Finding Solace in The Voice

Yep, it’s that kind of day, and after the travesty that was The X Factor last night, here’s a wonderful rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (show ’em how it’s done, David!)


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  1. Bringing this over from the last post (catching up here): Just a note about Associated Content: It sounds like a news service run by solely professionals, but it is actually a “citizen news” site where regular folks who aren’t professional journalists can publish content. So, you or I could publish on Associated Content. I have not investigated it enough to see if AC requires participants to submit so many stories or go through an editorial process before they can publish content in real time.

    • ”I don’t get it that he is doing random shows across the continents lol”

      Yeah look a little disorganized like plan, but is good anyway if is a tour promo, ans if is well paid better.
      Like i said yesterday i hope he do a World Tour, but less randomnish and better prepared , i mean with more time an idn Asia, Latino-America , and Europe is time to taking more risks, hopefully with a Good Team who knows what to do. 😉

  2. There’s a rumor floating in twitter that David may come back to Singapore in Nov! Confirmation next week. I heard about the Bangkok promo too!

    I don’t get it that he is doing random shows across the continents lol

    I am not complaining but he is giving so short notice that I can’t plan for my own holiday!

    • It’s great to hear of these possibilities and to see him getting gigs. I will feel even better if we hear an inkling about anything going on next year.

  3. From MJ’s Bigblog:

    Billboard charts
    David Archuleta:
    Glad Christmas Tidings, Mormon Tabernacle Choir/Orchestra At Temple Square Feat. David Archuleta With Michael York: Holiday 11, Classical Cross-Over Album 7 😉

    Good to see him there in the lists

  4. @DavidArchie Arrived safely in Okinawa, Japan! Performing at the Foster Festival on the Marine Base in Camp Foster 52 mins ago

  5. tweet from David……..

    David Archuleta
    Arrived safely in Okinawa, Japan! Performing at the Foster Festival on the Marine Base in Camp Foster
    53 minutes ago

  6. I look forward to seeing pics and vids from David’s concert in Japan. I wonder if all the band members are with David in Japan or just a few of them.

    • I want vides with new songs performances 🙂 ….. ‘Wait’ ‘Look Around’ and ‘Save the day’if is possible ….but i don’t think so. 😐
      And yes his band members still extremely quiet on twitter, so i wonder if all of them are there and why the low key excitement for this Important travel; i just hope is not some ”manager” cutting costs , avoiding the band and lowering the quality of the show. :/

  7. Just doesn’t look like David is headed for a mission trip anytime soon!!!! Too much going on in his career….YEAH…..Miss VIcki

    • Well, he still hasn’t announced any plans for next year. The “too much going on” is going on this year.

  8. i am glad that david landed safely in japan, i thought he landed yesturday afternoon, but i guess not or i guess he a layover somewhere else. i hope david have a fun week in japan!!.

  9. i am glad that david just landed safety in japan and i hope he have a fun week in japan!! i hope he buy a bunch of stuffs for his sister jazzy.

  10. oh crap!, i post it and i thought i clicked the wrong button so i started post again and dediced to add more andd i fogot how musch jazzy loves japan too, it really suck that she isnt there, oh well here a another more comments from me again. i am really so sorry about this.

    • Yes!!!Yes!! Some fans in Singapore already bought tickets!! Including me of course!!!

      Everything happen so fast!!! We were caught by surprise! Least expect that he will be back so soon ! lol

  11. @rikuAAAjp: David is. On!! <–STR, TOSOD, ATNOY, EWTRTW, 1000 MILES, SBL, Stand by ME, TMH so far!!!!

  12. rikuAAAjp riku
    David comes down from the stage among fans!
    5 minutes ago

  13. Official poster for concert in Singapore!

    Official poster from Miracle Entertainment Group for David Archuleta’s upcoming show in Singapore!

  14. archieplus Archie Helpers
    20 minutes ago

    • funny, that whole set list didn’t paste right?

      21 minutes ago

    • ok, I’ll try once more….

      21 minutes ago

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