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Every now and then, I am reminded to go check out David’s official site to find out about the latest performances and tours. But the funny thing is, my readers at SD keep me so in the loop, I sometimes forget about the “official site.”

So, I thought to do a quick poll to see how often we visit the official site.  Please vote! 🙂

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  1. David’s Official Site is not a fan site, doesn’t even have a fan club which most artists have. It doesn’t post fan videos, speculation, rumor, or any of the fun stuff discussed here. Probably does answer the question, “Is David Archuleta still around?” if anyone googles but it’s not a hangout.

  2. I wonder how many official sites actually serve that function (hang out) for fans. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been invested enough in any celebrity to search out official news of them — visited Miley’s site once, back in the day, because I thought David would tour with her and wanted to be sure I got in on announcements. LOL. But that site was not easy to navigate and seemed to be more a place to get what you needed (membership) and go. Other than that, I am clueless.

    I do check out David’s site every once in while just in case the folks in my Twitter feed and on my visited fan sites miss something, like, say, a tour stop in Kansas City. 🙂

  3. I just go to the OS once in a while to see the concert tour info.

    I wouldn’t dare post some of my thoughts in the fan forum at David’s OS if & when they get it up & running. lol 🙂

  4. i hope david have a safe flight tomm to japan with his girlfriend charice on a private plane!!!!!!!!. his sister jazzy wont be joining him, from what i heard. i like david OS website but it could to a liitle better.

  5. david’s band won’t be joining him either. david and charice are going with david foster on his own private plane to japan and david will be joining charice in tokyo too and he will be in japan for a week. bye guys!!


    • Good. That’s one way to save money. Lol

      • Well if there is even a remote possibility it is true I hope that David Foster signs David to his label Verve Records while they are on his private jet to Japan. lol Foster just became the head of Verve Records, which is under Universal, a few months ago. Hey it sounds good to me . lol

    • thank you for your posts idolfan, they make me laugh hysterically!! i really need it…

  6. From Mark’s facebook!

    Jessica Emily
    mark! you’ve been so MIA lately haha. how are you?! what have you been up to? are you going on glee anytime soon?
    Like · · 16 hours ago ·

    Mark Nilan Jr. yoo! i’m real good thanks, heading to japan tmrw. no more glee for me..i graduated..haha hope u’re good too
    2 hours ago · Like


    • awww…..idolfan didn’t get her facts quite right…….lol

      • If I was charged with a crime I would like Idolfan to represent me because she would never give up. Keeps things interesting around here.

      • raelovingangel, about your comments, no! don’t do that, be a good person but i know you are joking thought and you are so sweet. i dont mean to keep things interesting around here, i guess i am.

    • OK, I’m happy to know the band is going too, is weird that he doesn’t look like he is rehearsing too much, David has a beautiful voice and all, but a show is a show and need practice and creativity to be remarkable …..so i hope he’s not neglecting this aspect cutting expenses not rehearsing and he’s not delegating the creativity factor totally to his father …i mean he really need to stand up and rebuild his credibility like the one in charge of his business ….and please Dear David don’t make more mistakes with the piano . :\

  7. first of all, i read few days ago that his band was not coming maybe he is taking only one band member now, if that is true, i think he going with them, my fact is right about david and charice. if guys don’t have to believe it, i really don’t care. charice’s band are going to japan too but not going with her this time, they will be flying on sunday.

    • You have facts? OK, Prove it. Put up, or shut up. A link, a tweet, an email, a photo – produce something, just 1 thing, I don’t care, anything to substantiate your facts.

      *checks watch*

      We’ll wait.

  8. charice’s band is following david on twitters!!!! charice is leaving tomm too. hello! david and charice are leaving for japan at the same time. david and charice and charice’s her two friends went shopping in LA today.

  9. raelovingangels, what the problem is his fan still don’t believe that him and charice are not dating, but they’re!!!!!. his fan can be in denial all they want!!!. i hope one day his fans will realize it is true. gonna have a very busy weekend. take care everyone.


    • i mean i’m serious idolfan, you are too funny! maybe you have a future as a stand up comedian!

    • I wish he was dating Charice or anyone…….might bring some normality to his life……lol

    • yes, just don’t take your pill so you can continue to entertain me…

    • *yawn*

      I don’t care whether David and Charice are dating. It’s the repetitive vocal vomit about these 2 w/o proof – all I ask is for just 1 shred of proof, just one. That oughta be simple – with the access to all the ‘facts’ you have, no? PUSU, or start another rumor. The David and Charice saga is old, and played out – there are much hotter girls on the scene he could hook up with, ya know? Use some imagination – piece o’cake for ya 🙂

  10. Shanny in Australia

    I’m glad the OS doesn’t yet have a fan forum….I think the last one cheapened the site. I think it is much more professional without one and think the way it currently stands is quite appropriate. I did think it was fun how they used to answer fan questions…but I understand that can’t be maintained forever…and has the potential to get ridiculous. I like that.they post his blogs and events.anddo the occasional competition and sell merch and have.a ‘contact us’ email. in my minds eye.that’s what an OS should be for. The only reason I don’t check it all the time is because…why bother when someone else has already done the checking and relayed the info. But I do have a squizz there every now and again, just tocheck the deets for myself and to see if I have missed anything. I think the OS is serving it’s purpose well. I hope they will sell david’s music all over the world when the time comes for him to release some more stuff. I know there will be a.whole lot of legal difficulties with that though….but since itunes Australia doesn’t really sell David music and I suspect David may go the digital route with his next release, a girls got to dream! 😉

  11. I agree with you Shanny. This OS is the best one David has had and serves the purpose of being informative for someone checking out who David is, gives tour dates, etc. If he had a fan forum he would need someone to monitor it otherwise it gets full of spam. He has quite a few great fan sites already so he doesn’t need a fan forum on his official site IMHO.

    • It is kind of odd that when you click on the fans forum on the OS it says >> …Things are gonna get better… <<
      The Fan Forum is currently under construction! So they must have been planning one but just have not followed through yet for some reason. I would agree that you have to have someone monitor it but I do not think it is that difficult to do if you have management to help out.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Yeah I know they have been planning one…i just hope they never get to it! lol
        Unless a moderator screens out probably ninety percent of the chatter, I believe it will degrade the professionalism of the site.

  12. Oh. To answer the question asked in the blog, I rarely go to the OS. Maybe once a month, if that. I can’t chat with other fans there, I still haven’t figured out how to register and ask questions of the admins (who apparently aren’t around to answer anyway..), and there’s not alot going on for him career-wise to try and keep up with. lol. Anything I need to know I can catch on Twitter or other sites.

    • The question answering by the admins was imo the best feature of the site, but unfortunately it looks like that has gone by the wayside. I think it is a decent resource for casual fans, as it keeps up to date with his latest tour information and happenings. However, I do think that the lack of follow through on some of the features is reflective of the competence of his team…

  13. I rarely go to his OS, specially on his post Jive/WEG era, before i even had a count there. 😐

    I think too the Fan Forums are unnecessary, last time there was more a personal sharing information and annoying spam …… i still sending people there though and to his own net resources (Twitter, FB, MS, YTB channel) because i agree with Gita that ”is a decent place for casual fans” to keeping up with information and free of any intention from any fansite to alienate people/teen minds 🙂

    But i think is more important for the press in general, an Of. Site is the one to consult to verify or not information about his progress like artist , so they need to work hard updating the press section and adding videos of his performances and some pictures (hopefully photo-shots) to be used for the press/media people when they talk about David ….i totally think that the relaunch of an Of. Site (at least in this case) should came with an press release inviting the media to came and inform themselves about the artist activities, a good adm. would share in a more personalized way with the media the news about David…..is kind of sad when good things happen and nobody knows :/

    In the positive side, i really like the Logo with his name and the appearance in general, if they really want to bring the people there and make the site useful they should plan some kind of contest like artist kind of contest, like ”Juanes” did for the cover of his last album, or to take ideas to make the merchandise more relatable to the ordinary people and according to David’s age, stories …idk the possibilities are infinites so they really need to cheer the fans that still out there…..in other words take back the EXCITEMENT from the people to his career ……. Nothing is Impossible

  14. For those interested, it is easy to register on the Official Site, go to the very bottom.
    FAQ Contact Us Register Log In

    Click Register and fill in info that you wish to share .

    It doesn’t take long to get confirmation.

    Once you are confirmed, you can log in to leave comments and or send info to Adm through Contact Us. I have left appropriate concerns there.

    I visit at least once a day, more during Tour registration etc.

    Administrators have responded sometimes. Suggestions for the site are more likely to make a difference, if you give them feedback directly.

    I visit fan sites daily for fan communication and support.


  15. David is on his way to Japan. So I did a little research:

    A typical flight between Okinawa, Japan and Los Angeles, CA would have a flying time of about 12 hours, 53 minutes.

  16. This is a nice article by Pamela Pike, but it’s a little syrupy for me, lol

    David Archuleta – His Transformation from Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Butterflies have always been appreciated for their attractive looks. But, there’s much more than just beauty to see as with David. He is simply awe-inspiring and witnessing his stages of transformation has been a magical experience. He is a miracle.


    • Not too sure if a 20-year-old guy would appreciate being referred to as a butterfly. You sure Sunny didn’t write this?

      • hahaha…….

      • lol. So True.

      • LOL. From angel to butterfly.

      • ”From angel to butterfly.”

        LOL, Big Fall eh? :O What happen? 🙂

        Sometimes some over the top articles, make me think if David really feel comfortable in the place of Saviour and Mr Perfect some people are putting him …..to me is kind of unfair to make a person to live under that extremely high expectations, specially a young age and without too much life experience , and wanting to be just a normal person, just David.

    • Just a note about Associated Content: It sounds like a news service run by solely professionals, but it is actually a “citizen news” site where regular folks can publish content. So, you or I could publish on Associated Content. I have not investigated it enough to see if AC requires participants to submit so many stories or go through an editorial process before they can publish content in real time.

  17. I enjoyed the TOfan’s article on snowangelz re: the different ways we see David. http://snowangelzz.com/

  18. The David and Charice saga is old, and played out – there are much hotter girls on the scene he could hook up with, ya know? Use some imagination – piece o’cake for ya



  19. MY FINAL COMMENTS ABOUT DAVID AND CHARICE ON THIS BOARD ( in big letters) and look everyone, you all have everyright to have a opinion that david is not dating charice but i stand my opinion that they are dating. i read a rumor that david might do a mimi show in thailand, on the 28th, how cool is that!!??it really bummed that david did not take his sister jazzy, maybe next time he will.

  20. i am sorry for the double website word post.

  21. Gina~ Sorry, I wasn’t referring to Bangkok, lol…

  22. vj, i am not lying my god! it on comments section, it number than comments said, it started at over eighty comments but could have went up with more comments.

  23. The best friend of my cousins best friend read on Twitter that idolfan was dating Scotty Mc Creery—-they were seen sharing the same malted milk at a malt shop. This is true cause my cousin told me.

    Also idolfan if your still thinking David’s trip is connected to David Foster you are wrong—again!

    Camp Foster, formerly known as Camp Zukeran, is a United States Marine Corps camp and is part of the Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler complex, and named after the Medal of Honor recipient PFC William A. Foster.


  24. what?!?! that is so not true!!!! me dating dating scotty mc creery, oh gross!!!!. he is a good singer that is about it!.

  25. dakgal, i never met scott in my life!. in god name what you get that dumb information!?

  26. what the heck some of you people talking about david foster and david, i never saying anything about them together, it charice who is the one doing shows with david foster.

  27. TBH Idolfan rumors about Charice are the less dangerous of all the ones making rounds in the Media, Forums and David Fansites since AI7 ….. David dating Charice in a fantasy world don’t gonna make his fans to lost interest on his career like singer, in the other hand the absence or not encouraging rumors about label, management and him going away and leaving his career are affecting him more that what people want to accept.

    And VJ i saw the comment about Bangkok on FOD too, so i hope is true , even if is a promotional tour, there , in the Asia countries that he still missing to go ….then i can still wishing a full schedule ‘Worldwide Tour’ in Asia, Latinoamerica and Europe …maybe next year ? 🙂

    • tibitibi, well i hope david does get a new label and start make a new album by next year, that would so awesome, but fans are still concerned about mission rumors thought, which i hope isnt true that he is not going., i hope he stay with music.

    • I tend to think of 2 of these things as issues under David’s control – the label and mgmt ‘issues’ I’d wager he has the power to remedy – if he were ready to do so or desired to do so, so any collateral damage or fallout for his career… the responsibility ultimately rests with his decisions / choices. The rumor/spec about the mission thing is like a worst fear, worst case self – fulfilling prophecy for some. It’s a free country, so folk can worry, and angst themselves into the ground if they choose or desire – no problem. Spec about his dating or romantic life I’ve never liked participating in. That’s just me, I’m speaking ONLY for me. I figure until he begins letting those details come to the fore, or speaking to them himself, I’ll respect his privacy in this area. I wonder if fans would have the same lighthearted reaction if the continual speculation about his dating was of a different sort – that kind of speculation has not been previously met with lightheartedness or open arms. Just sayin. Not inclined to rehash dead horses or ponies or puppies – I’m ready to see what kind of performance he brings to the folks in Japan, and how the rest of the year vis a vis Christmas tour, skating special, PBS Motab plays out for him.

  28. gina,my my my, for the last time about david about on dating, he is very PRIVATE(in big letter) personwhen it comes to his dating status. every fans of his should know that by now that david said many times that he would like to keep his love life private who is dating.

    • So then if David is very PRIVATE ( in big letters) person about his dating and PRIVATE life ( and we all know that)–you must be the only one who is privy to such information—lucky you!!

      Over and out.

  29. i am thinking changing my comment name, i am getting sick of it already, it now going to be ” davidandcharicefan” i like that but just joking lol!!! i will keep the name now. goodnite everyone and have a great weekend.


  30. Years from now, David could be married to some sweet Utah girl and have three kids and a minivan, and idolfan will still be insisting he’s dating Charice. It is what it is. As long as he/she isn’t attacking other posters or spreading rumors that people might actually believe, it’s no big deal to me. jmo

    • I agree and I agree with some of Tibi’s comments.

    • utahmom, i post last nite that i am done talking them again, in my opinion, they’re dating and my opinion again, i do think david will visit charice while she is there doing two shows with david foster and last thing, i am not attacking other posters.


  31. So I was thinking in the middle of the night (you know it can’t be good when that happens, lol)…I just basically feel like David doesn’t know what to do with his life, & his career is in limbo & direction-less, because David himself is in limbo & direction-less.

    I’m sure that in his heart he’d love to still have a music career~ just not at the price that he paid for 3 years. So he might be trying to figure out if there’s a way to do it without returning to a “pressure-cooker” life. And if he tries for awhile & it doesn’t work out, he’ll go to Plan B and get a different type of job.

    Which, of course, would be a tragedy & make me sad. But I’d rather be sad than have David be sad, lol. More than anything else, I just want him to be happy. And to have a job that’s fulfilling to him and puts food on the table, and doesn’t give him a heart attack at 21. lol.

  32. ”I just basically feel like David doesn’t know what to do with his life, & his career is in limbo & direction-less, because David himself is in limbo & direction-less.”

    Can be true, but then is typical of young adults to have the kind of mini age crisis, is called ‘Crisis of the Young Adulthood’, the point is that for better or worse is only him who can resolve his life and confront his fears and fight for his dreams.

    ’’m sure that in his heart he’d love to still have a music career~ just not at the price that he paid for 3 years.”

    David’s situation in the business is not an exclusive case, young singers ,or better to say new singers need to work very hard to gain some recognition and establish them selves like professionals …..is a resistance competition and not and speed competition.
    IDK if someone here remember Adam Levine from Maroon 5 on AI7 result show ( guess top 4), giving an advise to the contestants (David include) and telling them ”that is a HARD work, that some days you feel you want to quit or stop ” ( something like that), he said this and they were already established artists , Grammy winners ….so i agree if he really feel is too much better to stop, because to stay he still needing to work very hard and handle the adversity and pressure coming from all around and find the balance between his career and personal issues that include a very vocal family and a very absorbent faith , along wit a very complicated industry…. all of them are able to be handled if him decide to take the control finally.

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