Another Apple Classic!

Here’s to the visionaries, like Steve Jobs, and to the young ones who have so much potential to “think different” (embrace your uniqueness, David!)


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  1. Okay. Got a good cry goin’ now. Thanks, HG. Sometimes, we all really need a good cry.

  2. Really love that ad.

  3. This was a really funny ad that the Mac company developed:

    Apple – Get a mac – Viruses

  4. So the dream I had was not that great…:( David was basically down to 2 fans~ myself and a girl who was closer to his age. We just hung out at his house doing nothing, & I was desperate to have a normal conversation with him. But he would barely even look at me. He spoke with the younger girl, but didn’t even want to do that, really. He just wanted to keep pretty much to himself. So after awhile of trying to get him to talk, I gave up and left. And that was it.

    • This just may qualify as a nightmare, lol.

      • I think a certain person, who’s name begins with m, would have to be in the dream for it really to be considered a nightmare. lol

    • This is like chapter two of HG’s dream on a previous post. In her dream David lends a hand but does not hang around to engage in the fight for survival. In this dream the damage has been done, the fans have given up, and involvement continues to evaporate.

      I don’t mean to be morbid but I have a hunch most fans intuit a shift in enthusiasm. Hope I am wrong.

  5. This is a comment from an article that was wrote about the topic at hand…
    3 apples have changed the world
    Adam’s apple
    Newton’s apple
    Steve Job’s apple
    (If I knew how to bring the article here, I would) 😉

  6. Wow, love that commercial. I don’t remember ever seeing it..

  7. tweet from David……….

    Gonna post a blog today soon!
    19 minutes ago via web

  8. David’s New Vlog: ROAD TRIP:

  9. That was a nice newsy blog. Now we know for sure that he was on a road trip to Northern California to see family. I’m excited that he will be writing with Lady V and Dapo tomorrow. He’s written some good songs with them in the past. Berkley’s little solo was really cute. I wonder who her parents are. And David announced that he’s going to Japan. Of course we already knew that. He looked really happy, as usual.

    • I wonder if someone will still insist that he was in Vegas? 🙂 Glad to finally hear some writing news, so the earlier hints we speculated about were true! Cute little girl. I’m guessing that David stays with her family while in LA –didn’t David tweet a pic of her and a sister once?

      • yup, somebody will still insist he was in vegas, and he’s misleading his fans, and just not telling the truth, and of course, we will be in denial again, lol

    • It will be refreshing to hear new music from David.

      Also, I hope “Wait” will be made available on iTunes.

  10. A little more to read on the ‘three apples’…we have lost a big one!


  11. His mom’s sister that is married to the dentist lives in the SF Bay Area. Remember the pictures of them outside the Oakland Mormon Temple in the Oakland Hills. Not to digress too much, but I remember when I started following David on Idol, I read that he had sung in the visitor section there when visiting family during the holidays one year and our family (we are not Mormons) would always pop up there once every Christmas season to see the really amazing Christmas lights and displays spread throughout the grounds of the Temple and go up to the top section of the Temple outside for the spectacular 360 degree view from the Temple grounds. Thousands of people go up their for the lights and displays during the Christmas season. Anyway, I was mad because we would pop into the visitors center and I could have seen and heard that amazing voice at a younger age in person.

    • As a non-Mormon little girl, my first introduction to the LDS church was when my family took us on a tour of the Oakland temple when it was first built (they are open to the public for a short time, before being dedicated). I’m showing my age here.

  12. If I werein Oakland I would go hang in Berkeley! Cool place.

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