One-Year Anniversary of The Other Side of Down

Thanks for the reminder, UtahMom! 🙂

When I think of the title track, I can’t help but go through a bunch of “coulda, shoulda, woulda…”

David’s sophomore album really was a worthwile effort!


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  1. The little album that should have. Sigh…

  2. Also, Bieber has a duet with Mariah on his upcoming Christmas CD. Seems like no one can refuse the cash cow 😦

  3. I just listened to the whole TOSOD album. It really is a darn pretty good album. Too bad that NOTHING was done to promote it. 😦

    I really like Good Place & TOSOD……..both my favorites.

  4. I agree with Utahmom. It is a very bittersweet anniversary of the TOSOD. So true hg. What coulda been. I still don’t quite understand why David’s career is where it is at right now. I guess it is choices that are made and bad advise from others IMO. Bieber does have a very strong and well connected team behind him.

    • It’s definitely choices. 😦 Along w/ alot of folks, I sent a letter to be delivered to D in AZ. One thing I told him was that TOSOD was a great album that JIVE did nothing to promote, & that ppl can’t buy music that they’ve never heard before. I’m sure he knows that, but I didn’t want him to blame himself for anything that happened with that.

    • I don’t think WEG was a good match for him, but I hope that doesn’t turn him off from professional management.

      He has gone quiet(er) again. I wonder if he’s on vacation this week. I would think that rehearsals would begin for Japan soon.

      • I agree with you Freo about management. There are so many good professional management teams out there that I think would be a good fit for David. I hope that he continues to explore those options even if it does not appear that he is right now.

  5. Today I walked across the same stage in downtown Grand Rapids where David performed last year (almost to the day) as one of the two big headlining acts at ArtPrize. Standing on the stage and looking out over the crowd from his perspective, I felt an unexpected wave of sadness and tears came to my ears. Seems like so long ago now. Last year, I was so excited about the new album, where things could go…and now this year I am looking forward to seeing a concert on the winter tour, and perhaps him leaving the industry at the end of December.

    • I feel very sad about it also…. One of those stages of grief, I guess.

      • I go back and forth about the “leaving” part. Some days I think so, other days not. It’d be nice to get some reliable information from a source (him?) on this.

      • But then again, maybe there is nothing to do. It’d be something if the whole thing were just a nasty rumor from some trolls.

      • Shanny in Australia

        ‘stage’ of grief…..was that pun intended?….cos I only just caught it now and it was very funny and very clever if so….lol

  6. Freo, it certainly would be exasperating if the rumor was started by trolls. Sunny hinted that it was started by a family member though. Personally, I think that’s even nastier, if true.

  7. Shanny in Australia

    I always thought David tried to tweet twice a day…then when he was asked about twitter in Asia, he said he tries to tweet once a day and I’ve noticed since then that he really does tweet only once a day now for the most part. I think the reduction in tweets is a part of what is making things feel quiet. He used to give us things to gab about and we knew where he was a lot and what he was basically doing, now we get a picture that is pretty but doesn’t tell us much and tweets about Scotty’s album which again doesn’t provide much conversation or insight on what David is doing. It seems to me that a lot of other celebrities don’t even tweet once a day, so we should be thankful we have this much I guess.

    • He seemed like his old self last week, or at least the self i felt familiar with. He seems distant again now. Maybe he is just on vacation.

  8. I love TOSOD and like the rest of you, I wish it had been marketed better. I have been listening to the Asian TOSOD in my car lately, and I just love the four new songs. It’s really worth buying it for those new songs. I’m hoping that he continues to put out music and tour. It remains to be seen if he will go on the mission. After watching the videos from the last thread of the “mission letter” opening I can see that David would want to go. It seems to be a rite of passage for Mormon young men. I watched several of the videos and they were so happy and excited.

  9. saw this on twitter:

    According to the seating map on ticketmaster, Verona is almost sold out. Not VIP, venue. I am counting 70 seats left. hmm

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thats very encouraging news. Thanks for sharing that.
      So have there been around 100 VIP tix for each of the venues?

  10. yeah david has been quiet on twitter, maybe david hasnt been a good mood lately, just saying.

  11. David just tweeted that he’s at a Blondie concert. I think he probably was on vacation for a few days because of the twitpic from yesterday. We were so spoiled the first two years of his music career because he did so much. He really does deserve some vacation days.

    • From his twitpic, I think he may have been driving south from northern CA, down Highway 1 through Big Sur–a beautiful drive.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing after the pic of the coastline…..David worked incredibly hard for three years of his young life….but what was undoubtedly the most taxing for him, was the lack of control over his own life. He obviously hated it so much that he broke all ties with professional labels and management and took a huge risk in doing so. And yet….he has a bunch of fans, whom he loves and appreciates…but who nevertheless can be like a huge noose around his neck too….fans who can never be satisfied with the ampunt of music he puts out or the type, fans who can never be satisfied with how many shows he’s done or where or how profile or how much advertising is done.or how often he self promotes on twitter, or what decisions.he makes regarding or come up with all sorts or rumours and worry themselves half to death over them or …i could go on obviously but I won’t. lol My point is….the fans, as well meaning as they are, probably sap David’s emotional energy, just as much, if not more than, anything else in his life. I easily get.the sense that David is so burnt out that he needs a.break from us too…but he can’t do that of course because while he may still continue music without Jive, he knows he needs his fans. I know if I.were him, I would desperately long to have.two straight months not having to think about tweeting, unless I particularly felt like it, and to just hang out with my family and friends and do some fun stuff. Maybe that is why David seems a bit distant right now…he’s trying to get his breath. Even after he split from Jive, he was.still working with people, organising things, working on music. He probably realises too, that soon everyone will be expecting him to be fully back in the game, he might even be planning to sign with some label who will be expecting him to be up and working again…this could be his breath taking (from the fans also) before he has to launch himself back into the game.

      • Shanny in Australia

        oops …that should be ‘output’ of music and ‘high profile’. I’m on my phone…

      • Shanny I do hope that David does sign with another label if he can, I am just concerned that he may not have that opportunity again if he waits any longer. David did take a huge risk and it is his choice but I do not think it was a smart music career choice IMO. I thought David should have signed with a label/pro. management, if he could have, a long time ago but it is just my opinion. I understand he wants a break but the problem is this is the music and entertainment industry not another career/industry. They and fans move on very quickly but I am sure David knows that now.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Marie, I think the fact that David took such a big risk, indicates just how very much he needed the break and more control in his life.

  12. i heard david might be leaving for japan next week, i hope he take his sister jazzy with him to japan or she might not able to go because of school? i mean the concert show is on a saturday but i think david might stay a liitle longer in japan because he may want to visit that special someone who also gonna be in japan, geez i wonder who it is.: )

  13. well yes it is archielet haha!. there has been rumors already that david will be visiting her in tokyo for few days before he does the concert on october 15 show, whatever that place is, i forgot.

  14. off topic here, chariceangel and davidArhcharice hi guys!!!!!.


  15. noway! archielet, which one is you?! i don’t know if one of them but and mentioning my namecomment on the twitter and also seem really cool and very nice people!.

  16. david might not able go to japan because i read there maybe a tyhpoon(i think i spell it wrong) coming there way but i read japan is having very bad rain, i guess that might be it?? that would be a real bummer if david show will be cancelled again?

  17. Idolfan- Yes ,they are very nice people and very dedicated just like david fans.

  18. archielet, so true! have a goodnite.

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