Where in the World is David Archuleta?

in Okinawa, Japan!

For someone who’s flying under the radar, he sure gets around! 🙂


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  1. My hubby and I have enjoyed this thread so much! We are rolling on the floor!! It’s been entertaining and I’m sure you all weren’t even trying! Love getting lost in translation! 🙂

  2. I agree that this site is more interesting than the “other” sites because gossip and speculation is allowed as opposed to “be sure to vote in some worthless (IMHO) poll.

    Many of us wish that David had professional management and a label, but the good news is that David is still in demand in Asia and will be doing a Christmas tour. Hopefully this will lead to a new label, more touring and new music!

    • Shanny in Australia

      I’ve speculated many times on other sites. So I don’t think speculation is a problem.

      I think the fact that people feel free to speak their mind as boldly as they want here, allows a greater flow of conversation. But I’m not sure that is always a good thing. I’m not so sure ‘Freedom of Speech” equals “Freedom to be Disrespecful” for instance.

      Sometimes I have wondered if people are drawn to this site in the same way people are drawn to watching Lady Gaga’s latest shock tactic….

      …..myself included.

  3. hoping……& hoping some more……..

    i don’t want him gone for 2 years 😥

    • Um…I was trying not to mention the “m” word again. But since Burkey kinda sorta did (lol)….from what I’ve read, the missionaries have to raise so much $ to live on each month, right? So..IF he goes, I’m wondering if maybe the $ earned during this year’s concerts is going towards that. Not that’d we ever know, lol. It’s just in the back of my mind..

  4. Shanny in Australia

    We heard a few bits and pieces through the grapevine that Jeff has an autocratic management style. He tells it like it is (no-one here does that 😉 ) he takes his management responsibilities seriously and works hard for David. But we want a weak manager for David. After all, the people in high places in the business and entertainment world are only filled with personable and nice people, and we have heard that professional managers are soft and yeilding (just like WEG’s professional management were).

    We saw a letter from David’s grandmother that he should audition on AI to help the extended family. We don’t care about cultural differences or values and like to judge all people by our own values because we are always right. Combine this with the huge amount of money David told us he pays Jeff and we know for sure Jeff is greedy and only in it for himself.

    We don’t see any value in being respectful in our conversation about Jeff….oh oops, I mean…MIC. Just because he is David’s dad, doesn’t mean a thing. Just because it probably hurts David doesn’t mean a thing to us either and just because David chose him, doesn’t make it worth our respect. After all, what does David know about what he wants out of life and besides we speak badly of everyone and everything, nothing is sacred to us. We spoke badly of Melinda too, and that was ok, so it makes sense that we are entitled to speak rudely of Jeff also.

    We don’t like David/Jeff/The Team being cautious with the funds. Of course, it is better to risk David’s career by being too flippant with the money, over extend the finances, embarrass David among his fans AND in the wider media when he can’t produce the promised goods, not fill venues and ultimately create debt that would prevent David from touring and making music into the future. It is not good to be thoughtful, conscientious and realistic. But really…(shhh, don’t tell anyone)…it’s not REALLY about the finances at all, we just like criticizing and judging based upon speculation. We would criticize no matter how much or how little was spent. 😉

    Lest people get the wrong impression….we’re not all criticism….we don’t mind David’s mom working on establishing herself a singing career. We don’t even bat an eyelid when David advertises her events through twitter and sometimes we even like to watch her performances on youtube. We have to be honest however and draw the line there because we have noticed that everytime David is interviewed on TV or in magazines or radio or online, that David finds himself talking about Jeff more than himself. That PROVES Jeff is after the limelight for himself and is only using David. Therefore we are justified in that criticism.

    And last of all, we know Jeff controls David because David told us himself, that he has learnt to stand up and have a voice for himself in this industry. That one REALLY proves that David is just Jeff’s puppet.

    Oh and by the way, we welcome all new fans. We want this fan base to grow. But be warned…we have a strict policy of…” No Sinners Need Apply” as we have zero tolerance for the mistakes of others.

    • Shanny: The big question is What are Jeff’s qualifications as a professional music manager and what “connections” and “contacts”, aside from Sunny, does he have in the music industry to be David’s manager? Who did he manage prior to David? Also to me Jeff has basically been David’s manager for the past three years so it is extremely fair to judge him. The difference is now Jeff does not have a label and can’t co-manage with Azoff to help fund costs. What exactly has he done for David’s career since AI? Melinda was only his manager for five months out of the past three years and fans were critical of her. David should know how his fans feel as that is a important part of a artist’s career. I do like hearing differing viewpoints so thanks.

      • i had to come back for this one marie, i heard sunny and jeff are dating and he is living with her in LA but i thought jeff still lives in utah? do you know that david everytime he goes to LA, he stay with sunny in L.A.??? i think sunny is like a second mother to david.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Marie, your comment there sounds way more civil, respectful and thoughtful than what the general banter about Jeff usually sounds like.

        My point really has always been about respect and facts.

        It seems that people just pounce on anything they can think of to rag on Jeff, whether it is justified or not, often making something into a much bigger deal than what it is or speaking disrespectfully regardless of how few facts they have.

        Even the questions you posed…we know very little of the details. What can be attributed to whom? We don’t know for sure. And are some of those issues as relevant as we assume in today’s changing market? Are they even relevant to David who doesn’t fit the typical ‘This means success’ definition?

        All we can do is speculate. And I love speculation as long as it is
        done with respect for all parties and has at least some basis in fact and is not just pulled out of thin air altogether.

        My concerns are not really about what Jeff has done or hasn’t done, my concerns are the way we respond to and discuss the topic of Jeff.

      • I should add that as a fan I just hope David’s future music career has a label and professional management in it.

      • Well said Marie !!!

    • Thank you.

      You said all that I wish I had the courage to say. But some will not understand the wisdom of your words & will turn a blind eye.

    • ”We don’t care about cultural differences or values and like to judge all people by our own values because we are always right.”

      I guess you’re not the exception to this either, this is like the description of many of David’s fansites and posters, i can make a nice list of this too.

      And tbh you sound a little too much preachy with you post but just to be clear, i’m don’t even know what to think about David’s some times i believe he is in control and sometimes i don’t, and i have the right to think in that way too 😉 , if David says or not , doesn’t mean i should believe all what he says, Sorry.

      His family is not my business, but if they did something related with David career, you should expect they to be part of the discussion in the fansites, specially if some fansites workship them too much ….. idk what they do, idk what they think , i know is not a perfect family, but that is pretty normal too and is not a problem and i actually don’t even care what he did with his money.

      Management has being always a big worry on his fanbase and still, in my opinion people (we ) are a lot more nice talking about Jeff than people talking about Melinda or Azzof , i can refresh some memories with the names used by some ”super loyal hardcore nice religious ” fans to refer to Melinda ….but then right or wrong is what happen in the forums of any artist.
      So if because his father is now the manager, we should avoid the subject , along with many others subjects already becoming a taboo ….. what is the point of a fansite? we should be alienate and programmed to support what ever the leader indicate ?

      Fans are not leaving because David is lacking of talent, but because the frustration about some decisions is in raise .

    • Shanny–it’s hard to respond because I’m not good with sarcasm. :S I did try to respond a bit down-thread, but regarding the financial issues you raise:

      Firstly, I don’t think David’s grandmother meant that he needed to help his extended family financially, just his immediate family. After all, I was creeperish enough to go on Radar online and notice that one of the two reasons listed for the divorce was financial difficulties. (You wouldn’t like it if I mentioned the second reason here). As a grandma, she would be concerned for her daughter’s family, and possibly not able to help out herself.

      Secondly, I think it’s logical that instead of paying 15% of his income to a manager outside of the family, David would want to employ his dad, just as Bright Lights said. If you count 10% tithing–that most non-LDS artists don’t pay–that would be a whopping 25% of his income that’s gone off the top. I agree, they have to count their pennies. David even mentioned that in the link I posted about auditioning the band. Again, if you want to disagree with someone calling Jeff “cheap”, you should reply to the specific accuser, and not use a broad brush and sarcasm to insult all of us on the site.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Cchalo, now that you mention it, I probably should have numbered the paragraphs. That way I could have gone through all the comments and made this sort of response…..

      Cchalo, please refer: Paragraph 2, line 2, omit the word ‘extended’.


      Tibitibi, please refer: Paragraph 3, lines 6,7,8.

      (And of course the sarcasm was a stylistic technique I consciously used to make my point as I thought it would be appreciated here. 😆 )

      …..all of this is said tongue in cheek of course and with a good rollicking laugh…..but alas, I fear that perhaps that is why sarcasm is so popular as a communication technique….i suspect it may be funny to the poster only and not to the postee……? :-/ Although a lot of the sarcasm that gets directed at me from various people, often entertains me greatly, so maybe I’m wrong….hopefully we can appreciate one another’s humour then…. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        To clarify…sarcasm can be used two ways……to teasingly make a point, in a light-hearted yet serious fashion. Or…it can be used to back bite and be disrespectful.

        Because people cannot see my expressions or hear my tone of voice, I attempted to explain that my use of sarcasm in this thread….was the first kind – teasing, light hearted but with a serious point.

    • Idk who you are but I like you 🙂

  5. LOL @ Gary Barlow’s expression at 3:38:

  6. good morning everyone, i been reading on twitters that david fans don’t like charice but she had done nothing to his fans, if david is dating her, i think his fans should support his relationship with her and be happy for him and he works so hard for his fans and sing good music and he deserve to be happy like anyone else in a amercia and other thing, i read that david fans and charice fans are fighting about them, i think that is pretty sad when david and charice might really like each other. i am not mad but upset with all this going on.

  7. charice is on her way to tokyo japan!!, i hope she have a safe flight too. see all ya later.


    • Idolfan, is Charice LDS? If not, it’s doubtful David would “date” her seriously as a GF even if he were “interested”.

      I would think by now his fans would know that’s probably one of his prerequisites of his kind of perfect girl.

      • I made that point on one of the YouTube videos I posted of David and Charice singing together, almost a year ago. The comments were all about them potentially dating each other, almost all by Filipino fans. I said, no, he probably wouldn’t date outside his church, and the response was overwhelmingly that as long as they’re both good Christians, it couldn’t possibly be a problem. They had no idea about his church.

      • hi toomuchinfo, charice is not LDS, she is a chirstian. david had dated girls in the past who were not LDS, if you didnt know that!!. i think mostly likey he would have a girlfriend who is not LDS, just my opinion. who knows he might ended up marrying and date who is LDS in the future. i think charice is a perfect girl for him, just saying 🙂 i thought the song “my kind of perfect” was about charice, from what i have heard!!!!!!.

  8. I would like to comment on the topic you all call MIC. Some of you are portraying that David is some sort of puppet who is being taken advantage of by his father! You forget apparently how many times that David has articulated that his father is the only person who understands him totally and gets what he wants to do musically. Regarding the music, I witnessed how in tune David and his father are musically. That must have value to him. In AZ at soundcheck, they were performing Complain. I was standing maybe 25 feet from the stage and I could hear David go over to Mark and speak (without mic) about how he thought they needed to add back some of the backing tracks they had taken out because it sounded too bare. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jeff who is standing in the field back from the stage about 100 feet back, start walking/running from the field to the stage at exactly the same moment David is turning to Mark to talk to him about adding back tracks. Jeff runs up on stage and starts talking to Mark about the very same thing. He tells him exactly what David did. In a very polite manner I may add. If I ever didn’t believe that part about David and his dad being in tune with each other on the sound and the music, I did after that.

    I will never get on board the Jeff-bashing or bashing of any others of David’s family. What purpose does it serve? He loves them more than anything. If you think that when you do it you are somehow defending David, you are wrong. Someone said it up there ^^ in different words, but the same idea. You are attacking David as well. If that is what you intend, that is your decision. My decision is to trust in David and accept him and his choices without trying to say what is right and wrong about them. He is not perfect. I don’t idolize him, worship him, place him above all other singers, or all other humans. He is just a good person with an incredible gift who I have given my support to.

    Just offering a different viewpoint.

    • Just reflecting a little on this: You’re saying that you “accept…his choices without trying to say what is right and wrong about them”. That’s your right, and seems to be the general idea on some other sites, but just because we DO choose to say what we think may be right or wrong about his decisions, doesn’t mean we are attacking him unfairly. It’s a different style here, and you are also free to reply specifically to anything that seems like undue bashing, within the rules of respecting other posters.

      It’s strange to come over here and be snarky and sarcastic (I’m not accusing YOU of this) in the name of positivity. I’m just noting that I’ve seen a lot of sniping at each other recently on a *very positive site*, but I didn’t feel moved to criticize it, here or there.

    • Gee whiz. Didn’t Jeff think David could handle the conversation with Mark on his own? I agree that David has said his father understands what he is trying to do musically. But your description makes it sound like Jeff has to insert himself into every conversation. David won’t learn to articulate his own needs if he doesn’t have the opportunity to do so on his own.

      And I think there is nothing wrong with discussion David’s management – no matter who it is. The fans have contributed a lot and for a long time toward David’s success. We want to see that realized. We adore him, and want to see others realize that as well. Want to see his fan community grow, want to see him recognized for the talent that he is. And for some reason, it is fading, falling, dwindling. I think with the talent that David has, we have a right to wonder why?

  9. One on the main things non-fans remember about David is that he was the one on AI who had a crazy stage-dad. I remember a TMZ piece where they showed him repeating what his dad said verbatim, and implied that he was a puppet. If there is new evidence that Jeff continues to behave in a diva-ish way, that’s not good for David’s reputation–it makes him seem weak, not strong.

    The beauty of this site, is that we’re free to discuss such things. If people go overboard with the bashing, I think it’s best to reply to them specifically–another good feature of this site–and not issue a blanket condemnation of the whole discussion.

    I think muldur’s point is a good one, but it can be taken another way too: if David was already handling the back tracks issue, isn’t it a little overbearing for Jeff to rush up and take over the discussion? It’s an issue I have with my 21 year old son, and highlights the pitfalls of working with a parent.

  10. Well, in regards to all of the sites and their makeup, it would be dang boring if we all just spoke our minds, guessed at what is ging on and gave our frank opinions. But, we need to do that especially if we are a debating type of people. Some of the “other” sites have other purposes. Some bring the instant news, pictures, videos and comments to go with them. I would not want to see a duplicate of any of the sites but they each have their own purpose. I like to discuss certain happenings openly so occasionally I drop in and that is good. But, you know where I hang my hat most of the time because I enjoy writing. There are some very artistic people who contribute both in art form and in writing form. We are talking about David’s artistry and that is what brings us to any of the sites. Well, we never totally agree most of the time, but I enjoy what each site has to offer.


    • SB- I enjoy what each site has to offer, too. And I visit different sites depending on what I’m thinking and feeling at the time. Of course, there aren’t many left, so that narrows it down. lol.

    • I agree each site has their own vocation, i have not problem with that diversity, but for sure when some of them , try to portray others site like bad or negatives or not real fans , because they actually love to have an opinion or the owners are not the same life style , yeah that’s bothers me …..but i can live with that annoying behavior too lol . 😉

      • tibitibi – I love your posts 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        The comments in this thread show disdain for other sites too. And it’s not the first time either.

        I guess if we let it, it becomes a life long learning curve for all of us……..learning how to communicate effectively with each other without judgment and hypocrisy and so forth.

        I love how my interactions online force me look at myself critically sometimes and consider my ways. Painful to do sometimes but always enriching.

  11. on david boards, his fans are wondering if david went back home in US or still in japan. geez i don’t know? what you all think? he just got to japan thought?

  12. It would be nice if David could do some sightseeing in some of these countries he has concerts in.

    I saw where the wife of a famous singer said she had been all over the world for many years, but never got to see anything but the concert halls. That’s kind of sad.

  13. I have really enjoyed this thread, and have laughed out loud at some of the comments. I would really miss the David fan-sites if he does leave the music business for two years. David is lucky that he has such talented fans that run these fansites with great writing, articles, stories, videos, 24/7 David news, pictures, discussion, and the list goes on and on.

  14. hi everyone, just got back from foods shopping with the family, man! foods isnt cheap anymore, foods companys really need to lower theirs prices for sure,us people lives in amercia we are not made out of money geez!!!.

    i think david will be arriving in toyko today, only guessing.

  15. man! i spell the word wrong again, it tokyo.

    grammyj, i don’t know why some people here think a funny and enjoy this thread, where it funny at?? i guess some people here thinks it is, well okay.

  16. hey everyone here, i will be taking a break on this site for a while but i will be back in december. you all take care. see you all soon. goodbye for now.


  17. cc halo- I don’t see anything misleading at all. Did you think that David was committing to those band musicians forever, instead of using them to grow and learn and create his own “vibe”? I’m sure David would like to have more permanency in his musicians, but he doesn’t owe it to them if things aren’t working out at a certain position… like guitar.
    Here is an interesting article: http://www.checheche.com/czbabes.html
    “Lack of job security is another weighty problem for backup musicians.
    “You just go from tour to tour, so even though you make good money, the work isn’t steady,” says Susie Davis. “You’ll tour, then be home for long periods, living off your savings. By the time you go on another tour, you’re broke. I worked as disc jockey on and off until a couple of years ago. In the music business, you always want something to fall back on, because you never know when things will fall apart.”

    • That is an interesting article. I don’t think we’re in basic disagreement here–it’s just a matter of degree. There’s a big difference between having a band “forever” (which is not a point I’m making) and having a different guitarist practically every time he performs. I agree that things happen that we’re not privy to. (I asked for correction on a point, you answered, I said “That’s good to know”, and after that you didn’t need to insult me by calling my points bizarre ).

  18. Lately, I was listening to my Sara Bareilles albums a lot and I thought that it’d be great if David could work with her. She likes him, he likes her, and most importantly she’s not Charice or Jennette (I’m just tired of those two names always linked to him lol, this is not intended to offense any supporters of the two girls BTW). No the most important thing is that she writes great songs with really good lyrics. Too bad she’s too old and too tall for him, otherwise I’d have started to spread dating rumors about them. And while reading the comments here, I thought that her song “King of Anything” could make a great anthem for the site lol, especially this part of the song (for me anyway) : “There’s no one here to save (…) You sound so innocent all full of good intent, you swear you know best but you expect me to jump up on board with you, ride off into your dellusional sunset”. I don’t like it when a commenter seems to be on a mission here to save the others from their “negativity” when it’d be easier to just say that he disagrees with some of the opinions…

    BTW, I like that there are different types of fansites for David. I visit them all but it always makes me laugh when I read in one of them, comments from people congratulating each others because one of their usual posters came here to share her opinion in a sarcastic “funny” way lol !

    Also, about the guitarist topic, I have to admit that I don’t really care about the band members because David is a solo artist but I like his new band. I thought that he’ll keep this band based on his enthusiasm when he talked about it in one of his vlog. Oh, and if they are “cheap”, he should use them to record a studio album with live musicians.

    Utahmom, I’m with you about David Foster.

    • Amen, mamusik.

      Do you remember when Sara B. asked David to do a duet, but his label, I guess, wouldn’t allow it? We just went to her concert with Sugarland at the Greek Theater and she was amazing!

    • Shanny in Australia

      That’s why I asked to move to twitter mamuzik. 🙂 I didn’t ask for it but I appreciated the support anyway.

    • Realistically I think David’s options might be limited now as far as what label he can sign with.. He is not coming off the success of AI. The current pop music market does not seem like something David is comfortable with or he fits into right now. I would love David to be like Bruno Mars but it is not going to happen. That is why I see David Foster as at least a realistic option as he is a person that might sign David to his label and someone David would be comfortable with..

  19. cc halo- You accepted my point then quickly dived into fantasy based on that. I just feel like your universal view of David and his world is only tangentially connected to reality. Just like Alice’s Wonderland. It wasn’t an insult. Just my point of view on how you perceive reality and how interesting I find it.

    • Are your sure your former moniker isn’t “Ray”? The one with a habit of attacking posters based on the most innocent statements?

      Here’s what I said: “That’s good to know. We MIGHT HOPE that he could be like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, but I realize he’s not going to be able to keep band members busy enough to always keep them together as a group”. What on earth set you off about that?. Why wouldn’t it be nice if he could have a permanent band?…..”He sounded like he thought he could, when he was talking about band auditions a while back.” Others agreed with that, why go on about MY view of reality? Strange.

      BTW, am enjoying this week’s “Extreme Home Makeover”, with a house being built for friends of my daughter!

      • To put it as kindly as I can, barbs can’t be ray since their writing styles are vastly different. lol Since barbs appears to be living in a parallel universe, those comments have no bearing on this reality. Just my point of view on how barbs perceives reality.

    • I’m with you cc halo. And as I stated before, I was optimistic when he formed the band that he was really working on a particular sound, which a comfort level with the band members could produce. There was so much excitement communicated before the Asian tour about the sound of the new band, that it feels sad that it was a temporary thing.

  20. Ray. lol I admit to living in my own reality, but you guys’ is terrifically entertaining during the slow times in the David world. Kinda like a fan fiction/soap opera. Keep it up.

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