m not th only one too collegemom…i’m actually tracking the seats at wells fargo for david’s concert, usually check it about every week. someone from FOD also made a flyer for me. i work one hour away from sta. rosa so i will post the flyer at my work. you never know, somebody or someone’s friends/relatives are casual fans and are not aware of the concert. another fan who lives nearer to the venue will also put up flyers…i’m thinking with help from us fans, we can help david sell out his shows….i used to watch BIG TIME RUSH at nickelodeon with my toddler (she loves BTR) and on one of the storylines, the group was dropped by their label but they still pushed thru with their tour. their fans/friends put flyers all over the town and of course, it was happy ending, they were able to sell out the shows. i know it’s only a tv show but i think if fans are willing to help in the promo any little way they can, david’s tour will be a smashing success!

  17. for the next semester, i shoud do an analysis of someone’s character and personality based on some classical and contemporary personality theory and (of course) i’ve decided to pick David .did anybody here major in psychology? i would love to get and hear suggestions about whose theories should i prefer and use for examining his personality. it would help a lot. 🙂

    • i don’t know psychology but i wish you the best on the analysis.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Ha, I did Psychology but I don’t remember studying Classical and Contemp personality. But then…I don’t remember much of what I studied! lol Would love to hear what you end up writing!

  18. I saw this on twitter & Fanscene:

    Archuleta to perform

    Jason Clark, manager of the Heritage Theater, announced during the council meeting that recording music artist David Archuleta is performing at the Heritage Theater, Dec. 10.

    Archuleta took second place in the 2007 season of the television series American Idol and has released three albums.

    “My advice to you would be to get tickets immediately,” Clark said. “We already have a near sold-out performance.”

    Clark said approximately 40 percent of ticket sales came from the newly upgraded online order service

    “That proves the value of that tool,” Clark said.

    He added that people were traveling from all over the west and as far as Texas to attend the concert.


  19. I had totally forgotten about this performance! *&$# Kudos to JR4da for the find! Soul Man from Utah indeed!

  20. Anyone writing about David performing please drop the ancient history for your intros…”took second place in 2007″ because now it is soon to be 2012. Does anyone really care who took second place nearly 5 years ago on AI? How about a little more class with “recording music artist”, now we are talking…

    Perhaps one could use…” last years’ solo artist for the world renowned choir and orchestra…blah, blah and so on…

    I looked at a video today of David singing with the MoTabs and the frame was one where David had several thousands in the audience in front of him with the orchestra as well in front of him at times and hundred of the choir surrounding him from behind. Just show me any other singer at such a young age who has performed with such true magnificence. I am not saying that from just me or the people of his church but from what I saw during the standing ovations on the faces of the people who had never heard him before.

    We want David to take a bigger step in his career but we can’t seem to get past his beginnings and focus on his music of today, where he has been, or who he has been singing with. So please bury the ancient history.


  21. My mistake…that was hundreds of choir members behind him.

  22. So this is interesting and kind of no surprise. Crystal Bowersox just announced that she split from Jive well now RCA. I guess Jive did not do much for the idols they signed to their label.

    • This are hard times for the industry, i’m not surprised by this situation with Crystal, but she really is a free spirit and her type of music is not so Jive or top 40 kind of music (Sony/RCA focus) …. i guess she will be fine . 🙂

      • I think Crystal will do well as a indie artist. She did have a positive attitude in the articles I read about it. I am sure this will not be the last of idols that will split from their label. You are right tibi. These are hard times in the music industry with the exception of some big name artists.

      • David’s leaving Jive should have been handled the same way Crystal’s leaving them is being handled in the media. Many articles at the time stated that David was “dropped” from Jive instead of saying that he “split” or “parted ways.” That was not fair to David and always bothered me. Well the Jive label is not even here any longer eight months later.

  23. This is not on the OS but it looks like David is going to Singapore November 19. His booking schedule is very confusing.

    Hope this video plays for you

    • I think he’s trying to book as much as possible between now & the end of this year, to make as much $$ as possible & then go on his m—–n.

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