David Dream Sequence #31

I had a crazy David Dream last night.

First, I dreamed I had gotten off a bus (don’t know where I was heading to be honest, just know I was going somewhere and felt like I was running late). I get off in what looks like a suburban neighborhood, but I can’t find the address that I’m looking for. It then starts pouring rain, and I don’t have an umbrella.  So I eventually just stop at a bench and sit down in the pouring rain, getting drenched.

Then, who should pass me by but David Archuleta! He asks me if I need help, and I tell him what I’m looking for. So, he tells me that I just need to take a different bus, which I can catch around the corner. He then gives me a raincoat and takes off.

So, now that I have protective covering, I feel less lost somehow. I get to the bus top he pointed out, but as soon as I get there, the bus is already leaving! I tried to get the driver’s attention, but he keeps going. Well, at least the bus stop is in front of a store, so I go inside.  I didn’t realize I was hungry, but I see there’s food I can shop for.  As I go down one of the aisles, I hear a woman cry out, and as I look, I see a woman around my mother’s age, trying to get away from some short pudgy man who’s assailing her with a long stick. I suddenly get into the melee and was able to pull the stick away from the deranged man. He starts running away, but I chase after him and strike him with the stick.  He suddenly turns and grabs the stick away from me, then grabs a knife and proceeds to stab at me. I’m able to fight back and use my hands to keep the knife from entering my flesh, but as I feel myself losing strength, I start screaming “Help! Help!”

No one seems to come to my aid, so I start screaming, “Fire! Fire! Murder! Murder!!”

And then I woke up. And was afraid to go back to sleep after that.

And then I realized my bladder was full and had to go to the bathroom (no wonder I was getting drenched in my dream!).

What does David have to do with any of this?


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  1. Shanny in Australia

    Haha, HG, I love your David dreams. And I love how you are so candid in sharing them. lol

    I don’t know what the man attacking you and your mum is all about…I’m thinking that you have something else in your life you are worried about. But the David part…could the bad weather and feeling lost have something to do with your concerns travelling to his Christmas concert?

  2. I’m going to speculate that David being in CA is mission-related, since he said it really fast & kind of glossed over it in his vlog: “And I’ll be going to CA to do some stuff. But yeah, I’m really excited about this tour.”

    Re: your dream, HG, I don’t even want to guess. lol…I agree w/ Shanny. Sounds like alot of situations mixed in together, & maybe concern re: winter weather for the tour?..If you were me, I could say some of it was due to the fact that there was a recent shooting at a nearby bus terminal..Maybe there’s a crime wave in your city? I dunno. I’m not the best at dream interpretation. Obviously.

  3. I Ibet if you hadn’t woken up so soon David would have rescued you.We all need a little rescuing at times and David is so kind and giving and willing to help anyone in need.

  4. You certainly have interesting dreams, hg! This one makes me glad that I hardly ever remember mine.

    Since we’re speculating about why David is in Cali, my guess is that he’s auditioning guitarists since he goes through them almost weekly. I bet he’s also working on merchandise for the tour (including a Christmas EP, maybe?). And maybe meetings with his booking agency about a few more dates (still have hope for you mid westerners). Looks like he was in northern California; probably visiting his family there over conference weekend. That sounds like “stuff” to me. lol

  5. I would think that mission-related items would be handled in SLC or through other communication, but I have no idea. I’m going to guess that he’s working on something business-related there.

    Also, I will be going to Verona. Have my VIP ticket in hand! Very excited!

  6. Be watching for David, cchalo. From his twitpic it looks like he might be in Northern CA.

    • I have no idea what the dream really means but I would guess that you are trying to get to David but can’t because of the very threatening obstacles in your way. David is trying to help you in the dream. You are being attacked when you wake up so we don’t know it you ever do get to see David or not. Dreams can be interpreted in so many different ways so I do not think anyone is wrong in their interpretation of the dream. lol

    • Ha ha, grammyj, I wish. Now I live in So. Cal.–but not far from David’s aunt–so who knows?

  7. Re. the dream, I agree with Potluck8 that David probably would have rescued you had you not awakened. The violent part of your dream made me think of the Amanda Knox verdict (which I found disturbing). Maybe it was discussed on the news before you fell asleep.

    • Good guess desertrat. I forgot about Amanda Knox.

      • I really feel for the victim’s family and friends; I’m sure they want answers as well as justice.

      • Yes that is true regarding the victim. I am supportive of Amanda. To be innocent and in jail for 4 years would be a nightmare. That more I learn about that corrupt prosecutor in Italy the more I dislike him.

  8. FOD has 2 polls going on what songs for David to sing on tour.; one for your choice of Christmas songs & the other for your choice of Pop songs. Go over & pick out your favorites. I think the VRS is asking for ideas.

    • Shanny in Australia

      The poll is fun to do and there is a possibility that ‘someone’ might pay attention to the results but sometimes I think people within the fan base assume there is more ‘insider’ stuff going on than there is. Same with @davidsbackpack. That person has never said anything that a fan couldn’t come up with. The mystery of it all is fun though. 🙂

      • I think there is a “big” possibility that ‘someone’ may pay attention. It worked for naming the tour……. lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        Burkey, it sure did work for the tour name! 🙂
        It’s just now I see lots of people everywhere reading messages into everything that is posted by the FOD admins…and I think it has the potential to lead people to worry un-necessarily about things.
        I have seen the fans do that with other sources too.
        I’m not getting on you or anything…I was just using your comment as a lead in to what I wanted to say I guess. Lots of people have assumed the same as you, so there is nothing to feel bad about or anything. I really just wanted to make the observation and give a bit of a heads up kind of thing.

    • I did vote.

  9. Ooh, here’s my favorite 6 degrees of separation story…My theater professors are good friends with Dan Castelaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, & a guest star on several series. Before the Simpsons, he did improv on the Tracey Ullman Show, and got to know Paula Abdul there. He spoke in one of our classes, & had a potluck at my professors’ house. So here we were in my professors’ living room, asking Homer Simpson about Paula Abdul..lol.

  10. I’m not sure if this counts as a 6 degrees of separation but a couple of years ago, I attended one of D’s concerts with a fan who was visiting from another state. While in the area, she told me she would be looking up information related to the legacy of her father’s work; he had passed a few years earlier. When she mentioned his name, I told her that I was very familiar with his work and that my office contained information re. her father and his accomplishments. Initially I was hesitant telling her that I knew of her father because I didn’t want to weird her out.

  11. HG – I have to take a guess that going to see David after your #MIC posting feels threatening to you because of the questions you asked about dangerous fans a week or so ago..Perhaps the rain is “raining on my parade” and your mother in the dream is your safety and security, also being attacked by a stranger for no reason that you can discern.

    I love your dreams, too, and that you share them. I never seem to dream…or at least I never remember having dreamed. Lack of imagination on my part!

    • I don’t think you think you lack imagination. That dream interpretation is pretty creative, as well as insightful.

    • I agree with you marlie. I did think that the dream was related to the #mic posting too

  12. Long time reader and lurker here. I have noticed some confusion regarding missions and how one is called to serve a mission. As I have had several children serve missions for the LDS church, I thought I could shed some light on the process. The prospective missionary first has an interview with his/her Bishop regarding the mission. If the prospective missionary is found worthy to serve a mission (morally, spirtually, emotionally, etc) he/she is given a packet of papers to fill out and return to the Bishop (the Bishop is like the pastor of a congregation). This takes some time as the missionary has a physical exam, dental exam, etc, etc. The missionary then meets with his Stake President to make sure he/she has everything necessary filled out on the papers and to be interviewed again for worthiness, etc. If all is well, the papers are submitted to church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Church authorities prayerfully choose where the missionary will serve his/her mission, and a letter is sent to the home of the missionary telling him/her where they will serve the mission and when they will leave for the Missionary Training Center (MTC). It is a very emotional and exciting time for the missionary to open this mission call. Once they get the call, they leave anywhere from three weeks to six months depending on where they are going. If David decided to serve a mission, this is the process he would go through. It all takes place in Utah at the Church headquarters. Nothing would be happening in California or anywhere else regarding his mission call. If anyone is interested, some people record when they open their call and put it on youtube. Hope this clears things up for anyone who is confused on how the whole process works.

    • Hi, another long time lurker. Your info is completely accurate, as I have gone through this process myself. However, if David’s membership has been transferred to California, the interview part of the process will happen in California. Also exceptions do happen within the LDS church, specially when dealing with high profile members. Case in point, there is a high profile businessman in my local church unit. He submits his tithing directly to Salt Lake City headquarters, rather than through the local unit, to avoid anyone knowing his actual salary info, which is not a normal practice. So I think we really can’t use an average Joe process as guideline to what David may have gone through, if he is in fact applying for mission.

  13. Here is an example of how excited the missionary is to open the call. Hope nobody minds if I share this here.

  14. That brought back sweet memories. Thanks for posting it.

  15. It’s the one year anniversary of TOSOD’s release. I love the album, especially the Asian version, but it’s a bittersweet anniversary for me. It was great new music, but also the starting point for current conditions.

  16. Kind of off topic but this is an interesting tweet from David @DavidArchie
    “Cool to see Scotty McCreery’s new album number 1 on iTunes this morning! Atta boy Scotty” I did not realize that they were friends. Was Scotty #1 on just the country itunes chart because I did not see him as #1 on the regular or country itunes chart when I checked. Well good luck to him but David is so much better IMO and I like some country music. lol

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