“Heaven” in Okinawa

Not the best “Heaven” we’ve ever heard but still competent.  Please post a better quality video if you find any on You Tube:

Also, please take this quick poll:

What new song would you love to hear David sing?


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  1. okay now everyone, when david said he was saying ” taking a break from music, no singing/writing/recording/ or tour and no gigs, that what it means, david was doing all those things all this year, something doesnt seems right on that???

  2. HG,

    I agree. I think he’s very excited about the Christmas tour. His joy in the vlog was palpable through the screen. 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      There’s no doubt he was excited about the Christmas tour. He was bringing the fans glad tidings of great joy. 😉

      (Although I do wonder if his joy was a little robbed from him when everyone started complaining about him not coming near them. Which I understand the fans disappointment too)

      • Shanny in Australia

        BTW, that little wink was because of the silly Christmas pun…not because I was being smart.

        …am I getting paranoid or what! lol

  3. I’ve flown as far as Hawaii (from Kansas) and that has wiped me out every time. I think he may have been physically tired in Japan and dealing with the effects of a quick trip that may have not needed to be as quick if it hadn’t been rescheduled.

    As far as overall tiredness, hm. I’m thinking he’s pulled back a bit from the Twitter communication, but in all honesty, he may have learned a bit, over time, about what works the best for him in that regard. I wouldn’t want him to see some of what gets tweeted to him on a regular basis, from fans and non-fans alike. Sometimes, I’m just embarrassed by what people do. Sometimes, I’m angry.

    He may have learned to protect himself more overall, too, but I’m one who believes him when he vlogs about being excited about a song he just wrote, or loving music, or going on tour. He looks happy when he says those things to us. In fact, I can’t think of another singer/celebrity (including Bieber, since he’s brought up often as a comparison) who appears to be as happy. That’s part of the reason I’m a fan of David’s. To me, he has a view of the world that is different, and that difference, in my mind, is good, and if it means he isn’t going to follow the same fast track to success that Bieber or his ilk does, then that’s fine.

    I’m happy with the music he puts out and I’m happy at the thought of seeing him in concert even if it isn’t five times a year. I’ve still seen him more than I’ve seen any other artist and I’ve bought more new music from him than any other artist. That is enough for me.

    • Except for the use of the pejorative “ilk” in describing Beiber, I totally agree with this. We lately seem to discount David’s happiness and excitement about the music he is doing–perhaps because of worry and fear of his leaving.

      Although I, too, cringe at some of the things people say and do to him, I wonder if he really has such delicate sensitivities. We’re overprotective, I think, but if is really so easy to offend him, I think he needs to get a little more worldly and toughen up.

  4. I agree with Utahmom, if he is burnt out, after only three years, he should change of profession, yes he worked very hard, but is just the way this business works, i gonna say that other artist doing even moreor at least the same in terms of investment, David is not an isolate case, like many of his fans thinks, he did well anyway and i guess his fans recognize that, but this is a permanent work . So is because i still saying that he is overwhelmed, he is not a guy with too much life experience ans this suddenly exposition to the real world was too much and confusing for him …… is kind of unreal to think you can take 10 months from your work to breath. that’s not happen with ordinary people, so i agree he need guidance to handle the life pressure and understand what’s coming with the process …in any career btw.
    VJ , i really don’t think Jive and WEG wanted to make of him a sexsimbol, but in David’s mind the use of shorts or recognition of him having a celebrity crush it was way too sexual for him to
    accept … i agree though , he is at the time to change his mind about what he want to do.
    And Shanny i agree some fans are way too intense on twitter, young and old fans are the same and me too i wish he can take a real vacation time, i don’t understand why he can’t just go to the beach in a touristic place and have fun.

    Have a great day everyone. !! 🙂

  5. Here’s another Heaven. Closer, but the beginning is missing..

  6. it seems that nothing that David does is good enough for the fans of this website, from the choice of management, clothes , pictures, choice of songs, thinking he is burnt out. I guess i’ve had it with this fansite.

  7. HG, as we speak, my college student is napping after a rough morning of two classes starting at 9 am, while I, his ancient mom, am still fully conscious after rising at 6 and dealing with autistic 2nd graders from 7:30 on. David seems like a workaholic in comparison.

  8. cmoi huh? i am confused? is david singing a song or something?

    • I was just kidding.
      It’s a video of David singing MKOP and he said that he’s never been in a relationship and that he hasn’t met his kind of perfect yet. Oh, and he said “to be honest” when he was talking about the meaning of the song.

      • cmoi, oh okay (laughing) geez yeah right, i am not buying it that david says that he ” never been in a relationship” he believe had or is in one now perhaps??. even not buying it ” never been kissed” either. like i said over and over david is a very private person when it come to that situation.

  9. david said ” to be honest part” yeah whatever!!.

  10. maybe david is being truthful about ” never been in a relationship part” but in my opinion, i don’t believe it at all. i am really sorry i just don’t. again in my opinion, i believe david had ” KISS” a girl before, just saying.

    • yeah, he’s in denial about his real relation with Charice just like the rest of his fans lol

      Nora didn’t say anything about the dating rumor, so I guess we are allowed to talk about it 🙂

      • lol No she did not ,cmoi. Must be it is alright to discuss.

      • we can talk about the polls too, he’s losing in the hot boy one BTW if someone is interested lol

        (the smiley at the end of my last comment looks really good lol
        I’m so proud of it 🙂 Thanks Nate for the help !)

  11. what the dating rumor? i mean david and charice do hang a lot together in los angeles and other states too like in NYC this past summer and jacksonville, flordia and also in atlanta,georgia to see his family and charice have met david’s family too! i don’t know if they are dating or not but i think they really do like each other and want to be more than just friends, just saying

  12. Well, I miss that the band members didn’t tweet before or after the Japan performance. I so enjoyed their tweets, videos and pictures taken during the Asian tour. I suppose they were told to quit. If that is the case then David or MIC should provide more pictures and behind the scenes stuff. It keeps the fans interested.

    I assume the little photo shoot that David did and we haven’t seen the pictures yet are for new tour merchandise for the MKOC tour or at least I hope so. David really needs some new merchandise.

    • I have to agree with you about the lack of tweets and pics and videos from the band members. Well the ones that are left in the band anyway. I wonder what is up with that?

      • what is the heck is going on with david and his band, the band cannot quit because they have to do the chirstmas tour with david? this is a sad siuation right now i must say?

    • ”I suppose they were told to quit.”

      I was thinking the same last week, and i really don’t think was David, too bad for them, looks like they were enjoying their net resources.

  13. XFactor time, lol

  14. David still has the three band members. It’s only the guitarist that keeps changing. When they were chosen the band members posted on facebook that they would be doing a Christmas tour so I assume the three band members will still be going. Of course, David could have some old band members back or pick new ones. Who knows? There’s lots of talented musicians that would love to play on David’s Christmas tour. I’m not worried about David’s band for his Christmas tour. There’s lots of musicians looking for a gig.

  15. …and here’s the link to that meaningless poll…:) http://www.q102.com/pages/hot-boy/

  16. A tweet from Sunny…….David is in the picture
    @CafeGratitudeLA + a healthy birthday dinner + stellar, talented pals + wind-up Bumper Cars = ツ♥ twitpic.com/72dyx0
    59 minutes ago

  17. Was just reading over on FOD about the passing of GG’s dad.

    So dear GG, if you ever get the opportunity to lurk at this site during your loss – please accept my deepest sympathies to you and your family during this most sensitive time.

    I know you are a woman of great faith, so please no offense to anyone if I say – May God Bless You and send you His peace!

  18. oooo, nice SBM from Foster Festival. Gotta say, David owns that song.

  19. I’m very sorry for your loss, too, GG.

  20. I never get tired of hearing David sing SBM. He does own that song. I wonder if MIC took the picture at Sunny’s birthday dinner or does he go to Utah?

  21. Gotta say, I enjoyed watching XFactor tonight. Somehow though contrived, the viewer as able to imtimately tap into the hopes and dreams of all the contestants. Also enjoyed Simon’s change of heart.

    It reminded me of David’s days on AI and the earlier discussion of his questionable passion for the business. AI never gets this close to the contestants, so in David’s case – yes he expressed his love of music and that he just wanted to sing. Was he just too naive at the time about the nitty-gritty of the music industry?

    The XF contestants make no secret of the fact they wish to help their families or become superstars. They seem hungrier for success. I guess no one can say for certain how David truly feels. I will continue to enjoy what I can of him for how long he wants it. Except that with his mega talent, I will always hold high expectations for bigger success.

    • I also really enjoyed the show. My favorites right now are Phillip and Melanie but that could change. Joymous I think David should have higher expectations for bigger success than he does. Look at the literally thousands of contestants that try out for these reality talent shows that would love to have the opportunity that David has had. I will never ever understand not wanting a label and professional management when it is offered to you. Make no sense to me. These contestants would do anything for that chance. I wonder how much longer David will even have that option, if he even does now, but he did have it when he left Jive over eight months ago. Very bad advice from mic and Sunny if you ask me.

      • I remember reading three years ago when S7 on AI was over that 19M did want to sign David to their management team but did not because MIC insisted on being co-manager and 19M wanted no part of that. I do not blame them. I think it is true because David was so popular at the time and I read it on several different blogs then. I often wonder if things would have been different for David if 19M had managed David instead of MIC and azoff and then just mic.

    • archielet, oh okay, thanks i was like who is that and what kind name is that. i thought jeff was dating sunny?? well i hope david heading back home in utah soon, i know he misses his family and david just tweeted about his car being in a shop, maybe david and jeff are driving back home this week???

  22. GG- I’m sorry to hear about your dad. My heart goes out to you and to your family.

  23. Hey guys, is there an easy way to navigate this site and see what’s posted new? It’s not linear…as in vertically linear….so…do you just keep scanning from top to bottom to see where new posts are placed? Or is there a function button to keep on top of new threads upon posts?

  24. Sorry, GG. I just read the above post and (I know you so well without knowing you, as I’m the supremest of lurkers), I give you my most hearfelt condolences.

  25. David, if you look to the right column under “Recent Comments,” that’s how you find the newest posts.

  26. Thanks, your gOrgeOusness, for the quick response. I looked up in the browser and there’s nothing to the right with that. I’m using internet explorer…is that a problem?

  27. Oh, and windows 7.

  28. Thanks, HG, I went out of this thread to the original site address, and it’s up there. Got it. If it’s supposed to show in this thread, though, too…let me know.

  29. Okay, getting the hang of it, thanks! Amazing what you can learn by just asking.

  30. GG – just wanted to add my condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  31. Totally off topic, but I really like the judges on the “Sing Off”. They KNOW what they’re talking about and they voice their criticisms with compassion. Unlike some other judges…

  32. Cchalo, I was just reading that you worked with autistic children. I have a son who is on the autism spectrum. Thought you might be interested in this video, I found it fascinating.

    • Utahmom thank you for posting that video. Remarkable. I also have a son on the autism spectrum albeit high functioning end thankfully.

      GG so sorry for the loss of your dad. Mine has been gone five months and I truly feel your pain, TAGGB.

    • Thank you for posting that. It’s so touching to see the dad’s devotion. My son has Aspergers and gets so frustrated–he’ll say, “Just give up on me” and I say, “Never ever, ever.”

  33. GG, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I hope you can find some peace through the comforting words and virtual hugs from your cyber friends here. {{{♥}}} God bless you and your family.

  34. GG, sorry to hear about your father. Condolences and prayers to you and your family.

  35. GG, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

    Utahmom, thanks for the video link. That story is inspiring.

    Several yrs ago on Noting David, parallels between D’s and Pres. Obama ascension were mentioned. I see quite a few parallels right now. Both have been challenged to carryout their goals/agendas in environments not conducive to their personal styles. Some of those who believed in them three years ago have lost confidence. Both periodically looked worn out by the system. Both are fairly loyal to those who helped them get the top. However, once you reach a certain level, those that helped you get there may not have the skills to help you at the higher level.

    Enough rambling and off to work …

    • Interesting. I have read in the non-profit world- the person/founder of the non-profit- the one with the vision who can rally the cause and get the organization started- is not usually the same person- who has the skill set to move it to the next level. The “founder” looks at the organization as their baby. They had the vision, they nourished it and got it started. It is very hard for that person to step aside and allow other board members to share the vision, direction and work to allow it to go to the next level. That is when many non-profits flounder. In order to grow however, the founder must allow that to happen. Some can’t and the organization stays small, under the close control of one person. Some can, and the organization grows. and on occasion, the board drive out the founder. That is normally a heartbreaking and emotional scene- as everyone believes in the cause and mission,- and the founder has invested literally blood, sweat and tears to start the non-profit- rally support and get it going.

  36. Geesh…….Give David a break…..he is young, full of talent, the hardest working young man I know. He missed out on a normal life since he was 16 years old……I think he needs the time to rejuvenate. I also disagree that we will never hear David on the radio again……It might be some time before we hear his angelic soulfoul voice on the radio again…..but it will happen………He does need to find a label and professsional management that backs him and markets him the right way……Miss Vicki

    • Again? I live in San Francisco. I’ve NEVER heard David on the radio. Not once, not ever. I spent months after Crush’s release hoping and praying to just hear it in my car. Nope, never. Ever. So, no…I will never have the ability to hear David on the radio “again”.

    • ”Geesh…….Give David a break ”
      Well, he’s actually taking one lol, just kidding 🙂

      I hope we can hear his voice again in Radio, i mean i actually never heard of him in my area …so better to say i hope i can hear him someday.

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