Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Those “Cult” Members Over There

I should have known it was only a matter of time before some “Baptist preacher from Texas” (according to the news sources) was going to say something disparaging about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney being a “Mormon.” Seriously, who didn’t see that coming?

Especially as a fan of David Archuleta!

Actually, Mormons seem to be a hot topic of late (is that because of David or because The Book of Mormon is on Broadway?).  Whether we’re talking about their “funny underwear” (a subject that came up on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”) or if they’re “genuine Christians,” or if they hate gays (thanks to Proposition 8), they seem to be causing a whole lot of anxiety in society.

And who’s creating the biggest anxiety of all? Why, David Archuleta of course!

If only he knew how his fans are bellyaching and second-guessing and waiting for the terrible, AGONIZING, heart-wrenching news that we’re so sure he’s going to deliver to us all: that, yes, because of his adherence and loyalty to that faith for which so many of us know absolutely nothing about, he’s going to leave us for TWO WHOLE YEARS to go on a “Mission.”

“Dang those cult members over there for depriving us of The Voice!”

Not that there is any hint whatsoever that this other shoe is going to drop, but “Dang those cult members over there for even suggesting the POSSIBILITY that we’ll be deprived of The Voice! Oh, the Agony!!!”

Okay, in all seriousness (and I hope you LDS fans know I’m being completely tongue in cheek up to this point), when we insist that David is getting ready to take off on a mission, when he has not even suggested such plans to us – not in any of his tweets nor in any of his vlogs – are we really any better than that “Baptist preacher from Texas” speaking out of turn and out of religious bigotry?

Because this insistence on “mission rumors” – which have no basis in any kind of reality, especially when such “rumors” got started by some HACKER – seems steeped in religious ignorance.  Most of us know nothing about how LDS missions function, who gets to go, and when devotees embark on such missions.  And yet, we speak about such things as if we know what we’re talking about.

Until David tells us that he’s making such plans (and I see no reason why David wouldn’t give us the heads up if he’s planning to disappear from the public for two years), it makes no sense to speculate on his religion.  Let the boy live his life.  I mean, it’s not like he needs rescuing from a “cult” (or is that what some folks seriously believe?).