David’s “Road Trip” Vlog!

Check it out:


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  1. Dang, I’m at work and have company, so I’ll have for awhile on the vlog. But….JIVE is finally DEAD! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rca-execs-confirm-jive-arista-245392

  2. Yeah, for working with Dapo & LadyV

    Japan trip next week

    See this headline:

    American Idol’ Winner Dumped by Record Label

    RCA Records, whose roster includes a number of “Idol” stars, dumped Lee DeWyze, the winner of season 9 of the Fox show.


    • I think it is great that David is working with Lady V and Dapo. That to me is a start in the right direction. That little girl in the vlog is just adorable. Glad Jive is gone. Yeah for that. I am not surprised about Lee but of course they have to say he was dumped. I think there will be other idols that will not be staying with RCA in the future.

  3. There’s a short article about David in the Desert Living today – http://www.desertlivingtoday.com/2011/10/07/found-out-about-you-david-archuleta/. I like this line – “During our recent chat about his upcoming holiday event, I asked him what he thought about the music business. The Utah native simply replied, “I learned to find my own voice.” And that he has.”

    Not surprised about Lee. He also got zero promotion from his management and label.

  4. This is from today, I think (The Real Winning Edge):

  5. Loved the vlog…Berkley is so very cute. David is so good with children~ he’ll make a great dad someday. Cool that he’s writing w/ Dapo & Lady V. Can’t imagine what for, at this point…lol.

    • I don’t think he’s given up his plan to write songs and shop them to labels. Just because we’re still all stressed about false rumors, doesn’t mean he’s gone off-task–he’s just on a slower time frame than we anxious folks would like.

    • I can just hear all David’s young female fans saying that he would be a great father to their future children together. lol

  6. Nice vlog! I’m glad D’s working with Dapo and LadyV. I hope we get to hear “his own voice” soon. Also, check out D’s profile in the vlog at the 20 sec marker – I love the hair. 🙂

    • His hair is swirly! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at this writing session tomorrow. Maybe Lady V will tweet a pic. I’m sure she’ll give us updates. Not counting on David for that. lol

  7. I think a tweet from the co-writer is more likely. I’m so envious that he was in the bay area and so close to Berkeley. I would move to SF if it wasn’t so expensive.

  8. Glad to hear David is writing again. Not sure about Lady V and Dapo, not too fond of their songs on D’s albums (running and Look around), however I’m more interested in what comes out of this than his writing with Sunny.

    • Exactly. They are both much more well connected in the industry than Sunny is. Both Lady V and Dapo have worked with some very high profile and “current” young artists. Lady V has worked with Selena Gomez and Katy Perry. Dapo has worked with Bieber, Demi Lovato, and, you are right desertrat, Charice. lol

  9. I just went to Dapo’s website to listen to clips of his music. Lo and behold, in the upper right corner, there’s a pic of Dapo with Charice, lol. http://www.dapomiroworks.com/

  10. I hope his new direction will be something along the lines of “Wait”, “Running”, “Desperate”, “Nothing Else Better To Do”, “Don’t Let Go”, “Waiting For Yesterday”, “Save The Day”, “Who I Am”, “Works For Me” ….

    He has done so many good songs already.

  11. Running was one of my favorite songs off David’s first album. I think he only performed it live once, so it wasn’t one of David’s favorites. I love “Good Place” from TOSOD which David has never performed. I am very happy that David will be writing with Lady V and Dapo as I like the songs he’s co-written with them! My least favorite song that David has performed is “Dream Sky High” that was written by Sunny and Jeff. Hopefully the stuff he has written with Sunny is better than that one.

  12. Oops, I guess a Lady V co-written song was “Look Around” not “Good Place” but I really like “Look Around” too. Another Lady V. co-write is “Everything and More”.

  13. I flove Running… truth be told, I liked it best overall on the debut CD – even more than ‘Crush’ and ‘YEDL’ AND ‘ALTNOY’. It has an indefinable ‘x’ factor that I just love – from a vocal standpoint, David hits it outta there… vocally superb. There is just a flow to this song, a kind of maturity in the lyrics I like hearing him sing… David IMO needs to take the brakes off what I feel is a reluctance to explore singing more love/romantic songs – his voice is perfect for them, and I don’t think they send out the wrong message. Running shoots that theory/belief to heck, but that is a realization he must arrive at on his own.

    keep running, running…. 🙂

  14. My favorite song of David’s right now is “Wait”, so I agree with you GG, he needs to explore singing more love/romantic songs. His voice is perfect for the angsty (is that a word?) longing song like “Wait”. It was worth buying the Asian TOSOD just for that song. Hope he finds a way to release it in the U.S.

    • “His voice is perfect for the angsty (is that a word?) longing song like Wait”. ITA with you and GG. I love Senseless too because of the way he sings it. A lot of emotions and passion in his voice, especially in the chorus.
      And TOSOD ATE was definitely worth buying. Wait is my favorite but I like them all. And EAM sounds much better on the CD than on youtube lol

  15. I love “Running”, it’s my fav (with My Hands) from his first album. David worked with Dapo too for his second album but the songs didn’t make it. I really wanted to hear them and the collab with Priscilla Renea. Dapo also wrote “No Parade” for Jordin, and it’s my fav on her album. I love the songs David wrote with Lady V too (Look Around and The Day After Tomorrow are really great). TBH, I’m more excited to hear that he’s writing with them than with Sunny. Maybe I just prefer the “we’re going to experiment” tweet by Lady V than all the references about working with an angel by SH.

    He already said in his last interviews that he’s planning on releasing a couple of Christmas songs. Now, with this new writing session, I wonder if he’s also planning on releasing an EP of songs that represent his new sound, just to give us a glimpse of the direction he’s taking.

    Also, how long David can work alone without a label and a professional management. It’d be hard for him to keep going without external backing. I mean, creating music costs a lot, even if he’s on a break. He’s probably financing the MKOC tour and writing sessions with professional writers like Lady V and Dapo are probably not free. I know that other non signed singers are able to live from their music (like Benton Paul,David’s friend) but I can’t imagine David staying in that position too long…

    • “Also, how long David can work alone without a label and a professional management.” Cmoi I keep wondering about that same question for the same reasons you mentioned. These writers do not work for free. I also think labels are not going to be interested if David does not have the right professional management in place. Which I can’t blame them. So you would think that both the label and the management would be equally important at this point. Maybe David has backing that we don’t know about.

  16. Depending on how his contract is written, David can money off his upcoming Christmas tour. I’m quite sure he made money from the Asian tour. If he can get people in the seats when he tours he can make a living in the music business. But, of course, he has to be able to sell well when touring to get to tour more. Venues will book you if they can make a profit.

  17. OT, but have you seen this? The actual performance starts at 2:15.

    Apparently, despite the reaction (and her voice), she only made the final 16 because a contestant with shock value (and no singing abilities) decided to quit the competition.

    • I had not seen this. Great voice. Thanks for posting it.

    • OMG, peter, thanks for this find! I’ll have to follow her & see what happens with her singing career!

      Sami Brookes is her name & she has an awesome voice.

  18. LadyVmusic Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆
    And I know the archie fans will want to know.. We’ve started creating a beautiful song.. 🙂
    43 minutes ago

    • Great tweet from Lady V. David seems to have a great connection with Lady V. I think that is a very good thing.

  19. Talk about beautiful songs- and amazing lyrics. I just lose myself in this one. These are the type of lyrics worthy of David’s soulful voice

    You know how the time flies
    Only yesterday was the time of our lives
    We were born and raised
    In a summer haze
    Bound by the surprise of our glory days

  20. Looks like David, Lady V and Dapo had fun at the writing session. Lady V is even giving David the rabbit ears. I just hope a great song will come out of it.

    • OK, why is he even writing a song if he’s leaving? I’m getting a little confused…maybe he is, too. lol.

      • Has it ever been confirmed that David is really going anywhere? I understand some of it, but am amazed at the seemingly never ending obsessive/repetitive round and round ‘certainty’ in the suppositions and the speculation that tends to come up w/regularity in most posts about David recently… The mission ‘thing’, ‘rumor’ thing is akin to an amorphous sword of Damocles hanging over the head of all things David related, and quite frankly I’m at the point where I would almost welcome a definitive ‘Yes, I’m outta here! on a mission’ declaration so the speculation would cease, and that would be that. Insert laugh or smiley, if you want. Heh. Realizing that David holds the key, the power to do with his life and career basically whatever he wants is kinda freeing – it frees this fan from worrying and angst because I have no control, or a real stake in how this plays out. I just enjoy him and his talent, for however long and whatever way he intends to share it. David is in no hurry, nor does he seem as frantic to resume or maintain the ‘status quo’, career wise, at the same pace he kept up for 3 years. I’ll take my cues from him…. things come in cycles, things ebb, they flow, there’s feast, there’s famine. It’s called life, and right now , w/David, things appear to be in an ebb cycle, careerwise. No reason to think things won’t ever flow again – just have to be patient, and wait for things to transpire in their own time. One law of nature says that only the strong survive – looks like fandom is much the same.

      • I am not saying he is going anywhere- I have no way of knowing. I would think the church may think he is better used by being a successful pop artist- as an example and still think unless his mission is hand picked, as I have expressed before. there would be security concerns. There may be parts of the world that D is not known- but information travels fast. Not only concerns for D but the impact of those he is with. Is it fair to them to come under the spotlight? Just as band members, managers, writers and even people who happen to be friends, relatives, or casual encounters come under that level of scrutiny? I wonder if he submitted his application, but it is like the Donny Osmond situation that the leaders feel is it best to serve in the public eye as an example.
        But if he was planning to go somewhere, I would assume he would work to the end- so hopefully during his absence there was new music to feed his very hungry fans. Just speculation either way. I am just stoked to hear about new music!

  21. Apparently David’s old drummer Ben was hanging with David yesterday too. I like Ben. He also still keeps in contact with Melinda. Ben knows to stay in contact and network people in the music industry. That is smart. Love the #hashtag. lol @benantelis
    Nice meeting you @LadyVmusic and @DapoTorimiro. Would love to sit on in some more session magic or write some! #ihatechristmas?

  22. I’d like to think that those of us who became fans of his had to have known, somewhere in the deepest recesses of our ODD brains, that going on a mission was a real possibility for this devout Mormon young man from Utah. If, a very big IF, that is the path he takes next – where would the real surprise be? Unless one has chosen to live in a semi state of denial about some things about David, the mission question has always been a lingering possibility, so if he is exploring that possibility right now, IMO it would be considered ‘normal’ for him, regardless the state of his career – if reports of him being as devout as claimed are factual. As OTT as I used to get in my ODD, never once did I ever forget that he could up and go on a mission if he chose at any time. I had and still have to keep it very real that way. Didn’t and still doesn’t lessen the joy, the passion, the excitement I felt and still feel hearing him sing, and getting to see him sing. Balancing ODD and reality is and can be tough – for David, it’s a fan survival tool.

    • GG……I always thought a mission was a possibility also because of his religion, however, it did seem very odd to me that he would go as far as #2 on Idol, then work so,so hard to develop music, make albums, do concerts all over the world & then up & leave all that for 2 years. I realize that other singers take breaks from their public life, but they are usually still doing some kind of music, collaborating, finding new songs or making new songs, etc. It is not like they completely leave music for 2 years.

      Of course, I have no idea what his mission would consist of, if there is a mission at all. Maybe it would have something to do with music, who knows.

      I just know that I will miss that beautiful voice VERY much.

      • IMO, from 3 years of observation, etc…. David has always seemed to place his beliefs/ his chosen religion and the duties/responsibilities that come along with it above having what we deem a successful ‘career’… the lure and temptations of the fame, fortune and success the promise of Idol held hasn’t seemed to really change his core beliefs, or the value he places on them in guiding /governing a lot of aspects in his life. His definition of success and ours I’d wager are vastly different. IMO, his ability to support himself and anyone else he chooses to will never be an issue. He has name recognition, and can make a great living for himself touring overseas, and in/around Utah if he desired, or had to. So him taking care of himself isn’t an issue. His devout nature and adherence to the tenets of his faith he has never hidden – I think it is we, the fans, who sometimes see and hear what we want to see and hear, and what we don’t see and hear, we will find a rumor, an eye twitch, a hair out of place – some other speculation to fill in the vacuum. Being a David fan isn’t easy – lot of variables with him other singers or young stars don’t have, so it requires a kind of special intestinal fortitude to keep hanging in there – in spite of all the things that make you go ‘hmmmm’, at the core is one hella talented singer. Tide flows in, tide flows out, elevator goes up, elevator goes down. The cycle will keep repeating itself – given the nature of nature…

      • GG: that pretty much sums it up for me.

  23. i pretty much doubt was writing a new song for him and when you are working with songwriters and doing a song, a singer need a record label first. i think david, ladyv, that dude were writing a song for a another artist. i think david is gonna on a mission because one of his family members says he was going in jan.

    • Dear idolfan…. you can write and record a song without a label. 🙂 If you recall what David said was he was going to create the music he wanted then “shop around” for a label who wanted to publish/release, as opposed to the music being dictated by the label.

      • oh okay i guess you can writing songs without a label or he could doing a new song for the chirstmas tour?again, when you write songs, i really thought singers need a record label before doing anything, well okay.

  24. david did not seem thrill going to japan, just saying.

  25. about the twit pic, ladyv look different, i read she hurt her ankle, i hope she is okay and love the bunny finger and what a cute pic!. david is wearing the same shirt he wear in the Vlog. have a goodnite everyone.


  26. i forgot to post bunny “ears”

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